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po-panda  asked:

I'm so glad I found you! I bought your Polar Bear Cafe print a while back at Anime Expo. I've loved it and it was displayed under glass in my coffee table ever since. Today my cat figured out how to dig it out and chewed off Panda :( I have been so upset and crying all day. Is there anywhere I could buy another copy from you?!

I’m glad you found me too!!! Makes me really happy I can share this fandom.. Fandem.. Family… Lol. My poor attempt of imitating shirokuma’s word puns

littlemonster8450  asked:

Top 10 Anime Betrayals? 😂 Top 5 Anime?

Ahshshab I don’t watch a lot of anime but my favorites would be
1. Yuuri On Ice
2. Attack on Titan
3. Blue Spring Ride
4. Daily Lives Of High School Boys
5. Polar Bear Cafe
These are the first five that pop in my head so I’ll stick with it 👀❤️

alientitty replied to your post “someone suggest me some Real Good anime to watch preferably the kind…”

tsuritama is happy and cute, yu yu hakusho is classic 90s shonen, natsume’s book of friends is sweet and kinda emotional, mushishi is very good but it’s more mystery that feel-good

alientitty replied to your post “someone suggest me some Real Good anime to watch preferably the kind…”

oh also polar bear cafe/shirokuma cafe is slice of life and really cheered me up a few years ago!

ty for so many recommendations!! ill definitely try to check em all out :3 probably starting with mushishi im very intrigued