Polar bear numbers to plunge a third as sea ice melts: study
The probability that polar bear numbers would drop by a third in 35 to 41 years is more than 70 percent, the study concluded.

Polar bear numbers could drop a third by mid-century, according to the first systematic assessment, released on Wednesday, of how dwindling Arctic sea ice affects the world’s largest bear.

There is a 70 percent chance that the global polar bear population –- estimated at 26,000 -– will decline by more than 30 percent over the next 35 years, a period corresponding to three generations, the study found.

Other assessments have reached similar conclusions, notably a recent review by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), which tracks endangered species on its Red List.

The IUCN classified the sea-faring polar bear—a.k.a. Ursus maritimus—as “vulnerable”, or at high risk of extinction in the wild.

But the new study, published in the Royal Society’s Biology Letters, is the most comprehensive to date, combining 35 years of satellite data on Arctic sea ice with all known shifts in 19 distinct polar bears groupings scattered across four ecological zones in the Arctic.

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Things aren’t looking great! But, at least Oscar knows that some supernatural bullshit went down and WFB knows it wasn’t just Cliff having a nighttime angst-run and then somehow slipping his spider detail.

So, maybe now that they’ve cleared that up, searching for him can get serious!

Teddy in case of a fire emergency

Not all my patients get spas as long time readers know.  Some just have little wounds.  Others just can’t be separated from their people for the time involved.  Still others have that special smell (you all know what I’m talking about) and so a spa would be completely out of the question!  Teddy was in the middle camp.  He had some serious injuries (including a missing arm!)  But he needed to be away as short as possible.  His person wrote:

I have had “Teddy” since I was born 38 years ago and now my son has grown just as attached to him as I was.  Teddy, being 38 years old, has not aged very well and is now tread bare and falling apart! My son is very upset at this fact and keeps asking me to fix him, but I think Teddy is beyond my rudimentary repair skills. Would this repair task be something that your company might be able handle?  

A fairly straightforward introduction to a possible new patient.  But she went on to share the following story, which I promptly asked to share with all of you, even before Teddy came to the hospital.  I think you all will empathize, and agree that her son has a very sympathetic and clever music teacher!

I have to share this story that My son’s school music teacher shared with me just the other day.They were learning a new fire safety song in class which included directions to leave everything behind and run out of the house.  And my son went up to his teacher after with giant tears welling in his eyes and asked if he had to leave everything behind?  The teacher reply yes, because it is for you safety.  And my poor sensitive child burst into uncontrollable tears and said to his teacher that he didn’t want to leave Teddy behind, because it was his mother’s and she had given it to him and it means so much that he didn’t want it to burn up in the house!! So the teacher asked if my son sleeps with Teddy.  Of course the answer was yes and so the thoughtful teacher said to my hysterical son that he could hold on to Teddy tight and run out of the house with him!! So now I know how incredibly important Teddy is to him and I am hoping for a Christmas gift to get Teddy fix! 

Isn’t that a perfect response?

Anyway, Teddy came to the hospital just before Thanksgiving.  Here he is before any treatment:

You can see he had some holes, and a weak neckline, in addition to a missing eye and arm.  I sent a photo with a few furs for his new limb.

His people chose the bottom fur.  So surgery and transplants commenced.  Here he was, ready to fly home:

He had safe travels and his people wrote this morning:

We received teddy yesterday. He looks well recovered. Thank you for all of the work you did!