bear wounds

The highly anticipated sequel to the bestselling Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Silver Eyes.

It’s been a year since the horrific events at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, and Charlie is just trying to move on. Even with the excitement of a new school and a fresh start, she’s still haunted by nightmares of a masked murderer and four gruesome animatronic puppets. Charlie thinks her ordeal is over, but when a series of bodies are discovered near her school-bearing wounds that are disturbingly familiar-she finds herself drawn back into the world of her father’s frightening creations. Something twisted is hunting Charlie, and this time if it finds her, it’s not letting her go.

Amazon Link - Release: June 27, 2017

Vague Horoscope (April 21, 2017)
  • *Pluto went Retrograde on the 19th
  • *Moon starts in Aquarius, leaves around 3PM.
  • Aries: Our words don't always represent us the way we'd like.
  • Taurus: Our subconscious feels like tar, as it sticks with us despite the demands of the flesh.
  • Gemini: Impulse control is more important now than ever.
  • Cancer: The late day holds release from the prison of our secrets.
  • Leo: The doubt in our actions has finally been released.
  • Virgo: Anxiety plagues us, and our physical demands do nothing to help.
  • Libra: With the speed of things, you may make the wrong decision. Remember not to sacrifice justice for speed.
  • Scorpio: There is a feeling of security in our lovers, today. Confidence is key, but not always best for communication.
  • Sagittarius: Our impulses teach lessons that we'd rather avoid, Sagittarius.
  • Capricorn: Some say you're lucky to have love at all. Sadly, it may feel more like lust these days.
  • Aquarius: Something has pushed at our mind for the last few days... finally, the barrier between our ego and our emotions is no longer being threatened to be breached.
  • Pisces: It may feel as though time refuses to heal the wounds we bear. Remember that, sometimes, we must take actions to heal.
He Was Human

So we were playing a one-shot to learn how to play and we found ourselves trying to get into a wizards tower bc his apprentice turned him into a sheep. Heres a paraphrased version of what happened:
DM: “You approach the outhouse after killing the two wolves playing dice and out comes the biggest bear you have ever seen. He’s holding a newspaper and hasn’t spotted you.
Me(Rouge tiefling): “I roll to hit him with my sword!”
Mage: “I cast my attack from back here!”
DM: “The bear, heavily wounded starts to run away crying.”
Me: “I roll to hit him with an arrow!”
DM: “Your arrow strikes him through the throat and he dies slowly.”
We finish the one-shot and the DM looks at me.
DM: “You know that bear was running away. He was a human that the apprentice turned into a bear against his will. The wolves too. Why did you have to kill him?”
Me: “Isn’t the point of this game to kill and loot?”
Mage: “So mean :(”
Me: “At least I put him out of his misery since we all almost died fixing the sheep.”


                              We’re twins. Even as children a link has bound us, one to the other..
                                           something i cant explain.


Spencer Hoenisberg + The Teddy Bear

our wedding day|| matt murdock

Originally posted by lcarenpage

It’s your wedding day with Matt Murdock. 

More Matt fluff, but believe me, there’s going to be angst in here somewhere. I’m glad so many of you enjoyed my first Daredevil oneshot! Once I know more about Frank Castle I will most likely be writing for him as well!

* everything with an asterisk is a flashback 

* Forgive me if the song lyrics don’t fit - it’s Turning Page by Sleeping At Last

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The Deep Shall Bite Down
Arkanisian folk lullaby
The Deep Shall Bite Down

The moons are the moons and the sun is the sun
The fish bite at dusk and the fish bite at dawn
But a sun is a star and a moon is a world
And the deep shall bite down when the dusk unfurls.

The sea is the sea and the land is the land
A fish is a fish and a man is a man
But men are as fish to the land of the sea
And fishes, like men, cannot live hungry.

An arm is an arm and a leg is a leg
A seed is a seed and an egg is an egg
One for to butcher and one for to thresh
But the flesh of all is all one flesh.

A womb is a womb and a prick is a prick
The slow fish are slow and the fast fish are quick
But a womb may have thorns and a prick may bear wounds
Oh the swift break their fast, but the slow shall eat soon.

And the deep shall bite down when the dusk unfurls
From the hungriness at the heart of the world
So sleep, little fishes, swift may you dream
And slow may you wake to the arms of the sea.

- local woman of Scaparus Port, Arkanis recorded by Sabekka Pallopides, student of Sentient Cultures at Theed University, Naboo

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Ooh wait...

But can we talk about guys who’ve been shot that are not at all used to being shot crying in pain??? Men crying is one of the best things in the world, but I love when the actor is so aware of his character that he knows that they would not be able to grin and bear a gunshot wound.😍

(A prime example of this is from the show The Greatest American Hero, episode Divorce Venician Style??? I think.😂)

“You must not be insecure about that,
you’ve never acted like it”
came tumbling from your lips
and I lost my ability to breathe for a moment.
All the echoes of me rose up inside me at once
while my face sat dumbfounded as I didn’t know where to start;
How to tell you of all the tears I’ve cried since we’ve been together.
All the times I looked in the mirror and wondered what was wrong with me
while my brain told me that it’s not me this time.

But you don’t see it because those were not your wounds to bear.
You’re not the first love who made it clear he wanted everyone more than me,
I was just a convenience of right now.
You are not the husband who wouldn’t touch me
Or the ones who told me I could never be enough.
You’re not the one who beat me into submission
Or the one who told me I was pretty enough for my size but I’d never made him happy.
You’re not the five that cheated and lied
Nor the ones who didn’t even try to hide it.

You are the man who makes me laugh when I want to cry
The one who helps me think straight
Who sleeps wrapped around me because next to me isn’t close enough.
You’re the one who kisses me endlessly
because the intimacy of it is worth more than everything else.
Your “not now” and “I don’t feel well today” aren’t excuses meant to wound
They are honest, real and hard truths for you to speak.
It doesn’t make them hurt less
But I keep that pain for myself because the sins of the past,
They are not yours to pay the price for.

© Courtney Turley 2017

WE DO knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU Part 5 Full translation.


West Rukongai 1st District Junrinan.

The 10th division’s captain Hitsugaya Toushiro, used his break to visit his grandmother’s residence.

The pair were snacking on amanatto* (*sugared red beans) bit by bit and having a chat.

For Hitsugaya, who sets off hurriedly every day, time passes by peacefully, it was above all a healing experience.

Daylight began to fade into darkness, and the end of work shifts bell can be heard coming from the seireitei. Hitsugaya who was laying on the tatami mats, lifted himself up and stretched out widely.

“I’ll go now grandma, I’ll come again.”

He tied the cords of his sandals on the concrete floor.

“Come back home anytime. Grandma will buy amanatto again.”

“That’s okay you don’t need to. I’ll buy them when I return.”

“Is that so? Thank you, Toshiro.”

“Yup. Well then, I’m off see you next time”

Lightly waving his hand to his grandmother who came to see him off, Hitsuguya walked into the midst of the sunset.

He went down the path along the outside of the Seireiheki* (*Pure souls wall).

When the Hakutomon* became visible, his legs suddenly stopped.  (*White path gate aka The western gate that Jidanbo guards).

”*clash/clang*! Shuooooo… *thud!*“

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BTS reaction to founding out you were jumped.

That reaction was requested by an anon. Thanks for requesting. Hope you’ll like it. 

Jin felt crushed. You, his princess, love of his life, being attacked by someone… He rushed to help you  bear the wounds you had, taking care of you the best way he could. He then told you many times that he loved you more than words and that he wouldn’t stand if something would happen to you. 

When you came home after being jumped, with scratches and bruises, without your bag, it took him few seconds to analyze what happened to you. He stood there, with blank eyes and thousands and thousands of thoughts runing through his mind. He felt furious and wanted to kill anyone who did it to you.  Jungkook knew that in that moment you were more important so he tried to help you as much as he could.  

Tae was both sad and angry. He hugged you very tightly with his shaking hands, he was whispering calming words to you, maybe also tried to calm himself with them. Then he gently checked every damage on your body and clothes, with his eyes full of tears. He tried his best not to cry because he wanted to be strong for you. 

“Tell me, who did this to you? How do they look like? I’ll find them… They will regret ever leaning a finger on you…” Yoongi was furious, he was walking back and forth while you were telling him what happened. You knew you had to calm him down somehow or he would do something stupid, wanting revenge.

Rap Monster
Namjoon felt guilty. He thought that it was his fault, he should protect you at all cost, but some people were able to attack you. He apologized many times, blaming himself for every bruise of yours. You assured him that it wasn’t his fault, but he still became very overprotective. 

When he firstly saw you in such state and heard what happened, he was enraged, he wanted to punch something or someone, especially the person who did it to you. Later though he calmed down and decided to focus all his attention on you, he tried to cheer you up and forget about bad things. 

Jimin was overwhelmed. He wanted it to not be true, looking at you in very bad state, crying and shaking was super painful for him. He started talking with you, rubbing your back and patting your head to calm you down. After a while he made you some soup and told to rest, while he let his tears flow behind closed door so you won’t hear. 

I hope you liked it. Requests are open. :D ILYA- Yeojin. <3 

From the people of Amestris, we cut to Central, and the heroes fighting for them.

Greed, in a pose so good the show used it both in the OP and in the show. Wrath bleeding profusely, taking a rest, even as Scar  prepares for combat before him. The four Chimeras standing together. Olivier and Alex bearing wounds from their confrontation with Sloth. Izumi and Sig having absolutely no wounds on their bodies but still looking kind of sad…

Man. This is freaking depressing. This color palette, the mood of the song, the rain, the imagery of all the heroes beaten down and broken… Damn. This is powerful.

Words Of Comfort


After the events of Volpina, Chat Noir is left wondering why Ladybug was acting so strangely, but ends up finding out more than he bargained for. Not that he’s complaining, of course.

Set post-Volpina, but before Marinette takes the book to Fu! Inspired by Marinette’s near sacrifice of her miraculous for ‘Adrien’!

To note; I AM STILL CONTINUING FALLEN, but this was in my head and I couldn’t help myself. I hope you like it!

Read it here on ao3 or under the cut!

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Formal portrait (copy of carte de visite?) of the Sioux delegation of 1875. Seated from left: Sitting Bull the Minor, Oglala Lakota (not the famous Hunkpapa chief but the nephew of Chief Little Wound); Swift Bear (1827-1909), Brule; Spotted Tail (1823-1881), Brule; Standing from left: Julius Meyer, interpreter; Chief Mahpina Luta or Red Cloud (1822-1909), Oglala.
Photographer:Frank F. Currier