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My girlfriend and I are together for one year, today! ♡ Unfortunately we cannot celebrate this day, together. So I thought I could draw a little something!! :->

Love you lots, dear! ♡♡♡♡


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Man, he immediately dropped back into a fugue state. (I’ll miss you, SANE GIL, though you weren’t with us for very long….) I now find myself lending a lot more credence to the second half of the two-part theory that 1) Gil broke through as an immediate reaction to Tarvek being kicked off the airship (not much of a stretch), and 2) the conditions of breakthrough affect how a Spark later enters the madness place. Extra mad science reasons for how Gil deals with losing people, possibly especially one unconscious schemer.
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I’m here to begin a fic recommendation list

and I’m starting with my favorite piece of crack

Pairing: Clexa
Rated: T

Words: 4,665
Status: Complete

Category: It’s crack. I already said that. How many more times do you need to hear it. Crack. CRACk. 

Summary: “Clarke works at the mall and has an unlikely savior in the form of it’s mascot - Happy the Bear.

O r 

Lexa doesn’t hate her job, but she certainly doesn’t like it. At least, not until the girl from the food court starts giving her free food and drinks.”

Opinion: Right off the bat I knew that this was going to go one of two ways: Either it would be a cringe inducing shit show or the perfect blend of insanity and deadpans. Hopefully it’s obvious by now which category it fell into. It peters off towards the end, but the relationships and interactions between characters are stunning. It’s short and good for a laugh.

Woods are not like other spaces. To begin with, they are cubic. Their trees surround you, loom over you, press in from all sides. Woods choke off views and leave you muddled and without bearings. They make you feel small and confused and vulnerable like a small child lost in a crowd of strange legs. Stand in a desert or prairie and you know you are in a big space.Stand in a wood and you only sense it. They are a vast, featureless nowhere. And they are so alive.
—  A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson.

Faces of Shin Donghee
A guy with 100 faces and numerous talents. The group’s mood maker, main/lead dancer, a rapper, mc, gagman, choreographer, director. 
We love you because you’re Shindong, our love able teddy bear, and without you I can’t see super junior being the same. Remember ELF love you, the super junior member love you, your family loves you. Please comeback safely.

One of the new major prizes at one of the shooting galleries at Coney Island was a ginormous Bucky Bear.

It wasn’t just any old Bucky Bear either. This bear had a pretty damn good replica of human Bucky’s old blue WWII coat and a toy rifle.

Naturally, the minute human Bucky saw the Look on his boyfriend’s face when he saw the Bear, his Mission was clear.

Thus, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes’ baby, happily carried home his Bear, which was almost as big as he was. Human Bucky followed in his wake, wearing a silly grin and trying not to draw too much attention to Certain Incriminating Marks on his neck, courtesy of a grateful boyfriend.

Mission accomplished.

—  The Blanket Fort Headcanon, in which our favorite Stupidly Adorable Nonagenarians™ continue with the Adorableness
Number 29 - Stefan Salvatore

165. You had been alive for 165 years. over 100 of them had been spent without the man you were so deeply in love with. 

Stefan had turned you at the age of sixteen. At the time, you were one of his best friends, and he couldn’t bear to be without you, once he had come to terms with Katherine’s death he realised he loved you and you were officially a thing. You two had been separated in the early twentieth century when racism was rampant and you were often the target. You fled from your life with Stefan after overhearing people’s plans to ambush and hurt you. You knew they wouldn’t be able to, but that would mean your secret would be out, putting Damon and Stefan in jeopardy.  

All those years after you tried to track down Stefan. You had read about a man who killed, the bodies were found drained of blood with their heads ripped off. The Ripper. You didn’t think that was your Stefan so you continued to search the globe. 

After searching all over the US, England and Europe, you found him. He was back in Mystic Falls.

You drove up to the Salvatore boarding house. Getting out of your car, you smiled and shook your head. You walked up to the door and knocked.

The door opened and you were greeted by a surprised Damon”


“Hello, Damon.” You said

He pulled you into a hug. 

“I haven’t seen you in forever!” 

“Hey, Damon-” A girl who looked like Katherine came into view.

“Katherine,” You said coldly.

“No, I’m Elena, Katherine’s doppelganger” 

“Ah, I understand. I’m Y/N” You said, your cold demeanor melting away.

“As in, Stefan’s Y/N? The one he thought was dead?”

“He thinks I’m dead? Where is he?”

“Check the Grill, he wanted to speak to Matt.” Damon informed you

“The Grill?” You asked

“It’s dow-”

 Don’t worry, I’ll use my phone” You said turning around.

“Good luck” Damon and Elena called.

You followed the directions and you were taken to a bustling restaurant/bar. 

“I’m looking for Stefan Salvatore.” You said to a blond haired boy.

“He’s over there,” He said pointing over to him.

You went over to him and put your hands over his eyes.

“Guess who?” You said in a sing song voice

“Caroline?” he said laughing




“I give up” He removed your hands from his eyes and turned around.

“Y/N?” He said, awestruck.

You nodded, your eyes watering.

He got up and hugged you. he squeezed so hard as if he thought you would disappear.

I thought you were dead” He murmured into your hair. “I missed you so much.”

“I missed you too” you whispered

He pulled away and kissed you.

“I’ve missed that more.”

You laughed.

“I agree, it’s been way too long. I guess it’s a good thing I plan on staying” 

“Good, because I wasn’t planning on letting you leave.” Stefan said, wrapping his arm around you and leading you out of the grill.

Winter Boo Bear Luvs His Kutong Lupa

Once his brains were less “scrambled eggs,” as he put it and he was fairly on the right side of sane, Bucky Barnes took to writing.

Turns out, he’s good at it.  

Hilariously, the first book he manages to sell is a romance novel - The Hawk and the Widow was written entirely tongue in cheek and certainly not based on any birdbrains or spiders of his acquaintance - nope nope nope.  It’s a romance set during the French Revolution, a creative tapdance into history with a dash of The Scarlet Pimpernel thrown into it.  The deviation from the standard bodice ripper tropes and a heroine who’s definitely not the standard “sweet, innocent but spirited ingenue” make it a best seller. 

The fact that she actually enjoyed reading it was the sole reason why Natasha did not actually use the book to brain him.  Hey, he’d already suffered enough brain damage for one lifetime and more, right? So the Black Widow spared “J.B. Winters” so he could write more books.  

Also, the book also got released with some additional interior art from the equally unconventional artist who did the cover of his book.  Pepper was his publisher, editor and his agent and she cackled gleefully when Bucky asked who it was but refused to say anything.  “Let me keep my secret a little while longer, Winter Boo Bear.”

Winter. Boo. Bear.

So, Salt and Pepper was totally not written in revenge for that, in which a true intrepid, terrifyingly competent heroine who did not resemble Pepper Potts in any way, shape or form, had adventures with a mad Frankenstein-like scientist who was totally not Tony Stark.  Adventures being that she tried to keep him from blowing up half the Swiss Alps with his crazy experiments while dealing with a shadowy Evil Organization bent on world domination.

Yeah, this was going to be a theme with his books.  The fact that “J.B. Winters” is looking forward to new and creative ways to foist the evil plans of said Shadowy Evil Organization is really not Bucky working through his issues with HYDRA, even though in real life, he’d already taken immense pleasure in hunting them down and eradicating every last head he could find. 

Yeah.  It’s all just fiction, folks.

So this third book - this is giving him trouble.  Because it was actually being written from the point of view of the tiny, bitty but impossibly brave hero, who had his loyal best friend and now, of course, had a lovely, equally brave and competent lady who was meant to be his love interest. 

His characters were not cooperating with him. 

Said brave, competent, crack shot lady heroine seemed to constantly get into situations in which she was going to push Bitty Hero and BFF together, come hell or high water and nope, Bucky was not imagining Peggy Carter, now at peace, giggling at him from wherever she was.  And yelling at him for not admitting he’d been “arse over tit” for a certain Steven Grant Rogers for the better part of seventy fucking years.  

She had better be in Heaven or Paradise or Bucky was going to have a Serious Discussion with Whoever was in charge of these things. 


Pepper had his initial drafts - which wasn’t the norm, to be honest, but it was always good to have her feedback and her mysterious artist needed the inspiration to get going on the next cover. 

“Love triangle?” Pepper ventured, although she sounded tentative about it and her nose wrinkled even as she thought about it more.

“Christ, no,” Bucky grumbled.  “I swear I ain’t using any tired old love triangles in my books, especially where the two fellas end up getting all tragical over the lovely dame.”

Pepper raised a brow. “I’d think it would be the BFF and Lady Caroline getting all ‘tragical’, as you put it, over Grant himself.”

Bucky blinked.

“That is what you’re going for here, right?" 

And then, Bucky spots what was apparently an early draft for his book cover but apparently, the artist had a sense of humor and actually went for the typical bodice ripper set-up this time around.  Except that the artist’s rendition of Grant was looking up soulfully into the blue eyes of his built like a you-know-what Best Friend, held passionately in his arms.  There was a joke title too - because Bucky was stuck on the title as well. 

Winter Boo Bear Loves His Bitty Punk.

Pepper smirked.  "Yeah, he’s seeing it too.”

And then it hit Bucky, because, of course, who else was his artist-illustrator going to be?

Well shit. 

No, his knees totally did not give out and Bucky totally did not sink back down on the soft couch in Pepper’s office. 

“I’m that obvious, huh?”

She patted him on the arm.  It was the metal arm but Stark Industries had done wonders with his new arm, as far as sensitivity went. 

“If it helps, Steve is just as equally terrified as you are.  Because, you know, I’ve seen this before, what with all the pining and the whole 'I’d be happy to have him in my life in whatever way he wants to be’ thing you both have going on.  And I think Peggy saw it too.”

Bucky tried not to blush but failed.  God damn it. 

“Lady Caroline is not Peggy.”

“Of course not.”

“And his rendition of 'Grant’ needs a little work.  He never was good at self-portraits.  Thinks he ain’t all that, no matter how many times I tell him he’s one fine looking specimen of a fella, bitty or big.”

“I think he would appreciate the feedback.  Go get him, Winter Boo Bear.”

So Bucky went and had a very long talk with one Steven Grant Rogers, in which long-overdue mutual confessions were made, as well as an enjoyable argument over the fact that Bucky was hopelessly gone on him like the sap he was, whether he was his original tiny self or now that he was a big lunkhead. 

Either way, he was still Bucky’s punk.  And Bucky was still very much Steve’s jerk although according to Steve, “sweetheart” sounded a lot better and he was prepared to keep on arguing with Bucky if he ever thought he wasn’t “good enough” for Steve.  There was no faster way to rouse that Irish firecracker temper.  

“You’re my hero, James Buchanan Barnes - and a good man.  Don’t you forget it.”

“Yessir, Captain sir - ” would have been Bucky’s response, except he got pounced and loved on by one enthusiastic super soldier and he was totally undone by the purring and the nuzzling and the fact that he had a distracting view to contend with, once Steve had managed to get his shirt off.  Bucky’s own shirt suddenly disappeared in short order.  So did his pants, for that matter. 

Later, Steve graciously accepted Bucky’s comments on his rendition of “Grant” and presented him with a better cover.

In the meantime, Bucky went back to rewrite his new novel and this time, Grant ended up in the arms of his beloved Soldier, with Lady Caroline managing to knock some sense into both of them in a manner that would have made her inspiration, Peggy Carter, quite proud. 

Extensive “research” with Steve made the love scenes in the book especially good but according to the feedback he’d gotten from Pepper and the rest of the SHIELD folks who were reading the J.B. Winters novels, they blushed more at the “domestic fluff” moments between Grant and his beloved Nicholas. 

And yes, The Bear and the Dragon actually outsold the earlier two books.  Steve had pouted when he learned Winter Boo Bear Loves His Bitty Punk wasn’t going to pass muster but he’d ruefully accepted it once Bucky kissed the pout away. 

Bucky’s currently thinking of ideas for his next book.  The Dove and the Falcon might be a good working title…

- end -

Note:  maeglinstark totally gets the blame for the title of this ficlet.  He even embroidered it on sheets and everything.  :P 

Steve Rogers is a true Kutong Lupa and will always be the Kutong Lupa of my heart. 

Prompt: “I couldn’t bear to live without you” Damon Salvatore 

Requested by resurrection-huntress

The night of the Founder’s Ball, was the night you’d met Damon. He seemed sad, which you learned was because Katherine had chosen to take his younger brother Stefan as her date. You and Damon started out as friends, due to his profound love for Katherine. But over time you began to fall for him, jealously seeping in every time he spoke of her.Though he suddenly stopped bringing up her name when you to hung out. He spent more time with you, leading you to ask; wouldn’t Katherine mind? Two days later Damon revealed that he had fell out of love with her and instead in love with you. He revealed that she was a vampire, he was afraid to leave her for fear of what she did. Plus he did still care for her, just not in the same way. Eventually you and Damon began to date in secret, Katherine hadn’t minded the fact you were friends so it was best she continue to think that’s all you were. But hearing that the vampire’s were being rounded up, made your heart beat fast. You got to the house but it was empty, you ran to the study were you found Giuseppe. He laid dead on the floor, you feared for what might have happened to Damon and Stefan as they weren’t around. You began to cry before running out of the house, you didn’t want the blame. Mid run you were grabbed, a scream left your lips before a hand was placed over it. “Hey, shhh, it’s me” an all too familiar voice said. You looked into those beautiful blue hues and quickly threw your arms around him. “Damon” you said, tears falling from your eyes. You had the worst of those running through your head, but now they all went away at his sight. He hugged you tightly, stroking your hair. “You didn’t think I wouldn’t come back did you?” he asked, pulling from the hug. “I… Damon your father” you said, beginning to choke up. “I know” he said grabbing your attention. “I-I’m not the same Y/N” he said shaking his head. “Damon, what are you talking about? Of course you are” you said, smiling wryly. He looked downward before back to you, his eyes red and veins clear as the night sky. You stared at him in shock, swallowing the lump in your throat as your heart rate increased. “My father shot Stefan and I but Katherine… her blood was in our system… we’re vampires” he explained. You looked him over and slowly brought your hand up to run over the veins, them slowly disappearing at your touch. “I’m sorry” he said, saddened. “Don’t be” you said, your tears slowly falling once again. “I thought you were dead when I saw your father. This, vampirism is better than death Damon. I couldn’t bear to live without you” you whispered. “But you’re human Y/N…” he said, subtext obvious to you both. “Turn me” you said, stepping closer to him. “I can’t Y/N. I didn’t want this, I’m not going to force this on you. You have your family, do you think they’d be able to deal with you just disappearing?” he questioned though more rhetorically. “I love you Damon, you’re not forcing this on me. I- I want to be with you forever. If you don’t turn me… you’re forcing me to live without you, to live with an unfixable heartache. My family have one another they’ll be fine and we’ll have each other” you said, cupping his cheek as you leaned up to kiss him softly. 

If anyone had asked the neighborhood Steve and Bucky had lived in, they would have found out that the boys absolutely adored babies.  Steve, when he was well and certain that he would not inadvertently pass on any sickness to the little ones, was happy to play peek-a-boo and tickle-tickle, giggle-giggle with all the neighborhood babies and teach toddlers how to draw on old newspaper and wrapping paper. 

Bucky was much the same -  especially as he’d been the eldest of four children and had watched over his sisters.  He knew the same baby games that Steve did with the added bonus of allowing children to use him as a climbing frame. 

The reason Steve was more awkward with babies a lot later was that he was still getting used to his new body and this time around, he was terrified of inadvertently hurting the little ones.   Also, thrusting babies into his arms for a sudden photo op wasn’t exactly conducive to getting them to calm down at being suddenly given to a big stranger in a mask. 

Of course, even in a perfect world, the boys knew that their being together wasn’t going to end up in one of them being pregnant and producing blonde and brunette babies of their own.  And adoption wasn’t exactly an option although Bucky pointed out that nobody was going to look sideways at Captain America taking on an orphan after the war was over and they could all go home again.

“Which, mind you, is a little more realistic than me being your god damn ‘teenage ward’ like Robin - though I just can’t imagine you as Bruce Wayne.”

“That would be Howard but he actually panics at the sight of kids,"  Steve shook his head. 

"Well, I for one, am gonna be content with Corporal Bucky Bear - Steve, you’re holding him wrong, you need to support his head!”

“Sure, sure, Mrs. Rogers…”

The war would bring the harrowing sight of dead children, among other casualties and each and every one of them would grit their teeth and be forcibly reminded even more of what they were fighting for. 

Steve still cherishes a certain memory of the war, which happened a few days after the landing at Normandy. They’d been among the worst-pressed on Omaha Beach - and Steve’s shield had been better put to use keeping bullets off his fellow soldiers than being thrown around.   This time, both he and Bucky ended up shooting at the German defenders, picking out those spraying them with machine gun fire, only to be replaced scant minutes later by another soldier.  The other Howling Commandos had been deployed a lot earlier with the pathfinders to help out the paratroopers and to hook up with members of the French Resistance.   

Steve would have gone with them but the brass had wanted “Captain America” to be visible on the front lines to boost morale - which didn’t sit well with him - but orders were orders and naturally, Sgt. Barnes wasn’t about to be left behind.  Jim Morita swore that he would actually kick their asses - “super serum or not, Cap!” - if they weren’t around to catch up later. 

A few days after D-day found Steve and Bucky reunited with the Commandos in a small house at the now reclaimed town of Sainte-Mère-Église and somehow, Steve and Bucky ended up in a good-natured argument over which of them was going to cuddle their host family’s baby.  The baby settled the argument by reaching for Steve first with a big grin but she would reach out to Bucky with pudgy fingers so she could pat at his nose and cheeks and crow happily.

“Yeah, underneath all the dirt he’s really quite handsome,” Steve would solemnly tell the little one in his best French even as Bucky pretended to flirt outrageously with the “cutest little gal in all of France.”

The boys would later be thrown over for a Bucky Bear.   Again, it was all Gabe’s fault.  They’re still not sure how the hell Gabe kept producing the things either….

- end -

Note:   This was inspired by the adorable petvengers art by nocek

As for D-day - I have some ideas of how that happened, based on the deleted scenes I’ve seen from The Avengers.  For obvious reasons, we don’t get to see Steve doing any superheroics on D-day itself, out of respect for actual D-day veterans. 

In universe, I honestly think Steve wouldn’t have been able to do a lot of his more superheroic stunts, not under heavy fire, especially if he’d ended up somewhere like Omaha Beach, which had really heavy casualties.   So I’d like to think that he and Bucky were just as any other soldier there, saving the lives of their buddies and working with them to take down the German defenses and establish that foothold.  

lol when people are even trying to denounce the rucas hug in Girl Meets Bear.

If that were your ship you’d be flipping an actual flip,

but cuz it’s rucas it doesn’t matter.

Ok i see how this fandom works.

Also I see people trying to twist the story line acting like Lucas wasn’t paying attention to Riley and was only paying attention to Maya. Like how desperate are you???

(that’s not anything close to what happened but, at the end of the day, Rucas are still dating SweAty :)

But whatever sails your sunken ship


Happy 60th Birthday Brendan Gleeson! [b March 29th, 1955]

I love you,“ he writes again and again. "I can’t bear to live without you. I’m counting the minutes until I see you.” The words he uses are the idioms of popular songs and poems in the newspaper. And mine to him are no less cliched.. But I can only come up with the same words, in the same order, and hope the depth of feeling beneath them gives them weight and substance. I love you. I miss you. Be careful. Be safe.
—  Christina Baker Kline, Orphan Train
Letter he writes to you before he dies


Dear Princess,

{y/n} let me start off with how much I’ll fucking miss you. I cannot bear the thought being without you, especially because I can’t help it. I wish I do t have to leave you. I just wanna go back to where we started, because I’d live it all over again. I just want to be with you, and never have to go. Right now, you’re laying by my side in my hospital bed. You’re sound asleep after you had a hard day. Fuck. I just thought of how I wont be there for you on your hard days. {y/n} I’m so sorry this had to happen. By the way, I left you a video on your phone of me singing “You are My Sunshine” I know it’s cheesy, but you’re my sunshine, and my little penguin. I may be leaving, but don’t give up on your life. Be strong for me. I know that in this world, you’ll do some incredible things.

I will never stop loving you baby, Luke


My Little Peach,

I’ll be right there with you every step of the way. {y/n} I don’t want to say goodbye, so I won’t. I can’t. Goodbye means goodbye forever. I don’t want to leave you at all, let alone forever. Think of it like I’m going on any old tour. It’s a given that we will miss each other, but we will be reunited again. I promise you that. I hate myself for leaving you darling. Especially this early in our lives. I just released an album, and you got into the college of your dreams. All will be good again. Trust me, Love. It’s so hard for me to understand that this is all real. It should be a dream. I’ll pinch myself and wake up in bed, you cuddled against my chest as I hold you tight. This time, I really can’t say except for that I’m sorry. We definitely weren’t expecting any of this. I know you know that I love you with my whole damn heart, which is no lie.

I’ll always look out for you, Calum


Hello Love,

I never ever wanted to give you this note, but here we are. I couldn’t help but to think about all the things you’d have to do without me. Intentionally, this was never supposed to happen. This jacked up our fairytale completely, and has turned a beautiful thing into Hell for the past six months. I tried to kick cancer’s ass, I really did try. Eventually, things got too heavy and I’m literally shaking as I write this letter, Boo. Know that I kept fighting for you. You were my reason to keep going, and the baby. Leaving you two will be the hardest thing I’ll ever do. I’ll never meet our baby girl, but when she’s a little older, please tell her about me. I want my little girl to at least know who her daddy was, even if the stories are really embarrassing.

Love you always my queen, Ashton


Dear, {y/n}, my love, my world, my everything.

If you’re reading this letter right now it means that cancer has won my battle. I honestly don’t want you to be sad or anything. My life was the best one anyone could have ever given me. I had a really, really kick ass one at that. I got to see everything i wanted, go everywhere i wanted, and I met people i could have only dreamed of meeting, mostly you. You stole my heart when we were eighteen, and six years later you stole my last name. Im sorry we really didn’t get to enjoy much of our lives as newly weds together, but I want you to think of all the good times we had every now and then. Like the time when we traveled to the Bahamas together, or the day of our wedding. Im sorry i didn’t get to have a family with you. Im sorry i didn’t get to grow old with you. Most of all I’m sorry that i left you. The worst things in life come free to us—and that was exactly what happened. Please never quit making so many people laugh and smile. I’ll be there by your side either in spirit or where i always will be, in your heart. Now i don’t want you to be lonely the rest of your life. I want you to find someone who makes you smile that adorable smile and laugh that laugh i love, and will miss, so much. Whoever he is, I hope he treats you well and vise versa. Move on, but never forget.

I love you to the moon and further, Mikey