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“All at once, everything is different, now that I see you…”

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*“Do you know karate? ‘Cause your body is really kickin’.” (not literal)

Prepare for a SHITLOAD of stuff like this. Even though I’m THIS close to switching to Shance simply because I hate drawing Keith’ hair

I googled so many (horrible) spanish pick up lines, I got fuel for ages!!!
And, yeah, I’m still struggling with this whole digital media but I’m slooowly getting there.

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Faking It - part 3

 Paring: Bucky Barnes x reader

Characters: Bucky Barnes, reader

After getting news about a family reunion coming up, the reader decides to set up a plan to make her look like she isn’t as single as she actually is. But when all her candidates can’t go, she’s left with the only person who she least expects to go along with the plan.

Word count: 1.8k

A/N: I was actually going to make this part longer but decided to just end it all with a little fluff. I’m also really surprised at how much attention this imagine is getting, I honestly didn’t expect that. But I’m glad you all like it!If you want to be tagged, just tell me and I will gladly do so. I also never proofread my shit so bear with me, I’ll proofread tomorrow and fix the mistakes tomorrow as well. 

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“Fuck, fuck fuck,” You repeated when you realized that the pancake was burning. “Shit!” You cursed and searched for a fan to get the smoke and smell out of the kitchen.

Through violent coughs, you found a control system in the kitchen. It had various buttons but the one you pressed was labeled “Ventilation.” The smoke got sucked up through a vent above the stove. Once it was all clear, you were left with a burnt pancake. A sigh escaped your lips as you tossed the burnt pastry into the garbage.

By the time Bucky walked into the kitchen, you had whipped up five pancakes, bacon, egg and a fruit salad. You yourself had a full belly and all you needed to do was change out of your pajamas.

“Morning, doll,” He greeted.

You didn’t acknowledge the pet name he had given you. Instead, you returned the greeting. “Hey, Buck. How’d you sleep?”

“Turns out, a designer couch isn’t the best thing to sleep on,” He ran his fingers through his loose brown locks before sitting on the island. “You made breakfast?”

You nodded and set the plate and bowl in front of him, “I hope you like strawberries.”

He smiled, “Thanks, Y/N.”

“No problem, least I could do after you agreed to tag along, lend me your shirt and sleep on the couch.” You began cleaning up the kitchen.

“This is amazing,” Bucky said referring to the pancakes.

You smiled, “I should get dressed. Busy day and we need to take some sort of food to the barbecue.”

“Pizza!” He called.

“Uncle Matt is already bringing that,” You shouted back. “Think of something more original!”

You arrived at the beach with a bucket of fried chicken. Bucky smiled in triumph as he held a bag of gummy worms and was happily chewing away. He raised a gummy to your face and tapped the candy worm on your closed lips.

“Open your mouth, goddamnit Y/N,” He muttered.

You laughed and he threw the candy in your mouth. You nearly choked, but successfully chewed on the worm. “Watch my Aunts are gonna give me shit for not cooking anything.”

Bucky carried the bucket of chicken with his flesh arm and wrapped his metal one around your waist before pulling you close.  You mirrored the affection and rested your head on his bicep.

“You’re so good at this,” You whispered.

“Of course I am,” He planted a kiss on your forehead and you felt almost sad that his lips didn’t press against yours. Don’t get attached Y/N, you told yourself.

The volleyball net was already set up. A few of your cousins were in the middle of a game. Sports had always been your family’s thing. Your grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, parents and siblings were all .masters at one or two sport. It was no shock that you the first person to absolutely despise sports. Mainly because the last time you played a game with your family, you ended up with a black eye and various bruises. No doubt with your years of training you were able to kick ass, but you were still a bit weary.

“You’re just in time for the game,” Your sister Erika smiled.

Bucky joined your Mother near the table where all the food was. He set down the bucket and your Mom started up a conversation.

You let our a humorless laugh, “It’s a no for me.”

“C'mon Y/N!” Your brother Jay persuaded.

“I said no,” You shot back.

He raised his hands in surrender and shook his head, “Still have a stick up your ass, I can see.”

It took every ounce of strength you had to refrain from putting Jay in a tight headlock and force him to take his comment back. Instead, you glared at him, “Fuck you.”

You stomped away and approached your mother, who was laughing with Bucky. She saw you and smiled, “Y/N, dear.” She noticed your murderous glare that was now softening. Your mother sighed. “Don’t let them get to you, sweetie.” She kissed your cheek and glided away to one of your cousins who had a baby at hand.

“What’s wrong?” Bucky asked, concern written all over his features.

“My siblings,” You mumbled.

He pulled you into his embrace and you found comfort within his arms. You weren’t sure if it was because you have a lack of affection, but your found yourself blushing each time his fingers made contact with your skin.

“Well if it isn’t Little Miss Butt-shine.”

You gritted your teeth and turned to face your Aunt Betty who didn’t seem fond of the scene that was before her eyes.

“Ease up on the PDA, this is a beach, not a brothel.” She pushed past you and Bucky before grabbing herself an empty plate.

“We’re hugging,” You snapped at her. “But I don’t expect you to know anything about PDA, considering the fact that you haven’t had a man in over 15 years.”

Aunt Betty stopped serving herself food. You knew you had her by the throat. She glared at you and Bucky stifled a laugh. “Watch it, Y/N.”

You raised an eyebrow and stood up straight to indicate that you weren’t afraid. Not anymore.

The glaring contest would’ve continued if Bucky didn’t decide to intervene. He stepped between the two of you and nearly carried you away. You huffed in anger as he sat you down on a chair. He chuckled at your state.

“You’re cute when you’re angry,” He said.

“That woman knows how to piss me off,” you mumbled under your breath and continued to glare at Aunt Betty who was now laughing away with one of your Uncles.

“Hey,” Bucky grabbed your chin and made you look him in the eye. “Listen to me.” There wasn’t any harshness that lingered in his voice, but you knew that you had to listen to what he was about to say. “Don’t let them get to you. At the end of the day, they’re not the ones that get to say that they’re an Avenger. You have that privilege.”

He was right. Of course, he was right. You thought that you’d be the one to comfort Bucky throughout the week, turns out it’d be the other way around.

“Now let’s eat, cause I’m hungry again and that Chicken Alfredo looks really good.” He stood up.

You smiled, “Aunt Hazel makes the best food.”

“Will they notice?” Bucky asked.

“Unlikely,” You replied and started backing away from the crowd.

A bonfire blazed in the middle. A few members of your family sat around it. Others were playing an intense game of volleyball. All the attention was glued to the game. The sun was long gone. The moon now replaced it. Stars sprinkled the velvet sky but were hardly visible near the light of the orange flame.

You broke into a jog. Bucky ran beside you. Occasionally, you looked behind you to see how far you were. When the bonfire was nothing but a mere orange speck, you came to a halt. Without warning, you collapsed on the sand and dug your fingers into the earth. Bucky knelt next to you and softly rubbed your back. For a sweet moment, you were indulged in silence. The only sound was the waves serenading you with its soothing music.

You sat up and Bucky pulled you to his side. Your head lolled to the side until it rested against his broad shoulder. Bucky took your hand and you sat there, with your fingers intertwined with his and your eyes shut. Dread settled onto your shoulders. You wanted to leave. To go back home. To the Avengers facility. With Steve, Sam, Wanda, and the others. To those endless nights of you, Sam and Wanda watching Disney movies. Always crying when Mufasa died in The Lion King. Those mornings in which you trained hard with Natasha, learning new techniques. Painting with Steve, browning frustrated when you couldn’t blend the colors correctly. At least they respected you.

“Do you want to go back to the house?” Bucky asked, breaking the silence.

You nodded, not trusting your voice to carry out words. He stood and helped you up. As soon as you put weight on your legs, your knees buckled and Bucky was quick to catch you. You felt so weak, so small. Bucky carried you away from the shore.

Your spirits were lifted once you reached the house. Being away from your family made your soul mellow again. You returned to your usual smiley self. Bucky noticed this, he too smiled at your state.

It was only 11 PM, but you were exhausted. Although you resisted, Bucky helped you into the house.  You didn’t bother going towards the lounge and closing all the curtains. At the point you didn’t care, no one would look into them anyways. You changed out of your clothes and into the Pink Floyd shirt. When you walked into the bathroom, Bucky was standing over the sink. His bare back was facing you. A pair of sweats hung low on his hips and you sucked in a breath.

He looked up, his eyes meeting yours in the mirror. He gave you a sly smile as you approached him and reached for your toothbrush. Not a single word was exchanged between the two of you as you got ready for bed. It wasn’t an uncomfortable silence. It was one of relaxation.

“Goodnight doll,” Bucky said.

“Night Bucky,” You smiled and watched as he left the bathroom.

You sighed and remained in the bathroom for a few seconds. You gripped the sides of the sink and took in a deep breath before entering the bedroom. The lights turned off behind you as you climbed into bed. You tugged the sheets up to your chin and shivered, though it wasn’t cold. The bed felt too big for you. It felt like you were in a sea of loneliness.

“Bucky?” You said aloud. “Are you awake?”

“Yeah,” He replied from the other side of the wall.

“Can you,” You paused. “Can you come sleep in here? Please.”

Silence followed. Seconds passed and dread began settling onto you once again. The sound of footsteps made you perk up. You lifted your head and with the moonlight, you were able to spot Bucky. He was walking towards you. A shirt now covered his torso. You scooted to one side and let Bucky climb into bed, under the sheets with you.

“Are you cold?” He asked.

“No,” You said. “I just didn’t want to be alone.”

You weren’t surprised when Bucky pulled you close to him. Without hesitation, you snuggled up next to him and relaxed at the sound of his heartbeat. He rubbed circles on his shoulder using his thumb.

“You’ll never be alone doll. Not when I’m here,” He said.  Bucky held you until you fell asleep.

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By the time they come looking, I may no longer be the person they’re looking for 9/12/2016 - 10/12/2016

I had a long train trip, so I got doodling and thought I’d try my hand at an ensemble piece. Therefore, here we are: My attempt at the whole of Keith’s FMitS family. Thank you @the-wenzel for bearing with me with much patience whilst I hijack their story for drawing fun. ;)

Pencil, pen, digital colours, and that terrible sketchbook.


You mean the world to me. Here is the next part of the Victuuri fire emblem fates au! No more angst but fluff! 

Yuuri’s protective side arises and he will not leave until Victor is perfectly treated and no longer hurt. Both realise just how much they mean to each other and how they can’t bear to see the other in pain. Now that they are much more aware of each other and every little touch gives butterflies in their stomach, Victor can’t contain his emotions anymore and decides to take Yuuri to a very special place dear to his heart. Aka, things might happen in the next part… Mhihi (///w///)

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an explanation, if you will
(bear with me)

there is a woman standing behind gray glass
holding mirrors and a knife beneath her grasp
crying streams of blood and cursing at her god
for not letting her meet you a little later

she writes the most volatile poetry
laced with unwarranted guilt and an obsession
with a red rose in the shape of a corsage
and lets you talk to her like an ornament

and she swears, sometimes
you make her smile

(and it is this, if you please)
it is that i know her, and see her
but can no longer be her, or feel her
and i believe you have driven a wall
between her and i

insofar as i have lost what is more
than a piece of me, but what seems to be
a friend, a sister, a woman of my blood
you have taken a vital organ
from my existence

(please, if you could)
understand (deeply) you have (forever)
stolen something (of utmost value)
and if you could (please, i beg you)
return it to me

i would be most grateful
(best regards)

—  you took parts of me i didn’t know i needed

I´m still trying to figure out how Clip works and which drawing style works best for me. So please bear with me and the constant changing of Bill’s design a little longer .

I also just finished reading chapter 16 of „For the Morality and Sanity of Dipper Pines“ by  charliesundies! She has amazing writing skills and I loved the scene where Bill and Dipper wrestled over Bill’s pullover! Poor toe Dipper :`D

Ok, so…

I’m starting to put my “Lapidot Moments” posts together for Room For Ruby.

So far, it’s looking like its going to have to be done in around 4 or 5 posts (some of which will be more substantial than others, as per usual).  I need to rewatch the episode a few times before I can do most of them, both to take screenshots/transcripts and also so that I can actually process it all properly.

So, please bear with me because the posts aren’t all gonna come at once.  Besides which, I do like to try and spread them out a little bit if I can :)

Singin’ in the (Rain)  Shower..
Also known as… Giving Charly( our dog) a bath.

A little note as well to let you guys know that I might be switching things up a bit.
I’m working on a really cool project that is taking up all my time and it’s been a lot harder these past few months to find time or mind space to do sketches on a regular basis.
So.. for the rest of the summer or longer… I’ll probably post less sketches and/or much simpler sketches, faster, looser,  not always stories.
Bear with me, because once this project is out, I think you guys are going to like it( it won’t be out for a LONG time though)
In the meantime, I’ll post some old stuff… some tips if you guys wants some and even old source files if I can find some and you guys are interested.

sorry for my absence in writing starters and answering asks, guys. depression is kicking my ass the hardest it has been in around three years, and it’s hard to find motivation to do anything, even things i enjoy like writing. more importantly, my academics are suffering a lot, and i’m extremely stressed out about it, which is fueling the whole depression thing. i might be up for doing some writing tomorrow since i’ve been working out solutions and decompressing today, but we’ll see. again, i’m really sorry. i really do wish i could be here writing link, especially during this revitalization of the community, but i’m just not up for it at the moment. bear with me for a little while longer. thank you.


I thought I heard you whisper,

But it was only rustling leaves.

I thought I heard your soft sigh,

But it was just the wind that grieves.

I thought I heard your laughter

In a little child’s delight.

I thought I saw your smile

In reflections of sunlight.

I felt your arms around me,

When I turned you were not there

And the thought of ‘you no longer’

Was a thought too hard to bear.

So I closed my eyes and searched for you,

I listened and I heard

The faintest echo of your voice in the sweet song of a bird.

Now I know I heard your whisper

In the rustling of the leaves.

And I know I heard your soft sigh

In the blowing wind that grieves.

I know it was your laughter

In that little child’s delight

And I know I saw your bright smile

In the sparkling sunlight.

You may not walk beside me

Ever since we had to part

But I know you walk within me

For you live inside my heart.

Jenny Egerton 2014

anonymous asked:

do you like blond dudes who are sad- i mean, thoughts on poly?

“How nosy —that could be anyone, you know! You’re going to have to be less vague than that to get a definitive answer out of me.” Jakob’s arms crossed tightly over his chest, but the butler considered the inquiry nonetheless.

“Others are free to do as they choose, it has no bearing on me one way or another. As for myself, well… I can’t say I’ve ever given a relationship like that much thought.” He hadn’t given ANY relationship much thought.

Jakob mulled over it a little longer. “If the circumstances were just right, perhaps.”

Yes, I’m still re-watching BNHA over and over again, so you will have to bear my headcanons to this show a little while longer, I fear.

Anybody remember that pick-up Toshinori used to drive when he was training Izuku for the first ten months? The car was sometimes used as a training tool where Izuku had to push it (and didn’t succeed) or to drive the chunk away Izuku cleared off the beach. Toshinori also climbs out from that car when he goes to visit the beach at the very last day of their training and sees that Izuku has cleared the whole beach.

So, little headcanon starts here: Toshinori already owned that car when he not yet had the job at U.A, so to speak the last six years after the first fight with All for One. And I headcanon that Toshinori was traveling from place to place those six years, looking for heroic things to do with what little power he had left, all the while trying to stay out of public as much as he could. To make sure of that, he never stayed in one place for too long.

And one day, he drives Izuku home from their training. It’s late, and it’s raining heavily, so Toshinori decided that he couldn’t let the exhausted boy walk home all alone. So he drives him.

Izuku probably is out of his mind, saying that it’s okay, he can walk, and he doesn’t want to be a burden, and All Might himself surely has better to do than to drive him home.


Toshinori has figured out that there is no stopping Izuku’s nervous rambling, not verbally at least, so he just kind of loads the boy into the car, placing him on the passenger seat, and then just strolls over to the driver’s side.

Izuku is still blushing when they are already driving, but he has settled into his fate and mumbled Thank you a few times.

Toshinori glances over at some point while he’s driving and sees that the boy already had gotten quite wet from the rain, dripping left-over raindrops all over himself, curly locks pressed flat against his forehead because of the water.

So the hero points over his shoulder and tells Izuku to grab a towel. There is one in the space behind the passenger seat.

Izuku twists and turns in his seat to reach, turning around almost completely. And when he does and gets to look behind the seat, he goes very, very still.

There is not just a towel behind the seat. There is just about everything one could need stored there.

A stash of dry towels, some of them even still in their plastic packaging. A first aid-box. A coat, a pair of shoes, and some other spare clothes, peeking out from plastic bags. A little toiletry kit lies half-hidden behind the towels.

It looks like the content of a hastily packed suitcase had been spilled out in the backspace of the car. All of these are things one would need for a hasty departure.

Toshinori notices that Izuku had gone eerily silent. When he pulls up at another red light, he glances over his shoulder and follows his students gaze. “Ah, sorry, I didn’t clean up back there…”

“You… you need all of this?” Izuku is not meeting his gaze, instead hesitantly reaching over and picking up a towel. He twists back into his seat and starts drying his hair.

Something about the boy’s voice is off, but he pinpoint it, so Toshinori shrugs and answers easily, “Well, I used to travel a lot the last few years. Never knew when I would need some of that stuff back there, so I just kept it as close to me as I could.”

There is another long silence between them and the longer it stretches, the more awkward it becomes. Toshinori is all but fidgeting in his seat, tapping the steering wheel because he knows that the boy still has to say or ask something important, but he can’t just pressure him, right? And waiting is not his strongest point.

“All Might?”

Relief. “Yes, my boy?”

“You… you won’t start travelling again, right? I mean… you will stay here?”

Huh. Toshinori almost misses the next turn because he is so startled by that question. Pulling the car in the right street and slowing down considerably, he looks over to Izuku again.

The boy has the towel still draped over his head, but isn’t drying anymore. Instead using the material to hide his expression. But the hero can still see that there are teeth digging into the boy’s bottom lip.


Oh. Now he got it.


“Midoriya, my boy. I don’t intend to go away.”

The towel shifts slightly, just enough that a green eye can peek out at him. “…No?”

“I don’t lie, remember?” Toshinori snorts and reaches over to rub the towel over the boy’s head a few times, eliciting a startled noise. “Can’t just go travelling anymore when I have a job to do here.”

He isn’t so himself sure which job he means – the teaching job at U.A or his job as a mentor for Izuku.

But, as he flashes a grin over at the boy who grins back at him, all anxiousness forgotten, he knows that he is saying the truth.

He won’t go away anymore.

He has found a place to stay.


 I hit 1000 followers(?!!) and feel bad that I don’t have anything finished to celebrate because cleaning/packing/moving in the summer is exhausting and dear GOD why do I live here. So here’s an old face practice thing of Roy that I swore I’d never post because yuck 0_o

hey guys, feeling really stressed about work & school and some personal things that are also wrecking my self confidence and overall comfort lol

I haven’t been able to write anything good for the past couple days and I’m just not happy with anything I make at the moment, so please bear with me for a little longer until I can feel happy again

much love, and I hope everyone who’s been on spring break has had a great week!

I feel rather reluctant to give up on reviewing the pokefilms just yet, and there are two that I never typed up my thoughts on, so bear with me as I delay the inevitable conclusion of this project just a little longer.

Let’s get this out of the way: like any kid who grew up with Pokemon in the late 90s, I have a big ol’ soft spot for this flick, but if I step back and look at it critically, Mewtwo Strikes Back is no masterpiece, or even an especially good pokefilm.

The pace, suspenseful and steadily building in the front half of the story, gets funky once our heroes reach Mewtwo’s island. The big battle between Pokemon and clones isn’t all that exciting IMO, save the Mew/Mewtwo duel. The American soundtrack has some questionable pieces. There’s little memorable about the CotDs, and unlike later films, there’s no real effort to involve them in the plot. Misty and Brock have nothing to do once they get to the island. Setting precedent early, Team Rocket are only here to eat up screen time and distract from the plot. And the inexplicable magic tears are still one of the dumbest things ever cooked up by 90s’ family programming to avoid a character death.

(And everyone talks about the lameness of the concept, but there’s another stupid thing about it: why the hell aren’t Ash’s friends crying!? “Tower of Terror” had been produced and released by this point - we saw how Misty and Brock react to the idea that Ash might be dead. They can’t spare anything comparable to that when he’s turned into stone!? And when the magic tears start to work, all they do is stand there and look confused!? I don’t blame 4Kids for having such a hard time figuring out what Misty’s line should be in that scene - the source animation gave them nothing to suggest any sort of emotion! Sadly, this lack of reaction by the human characters to their fellow man’s peril repeated more than once over the years.)

And yet…in some ways, Mewtwo Strikes Back is the most admirable out of all of these movies. And not just because of its delightfully creepy art direction.

Think about it - you’ve got an anime based on a successful game that, as far as you know, will have the standard year-and-a-half run before closing shop. Some on the staff might hope for an extension, but there’s no guarantee of that, nor of this rather strange Pokemon concept continuing on past the second game already in production. As far as you know, this is going to be the only movie of the franchise. And what do Takeshi Shudo and staff decide to do with this one shot at the cinema?

Oh, just spend the prologue setting up the tragic backstory of a genetic mutation that kills its creators, briefly serves the crime lord that’s haunted the series, and then decides to set out for revenge on all humanity. In Japan, they threw in an even more tragic element to Mewtwo’s story by having him befriend a human child’s spirit that ends up dying on him.

That is some ballsy screenwriting.

Eighteen films and two decades later, Mewtwo is still probably the best Pokemon character that the movies have given us. He’s morally grey, evolves throughout the film, had great VAs, and drives the story in a much more direct way than many of his successors did. The issues of purpose, prejudice, and reconciling with the world that he struggles with are a bit heavy-handed in the final execution, but they’re fantastic concepts.

And if Ash doesn’t really have a role beyond reacting to the situation he’s thrown into, he does so in a much more fluid and organic way than in later films. He doesn’t arbitrarily take over combating the threat or save the day on his own; rather, stuck in a bad situation, he makes the best choices he can and affects things when he can. Outside the stupid, stupid ending, it’s a very nice role for him.

[Gif not mine. Here is *drum roll please* surprise number two! So, a little while back I wrote a fic request for the reader being Jared’s rumoured gf at Camp Mars and I really enjoyed it. This fic is kind of going to be how their story kind of begins because I wanted to flesh it out and actually create a longer piece. If you don’t like it sorry/not sorry, if you do then I am glad. This is my first time doing something like this so bear with me. Enjoy!]

  CH I. The Fantasy

“Fans aren’t allowed here until the meet and gr-”
  “I’m here for a job interview, actually. Last name Bones, first name Johara.” 
  The guard looked at me suspiciously before flipping through the pages of his clipboard to see if I was telling the truth. I wasn’t offended though, I bet they got a lot of wild stories from fans trying to get up there.
  “You’re on the list, Mikey will bring you up to the room,” the guard said gruffly.
  ‘Mikey’ was a 6′4′’ beef cake that could probably bench press ten of me without even breaking a sweat. Speaking of sweat, I was nervous as fuck, my hands were shaking as Mikey and I entered the elevator. It wasn’t helpful that Mikey was the strong and silent type. The only think he said to me which cut off my nervous prattling was, “So when we get to the tenth floor it’s room 1111, capiche?” 
  I nodded, not trusting myself to talk anymore for a few moments. I don’t know how long I ended up standing in the hall after I had gotten out of the elevator. I don’t know how many panicked breaths I took before my anxiety began to morph into mild confidence. I walked to the door and knocked lightly. 

***Jared’s P.O.V

  I had just gotten out of the shower, having washed away all of the sweat a great concert usually accumulated when there was a knock on the door. 
  “Tomo! Shan? Can you get that?”
  No reply, damn. Wrapping a towel around my waist I padded over to the door and pulled it open, meeting a startling pair of the brightest emerald eyes I had ever seen. 
  “Oh jesus, I’m sorry, I can come back,” she said in a rush as she took me in. 
  She was cute, and sexy. She was curvy, deliciously so, and soft looking.
  “No, no, sorry, umm… who are you?” 
  “Right,” she extended a hand, “Johara Bones, I’m here about the job.” 
  Oh yeah, so this was the husky-voiced sweetheart I had talked to on the phone. Shaking her hand firmly I gestured for her to enter. 
  “Come on in, just give me a minute to get dressed. Unless it would quell your nerves if I was naked, I heard that sometimes helps,” I teased. 
  She took it good-humoredly, the corner of her plump little mouth twitched, “I’ll just wait here.”

***Johara’s P.O.V***

  Not too long after Jared went back into the bathroom Tomo and Shannon entered from the balcony, their conversation ending abruptly when they noticed me. I figured to avoid getting thrown out I should speak first. I walked a few steps forward extending a hand, 
  “Johara Bones, I’m here about the opening for a personal assistant.”
  It was a listing only the best of the best knew about and I was far from it. I had been a secretary before but nothing to this caliber. I only found out about the job through my old Professor in University who was friends with Jared’s mother. It it wasn’t for him I probably wouldn’t have even considered/heard about it let alone get an interview.
  Shannon shook my hand firmly, and then Tomo, they both greeted me warmly before gesturing for me to sit down. 
  “Bones, I dig that, is it a stage name?” Tomo asked.
  “Oddly know, but I can understand why you would think so.” 
  “Jared?” Shannon questioned.
  “In the bathroom,”
  Shannon waved a hand, smiling, “We can start without him,”
  Oh, okay. Shannon Leto was just as good looking as his brother, his hair artificially messy and he wore a pair of black skinny jeans and a Pink Floyd tank that was riddled with holes. Tomo was a little cutie with his olive skin-tone, dark locks, and warm smile.
  “What made you want to apply for the job?”
  My mind went somewhere dark for a moment but I composed myself quickly.
  “With the exception of being able to work with you lot, I just thought it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity. I’d get to travel the world with a great band, learn more first-hand about the music industry, and if I am being completely honest, the pay is better than any job I have ever had so it just made sense,” I paused for a moment, thinking about everything and trying not to get flustered.
  “I have also made a habit of playing things safe, I’ve always done what is expected and rational, I’ve never really lived the life I’ve wanted. I’ve never really had the opportunity or the courage to provehito in altum, sorry if that sounded lame,” I blushed. 
  “It didn’t,” Jared’s voice came from behind me, and he moved to sit beside his brother. 
  He looked good, really good, but I was trying to focus. I was nervous enough as it is and they probably got tired of people fawning over them sometimes. They were just people, amazing and talented people, people who probably just wanted to be treated like other people. 
  “Can you start right away and have your bags packed in an hour?”
  I stared at him with my mouth gaping open for a few seconds and he smirked. 
  “I beg your pardon?” I stammered. 
  Shannon smiled, “We trust your reference, and we liked your answer. Do you want the job or not?”
  “Y-Yes… yes! Thank you!” I jumped to my feet. 
  “We’ll have Kevin drive you to your house to grab your things, your travel expenses will be paid for… it will be our longest tour yet. It’ll be hard work, and you’ll be away from home for a long time, can you handle that?” Jared asked and in that moment I couldn’t meet his eyes. I glanced down at my boots and rubbed the back of my neck awkwardly. That wouldn’t be a problem. 
  “Yeah, I can handle it.”


  I sat cross-legged as the plane took off for Dublin Ireland where the band would be playing at the O2 the day after tomorrow. It was late driving from Bournemouth to the Southhampton Airport, and it was nearly 3am when the plane took off, but I couldn’t sleep. So instead, I got to work. I began filling a notebook with their tour schedule, finding hotels and potentially cool restaurants and clubs they may want to go to in various cities, and a list of things I should pick up for the road that I thought the guys might like. 
  It was kind of daunting, one minute I’m, well, me, working for chump change in Toronto and now I’m on my way to Dublin with 30 Seconds to Mars. 
  We hit a patch of turbulence and I gasped, squeezing my eyes closed and digging my nails into my thighs. I’ve flown quite a few times, the fear should have subsided but it hadn’t. So I sat there looking like an idiot and holding my breath until the turbulence subsided. 

***Jared’s P.O.V***

  I couldn’t sleep, I never could on planes for the most part no matter how exhausted I was, and her little gasp drew my attention. Her light was still on, she had insisted on sitting away from us so she wouldn’t disturb Shan or Tomo while they rested. She was easy on the eyes, I just hoped this turned out well for all of us. 
  Getting up I walked to her seat and sat down across from her, her eyes were squeezed shut and her brows were furrowed. She looked kind of cute with her dark locks half up, her large glasses riding low on her nose, and fear evident on her face. She also wore a Led Zepplin crop top that got me curious. 
  “Is that more of an aesthetic thing or do you actually like the band?”
  She jumped, her hand flying to her chest and I smirked. She recovered, taking off her glasses as though she were embarrassed about them. 
  “I’m sorry, what?”
  I gestured to her shirt and she flinched as the plane shook. “I I-I like the band. I like music that has-jesus-more, music that has heart and thought put into it. I dig music that is created not just to top the charts or driven by the money, but music that-damn it-touches people. It’s one of the reasons I fell-fuck-in love with your band. Not meaning to sound pretentious, but I probably just did by saying that.” 
  I didn’t mind, I liked her answer, agreed with it even.
  “What’s your favourite song by us?” I wasn’t asking because I wanted her to stroke my ego or anything, I was just genuinely curious. 
  She got that far away look in her eyes again but she stomped it out in an instant. 
  “The Kill, probably a generic answer I know, then Oblivion, A Beautiful Lie, City of Angels, and Do or Die.”
  “Why The Kill?”
  She rubbed the back of her neck, “Because it’s about coming face to face with who you are and finding yourself.” 
  “Do you know who you really are, Bones?” I asked. 
  She scoffed, surprising me when she threw and airplane pillow at me. “Are you trying to give me an existential crisis?” 
  Her eyes were bright with amusement and I smiled, getting comfortable, “Tell me about yourself Bones, we still have an hour or so, and I’m bored. It can be your first official duty or something.” 
  She kind of… short-circuited a bit then, getting a little timid and closed off, but she hid her emotions well, slamming down the shutters so I only got a peek. 
  “I was born in Toronto, I went to Brown University, and now I am here.”
  Hmm, I was getting the feeling she was a fairly personal person. In all fairness though, we had just met and being on the road for a long time had a way of opening up a person so all I would have to do is wait.
  “Is your family happy for you?” I asked. 
  Sore spot, I noted. She shifted in her seat and rubbed the back of her neck again. She refused to look me in the eyes for a second and when she did she was cool and collected. 
  “I don’t really have one,”
  This mildly shocked me. She had no one? It seemed crazy, I mean I had my mom and Shan and I could never imagine having a life without them.
  “What do you mean?”
  She sighed, rubbing her eyes, “My mom bailed after I was born, my dad was… well he tried his best and he was great but he died when I was eighteen.”
  “Whoa, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to pry or upset y-”
  “You didn’t,” she said but I could tell I had. “It’s pretty amazing what you have accomplished,” she changed the subject. 
  I shrugged, smiling when she unleashed a slur of curses as we hit a particularly rough patch. 
  “Yeah, we try. We like to be different, to plunge into the deep and live as much as we can without regret.” 
  The corner of her mouth quirked up a bit and she adjusted her position in her seat. “Alright, so tell me about you. The more I know the better I’ll be at my new job.
  She sounded so energetic, so eager, and I halfheartedly complied. I didn’t mind talking about myself, it was all part of the job, but I wanted to get to know her. However, I couldn’t deny her logic. 
  “Well, I feel like I should know what you know about me first, internet and all that, you know?” 
  She pursed her lips, “Okay, umm. I know you’re a capricorn, a vegan, you released your first album in 2002 and your mothers name is Constance. You and your older brother Shannon are very close, you like rock climbing, and you’re an accomplished actor.” 
  Hmm… not to sound vain but I had expected more. “And that’s all you know?”
  “I mean, I know more about the bands history but yeah, that’s all I know about you,” she said. 
  “That’s good, it’ll make this process more real.” 

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