bear umbra

Samut's Anti-Bolas Army

Commander: Samut, Voice Of Dissent

Doomed Traveler
Mogg War Marshal
Sakura-Tribe Elder
Hanweir Militia Captain
Zhur-Taa Druid
Jade Mage
Mentor Of The Meek
Knotvine Mystic
Hanweir Garrison
Sidar Kondo Of Jamuraa
Oracle Of Mul Daya
Nylea, God Of The Hunt
Heliod, God Of The Sun
Adriana, Captain Of The Guard
Splitting Slime
Hellkite Charger
Requiem Angel
Boldwyr Intimidator
Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite
Avenger Of Zendikar
Omnath, Locus Of Rage
Archetype Of Endurance
Avacyn, Angel Of Hope

Garruk Wildspeaker

Sol Ring
Thought Vessel
Trailblazer’s Boots
Sword Of War And Peace
Sword Of Feast And Famine
Sword Of Body And Mind

Evolutionary Leap
Cryptolith Rite
Intangible Virtue
Saproling Cluster
Stony Silence
Trace Of Abundance
Spidersilk Armor
Aura Shards
Bear Umbra
Growing Ranks
Mirari’s Wake
Zendikar’s Roil
Mana Reflection
Zendikar Resurgent

Tempt With Vengeance
Raise The Alarm
Rampant Growth
Gaea’s Blessing
Martial Coup
Kodama’s Reach
Growth Spasm
Council’s Judgement
Tempt With Discovery
Titanic Ultimatum

Enlightened Tutor
Secure The Wastes
Path To Exile
Swords To Plowshares
Signal The Clans
Deflecting Palm
Natural Connection
Krosan Grip

Hanweir Battlements
Rogue’s Passage
Homeward Path
Evolving Wilds
Terramorphic Expanse
Blighted Woodland
Grove Of The Guardian
Reliquary Tower
Command Tower
Rupture Spire
Transguild Promenade
Inspiring Vantage
Canopy Vista
Graypelt Refuge
Blossoming Sands
Rugged Highlands
Mosswort Bridge
Vivid Grove
Vivid Crag
Vivid Meadow
Forest x6
Mountain x5
Plains x5

@actualborossoldier that’s the list

friedsrirachaballz  asked:

What's your verdict on Kruphix?

He’s pretty cool. I think the correct way to build him is to run a bunch of things that untap your lands (especially on your opponents’ turns). So, obviously Prophet of Kruphix is good with him, as is Seedborn Muse.

Other, less well-known cards that have a similar effect include Awakening and Patron of the Orochi (because he untaps himself, you can use him once on each player’s turn). Bear Umbra, Nature’s Will, and Sword of Feast and Famine are also helpful, even if they only double your mana once each turn cycle. 

Traditional ramp spells and mana doublers are generally useful in this deck, as are mana rocks. The only thing I’m not entirely sure about is what to do with all the mana you save up. Maybe some sick spells with X in their cost? Or just random expensive goodstuff? I really don’t know. The onus is on you to figure out how to win with a million mana.