bear the german shepherd

a couple of weeks ago my friend bought a toy poodle but was really worried about how her rottweiler/german shepherd cross would react to it. this monster dog has been hit by 4 cars going at least 80km/h, has attacked a horse and has killed multiple venomous snakes, so her fear of this zombie dog doing something to a tiny poodle seems to be a pretty reasonable fear. it took weeks for my friend to leave her puppy alone for a second with the mutt from hell, and only did so because she thought that her other (trained) german shepherd could protect her.

today she walked out into her backyard and sent me this picture


“If you’re still accepting pets, These are my dogs Harley and Bear… they’re lazy bums most of the time. Harley is a German Shepherd and Bear is a Newfoundland.”

Fun story my aunt had a dog named harley too, it eat her Chihuahua while she was on vacation…. anywaysss I LOVE YOUR DOGGOS