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Bendy: This time last year, I lost the love of my eternal life…


Bendy: Sometimes, I can still hear her voice! *dramatic sobbing* 

Cough Syrup (Miles Wood)

Prompt: Hi! Can you please write a Miles Wood Imagine of how y/n is ill and he takes care of her and he gets things for her all day and at the end of the day he’s so tired and y/n starts to feel a lot better and Miles ends up sick so then it’s y/n’s turn to take care of him. Can it be fluffy and cute please! Thank you!


Can you please write a Miles Wood imagine of how y/n is sick and he takes care of her and he’s super sweet and loving and y/n feeler better by the end of the week but then finds out that he got sick too lol can it be cute and fluffy! Thanks!

Miles Wood x Reader

Requested: yeah

Includes: sickness, fluff

Note: i got two similar requests so i just combined them!

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Ren and Itsuki have fused to become: Daiki-Senpai!

Or he’s been called: Absent Senpai

Daiki-senpai is hardly ever seen at school. When he does turn up, he is usually wearing some kind of sweater or hoodie over his uniform. He disappears for such long periods of time that students wonder if he was kicked out of school only for him to miraculously turn up again as if he had never been gone. While its rare for him to be seen around the school its even more rare for him to show up at class. He’ll wander the halls, conducting his own business or loitering when he bothers to come. He is a dreary, moping individual without many friends though he’s been seen talking to Viktor-sensei every time he appears at school. He callously ignores people who try to talk to him unless they pique his interest in discussing the supernatural; Specifically, Ghosts. Suddenly this sad young man will light up to discuss his theories on ghost sightings and might even divulge his own budding work into ghost hunting. 

He comes to the cafe instead of going to class, finding a way inside when its closed and loiters during its open hours. He will eat quietly and sometimes, lost in thought his sad eyes will get misty as he sits by himself.

His favourite items are: Stuffed Bear, Miso Soup, Soft Armchair

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Can I request Aomine taking care of his sick s/o? Thank you so much!! :))

Aomine stood in your doorway when you sneezed again. He snickered at your adorable sounds, but he did come bearing gifts. He brought soup and ramen to give your body something to fight with. He was rough around the edges but he was thoughtful when he wanted.

“What do you want first?”

“The sweet release of death.”

“Yea, they didn’t have any of that so you’re getting ramen.”

With a coughing fit you watched your tall brooding boyfriend set up your small meal. He helped you to the small table so your bed could get a break. Like a gentleman he served you food and drink. He didn’t care if you liked green tea or not, you were drinking it today.

“Thanks, Dai.”

“It’s nothing. Just get better so I can see you naked.”

“Can you not–”

Before you could finish your remark the cough attacked you. You sighed and grabbed your cold medicine. You just wanted to stop coughing enough to eat your ramen without choking.

“Do you need me to feed you too?”

Daiki laughed to himself and took a bite of his food. You gave him puppy eyes and handed him your eating utensils.

“Please, Dai?”

“Oh my god! FINE!”

His brows were furrowed, but his complexion held the slightest blush. The cute reaction could be seen in his eyes than his face. You smiled and opened up for him to feed you.

Dating Lee Taeyong Oh yea

i lOVE THIS BOY SO MUCH!!!! I have an endless amount of headcanons oh boy here we go

- hes like your mom
- seriously
- hes so protective of you omg
- “ did you eat today? ” “did you sleep well?” “do you need anything?”
- constantly texts you while hes gone
- when youre sick he gets all worked up and buysyou teddy bears, makes you soup, brings your medication, makes sure you have enough blankets, EVERYTHING
- always nags you to clean up after yourself lmao but its cute
- if you slightly mention something that you want, hES GONNA GET IT
- he can get jealous, too
- like youll be talking to another member and you lightly touch them and taeyong flips out
- “did you just hug jaehyun”
- he wouldnt be SUPER jealous and protective, he would still let you do whatever you want (most of the time), but he’ll still show people that are being too flirty that youre already taken
- he cleans eVERYTHING
- like you dont even have to worry in the slightest about cleaning the house bc he already did it
- you come home and everything is spARKLING
- it always smells nice, too
- anime dork
- hes always coming up to you when you come home like “you wont believe what happened in this anime i just watched”
- or like when youre both at home you like to binge watch studio ghibli movies aaa
- you get all cozy against him and you watch movies until you fall asleep
- and then he carries you to your room and asdfghjkl hes such a gentleman ??
- he always does stuff for you and its so nice
- he’ll always make sure youre happy before the two of you do ANYTHING
- when youre sad he does anything to make you happy again
- most of the time its aegyo
- ok and
- imagine kissing lee taeyong
- theres only two types of kisses: soft and passionate, or rough and needy ;)
- theres no in between
- hes romantic, too
- he’ll always take you to nice places like coffee shops, nice restaurants, or just sets up a nice scene out in the backyard with lights and candles and the two of you will just make smores or something
- the two of you also like taking photos together
- like you have a wall just dedicated to each others photos and its so cute
- but taeyong gets sad, too, like when talking about his past and stuff
- like seeing taeyong cry breaks your heart
- so you hold him and run your hands through his hair and tell him heart warming and funny things to get his spirits back up
- or acting cute
- thats works every time
- anyways
- you also like to help him write songs
- but youre not very good at it and make up weird things
- “(Y/N)…that doesn’t make any sense”
- but he enjoys your presence anyways
- when he sees you with little kids his heart stops
- or even if its just the younger members of nct like jaemin or chenle
- taeyong thinks its so ??? cute ???
- he would always bring up kids and how much of a good mother you would be
- and you just blush
- you guys are soulmates tbh
- so cute

waa !!! taeyong is the love of my life i had to force myself to stop writing or else it would go on forever haha;; but writing these headcanons is so fun asdfghjkl

Not Sick

So it’s really late and i’ve been wanting to write really cheesy established kagehina for like weeks. So I wrote a “taking care of each other while they are sick” fic because I’m a sucker for that. 

They’re adults in this and are on some kind of professional volleyball team (how do professional sports even work? I’m not entirely sure). Maybe I’ll write a sequel sometime of Hinata taking care of Kageyama? Anyway, I hope you like it!

“I. Am not. Sick.”

Kageyama and Hinata stared each other down. Hinata was backed into the corner of their tiny living room, his arms stretched out on either side like he was ready to make a run for it at any moment.

Kageyama, on the other hand, just looked about a hundred different shades of Tired of his Boyfriend’s Shit. His eyes were narrowed, his brows scrunched together and, Hinata swore, twitching occasionally. He wasn’t exactly angry- no, that was a very different expression entirely, Hinata would know- just walking the edge of a very steep ledge, and at the bottom of the drop were a lot of creative swear words. And, in this particular case, probably plenty of blankets and hot soup.

Hinata didn’t want blankets and hot soup.

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Ringtone Maker

Today’s Ed GiggleSqueal explosion was BEGGING to be ripped and edited. So I did and it was.  It’s just pure sunshine Ginger Perfection <3   (It also possibly may or may not be my OBFG chat/text notification….)

If anyone wants it, I’m happy to send it to you!  

taken care of when you’re sick by seventeen

requested by anon~

// Seungcheol / S.Coups
Never wants to leave your side; he’s stuck to you like glue. Takes your temperature; feeds you medicine; holds you in his arms despite your warnings that he’ll get sick too. He’ll chuckle and kiss your warm forehead, “I don’t care, as long as you’re healthy, I’ll be okay.”

// Jeonghan / Junghan
Would not allow you to leave bed. He’d give you whatever you ask for: soup, extra blankets, more cold medicine, for him to sing you your favourite song to go to sleep. Sits on the edge of the bed and strokes your hair, “You’ll get better soon, I promise.”

// Jisoo / Joshua
First and foremost, he’d make sure that you got enough sleep. Plays his guitar, softly singing you a lullaby his mother would sing him when he was sick as a child. Once asleep, he’d kiss your forehead, turn off the lights, and leave you to sleep in peace.

// Junhui / Jun
He hates seeing you feel so horrible. To take your mind off things, he’d stand in front of the bed, performing an improvised one-man drama for you, while you cheer him on. As long as you’re smiling and laughing, he feels like things will be alright for you. 

// Soonyoung / Hoshi
Tries his best to make you forget that you feel so sick. He sits in front of you on the bed, holding your hands in his as he tells you funny stories about his childhood and the other members. It’s comfortable whenever you’re with him; he makes you feel warm and happy.

// Wonwoo
Sits cross-legged on the end of your bed, watching you with a concerned look, curling his hands into sweater paws. Really wants to hold you close and tell you everything will be alright, but doesn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable. Offers you his warm, oversized sweater to wear when you’re cold.

// Jihoon / Woozi
Quietly walks into your room with a hot cup of tea and tissues. He holds your hand, apologizes for being so busy in the studio, and tells you to let him know if you need anything else. Keeps FaceTime on while working so he’s still able to look after you, despite not being there in person. 

// Seokmin / DK
He comes bearing gifts of what he calls “sick day essentials:” soup in a thermos and a large teddy bear. Feeds you the soup as you cuddle the stuffed animal in your arms; is very careful with the way he handles you. Pulls you into a big, comforting hugs, “Please, get well soon.”

// Mingyu
He knows how to make you feel good even when you’re not at your best. Comes equipped with your favourite movies on DVD, and your favourite snacks. You shift over to make room for Mingyu to sit on one side of the bed and have the perfect lazy day with you, making you forget that you’re sick.

// Minghao / The8
Gives you a lot of sad smiles because he really doesn’t like seeing you so sick, but he can’t let it show for your sake. Tries to find the best possible way to nurse you back to health; reads labels carefully to find what works best. Rests his head on yours and sighs, “I’m going to make you better, I promise.”

// Seungkwan
Knows how to put you at ease with a homemade remedy he used to make all the time back home. Lets you rest your head on his lap as he comes up with stories to make you laugh. As you slowly start to drift, he lays your head back down on the pillow, and hums you a song until you finally fall asleep.

// Hansol / Vernon
Wants to make sure that you’re as comfortable as possible…he’s just not exactly sure how. He’d tuck you in with several blankets, and give you all the extra pillows in the living room. Sits on a chair next to your bed and rests his arms and head on your pile of pillows, watching you rest, hoping for the best.

// Chan / Dino
Tries to take care of you to the best of his ability while making sure that he doesn’t get sick himself. Lightens the mood when you’re sad by challenging you to some of your favourite games. Makes you laugh by making up silly dance choreography that he promises to use at the next Seventeen interview.

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I'm not saying that Wendy's a danger to everyone around her when she's sick (because, hello, Sky Dragon Sneeze) all I'm saying is that the other Dragon Slayers are the only people durable enough to take care of her whenever she catches a cold.


“What is up with the weather today?” Lucy asked as she slid into her seat next to Gray, who, for once, had a light sweater on.  “I nearly got blown into the ravine!”

“Wendy has a cold,” Mira supplied as she placed a steaming cup of tea in front of the blonde.  “Poor thing.  Carla told me she was up all night sneezing and coughing her lungs out.  I’m amazed she had the energy to move to a shelter out of town.”

“Nah, Carla called Laxus all in a panic at, like, two last night and he transported them to his resident via his lightning,” Cana said.  Freed of all people was next to the brunette, and the two were hard at work imbuing his runes into a deck of her cards.  At Lucy’s raised eyebrow, Freed said, “Though Laxus-sama does have a durable house in the woods far from the town, he requested that Cana and I come up with a type of portable rune set for the safety of any meandering civilians.”

“Aren’t you people blowing this just a little bit out of proportion?” Lucy laughed weakly.  “I mean, she’s a kid! I know she’s a danger out in battle, but all she’s got is a little cold.  There’s no way she could possibly be behind the weather patterns…right?”

“You weren’t here the last time she had a cold,” Gray said grimly.  “She almost destroyed Fairy Hills in her sleep, and called up a tornado so vicious that it tore through the town square.”

Lucy’s jaw dropped.  “That was because of Wendy?”


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Request: The bidders when they’re sick 

“No, you’re not well!”
You chase after your boyfriend as he tries to hobble out the door.
“I have to go to work, I’m fine.” He insists as he leans against you.
“Soryu, you’re not well enough to work!” You tug him back to the bedroom and gets him to lie down on the sheets.
“Work…” He grumbled as he looked up at you, too weak to argue.
“You can work when you feel better, okay?” You put your forehead to his and checks his temperature. Definitely too high. “Have some rest. I’ll be right back with meds and a little food, okay?”
Your boyfriend mumbled something.
You returned to his side quickly with a small pill, some water, and half a bowl of fish fillet congee from breakfast.
He had rolled on his side, his back to you, seemingly asleep.
“Go away.” He mumbled.
“Soryu, what’s wrong? Do you feel like throwing up? What’s wrong?” You sit down on the edge of the bed and put a hand on his shoulder. He shrugs you off.
“I’m sorry.”
“Sorry for what?!” Your eyes widen in confusion. “Soryu, what’s wrong!?”
“I’m being a burden to you.” He edged further away from you in the bed. “I should be working instead of just lying here being sick.”
“Soryu!” You hold his arm and tug him gently to roll onto his back. You met his gaze with all seriousness. “You’re not being a burden!”
“I can’t even take care of myself.” He sounded like a sad puppy, meeting your eyes with dull, ashamed ones. “I’m sorry.”
“I don’t mind taking care of you.” You smile gently and take out a towel from the side. “Soryu, I don’t mind. At all.” You wiped his face with the damp towel to cool off. “Can you sit up?”
He manages to prop himself up to his elbows and you stuff the pillows behind him. You take a spoonful of congee and blow on it gently. The dark eyes fixed intently on you.
You offer him the food and your mobster boyfriend looks stunned.
“Come on, eat something. It’s better for your stomach.”
Slowly, Soryu opens his mouth and eats the congee. You smile brilliantly at how adorable he looked, blushing slightly even through the fever. He looked embarrassed, a slight pout on his lips at his helpless situation. You feed him a few more spoonfuls before offering up the pill and a glass of water. Soryu takes it without a word.
“Lie back down.” You ease him into the bed and undo his tie, loosening up his shirt. “Have some rest, okay?” Just call for me if you need anything. I’ll make you some soup for later.”
You place the damp towel on his forehead and were about to leave when he grabs your hand.
“Thank you.”

You roll over and look at him. He looked exhausted, and he felt warm. Too warm.
“Ota, do you have a fever?”
You cup his face in your hands and he gladly leans in for a kiss. You avoid his lips and put your forehead to his. As you expected.
“Ota, you have a fever!”
“I have a pettttttttt.”
You pull yourself out of his embrace and pull the covers off of him. His eyes stared up at you, unfocused and definitely unwell.
“You stay put. I’ll go get you a towel.” His hand grabs yours suddenly and yanks you back down into the bed.
“I’m fine….”
“You’re not fine!” You pronounce each word firmly at your stubborn boyfriend and try to get up again. He seemed too weary and uncomfortable to cling and lay in the bed with a whine.
“I’ll be right back, alright?”
You hurry off to the kitchen and come back bearing soup and a wet hand towel. Sitting down beside him, you wipe his face and hands with the damp towel, and peer down at him worriedly.
“Do you want to eat something? It’s not too warm.”
“Not really.” He admitted quietly. “I just want the meds.”
“Ota, it’s not good for you to just have meds. At least have some fluids.”
“Fluids…” He mumbled as he rolled himself face first into a pillow.
“Ota!” You pry on his shoulders to flip him face up. You bend over him, wrapping his arms around your neck.
“Koro!” He sounded happy and hazy, pulling you down and kissing your nose.
“Ota, not now!” You straighten and use your strength to lift him to a sitting position. “You’re going to have something to eat and then rest.”
You offer up a glass of juice that had been sitting out from the fridge to warm, and he downs it in a few gulps. Handing him another half glass of water, you give him the pill to take, and Ota whines.
“I don’t want it anymore.”
“Ota! Come on.” You pet his head and smile reassuringly.
“It’s going to make you feel better.”
“I don’t want it!” He complains, and you sigh.
“I’ll give you a present if you take the pill.” You say finally, with a slight blush.
Ota’s eyes shine brightly like a child’s as he looks up at you. Sighing, you hold the pill lightly in your teeth and lean in to kiss him lightly, leaving the med on his lips. Ota didn’t seem all too satisfied, his expression one of disappointment that you didn’t do more, but he was too drained from the fever to keep pestering and just accepted the pill. He downs it with a swig of water and smirks slightly.

“There’s an important meeting today.”
“No Eisuke, there’s no point going if you’re this sick.”
You were reasoning with your feverish, dazed-looking boyfriend as he struggled to get up from the bed. His arguments were quiet and it seemed like quite an effort just to not fall asleep.
“Eisuke, seriously.”
He had resolve in his eyes, flickering somewhere in the helplessly feverish glaze of his blank stare.
“Not today, Eisuke.” You ease him back down into his bed and smoothed his hair back from his forehead, placing a cool towel on it. You roll up the sleeves of his sleepwear and wipe his arms and hands with another damp towel. “You’re going to have some rest, alright? I’ll call the company and tell them you’re sick.”
“It’s just a minor cold.” His voice was hoarse and you frown.
“Don’t be silly. You’re burning up!” You move down to pull on his pants, tugging the pant legs up to cool off the skin of his legs.
“They don’t need to know.” He muttered stubbornly, and you smile gently at him.
“Okay, I’ll just tell them that you’re coughing a little and I’m really worried and forced you to stay. Is that alright?”
“Sounds more reasonable.” Eisuke huffed and groaned in the bed. You shake your head with a twinge of amusement.
Even if he’s sick and confined to bed, he still tries to give off that superior aura. It was just so adorably futile.
“What you laughing about?” He grumbled, watching the wide, silly grin spread across your face. “Are you laughing at me?!”
“Nothing!” You reply cheerily and go wash out the cloth with cold water. You return to his side and wash his face gently with it. He gave you a look as if he didn’t want you to baby him, but as the cool towel passed over his face, you felt him turn and tip his head to make you reach every crook of his face. You giggled. He was just like a little cat! The laughter bubbled out of your lips and he scowled.
“Shut up.” Eisuke mumbled as you put the towel away and sit down on the edge of the bed. “I just want to be clean.”
“I know.” You smile patiently and look at your boyfriend, looking gruff and irritated with his fever. “Have some rest. I’ll go make you some soup, alright?”
You patted his head with a giggle.
“Don’t you pet my head.” Eisuke grumbled. “Just cause I’m sick now you’re climbing all over me.”
“Eisuke!” You exclaim. “Don’t think of it like that.” He gave you an upset look and tried to roll away with a grunt. “Awww, no, Eisuke, lie still! You need to rest!” You pull on his shoulder and lie him back down, leaning over him worriedly. “I’ll be right back, alright?” You pet his hair again and giggle, escaping the room before he could bring himself to chide you once more. There were too many things you could do to him while he was still sick. Eisuke watched you leave with a huff. 
“Silly woman.” 

“It’s time for work! Are you still sleeping?!” You go over and shake your sleeping boyfriend. His arm was hot to the touch, and you furrow your brow. “Mamo?”
He rolls over slowly and kicks off the covers.
“It’s so warm.” He muttered as he tried to sit up. He clutches his head suddenly, seemingly dizzy, and falls back onto the sheets.
You reach to his forehead and notice the high temperature.
“You have a fever! I’ll call in for you! You can’t go to work like this!”
You head into the bathroom to get him a damp towel, pinning the cellphone between your ear and your shoulder as you spoke to his co-workers.
“Alright, Mamo, I got you a day off.” You sit down beside him and wipe his face and arms. “How are you feeling? Do you want anything?”
“You need to eat a little, keep your energy up.” You say gently, rubbing the wet towel over his hands to cool them off. “How about a little soba? I can make that really quickly.”
He sounded more depressed than a fever ridden person would, and you peer into the dark eyes.
“Mamo, are you feeling upset?”
Mamoru frowned.
“Sorry for givin’ ya trouble, sweetheart.”
“It’s nothing!” You smile tenderly and stroke his hair back from his forehead. “You’re not much trouble at all!”
“Still trouble.” He muttered.
“Oh Mamo, I didn’t mean it like that!” You try to fix your words quickly, seeing the saddened look on your boyfriend’s face. “I just… It’s not the best situation, but it’s okay! Really! I don’t mind taking care of you like this.”
“I should be taking care of you. Yer the kid…”
“Mamoru, really! I don’t mind at all!” You shake your head. “Don’t think about it like that, okay?”
“Sweetheart…” Mamoru mumbled quietly, his hand moving slowly to take yours. You give his warm hand a squeeze. “Thanks.” He offers up a weak smile and you squeeze his hand again.
“You have some rest, okay? I’ll go make some cold soba. I’ll come cool you off again later.” Mamoru nods obediently, still looking unhappy with the fuss he was causing you.
“It’s really nothing!” You gently pat his shoulder and kiss him lightly on the cheek. “Rest up and get well soon, okay? Then you can take care of me.”
He sighed.
“Alright, kid, guess I gotta hurry up and rest then, huh?”

“You’re too warm!” You exclaim in horror as he tried to embrace you first thing in the summer morning. “Baba, are you feeling okay?”
He puts his forehead to yours and tips his head forward to try and capture your lips. You jerk away at the sensation of his burning skin and sit up in bed.
“You have a fever!”
“I’m just fine, princess.” He mumbles softly, unable to sit up.
“No you’re not!” You gasp out and scramble out of bed, throwing on some clothes and heading to the bathroom.
You return quickly with a cool, wet towel and start to wipe his face.
“My pretty lady, you don’t need to-“ You wipe the towel over his mouth. “Do th-“ You drag the towel over his face again and his sentence gets cut off. “This for m-“ You pass the towel over his face a third time and Baba frowns up at you. “My sweet, you need not do this for me.”
“Baba, but you’re sick!”
“I don’t need my princess so stressed out and taking care of me.” He murmured, eyes trying to focus on you despite the glazed look within them.
“It’s nothing, really.” You say gently, rubbing the towel over his neck and then his arms. “I don’t mind taking care of you. And anyway, you have a bad fever. It’s my job to take care of you.”
“A good gentleman… shouldn’t let his lady worry.” Baba tries to push your hand away, and you take his hand in yours, wiping the towel between his long fingers. “H-hey…”
“Your lady worries for your health.” You say patiently, wiping down his whole hand to cool off and laying it back on the mattress. “You should take a med and rest up so she won’t need to worry anymore.”
“You’re an angel.” He sighed and allowed you to towel his other hand.
“I’ll go fetch you some medication and water.” You smile down at him. “Do you feel like you can eat something? I’ll get you a bit of bread to buffer your stomach.”
“Thank you, milady.” Baba mustered up his best smile. You lightly comb your fingers through his hair, pushing it all back to expose the skin of his face and neck to the cooler air.
“You just focus on resting.”
“Yes madam.” He smiled and closed his eyes.

Thanks for the read!
Hope you liked!

5SOS Preference // You're On Your Period

Pairing:  5sos x Reader
Request: If your requests are still open.. could you please do an imagine where you’re on your preriod and one of the boys try to comfort you and do their best? XD aha thanks :)
Word Count: 1.334

Ashton; When the time of the month arrives where I just want to crawl into a hole and rip my uterus out, there was no one I wanted to have around me. I’m usually very moody and grumpy when I have my period and literally no one likes to be around me then either. I always wonder how my boyfriend Ashton is not running like hell in this one week per month. I feel sorry for him and everyone who has to talk to me in that time, but I just can’t help myself, the pain consumes my whole body. I always get awful craps along with terrible headaches. In the first couple of days, I normally can’t even leave the bed. Lucky for me Ashton was always there to help me out and get me everything I need.

“Ash? Ashton? Where the hell are you?” I yelled from out of the kitchen. Seconds later, the curly haired boy sneaked into the room. “What is it babe?” He asked meekly. “I told you at least a million times today to do the dishes! Why are they still dirty?” I questioned him in a tense tone. “I’m sorry. I’ll do it now.” Ashton said and put his arms on my shoulder. I shrugged them off and angrily shook my head. “Nevermind I’ll do it myself.” I frowned and stared putting the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. With a long sigh Ashton walked out of the room, leaving me and my crappy mood alone again. Bad conscience washed over me almost immediately. I absolutely hate how bitchy I can be whenever a cramp hits me right in the belly. Ruefully I put the rest of the dishes into the dishwasher before I tip toed into the living room where Ashton was sitting on the couch, watching tv. Silently I sat down next to him, my eyes trying to lock with his. “Hey there.” I mumbled. Without a word Ashton rose from the couch and walked to the shelf next to the TV, pulling out something and hiding it behind his back. “So, since you’ve been in a terrible mood since yesterday I got you the period-emergency-pack earlier.” Ashton explained and revealed what he hid behind his back. “I got your favorite kinds of chocolate, two packs of M&M’s and we have loads of ice cream in the freezer.” He said smiling. “You are a life savor.” I chuckled and jumped off the couch, embracing Ashton in a tight hug. “How do I even deserve this? I’ve been such a bitch to you….again.” I stated. “The things I do for the love of my life.” He chuckled and softly pecked my lips.

Calum; “Cal?” I whined and cuddled up tight next to my still sleeping boyfriend. “Cal, babe are you up?” I asked and softly tried to wake him up. When there was still no reaction from him I used my thumb and my index finger to squeeze his nose until he’d wake up. He cringed and opened his eyes, looking at me shocked. “Oh good you’re awake.” I smiled happily. “Yeah now I am.” He groaned in his thick morning voice. “Why did you wake me?” I looked at him innocently and tapped my fingers on his chest. “Babe?” I asked and extended the ‘a’ a bit more than necessary. Calum rolled his eyes. “What do you want?” He asked annoyed. “I have period pain.” I informed him. “And you woke me up why exactly?” He questioned and closed his eyes again. “We don’t have chocolate anymore and I’m kind of craving chocolate right now.” I said and bit my bottom lip. “Go get yourself some then.” Calum groaned and turned around to continue his nap. “But I’m in pain.” I pouted and turned him back around. “You’re annoying you know that?” He stated but couldn’t help but laugh when I started kissing his face. “I love you.” I smiled, knowing that he’d get me what I needed. “I’ll better get a nice and long blowjob when I’m back.” Calum winked and rolled out of bed. “You bet.” I laughed and kissed him passionately before he left.

Luke; When I woke up this morning with a weird feeling in my stomach I knew my period would start today. With a groan I got out of bed and walked into the bathroom only to notice that all my pads and tampons were empty. “Oh crap.” I mumbled to myself before running back to the bedroom. I grabbed my phone and dialed my boyfriend Luke’s number. After the third beep he greeted me happily. “Good morning beautiful.” A smile appeared on my face as soon as I heard his voice. It’s crazy how only his voice can immediately cheer me up. “Morning. Please tell me that you’re still at the mall.” I said and rocked back and forth on my heels with my arm tightly slinging tightly around my stomach. “Yes I am why? Do you need something?” He asked concerned. “Yeah I need tampons.” I breathed out, period pain stinging in my belly. A little pause filled the line before Luke finally answerd. “Oh..uhm sure. Okay. But which ones? There are so many. What if if get you the wrong ones? I can’t remember the ones you normally use.” He said rather nervously. “Luke, honey, calm down. Just bring small ones alright? And please hurry.” I demanded. “Alright. I see you in a bit. Wish me luck.” Luke hurried and ended the phone call.

I was curled up in ball, lying on the couch when I heard the front door open and shut close again. Seconds later a worried looking Luke rushed towards me. “Hey baby. I got your tampons. I didn’t know which ones so I bought all they had.” Luke said desperately. “I also got you chocolate, gummy bears and soup which I am going to make you now.” He stated. “I rally hope you’re alright and not in much pain. Do you need anything else? An extra pillow? A blanket? Anything?” Seeing Luke like this, all desperate and overly caring, I couldn’t help but laugh. “Why are you laughing? Did I do something wrong? Or is the pain already driving you insane?” He asked with his head tilted. “You’re adorable.” I smiled. “The soup will be fine. Thank you.” Luke smiled and softly kissed my forehead. “One soup for my girl coming right up.”

Michael; “Honey do you know what I’m really in the mood for right now?” My boyfriend Michael asked me before he started leaving kisses along my neck. “Oh I don’t know, a sandwich maybe?” I guessed. “Hmm wrong. Guess again.” He mumbled against my skin while his hand moved up my, or more like his, shirt. “Mikey I’m on my period.” I whined. “I’m not afraid to sail on the Red Sea baby.” Michael winked and squeezed my boobs. “Are you serious?” I asked him with raised eyebrows. I couldn’t suppress a loud laugh when he wiggled his eyebrows and squeezed my boobs like they were a honk. “Oh my god you’re terrible.” I laughed and slapped his hand away. “No. I’m horny.” He whined and let himself dramatically fall on his back. “Hey,” I started and straddled Michael’s lap. “When my period is over, you can do whatever you want to me.” I offered and kissed his soft lips. “Deal.” He winked. “I know what we’re gonna do now then.” He announced, softly pushed my off of him and jumped out of the bed. “What would that be?” I asked with raised eyebrows. “I’m gonna get you some chocolate from downstairs and then we’re gonna watch your favorite movie while I give you a little massage. I know how much it calms you down.” He smiled. “Oh god that sounds like heaven. I love you!” I chirped. “No need to call me god though, baby.” Michael winked and quickly ran out of the room to get me my chocolate.