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So i read this anon ask post from @youbuggingme​ and…., this happen. I have no self control. I need help

I’M SORRY IF I BORE YOU ALL WITH THIS SHITTY PHOTOSHOP POSTS. (this will be the last time, i swear)

Thank you guys for tolerating me. 

Bendy: This time last year, I lost the love of my eternal life…


Bendy: Sometimes, I can still hear her voice! *dramatic sobbing* 

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I've been sick in bed all day, (and probably for the next few days) and I was reading threw your blog, and I love it. It's amazing :) And I was wondering (if you haven't done it already) what the villainous crew would do if their s/o was sick? I think it'd be funny to see Black Hat freaking out because reader has a really high fever or something


A/N: I’m sorry you’re sick (hopefully you feel better by now!!)! Here ya go, friend!

Black Hat:
-“I suppose you can go lie down or whatever.”
-He’d probably check up on you while you were sleeping every now and again.
-Maybe he’d force Flug or 5.0.5 to give you medicine or soup or something, he doesn’t know such weakness as you.
-Let’s be real, he might not even do any of the above. But he is rather aware that something is missing, someone is missing from his day…
-If you became sick enough he would go handle it himself, demanding Flug fix the issue while he sat begrudgingly at the side of your bed.

Dr. Flug:
-He would help 5.0.5 with the soup, maybe even make it himself.
-He’s busy working for Black Hat all day, but he skips lunch to bring you soup and hang out with you a bit, making sure you’re okay.
-Once he’s off work, he’ll quietly sneak into your room and hold you while you sleep, watching a movie or something to pass the time until he eventually falls asleep next to you.
-Your protests that he’ll get sick mean nothing to him, he cares more about being with you and you being happy.
-He can handle a fever, but that doesn’t mean he wants to. Seeing you less than well almost hurts him.

-“Bear! Make some soup!”
-She’d go fetch you blankets, or a humidifier, or medicine, whatever you need.
-She will climb in bed with you, snuggle up, and turn on the tv.
-While you’re sleeping she’ll probably run off and grab some snacks for herself…
-If the fever got especially high she would drag in Flug demanding he fix it x)&

-He made you soup!
-Also he brought you a blanket and some cough drops!
-He would lean up against the wall and let you lean up against him because he’s so warm and fluffy! You fall asleep comfortably.
-He’d put a cool towel on your head or whatever, and try to keep the fever down.
-Mom. Bear.


You were really sick and had stayed home all day. Tom felt really bad for you so he wanted to surprise you. He snuck into your house, bearing soup, crackers and chocolate. He tried to quietly walk into your room so he wouldn’t wake you, as soon as he opened the door, your face lit up and he couldn’t keep the smile contained. He loved your smile, even on your bad days, it was one of his favorite things about you. He sat with the rest of the day, telling you how beautiful you are even when you say you look like death and whispering his love to you as you drift off into his arms. 

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Quarantine | Harrison Osterfield

Summary: When the reader gets sick, Harrison Osterfield comes to the rescue bearing some chicken noodle soup, medicine, ice cream, flowers, and plenty of tissues…

Warning: none

Pairing: Harrison Osterfield x reader

Type: Oneshot

A/N: I was sick today, and it inspired me to write this oneshot about the reader getting sick. Thank you @twinsofia for helping me out with this!


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What do you think attracted Hillary to Bill? They seem like polar opposites to me

Well  I’m going to divide this into two parts, the physical and then the personality. Hillary herself has answered this question so I will be citing and using her quotes from Living History to derive meaning from.

First the physical. As we know from Hillary in her own words, she was very intrigued by his hands, besotted even. In Living History she says, “one of the first things I noticed about Bill was the shape of his hands. His wrists are narrow and deft, like those of a pianist or a surgeon.” This is simple enough, he had nice hands and she liked them. I find this romantic because one doesn’t usually think of hands as something to find attractive but she noticed them and wrote “I loved watching him turn the pages of a book.”
Another description of the physical can be seen by this quote: “He was tall and handsome beneath that reddish brown beard and curly mane of hair.. He also had a vitally that seemed to shoot out of his pores.”
Long story short, she found him to be very handsome and I think the vitality part was what probably attracted her to him the most because it showed that he was energetic and full of life.
Now for the personality part. I think the fact that he was very caring towards her since the beginning also contributed to her attraction. Again I will be using examples all from Living History.
“He complimented my long flower-patterned skirt. When I told him my mother had made it, he asked about my family and where I had grown up.”
From this we can see that Bill was not only kind by complimenting Hillary, but that he also showed that he was interested in knowing more about her as a person. The fact that he gave Hillary a chance to speak about her family and childhood shows that he wanted to hear more from her and was genuinely intrigued about who she was. This most likely meant a lot to Hillary because as she has also said, “he was the first man I’d met who wasn’t scared of me.”
Another example of how Bill’s personality and character attracted Hillary can be seen through the chicken soup and orange juice anecdote.
“When I came back to Yale late Sunday, Bill called and heard me coughing and hacking from the bad cold I had picked up…about thirty minutes later he knocked on my door bearing chicken soup and orange juice.
Okay this once again shows how kind Bill was to Hillary and more importantly in a way how attentive. I don’t know how many men would go the extra mile of doing such a nice gesture as Bill did, but the fact that he noticed she was sick and brought her the chicken soup and orange juice to help her feel better showed that he cared and was listening, therefore attentive. There’s another example of Bill being attentive and Hillary once again wrote about it.
“I asked him why he had been so quiet at my party.”
“Because I was interested in learning more about you and your friends,” he replied.

This one is so sweet and just speaks for itself. Due to how Bill was once again showing that he was genuinely interested in not only Hillary but in those close to her shows that he was mature and obviously very caring of who she was as a person. This attentiveness most likely endeared Bill to Hillary because as we know Hillary herself is a very attentive person who cares about others and seeing him reflect that, shows that he is the same way.
Now for my personal favorite: the intellect. The two of them have always been quite the intellectuals with a passion for knowledge. Hillary wrote:
“He could converse about anything-from African politics to country and western music.
This is another factor that attracted the two to each other because it showed that he had a vast knowledge of the world and many things such as herself. Also being as he discussed all these things with her, I think it shows how much he respected her intellect. This was likely of great importance to Hillary since back during that time women were expected to yield their intelligence to suit a man’s ego. Hillary also addresses this: “In high school, one of my smartest girlfriends dropped out of the accelerated courses because her boyfriend wasn’t in them. Another didn’t want to have her grades posted because she knew she would get higher marks than the boy she was dating.” Bill contrasted greatly to this and treated Hillary as an equal when it came to intellect so I think she very much enjoyed that he didn’t try to prevent her from being who she was.
Lastly, I don’t think the two are polar opposites at all. Sure they came from different places with him being more of a southern guy and she from Illinois, but I think those differences are superficial. I think when it comes down to it, they are very much alike in their love for public service. It has been said that “they see themselves in almost Messianic terms, as great leaders who have a mission to fulfill.” I think this no doubt is what bonds them together, a shared purpose of life.
I’ll end with one final quote of Hillary’s: “To this day, he can astonish me with the connections he weaves between ideas and words and how he makes it all sound like music. I still love the way he thinks and the way he looks.”

Cough Syrup (Miles Wood)

Prompt: Hi! Can you please write a Miles Wood Imagine of how y/n is ill and he takes care of her and he gets things for her all day and at the end of the day he’s so tired and y/n starts to feel a lot better and Miles ends up sick so then it’s y/n’s turn to take care of him. Can it be fluffy and cute please! Thank you!


Can you please write a Miles Wood imagine of how y/n is sick and he takes care of her and he’s super sweet and loving and y/n feeler better by the end of the week but then finds out that he got sick too lol can it be cute and fluffy! Thanks!

Miles Wood x Reader

Requested: yeah

Includes: sickness, fluff

Note: i got two similar requests so i just combined them!

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Ren and Itsuki have fused to become: Daiki-Senpai!

Or he’s been called: Absent Senpai

Daiki-senpai is hardly ever seen at school. When he does turn up, he is usually wearing some kind of sweater or hoodie over his uniform. He disappears for such long periods of time that students wonder if he was kicked out of school only for him to miraculously turn up again as if he had never been gone. While its rare for him to be seen around the school its even more rare for him to show up at class. He’ll wander the halls, conducting his own business or loitering when he bothers to come. He is a dreary, moping individual without many friends though he’s been seen talking to Viktor-sensei every time he appears at school. He callously ignores people who try to talk to him unless they pique his interest in discussing the supernatural; Specifically, Ghosts. Suddenly this sad young man will light up to discuss his theories on ghost sightings and might even divulge his own budding work into ghost hunting. 

He comes to the cafe instead of going to class, finding a way inside when its closed and loiters during its open hours. He will eat quietly and sometimes, lost in thought his sad eyes will get misty as he sits by himself.

His favourite items are: Stuffed Bear, Miso Soup, Soft Armchair

Dating Lee Taeyong Oh yea

i lOVE THIS BOY SO MUCH!!!! I have an endless amount of headcanons oh boy here we go

- hes like your mom
- seriously
- hes so protective of you omg
- “ did you eat today? ” “did you sleep well?” “do you need anything?”
- constantly texts you while hes gone
- when youre sick he gets all worked up and buysyou teddy bears, makes you soup, brings your medication, makes sure you have enough blankets, EVERYTHING
- always nags you to clean up after yourself lmao but its cute
- if you slightly mention something that you want, hES GONNA GET IT
- he can get jealous, too
- like youll be talking to another member and you lightly touch them and taeyong flips out
- “did you just hug jaehyun”
- he wouldnt be SUPER jealous and protective, he would still let you do whatever you want (most of the time), but he’ll still show people that are being too flirty that youre already taken
- he cleans eVERYTHING
- like you dont even have to worry in the slightest about cleaning the house bc he already did it
- you come home and everything is spARKLING
- it always smells nice, too
- anime dork
- hes always coming up to you when you come home like “you wont believe what happened in this anime i just watched”
- or like when youre both at home you like to binge watch studio ghibli movies aaa
- you get all cozy against him and you watch movies until you fall asleep
- and then he carries you to your room and asdfghjkl hes such a gentleman ??
- he always does stuff for you and its so nice
- he’ll always make sure youre happy before the two of you do ANYTHING
- when youre sad he does anything to make you happy again
- most of the time its aegyo
- ok and
- imagine kissing lee taeyong
- theres only two types of kisses: soft and passionate, or rough and needy ;)
- theres no in between
- hes romantic, too
- he’ll always take you to nice places like coffee shops, nice restaurants, or just sets up a nice scene out in the backyard with lights and candles and the two of you will just make smores or something
- the two of you also like taking photos together
- like you have a wall just dedicated to each others photos and its so cute
- but taeyong gets sad, too, like when talking about his past and stuff
- like seeing taeyong cry breaks your heart
- so you hold him and run your hands through his hair and tell him heart warming and funny things to get his spirits back up
- or acting cute
- thats works every time
- anyways
- you also like to help him write songs
- but youre not very good at it and make up weird things
- “(Y/N)…that doesn’t make any sense”
- but he enjoys your presence anyways
- when he sees you with little kids his heart stops
- or even if its just the younger members of nct like jaemin or chenle
- taeyong thinks its so ??? cute ???
- he would always bring up kids and how much of a good mother you would be
- and you just blush
- you guys are soulmates tbh
- so cute

waa !!! taeyong is the love of my life i had to force myself to stop writing or else it would go on forever haha;; but writing these headcanons is so fun asdfghjkl

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Can I request Aomine taking care of his sick s/o? Thank you so much!! :))

Aomine stood in your doorway when you sneezed again. He snickered at your adorable sounds, but he did come bearing gifts. He brought soup and ramen to give your body something to fight with. He was rough around the edges but he was thoughtful when he wanted.

“What do you want first?”

“The sweet release of death.”

“Yea, they didn’t have any of that so you’re getting ramen.”

With a coughing fit you watched your tall brooding boyfriend set up your small meal. He helped you to the small table so your bed could get a break. Like a gentleman he served you food and drink. He didn’t care if you liked green tea or not, you were drinking it today.

“Thanks, Dai.”

“It’s nothing. Just get better so I can see you naked.”

“Can you not–”

Before you could finish your remark the cough attacked you. You sighed and grabbed your cold medicine. You just wanted to stop coughing enough to eat your ramen without choking.

“Do you need me to feed you too?”

Daiki laughed to himself and took a bite of his food. You gave him puppy eyes and handed him your eating utensils.

“Please, Dai?”

“Oh my god! FINE!”

His brows were furrowed, but his complexion held the slightest blush. The cute reaction could be seen in his eyes than his face. You smiled and opened up for him to feed you.