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Big fan of the blog so I thought I’d show off my own Handsome Dog. This is Bear. He’s a German Shepard/Greyhound mix and about as energetic as you’d think that combo would be.

The fact that sara ryder is not quirky or cool or badass or whatever like how fem!shepard was is just so awesome
Some people (mostly from 4chan or those who hate the game)go as far as calling sara autistic
Like hell yeah motherfucker give me an autistic protagonist.Give me a protagonist who’s got 0% communication skills,or has problems expressing themselves.Give me a protagonist whose pickup lines are terrible.
Not that fem!shepard’s cool and badass personality is bad,but most games (as far as i know) got this hero with perfect/acceptable social skills and it is kind of tiring for me.

Trdl; tiny sara ryder with almost no social skills is fucking awesome

Pictures of You

I’m not going to be online tomorrow, so here is my Day 2 contribution for MERWeek.  Picture of You.

Title: It’s a Lonely Galaxy Shepard
Ship/Pairing: Garrus/Shepard, Shakarian

The electronic beeping of the vitals monitor was the only sound in the otherwise silent room.  The bustle of activity outside of the hospital never breached the walls of the ICU room.  The strong scent of antiseptic and IV fluids was a sharp hit on his senses.  Nothing kept his eyes from the figure on the bed. She was almost unrecognizable with the tubes, IV lines, and wires taped to her body.  Only the shock of red hair against the white pillow gave any clue to her identity away.  Her chest rose and fell with the forced air pumped in by the tubes.  The continuous beep of the heart monitor was a comforting sound, it told him she was still there, his Shepard was still alive in there somewhere.  Garrus knew the doctors told him that her body had suffered horrific damage, one doctor had likened it to a torture victim.  The memory tore at his soul as he sat by her bedside.  She’d had to endure so much and now it was his turn to bear the burden.

               Garrus knew he should be grateful she was alive, and he was grateful but the doubt still plagued his mind.  That moment of seeing the rubble clear, seeing her lying there on the ground, he still remembered the panic and helplessness that ripped through him.  James and Kaidan had held him back as the medics rushed Shepard away, his throat had been raw from screaming her name.  He’d fought against them, men he considered friends, and had broken James’s nose as he tried to get free to go after Shepard.  It had been Kaidan that had taken him to the hospital so he could be with her once the doctors had stabilized her.  James had waved away his apology later, stating he’d have been in the same state of mind himself.  Several of the crew had been by to see Shepard since she’d been granted clearance for visitors.  Throughout it all, he’d stayed at her side.  Liara had tried to persuade him to take a break but he had refused to move from the room.  James had gotten in the habit of bringing him some food to eat when he’d stop by, he’d even gotten dextro food but it all tasted like cardboard to Garrus.

               His hand reached out to grasp hers, her fingers cold to the touch.  The ache in his throat spread to his chest as grief descended on his shoulders again. He lowered his head so his forehead was touching her fingers.  He hoped to have some sign she was coming back, but the steady beep of the monitor was his answer.  With his free hand, he took out the silly photo Shepard had convinced him to take just before the mission to destroy the Illusive Man’s base.  The memory swept through him and he closed his eyes to picture it.


               Come on Garrus!  These things were extremely popular back in the 21st century!  When all we had were portable communication devices, they called them selfies.  Quit being a grump.  She’d nudged him with her shoulder with a bright smile on her face.  The weight of the mission never showing on her face when she was with him.  They were in her quarters, on the rumpled sheets of her bed, just after enjoying a lengthy shower to ease the aches of battle.  Shepard wore her N7 shirt and little else, with her red hair down, curling around her shoulders, dripping on his skin and the sheets.  Her blue eyes twinkled with mischief as she tried to convince him to take a selfie.  He’s groused a bit about having to do it, he hated his picture being taken.  He’d been in his pants, remaining shirtless after the shower, and hadn’t wanted that immortalized in a picture.  Shepard had pressed a kiss to his mandible and asked him to please take a picture, she’d make it worth his while.  Garrus had shivered at the wicked nature of her promise and given in to her request grudgingly.  Shepard had settled against his chest, pulling her knees against her chest, while having Garrus hold his omni-tool above their heads.  She adjusted his arm until the angle was just right and he took the picture.  Her smile was diamond bright as she leaned against him.  She’d given him a quick kiss to say thanks, but he’d prevented her from pulling away.  They’d sunk into each other until Joker had given the announcement about approach.


               His shoulders shook from the suppressed sobs in his chest.  Tears seeped from his eyes as his throat burned from the anguish rolling over him like a wave.  The thought of never seeing her smile again, he couldn’t bear it.  

               “Come on Shepard.  You need to make it.  It’d be a pretty lonely galaxy without you in it.”  His voice was broken from the misery in his heart.


Drawings-a-Day June/July 2017

Since I updated my iPhone I can draw doodles in the text app when I go to bed and realize I forgot to draw during the day: previous drawing-a-day post

Batman (and company) - iPhone text doodle
Creature Caretaker - Procreate *
Scratch Paper Sunday Bear - Scratch Paper
Scratch Paper Mongi House Bear - Scratch Paper
Commander Shepard riding a thresher maw - marker, pen
Ship flags - text doodle

*continuation of same image from previous post

meanwhile, cruising between star systems…

“Alright, osito. Rematch time.”
“Bring it, calabaza. Winner chooses tonight’s vid.”

Eloise Shepard and James Vega provide endless entertainment for Cortez and other shuttle bay workers. Usually grunting, swearing, and sweaty entertainment. Today, it’s the precursor to Date Night. ♥💕

The wonderful and talented @domirine sketched this in lightning speed, and it’s better than I could have ever dreamed. Elle is much beefier than the silly in-game system allows for, and Domi captured her perfectly (refs provided in abundance, as is my usual style lol). 

Naturally, the two got matching N7 tattoos. Elle’s other bicep has a SPECTRE emblem, matching Kaidan’s. ;)

  • Shepard: Mordin? What the hell?
  • Mordin: Shepard, had to be me.
  • Shepard: *bewildered* Someone else would have gotten it wrong?
  • Mordin: Precisely.
  • Shepard: Where the hell am I? What is happening?!
  • Mordin: *smiles* A brief respite Commander. Have a drink, alcohol gives relaxing response in humans. From your stress reactions, you need it. Medical opinion.
  • Thane: *puts hand on shoulder* You've made it.
  • Shepard: Thane?! Made it where?! What the hell is going on!?
  • Thane: Kalahira heeded my words, she guided you here, to us.
  • Shepard: ........
  • Ashley: LT! *bear hug* We've had a good fight. You did me proud.
  • Nihlus: I wasn't wrong about you Shepard. You made one hell of a Spectre. You gave them hell.
  • Benezia: Little Wing is safe. Thank you Shepard, you did the impossible.
  • Tarquin Victus: Commander, you gave me a chance when no one else would.
  • Anderson: Shepard
  • Shepard: *voice shaking* Anderson...
  • Anderson: I am proud of you.
  • Mordin: Times up Commander.
  • Shepard: Mordin...?
  • Mordin: Wake up, they are waiting *smiles*
  • ..............................................................
  • Shepard: *gasps*
Heart to Heart

“Now, now. No need to pout,” a vaguely amused Garrus said.

Kaidan huffed with arms crossed over his chest as he watched Shepard dart away into danger again. He raised a curious eyebrow at the words of the turian. “You’re fully suited up, too, you know.”

“I’ve learned to be prepared. Literally anything can happen when Shepard’s involved. You know that. Best to be ready at a moment’s notice.” Garrus settled in on a bench as the doors closed and yet another mission began on a foreign world.

“I’d just feel a little better if you or I were with her.” Kaidan stared at the closed doors for a moment, lost in his own thoughts. “I joined the Normandy again for a reason, and it wasn’t to watch as she goes barreling into danger alone every time we touch ground.”

“Well, you do outrank her, and now you’re a Spectre. You could go against her wishes and technically she wouldn’t be able to do a damned thing about it.” Garrus chuckled at the thought. “Besides, she’s not alone. She’s got James and EDI. They’ll be fine.”

“And you’re here calibrating your gun,” Kaidan observed with genuine amusement.

“Yes. Like I said, it’s best to be prepared.”

The Spectre took up a seat next to the turian and settled in to wait as garbled calls and static filled their ears from their comm units. There seemed to be no end to the enemies that wanted to kill them all on sight, and somehow they’d all managed to survive. Well, more or less, anyway.

Kaidan broke a long silence with an unexpected change of topic. “Garrus, I hadn’t had the chance, but I wanted to thank you.”

“Hmm,” the turian answered, turning his attention away from the weapon in his hands to the human at his side. “For what?”

“For staying with her when… when I couldn’t.” Kaidan’s gaze dropped to his hands as he leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees. “Or when I wouldn’t, I guess.”

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After war

Kaidan holds Shepard’s hand a little tighter and runs his thumb along their hand, reassuring him Shepard is still here

Shepard sometimes thinks they’re dreaming and the war is still on, but looking at Kaidan, with his laugh lines and his greying hair, reminds them it’s all over

Kaidan knows not to crowd Shepard too much at night, as it makes them panic, and only holds them closely and tightly when nightmares disturb their sleep

Shepard’s kisses are a little harder, a little more desperate, reassuring both themself and Kaidan that, by some miracle, they’re still here

Kaidan gives Shepard time to adapt to living a normal life, encouraging them to do little things that mean so much, like buying their first house, or getting their first pet together

Shepard knows that sometimes the events of the war can overwhelm Kaidan, and they always hold him close and whisper reassurances when it all becomes too much

Kaidan is reassured by the fact Shepard needs him, and he’s the only one Shepard can rely on to always be there

Shepard isn’t bothered by this in the slightest, because even if the great Commander Shepard is dependant on someone, they know Kaidan needs them just as much

Kaidan is there to coax Shepard from bed when getting up seems too much, when facing a day of physical and mental therapy, press, and Alliance and Council business is too much to bear

Shepard is there to help Kaidan with his crippling migraines, often laying in the dark with him for hours while he sleeps, occasionally whimpering and tossing in pain while they rub his forehead and run cautious fingers through his hair

Kaidan knows that he’s never going to be alone again, as he’s got Shepard to love and protect, and keep safe from whatever comes their way

Shepard knows that they’re never going to be alone again, as they’ve got Kaidan to love them and always be there for them, and in return they can love him back and always be there for him

“Tonight is a chance to celebrate, not just ten years of Logo, but ten years of extraordinary progress for our country. When this network aired its first show, gay marriage was a political wedge issue used to divide us. Today the majority of Americans live in states where they can get married, no matter who they love. Today ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ is history. We passed the hate crime law that bears Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr.’s name. And all you have to do is look at this month’s cover of Vanity Fair to see how America is more accepting of people for who they truly are.”

“We still have plenty of work to do together, but tonight is a reminder that when everybody does their part, when every voice is heard, change is not just possible—change is inevitable. So here’s to ten extraordinary years, and all the years to come. Let’s keep standing together to make sure every American is treated with dignity and respect they deserve.”

-President Barack Obama