bear pokemon i think

Sweet glory, I think the Build a Bear release of Bulbasaur cleared up people’s skin, fed their dog, watered their plants and fixed half their life choices. At least that’s how people are acting. Never seen grown adults get this worked up over a stuffed animal. I’m excited too, he’s my fave starter, but people need to chill. No flames please.

pokemon go things i need

- be able to friend ppl
- be able to trade pokemon
- pokemon amie how cool would that be listen…. i want to pet them
- more trainer appearance options (i need better hair my trainer reminds me of myself in middle school)
- notifications when a pokemon is within range!
- more things to do… i need more things…

When I asked for suggestions of pokemon to paint, I was SO DELIGHTED to see Typhlosion - its one of my favorite starters and fire type pokemon, and it takes me back to being 9 years old and seeing that funny, big-nosed fire shrew Cyndaquil turn into a freaking beast

I like to imagine Typhlosion is like a cross between a wolverine and a bear. And LOVES HONEY

vaughn-beartic  asked:

A white, small Beartic were looking around, sighing, not reconising anyone... Nobody looked like a pokemon like him... He kept looking around, before running toward something that looked like a Pangoro (Lee)... He jumped, and glomped him from behind happily... "I'm not the only pokemon around there yay!"

The panda fell over from the sudden surprise hug, looking back and tilting his head at the  little white bear “p-pokemon? i think you have me confused with someone…”