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I collect animal skulls occasionally (most I’ve found, some I’ve bought) and I bought this gator skull yesterday and I didn’t realize how big it was until I hung it up and saw it next to the other skulls! I found all of the arrowheads and spear points in the shadow box as well.


“im Mr. Bear.” Damon stated in a high voice.

you grinned, “and who is Mr. Bear here for?”

Damon made the bear point at you, “Mr. Bear is here for the sexiest woman in the world.”

“i’ll let you know if i see her.” you joked.

Damon was by your side in a moment, “dont joke. you know you’re gorgeous.”

this barely bears pointing out but eurus being like “our parents liked silly names” is some grade a bullshit given that her supposed siblings are called billy and mikey

yall: negan is 100% evil!!!! ___ didn’t deserve to die for no reason! they did nothing wrong

me, on the inside: *remembers how rick and the gang rolled up on that compound and killed 40+ members of negan’s people in their sleep; how cold and casually rick shot that one dude in the face after he pretended to be negan; how within the context of the tv show, they got off pretty easily considering negan was only gonna kill one person in retaliation rather than just mow all of em down at once.*

me, on the outside:


me, on the inside: *knows that, while it was in no way daryl’s intent, at that point negan made it very clear who tf he was and daryl’s impulsive act could have very well cost the entire group their lives considering everyone was surrounded by armed men; that you can like daryl but still see the direct cause and effect of these actions and mentioning this doesn’t mean you’re demonizing him; but i’m also hoping they dont spend an extended amount of time focusing on daryl’s pain rather than the pain/healing of maggie, rosita, and sasha (eugene too)*

me, on the outside:


Sorry for the brief leave of absence, guys; I’ve been working on some personal stuff for the sake of my portfolio; I’m trying to get into a few studios for an internship. So have some rare personal artwork that have nothing to do with MLP!

The first one’s the image I’ll probably use for my business card. I’m using the bear/constellation combination again because my classmates have told me they enjoy the way I draw bears (to the point where “bear” is the usual suggestion if I ask what I should draw), so I thought it’d be cute if my business card had a bear theme to it too. C: It’s painted and drawn with nothing but watercolors.

The second one is an unfinished concept for a character in my next Retelling storyboard. This time the fairytale I’d like to retell is the 3 Little Pigs. The pup here isn’t finalized at all, but I’m liking the direction thus far. O:

As always, MLP AUs, Headcanons, and art will commence shortly, I just wanted to share with you guys this stuff. C:

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Could you suggest some fics where Dean works for Cas?

Here’s some fics with Cas and Dean in an employer/employee relationship in mainstream jobs. All links go to our reviews unless noted otherwise.

Dean works for Cas

Some new recs

Confessions of a Cam Boy [NC-17, 13,200 word count] (intern)
DCBB 2016 fic

Dean runs a cam show to pay his way through marketing school, but he’s about to start an internship that he doesn’t know will change his life. Watching Dean’s show is Castiel’s favorite way to wind down after a stressful day at Sandover Bridge & Iron. When Cas comes to work one day and finds his favorite cam boy setting coffee on his desk, he is completely thrown. Will Dean finish his internship without knowing his favorite viewer is his new boss, or will he be able to see through Cas’ non-existent poker face and figure it out?

The Devil Wears Prado [M, 20,097 word count] (assistant)

Dean wants to work at Auto-Nation magazine, but ends up at Runway as Castiel’s second assistant. Castiel is scary, and Gabriel just wants sugar. Destiel eventual Sam/Gabriel.

Good hands [M, 13,300 word count] (handyman)

Cas is the owner of a failing—and falling apart—B&B.
Dean might be able to help with that. Dean’s good with his hands.

Honeydew [NC-17, 3,800 word count] (office worker)

Dean worked hard to get into Honeydew, an organization devoted to improve the lives of Omegas. As an Alpha he had to adapt to fit into a space largely avoided by men of his status. Difficulties aside, he felt he was doing splendidly - even if his claim to fame was mostly connected to getting complicated coffee orders right - until he’s called into his boss’ office.

Imperfect Proposals [M, 111,000 word count] (assistant)

Dean Winchester has a dream of being a successful architect- one that may or may not be out of his reach. So when he receives a promising job at Designs of Divinity, a reputable architectural firm, he is beyond happy. It’s everything he could ask for. Sure, he may only be the assistant of Castiel Novak, a well known architect and project manager, but he doesn’t even care. It’s a start. It isn’t until he starts working for Castiel that he realizes the guy isn’t exactly who he thought he’d be, and his dream job turns into a living hell. Dean decides he’s had enough when Castiel denies him time off to attend his brother’s wedding. But just when Dean thinks it can’t get any worse, he finds out that he’s being forced to marry Castiel to keep him from being deported. Fan-friggin’-tastic.
Based on the movie The Proposal

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Need a new show to watch?

As Wander Over Yonder is ending, I’ve been seeing a bunch of posts asking about what shows people should check out next. So, here’s my recommendations for shows you should check out!!

The 7D - This is a VERY underrated show on Disney XD but it’s so precious!! The 7D is based off of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, but it takes place 30 years before the movie (though some can say the show is different form the movie) It’s a happy show with fantastic humor and wonderfully talented voice actors! (Bill Farmer, Maurice LaMarche, Billy West, Scott Menville, Stephen Stanton, Dee Bradley Baker, Kevin Michael Richardson, etc.) and has a ton of special guest stars! If you were a fan of Tiny Toons and Animaniacs, many of the people that worked on those shows worked on this one as well! This show has the same fate as Wander because it’s ending in September (#SaveThe7D), but everyone should check out this adorable dwarf show!! It airs on Saturdays at 9:30 am EST!

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Star Vs. The Forces of Evil - I like to call Star the new ‘break-out’ star of Disney XD, but this show doesn’t disappoint! It’s a colorful show full of great characters and suspenseful moments in it! Season 2 is starting on July 11th 10:30 am EST, so you should go watch Season 1 to get ready for the next season!!

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Penn Zero Part-Time Hero - Another underrated Disney XD Show, but I absolutely love Penn Zero! What’s great about this show is that the characters go to different dimensions and have different designs for that world! The animation is fantastic and the characters are great! Check it out, and Season 2 will be coming soon this year!

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We Bare Bears - I think WBB is super cute show! It’s a nice break away from the darker shows on Cartoon Network. Having these precious bears in these real life situations make for a wonderful show! I really recommend it if you haven’t seen it!!

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Harvey Beaks - One of my favorite shows on Nickelodeon at the moment! Harvey Beaks is an adorable show with great characters in it! What I love about this show is that C.H. Greenblatt who made Chowder also created this show and such a happy little show! I love it a lot and you guys should check it out too!!

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The Loud House - I’m finishing up on watching this show, but it’s really great so far! I love the animation because it reminds me of a comic strip style! And all the characters are so great in this series! I can’t wait to see what else this show has in store!!

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Those are my recommendations for shows to check out!! And if you need help finding these shows, just tell me! <333

Fenris, with a cup of coffee, his legs jutting out, lean and bare, from the hem of one of Hawke’s sweaters.

That was what Hawke missed the most when he left to join the Inquisition. It wasn’t the feel of his body or the sound of his moans when they made love.

It was Fenris, warm and content and relaxed. Reading the newspaper, just because he could. Sneaking a second helping of pastry behind Hawke’s back – then looking so damn pleased with himself as he licked the sugar from his fingers that Hawke couldn’t bear to point out that he didn’t care if the elf ate the whole box. Wrapping himself up in the quilt from their bed and planting himself in front og the fire on snowy days. Arching and groaning and cursing in Tevene when Hawke rubbed his feet.

He missed his bedhead and his morning breath, the way he put too many bubbles in his bathwater and shoved his feet at Hawke when they were cold.

He missed talking to him, and watching the way one corner of his mouth lifted when he smiled. On the road, at night, Hawke lay awake thinking about the rumble of his laugh, and the richness of his voice, and the way he would stretch out in the sun like a contented cat when it was warm.

Hawke hoped Fenris would forgive him one day.

I don’t think any of you know what this means to me… I started crying about this bear..

I had recieved the girls version of this bear on my very first Christmas in ‘96 as a baby and I couldn’t sleep without it until I lost it during my high school years.

By that point, my bear had went from being a girl with a plaid bow and dress, to a boy with a red tie because everything had gotten too dirty and worn to keep on her.

My mom found the boys '96 version online and bought it for me because she knew how upset I was over losing him.

His name was Teddy and it still is… and it smells like the 90s…
I couldn’t help from crying
- Luna 🌛

Okay, I’ve been looking at this theory on Reddit that boils down to: HR is gaaaaaay. And it actually has some things going for it.


  • HR’s partner is Randolph Morgan. Tess Morgan was E1 Harrison’s wife. We’ve seen that most relationships on E1 are reflected on the other Earths (Westallen, Snowstorm, literally everyone’s parents/ancestors since the beginning of time). 
  • A breakup with Randolph would explain HR being “exposed” back on E19 and him wanting to get away from there (including Randolph helping him to leave).
  • It would be a good reason for the heart-to-heart chat with Joe next week (which I really hope isn’t just a pep talk or “stay away from Cecile”).
  • HR is the only Harrison (other than E1 Harrison briefly) to be presented as someone interested in romance/sex/relationships at all. This might therefore have some bearing on larger plot points.
  • Flash is now the only Flarrowverse show that does not have an openly LGBT regular character.
  • The first role Tom ever played for Berlanti - on Jack & Bobby - was a gay guy who had just lost his job and been thrown out by his boyfriend. HMMM.


  • Tom has described HR as “a ladies’ man” and HR has (or will) hit on Caitlin, Cecile, and Iris. He hasn’t done anything similar to the men. But it’s not exactly unheard of for gay men to flirt with women.

ugh I had tried to post then tumblr messed one more tab to answer asks and blah so yaaaaay revenge-

Taiwan is one of my faves i love her so much (stay tuned for more!)

Vietnam | Ukraine & Belarus | Seychelles | Nyo!China | Nyo!Hong Kong | Hungary, Liechtenstein, Belgium, & Monaco |

  • Karen: Frank, you are the most awesome person I have ever known in my entire life. I vow to protect you. From danger. And I don't care if I have to fight an ultimate fighter, or a bear, or him *points to Daredevil* You're mom. I would take them down. I'm getting mad right now even telling you. I wanna spend the rest of my life, every minute with you, and I am the luckiest woman in Hell's Kitchen.
  • Frank: I guess I kinda hate most things. But I never really seemed to hate you. So I wanna spend the rest of my life with you, is that cool?