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doods done between finals: zelda edition


Pharah. Pharah it’s just an expression. Pharah calm your gay. PHARA STOP THROWING APPLES. PHARAH.

Jack knew something wasn’t right when he woke up. The covers were too hot on him and his head was pounding like he’d been drinking too much the night before. He shifted, trying to get his bearings, but at some point during the night, he must have pulled the covers over his head. He struggled free, enjoying the fresh air, before noticing a pair of paws on the bed. When he moved his arms, the paws moved too. What followed next was a confusing jumble of panic and incoherent screaming that came out as yowls.

He must have passed out again, because when he came to, he was still disoriented and nauseous. He confirmed that, no, it had not been a bad dream. Somehow, he’d grown four legs and a tail overnight.

After the initial panic, he jumped on his bedside table where his phone was, but he was uncoordinated, and ended up knocking the phone to the ground. He batted at it on the floor, but found that the battery had drained itself overnight when he’d forgotten to charge it.

Cursing and swearing to himself, he wandered his apartment on shaky legs. Thankfully, he hadn’t quite turned off the tap in the bathroom and the dripping of the faucet helped to parch his thirst as he tried to think of what try next. He needed to get help soon. Otherwise, he was going to end up starving to death in his own apartment.

In the living room, Jack found a window that he’d left open because it had been too hot last night. He squeezed out onto the fire escape and tried not to look down. It was strange in this body. Jack never had an issue with heights before, but now, a glance downward to the street had his head spinning with vertigo.

Left with no choice, Jack began to climb upward with the dim hope that someone had also left a window open.

He didn’t get too far before the enticing smell of spices and baked dough reminded him how hungry he was. He followed the smell until he staring into a kitchen where someone was bent over, pulling pies from an oven. Jack called out for the guy’s attention, and when he finally glanced in Jack’s direction, he scrambled to open the window.

“Hey, kitty. What are you doing so high up?” he asked. Jack stiffened when the guy picked him up, but he let himself get rescued from the precarious ledge. “Where did you come from?”

Help me! I’m not really a cat! Jack tried to say, but as expected, it came out in a series of pitched meows.

“Hmmm, okay. You hungry?” He set Jack on the floor to rummage around in his fridge. He set out a plate of leftover meatballs which Jack, losing his composure, attacked immediately.

“I’ll take care of you. Don’t worry, little–uh– guy?” He attempted to lift Jack’s tail to check, but Jack had hissed and swiped his claws. “Okay, never mind. We’re not going there,” he said backing off. Satisfied, Jack continued to eat, though with a suspicious eye on the guy who’d now dropped onto his stomach to watch Jack with a bright smile.

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I’ve got my swim trunks, and my flippie-floppies

for @legividivici, hope you like it!! <3 (ao3)

The last place Clarke expected to run into anyone she knows is the literal middle of the ocean, but the cruise ship has barely left port before she spots a familiar head of tousled curls ahead of her in the crowd.

She loses sight of him before she can get a good look, so she chalks it up to her imagination. It’s entirely possible that Bellamy is on the same cruise she is– they did, after all, both just graduate, and therefore have the same budget and scheduling constraints– but she tells herself it probably isn’t him. And that even if it is him, it’s not like they’re going to run into each other.

So of course the next day she’s on one of the decks by the pool when a shadow falls over her and his voice says, “Is this chair taken?”

Clarke pushes her sunglasses up on top of her head and wrinkles her nose at him.

“I don’t know, I my tiara really ought to have a chair of its own.”

Bellamy smirks and sits on the edge of the chair, not moving her stuff– not yet– but settling in to bicker with her. As is their custom.

She and Bellamy were RAs in the same dorm two years ago, and they had differing ideas at first about how hands-on they needed to be with their freshmen. Despite the way they picked at each other, by the end of the year they’d become reluctant allies, his calling her ‘Princess’ taking on less of a sneer and more of a teasing edge, her comebacks laced with a smile. They had each other’s backs.

But she didn’t re-up her RA contract for her senior year, and he did, and they’re not the type of friends to outright admit they miss each other, so she hasn’t seen nearly as much of him in the past couple of semesters as she would like.

“You here with Wells?”

“And Raven,” she nods. “I was saving those seats for them, but I’m pretty sure they ditched me to have tiny cabin sex.”

“O and Lincoln ditched me pretty fast too. I think they’ve all forfeited their right to a saved seat,” he grins, passing her bag back to her. The way he lounges back in the chair, skin already browning, wind ruffling his hair, he looks like something straight out of an ad. Or Clarke’s fantasies. Either one, really.

Just because she used to think he was a Class-A dick (which he is, but not in the way she thought. In the fun way.) doesn’t mean she’s never noticed how great his hands are, or how he’s got perfect hair for pulling, or how there’s probably more than one way to wipe a smirk off his face.

“Sure, make yourself at home,” she grumbles. He grins at her and pulls his shirt off, which is– honestly just so unfair.

“Don’t mind if I do.”

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“im Mr. Bear.” Damon stated in a high voice.

you grinned, “and who is Mr. Bear here for?”

Damon made the bear point at you, “Mr. Bear is here for the sexiest woman in the world.”

“i’ll let you know if i see her.” you joked.

Damon was by your side in a moment, “dont joke. you know you’re gorgeous.”

Damian & Batmom

Requested by an anon

Summary: HCs of how Damian is protective of Batmom/the general dynamic of the relationship.

Warning(s): None

-Just like with everyone else, he doesn’t admit to liking you for a long time.

-If you’re allergic to cats or animals in general, at first it really irritates him and puts a strain on your tries to bond with him.

-Then he begins to realize you still let him bring animals home and don’t complain about them… One day he brings it up to Bruce and Bruce tells him flat out, “They know (animals/cats) make you happy.”

-He becomes a little less annoyed with you then and even tries to make sure that the animal you’re allergic to stays away from where you frequent. When only one or two people are home, it’s said that even the vacuum cleaner can be heard running in his room.

-Damian likes to garden as well, if you two can bond over that it would be increasingly helpful. Gardening silently next to each other, only talking to make remarks about the plants or simple questions.

-He finds the calm and peacefulness of the gardening relaxing, spending it with you eases his inhibitions he had about you, and seeing him care so tenderly to plants reminds you that he has the capacity to care and be tender, it simply needs to be nurtured, like a plant.

-I like to stick with the headcannon that he calls Bruce’s s/o “ummi”. But he only saves it for certain occasions.

-”I didn’t ask if you are able to. I said you’re not, Damian. No means no.”

-”But… Ummi…” He mumbles, mimicking a hurt puppy in his voice.

-It’s out of character even for the adolescent, but, maybe that’s what makes you give in to it so often. Though you definitely make him give you an affectionate hug after he calls you that, reiterating just how much you appreciate/like him calling you that, just making sure he knows how much it means to you.

-Should any villain bring your name up - your real name or code name - he swings without question, it’s caught Bruce’s attention quite a few times, especially because then they can’t figure out what the rogue was going to say about you.

-He gets slightly jealous when one of the other kids demands your attention(like Dick wants you to come stay with him in Bludhaven because he’s sick.)

-His jealousy towards you comes out in attitude, mixed with thinking of reasons why you can’t go/do something with the other child.

-He even gets that way towards Bruce. If Bruce heads towards you for a hug Damian will slyly get in between you beforehand and start talking. After a while you start catching on though and gladly swoop in to give Damian a bear hug(bonus points if you motion for Bruce to join the hug.)

-He’s just really possessive. Even more so when he’s sick.

-When he’s sick, it’s a whole different story. You’re constantly called “ummi” and he’ll blatantly ask you to hold him or watch a movie with him.

-”Ummi. Put in that brainless movie about the lost fish. Or the girl with the ridiculous hair.”

-”No! Ummi… watch it with me.”

-He turns into the biggest bundle of cuteness when he’s sick and you don’t let a moment pass up where you can baby your baby.

-Though that usually means you’re next on the sick hit list.

-On rare occasions he’ll come up with a poor excuse just to get to accompany you on your errands.

-”I’d like to see how poor that bank’s security really is. Hatter’s broken into it three times already. I’ll come with you.”

-Though really it’s because he just likes to do things with you, you’re not overly pushy as his other relatives, or as annoying as Drake. That and then he can jump into action quicker should anything life threatening happen.

-Soon after he came back to life, he said he loved you. Flat out, plain as ever, with just a hint of brokenness in his voice. After everything that had happened, hearing that come from Damian you started crying, and so did he.

-From that point on, he made sure he told you it often. Even if it was in confidence it meant the world to you.