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The Best Night

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Words: 2,589

A/N: Part five to the Raindrops series! This one doesn’t really have a plot as much as the next part will – it’s sort of a buildup. And once again, without Fem, I would never have been able to write this! She deals with my lack of grammar skills and procrastination like a pro. Oh, and don’t forget to let me know if you’d like a part six!



Even breaths sent chills down your neck. Dean’s nose was pressed against your ear, his lips grazed your jaw.

Your body felt heavy, as if you woke up with a foot of snow holding your back flush against Dean’s chest. Some part of you had been craving comfort like this for ages, another told you to stand up and avoid an awkward confrontation.

A door slammed somewhere in the distance. You remained still in Dean’s embrace just as he woke up.

He sighed heavily and opened his eyes. You shut your own, quickly. His hand slid down your arm and you felt him move underneath you. Carefully, he placed your head onto a pillow and lifted the blanket up and over your shoulders.

It was then you decided to pretend to wake up.

“Mm.” You hummed, slowly beginning to stretch.

“Hey.” You whispered, eyes staring up at Dean’s back.

He turned around with one hand in his hair, “Hey.”

His voice was thick with sleep.

“I didn’t mean to wake you up.” He said, clearing his throat.

“You didn’t. I think I heard something.” You sat up, clutching the blanket around your waist.

“It’s probably Sammy.” Dean began walking out from the room. “I’ll go check on him.”

You stood up and wrapped the blanket around yourself until it resembled the robes of an ancient sorcerer. Without Dean to guide you, you wandered around the halls in search of your room.

“I’m not that bad at directions.” You whispered to yourself. You turned another corner, only to find metal numbers that read 72.

“Almost.” You whispered and kept walking.

“Y/N?” Dean’s voice made you jump.

You spun around. “Yeah?”

“What are you doing?” He asked before looking you up and down. “And why do you look like a burrito?”

“I’m trying to find my room.” You continued walking, “And a burrito? Really?”

You heard him laugh softly to himself. “What’s wrong with a burrito?”

“I thought I look a lot cooler. Like a sorcerer or something.”

He shook his head with a smile.

“You’re going the wrong way. Come on.” He motioned for you to follow him.

You pulled the blanket tighter around yourself and tried keeping up with his strides. After what seemed like an eternity, you reached your room.

“Thanks.” You opened the door and stepped inside.

_ _ _ _ _

“Where’s Y/N?” Sam asked the back of his brothers head. Dean was pouring oil into a pan.

“In her room.” Dean grabbed a ladle and began pouring pancake batter to form small circles.

Sam turned a page in the newspaper, “Are those chocolate chips?”


“In the batter.”

“Yeah. So?” Dean raised a brow at his little brother.


Dean flipped a pancake onto a plate.

“Did you end up calling Garth?”

“No, actually. It was a pretty clean case.” Sam took a sip of his orange juice. “Did you end up asking Y/N out?”

Dean’s spatula froze mid air.

“What did you just say?”

“I gave you the perfect chance!” Sam exclaimed, a smile fighting its way onto his face.

“Chance?” Dean looked at his brother, careful not to be too loud.

“Whatever.” Sam rolled his eyes.

“Just eat your damn pancakes.” Dean said gruffly as he slid his brother a plateful.

“Did I hear someone say pancakes?” You practically skipped down the steps. You took the seat next to Sam.

“Hey.” He greeted, then dragged the bottle of orange juice across the countertop. “Want some?”

“Yeah, thanks.” You watched him pour it, “Are those chocolate chip?” You eyed his plate curiously.

“Yeah, Dean made them just for y-”

“Here!” Dean exclaimed, throwing a hard glare in his brother’s direction.

Pancakes were stacked high with practically a mountain of whipped cream on top. While you busied yourself with the cream and berries, Dean walked around the kitchen and kicked his brother’s stool. Sam gripped the edge of the counter.

“Real mature, Dean.” Sam said.

“What?” You looked up, mouth full of food. Both Sam and Dean rolled their eyes, seemingly at each other.

“You guys have got to stop doing that.” You stabbed a chocolate chip with your fork.

“Doing what?” They said in unison.

You stood up to grab a napkin, “That.”

While wiping the corners of your mouth you continued, “You guys always talk to each other without even talking!” You exclaimed.

Dean looked at Sam.

“See!” You pointed out.

Both men furrowed their brows at you.

You shook your head and continued eating.

“Anyways,” Sam spun back around on his stool, “I think I found a case.”

Mid-chew, you turned to him while squinting your eyes. “We just finished one.”

“She’s right, Sammy.” Dean pressed a palm against the counter, leaning his weight onto one arm. “And you just took one yesterday.”

You nodded and scooped up some whipped cream.

“I think it’s a shifter, Dean.” Sam pressed.

“Hey, look-” You shoved a forkful of whipped cream into your mouth, “I can call a hunter friend of mine. He’ll gladly take the case.”

“Who is he?” Dean asked.

“A friend of mine, don’t worry. I trust the guy.” You wiped the corner of your mouth.

“We’ll handle it.” Dean said.

“Huh?” Sam turned to his brother. “Y/N just offered us a break.”

“Come on, Sammy. She doesn’t need to call in any favors with her friend. We’ll handle it.” Dean assured Sam.

Sam shrugged and looked at you.

“I’m in.” You said.

Dean walked around the side of the table and shoved a finger in your pile of whipped cream before licking it clean and walking up the stairs.

“Now it’s ruined.” You sighed.

Sam just laughed and folded the newspaper back up neatly.

_ _ _ _ _

“Haven’t seen a shifter in years.” Dean said from the driver’s seat. “Remember the one with the baby?”

“Baby?” You asked.

Sam nodded, “We took care of a shifter baby.”

You nearly laughed. “A shifter baby?”

“It changed every five seconds!” Dean said.

You poked around a bag of gummy bears, smiling. Outside the car the sun was just beginning to set. Streaks of orange and yellow painted the sky. You shoved your hand into your pocket and pulled out your phone. After unlocking it, you squeezed the bag of gummy bears between your thighs and held the phone horizontally, aiming its camera towards the front window. The shutter sounded.

“Get my good side.” Dean joked.

“I didn’t know you had one.” You watched Dean roll his eyes through the rear-view mirror.

Sam smirked before saying, “Anyways, we should be there in a couple minutes.” He pointed left and Dean took the turn.

You gathered your hair up into a ponytail, allowing some strands to fall loose.

“Where are we supposed to find the shifter?” You asked, popping a yellow bear into your mouth.

“According to one of the witnesses,” Sam passed back a newspaper clipping with a photo of a middle aged woman. She was frowning. “Her husband took the car to the forest and never came back.”

“So, maybe the dude’s on a vacation.” Dean said.

“That’s what I thought also, but then she said that her husband’s car was still gone when she saw him in their bedroom.” Sam said.

“Wait, but then how did she survive? Wouldn’t the shifter kill her?” You asked. Dean agreed by turning to Sam and raising his brows.

“Apparently, she realized he was acting strange and when he tried to grab her, she hit him with a lamp and ran out the back door.” Sam said. “When police found her, she was hysterical. She told them a man with silver eyes was chasing her.”

Dean’s mouth formed an ‘O’.

“Definitely our kind of thing.” He added, steering the car into a motel parking lot.

You lifted up your duffel from the floor of the backseat. A candy wrapper clung to it.

“Sweet tooth?” You asked Dean, holding the wrapper in one hand. He took it from you and crumpled it up, tossing it into the rusted trashcan outside the entrance.

Sam already went inside and you watched him go back and forth with the manager.

“Sir, there are three of us. Do you see how that’s an issue?” Sam stared at the man. Dean walked up behind his brother. He eyed the manager curiously.

“I understand that, but we only have one room available!” He exclaimed.

“Okay, look-” Dean began. You placed a hand on his arm.

“Louis?” You looked at the manager’s name tag. He nodded and gave you a smile. “Louis, we need two rooms.”

“Ma’am, as I just said-”

“I see three keys on the board behind you.” You pointed and he turned to look.

“Those two,” he motioned to the top rack of keys, “are reserved for our regulars.”

“If one of your regulars shows up, I’ll clear the room. Promise.” You said. The brothers looked at you.

Reluctantly, Louis unhooked a key and pressed it into your palm. Dean slid a wad of cash towards the man who immediately counted it.

“All you gotta do is be nice.” You said, walking in between Sam and Dean.

“I was being nice.” Sam said while eyeing the numbers on the doors.

“Whatever you say.” You found room 24 and shoved the key into the lock.

“Twenty minutes?” Dean said while stepping into his room.

“Sounds good.” You answered.

When the lock finally gave in, you took a look around the room. “Not bad.” You whispered. For the first time in nearly a year, there were no stains on the carpet. The kitchen was clean, and there was a television across from the bed which you dropped your duffel bag onto.

You entered the bathroom and stared at yourself in the mirror. The bruises on your wrists were nearly completely gone. While on the toilet, you looked over your ankle. You hadn’t peeled off the bandages that Dean wrapped last night.

_ _ _ _ _

“You still got some of that sandwich?” Dean poked around Sam’s bag.

“Dude.” Sam smacked his brother’s hand away, “I already ate half of it.”

“So?” Dean scrunched up his face. Sam rolled his eyes and pulled out a paper bag, shoving it at Dean’s chest.

Dean sat down at the small table. The chair legs were uneven, and he rocked from side to side as he ate.

“Sammy.” Dean looked up towards his brother.

“Yeah?” Sam said without turning around. He continued to search for something on his phone.

“Do you think,” He placed the sandwich down, “that Y/N would stay in the bunker?”

“What do you mean?”

“If I asked. Would she?”

Sam put down the phone and crossed his arms, a wide smile plastered on his face.

“I knew you liked her!”

“Do not.” Dean stated as-a-matter-of-factly.

“Do too.” The brothers bickered as if they were teenagers again. “I saw her all wrapped up in your blanket this morning.”

“I didn’t screw her, Sam.” Dean walked over to the trash can, tossing his napkin into it. “We just…slept together.”

The younger Winchester sat on the bed, “So, nothing happened at all?”

“No. I just held her.” Dean said.

Sam stared at him.

“And it was the best night I’ve had in a long time.”

Sam nodded, and without another word he walked into the bathroom.

_ _ _ _ _

The drive down to the forest was shorter than you had expected. Within less than thirty minutes, you stood in front of the tallest trees you had ever seen. Darkness settled between each branch. You weren’t able to see more than a couple yards ahead of yourself. You felt something cool touch the back of your hand.

“You’re going to need this.” Dean handed you a silver blade.

“I got bullets.”

“This is backup.” He said and began to trudge into the forest.

With each footstep, leaves crunched beneath your boots. Sam turned his flashlight on and shone it in front of you. He motioned to continue going straight.

Somewhere to your left, a branch snapped.

“Did you hear that?” You whispered to Dean.

He placed an arm in front of your chest and you stopped. Sam aimed his flashlight in that direction.

“I’ll go check it out.” He said and Dean nodded.

“What if he left?” You asked a couple minutes later.


“The shifter, dummy.”

“He didn’t. They always come back to where they live.” Dean said and stopped walking. “Did you hear that?” He asked.

“Nope.” You popped the ‘p’.

“Listen.” He whispered so low you hardly heard. Then again, you heard the same movement you had earlier. Instinctively you gripped his arm.

“Stay here.” He said and you slowly released your grip. “Don’t move.” Dean’s eyes locked with yours. You cocked your gun.

Dean hadn’t walked ten steps ahead before a shadow pounced on him.

“Dean!” You shouted and ran over. You heard him grunt as he punched at the shapeshifter.

You had never seen one so powerful. Each punch sent Dean sliding into the grass.

You pulled the trigger two times, only aiming at its legs.

“Dean, move!” You shouted, but Dean continued throwing punches. When you shot for the third time, the bullet hit bone.

The shifter ran in the other direction, limping.

“Nice moves, Rocky.” You looked at Dean whose chest was heaving. He smiled, his teeth visible in the dark.

“We should find Sam.” Dean said and you agreed. “The shifter might already look like me.”

“Two Deans?” You smiled, “Too much sass.”

“I’m not sassy.”

You continued walking alongside him. The forest seemed to get larger and larger, encapsulating you.

“Did we leave a trail?” You asked suddenly.

“We’ll figure it out.” He said.

“Good plan.” You said sarcastically.

“Oh, I’m the one with sass?” Dean joked.

You stopped short.

“What?” Dean turned around.

“Sh.” You heard a rustling behind you. Dean immediately raised his gun.

“There!” You saw movement. The shifter stepped out from behind a tree.

“Oh my god.” You said once you saw it.

“It’s not the first time.” Dean said, looking at himself.

You stepped closer to shifter Dean. It ran up to you in a blur and grabbed your neck.

You raised your knee and hit it in the stomach. It loosened its grip.

“Y/N!” Dean shouted. The shifter ran around you and stood by Dean.

You tried to tell them apart by the guns. Dean’s was silver, you knew that; but it was too dark to see.

“Y/N.” One of them said.

“Dean.” You whispered, eyes flicking between the two.

“It’s me.” The one on the left said.

“Prove it.” You nearly begged.

“You like chocolate chip waffles!”

You exhaled relief.

“Your socks have cats on them.” The other one said and immediately you froze.

“Y/N, test me.” The one on the right said. “Come here and test me.”

You walked over and pulled the blade out from your jacket. Immediately, the other Dean grabbed your arm and spun you around, holding a gun against your temple.

“Move and I’ll shoot her.” Dean’s voice said. Hot tears built up in your eyes.

“Let her go.” Dean was lowering his weapon.

“Can’t do that.” He said and immediately you were being dragged, inhumanly fast.

“Let her go!” Dean’s voice bounced off the trees and towards you. Dean’s knees turned to jello. He pressed his palm against a tree trunk to keep himself up.

“Fuck.” He whispered before shouting. “Fuck!”

(want a part 6?)

i scroll past a post on tumblr. scoff at it and continue scrolling.

twenty minutes later, i open my bedroom door to get some water downstairs.

there are now two bears.

i screech and close it quickly. the bears roar outside my door, but they soon quiet down. feeling better, i decide to try the door again.

the bears are still there, and two more have appeared.

there are now four bears.

i slam the door shut. then, in a split second, i make the decision to open the door again and vault over the six bears into my brother’s room. i hope to climb out the window. however, the window is higher up than i had imagined.

the bears have begun to growl and shred the hallway carpet. i fling open the door and run down the hallway, dodging bears. i slam my body into the front door and shut it behind me before any bears can get close to escaping.

there are now ten bears in the house.

i run up to my car, parked outside. lean against for a little while to calm down before i yank open the driver’s seat door.

there are two bears in the car.

there are twelve bears total.

i jump. one of the bears inside the car swipes my keys. i yank at the door, trying to slow them, but the car is already moving in reverse and i simply pull the door open.

there are now four bears in the car.

there are fourteen bears total.

i run after the car. however, the bears have not attended driving school. they are driving at thirty miles per hour. my car tires screech against the pavement. however, my neighbors do not awaken.

i choose not to risk opening a door in one of my neighbor’s houses and instead run to the nearest grocery store.

avoiding the door handle, i instead attempt to kick in the glass in the door to the store, but the glass is unbreakable. finally, i make a hole, but it is not big enough to crawl through and i must wedge the door open with my foot. too late, i realize what i’ve done.

there are now two bears in the store.

there are four bears in the car.

there are sixteen bears total.

sweat is pouring off my forehead. i search the store for a usable weapon. the closest possibility is a glass display with a few cakes.

i yank open the door to the display. i throw a cake at a bear.

there are now four bears in the store.

there are four bears in the car.

there are eighteen bears total.

i have run out of options. i attempt to lob some fruit at the bears with little success. finally, i run to the back of the store and do my best to hide behind an aisle divider. the bears have begun to converge on me.

a stranger arrives. from whence i do not know. she hoists a tranquilizer gun over her shoulder and her short hair is soaked in sweat. “i took out the bears in your house,” she says. “caught the car, too. shot them down.” she takes a moment to breathe. “four left.”

she turns around and aims at the bears advancing towards us. a dart flies out and hits each one, squarely. one, two, three, four. they collapse to the ground and are still.

there are eighteen bears. 

however, all of them have been tranquilized and are no longer dangerous.

there are, in practicality, zero bears.

she looks at me, and smiles a very small smile.

adrenaline continues to course through my veins. i say nothing, but walk a bit closer to her. lean in a bit. lean in farther.

she returns the kiss.

in the excitement of the night. i have lost all hesitation. i allow her to open the door to my heart.

there are now two bears.