bear nightlight

Jobs [a Barry Allen AU]

a/n: stripping is earth 4 barry’s joooooob, slay me….I cleared my ask again, feel free to hate me as much as I hate myself. (might make an aesthetic for stripper!Barry) BUT I GIVE YOU EVIL DADDY STRIPPER BARRY. HAVE FUN NUTTING

To say Barry is tired after his shift is a serious understatement. With his royal blue duffel bag slung over his black hoodie, he pushes the door open with his shoulder, yawning. He hates working birthday parties. They pay really good, but…sometimes the people are crazy.

Sneaking into the house, he kicks off his shoes, tossing his bag down. Ellie should be asleep by now. There’s no need trying to hide it. He’s too tired to care. Unzipping his hoodie, Barry heads towards the kitchen, dropping the article of clothing on an abandoned chair. The muscles in his back ripple against his tight black tank top as he leans into the fridge. Ah, you bought some food; he doesn’t have to steal tonight. The villain can finally eat!

“Daddy?” Ellie’s quiet voice echoes through the safe house, hinted with sleep. “Why you home so late?” she asks, opening and closing her mouth, blue eyes slightly hooded. “Mommy sleepin’. She waited-ted for you.” she yawns, bright orange tiger onesie scrunching when she rubs her eyes.

Frowning, Barry inhales sharply, shutting his door to the fridge. It’s nearly two in the morning, the three year old should not be up. “Babycakes, daddy had an…event he had to dance for.” he mumbles, turning around and squatting. He should have put on sweats. These black booty shorts don’t really…hide that much. “Why are you still up, missy?” he cocks an eyebrow, brown hair flat against his forehead.

This is when Barry wishes he was here more often. “I was waitin’ for you to get home.” Ellie mutters, wrapping her arms around his neck. Welp, Barry’s heart just kinda broke more. “Why you gotta dance for other people?” she questions, hiding her face in the pale crook of shoulder.

And, okay, the speedster is positive that he heard his own heart shatter. “Well, sweets, daddy… That’s daddy’s job.” Barry bites his lip, picking her up. The booty shorts chafe against his thighs while he walks to her little room, quickly checking on you. Still asleep. “If I didn’t, your mother and I wouldn’t be able to take you all the places we do, understand?” His bright green eyes watch her nod. “Now, I need you to get to sleep so I can take you to preschool in the morning… okay?

Preschool is fun, Ellie decides. She lets him tuck her in, folding her arms over the blanket. The black tank top wrinkles at his abs and his strong muscles flex when he bends down to kiss her forehead. “Night, da- can you dance for mommy and me tomorrow?” she whispers.

“Of course, sweetcheeks.” Barry promises, trying his best to hide his smirk. When she says goodnight, he returns it, switching on the panda bear nightlight. Sluggishly, he rubs his bushy eyebrow as his bare feet pad to the bedroom. His heart aches at the sight of you sleeping alone.

With a deep frown, Barry sneaks in, sitting on the bed. It shifts at his weight and you whimper, reaching out for something that’s just not there. Breathing deep, the villain presses his palms to his forehead. “She doesn’t need to know what my job really is.” he reasons with himself quietly. “Being a stripper isn’t something to be ashamed of…” he reminds, crawling into bed with you.