bear mouse

if you’ve never seen one before

deer are smaller than you think

raccoons are bigger than you think

bears are smaller than you think but you were pretty close

otters are bigger than you think no even bigger than that

wolves are bigger than you think

wild cats are smaller than you think but hopefully you’ll never see one

chipmunks are smaller than you think

so are mice but you’ve seen a mouse right

you were right about the size of moose, mostly

pigs are bigger than you think

coyotes are that size

so are foxes

woops bears are bigger than you think but only that one type

this is an informational post about mammals if you know more please do tell

Severely Underrated Disney Movies (IMO)

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In less than 3 days, we’ve already saved over 5,000 ACRES of endangered forest together— and with them, countless endangered wild creatures!

We’ve already put Megh the Mouse, Mitesh the Musk Deer, and Purna the Pangolin on our map. Help us get Bibek the Bear on our rescue map, too!

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@benjitheffffingfurry said: hoi :3 any love for them not-so-main characters like Selmers, Lori, or Bombshell girl? :3
anonymous said: Draw Selmbers writing an epic poem with Lori M.’s help.

i lied when i said an hour, a big fat lie ™. i hope everyones havinng an easy time studying for APs and finals, im wishing you guys the best of luckkk!!

Things one discovers by being in a fandom

With the help of the internet - please feel free to correct me!

In German and Swiss German, many endearment terms are related to animals: Häschen / Häsli (little hare), Bärchen / Bärli (little bear), Maus (mouse) or Mäuschen / Mäusli (little mouse).

In Arabic, body part related words are more common, apparently: ya rohi (my soul), ‘eni (my eyes), qalbi (my heart). However, apparently it’s offensive/very uncommon to use animal comparisons romantically, only for children sometimes.


“Let’s agree on endearment terms from the start, habibti.”

“What’s wrong, Spätzli?”

“Don’t call me a bird!”

“You ARE a bird!”

Dead. Naked. Flailing.

I was trying to build my house in Hearthfire, and the only thing I had left to do was put in the mounted animal heads. Several of them were being a pain in the ass to hunt down, so eventually I just went to the middle of the Plains of Whiterun and started spawning the creatures I wanted using console commands. They’re a bit glitchy, so I ended up with several dozen dead creatures around me before I’d spawned everything I needed for my house.

So, to the glitch.

I’m walking around this field of destruction after I’d finally slaughtered all these bears and elks and ice wolves and whatnot. And I come across two bodies that are supposed to be bears, and in fact still say ‘Loot Bear’ when I mouse over them, but appear to be the bodies of Whiterun guards.

Naked Whiterun guards. Naked Whiterun guards with huge dongs (I mod a lot). And they are both stuck headfirst into the ground, only showing from the chest down, and their legs are windmilling madly. Dead. Naked. Flailing.

Best day of my Skyrim life.