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I would like for you to tell stupid tourist stories? Your story-telling style is very engaging.

First of all, thank you very much!

Since flattery will get you pretty much anywhere, allow me to tell you The Tale Of Jar-Jar.

The First year my family moved to Colorado, my family decided to take the annual summer camping trip to Yellowstone, now that we were on the right side of the rockies for it.  So we pile into the car with all my mom’s immortal camping gear from the 70′s (srsly, I still have the Colemann stove and cooler.  They work perfect)  and Cody,The Gentleman Shepherd.  

Due to Wyoming looking mostly like the ugly parts of Mad Max, we got onto the wrong highway and arrived after dark.  Cody waited patiently in the backseat rather than set up in the rain.  Gentlemanly.

The next morning, Mom is doing something miraculous with the Colemann and there is a breakfast of pancakes, eggs and bacon.  The sun is shining.  The birds are singing.  All is serene and beautiful. 

Then the people in the next site pull up.   They arrive in a Brand-spanking new Ford Pickup towing a trailer that looks like it was salvaged of a 50′s atomic test field.  The Husband emerges first and…

I don’t like judging people based on appearance but Man, when a dude walks out of a pickup wearing a confederate flag hat, and half of a mullet one tends to make assumptions.  

The eldest child came out next, a boy of about 12, with a rat-tail.
Followed by his brother, a boy of about 10, with a rat-tail
Followed by his brother, a boy of about 8, with a rat-tail.
Followed by his brother, a boy of about 6, with a rat-tail.
Followed by his brother, a boy of about 4, with a rat-tail.

The wife finally emerges, looking like death warmed over and carrying a boy of about two, with a rat-tail.  It is unclear if she has poor posture or if she is pregnant again.  The Boys capable of standing all immediately do so at the border of our site, staring covetously at my bacon.

Finally, with a loud plop and wheezing noise, comes thier dog, for a given value of dog.  Pugs are not terribly healthy-looking creatures at the best of times, but this poor thing looked like the canine equivalent of a Hapsburg.  One eye was so bulged as to be permanently wall-eyed, and his jaw jutted out in front of him at a distressingly kapakahi angle. 

“C’mere Jar-Jar!” hollers the Husband.

“Good God.” muttered my father.

The adults proved over the course of the next hour to be loathsome creatures- Husband was constant’y screaming at the boys the “fuckin’ get me the thing, you little-”  then getting mad when asked for clarification on ‘which thing?’.  The Wife was a non-stop stream of complaint- the sun is too hot, the shade is too cold, the tent is too far, the birds are too loud, and everything is awful, I’m going to complain to the ranger.  Eventually they got their camp set up, and Husband cracked his first beer of the day as we finished locking the bear box and leaving to hike.  It was about 10 AM.

We return some hours later to a very animated discussion between Wife and the Camp Supervisor about “I have rights you know!” vs. “Ma’am, we are under an extreme fire danger warning, and Fireworks have been banned in the park for ages.”  Jar-Jar, eager to avoid any outbursts, has scuttled under our bear box, wheezing in agitation.  Cody, ever gallant, positions himself between Jar-Jar and his mistress, doing his best impression of a Real Shepherd Who Isn’t Scared of Mice and Snowflakes.  Husband is unseen, but there are several beer cans in the fire grate.

That evening’s campfire, normally a time to listen to nocturnal wildlife and the Quiet noises of wild places, is instead a time to listen to drunken racist jokes, a sobbing toddler and Husband screeching “SAY AI WANNIT” whilst dangling scraps in front of jar-jar, until the dog stood on his legs and danced, garbling “Ai-Wa-War”  in a voice that sounded less like a bark and more like late-stage emphysema, before collapsing on what looked like sore joints.

Late that night, my parents discuss packing up and looking for a site in Teton down the road over the sounds of half-assed drunken sex.

The boys, in spite of their parents, are well mannered, intelligent and engaging to talk to, and seem content to frolic in the woods around the site, examining rocks and plants and the occasional insect.  Dad has a nice time telling them about the Yellowstone supervolcano whilst their parents have vanished to parts unknown.  Jar-jar remains off-lead and un-collared the entire time, huffing and puffing as he tries to keep up.  Still, five boys is perhaps too much attention for an elderly pug, and the too-hard petting and pulling of ears and tail and suchlike is tolerated with an exasperated whine and vacations under our bear-box. 

The second night, Husband was furious about something, cursing up a storm and throwing things and generally having a tantrum.  The eldest boy said something to him and he bore down on him, hand raised and screaming something about ‘useless pieces of shit.”
-When they were interrupted by my mother stepping into their site, all four feet eleven inches of ill-contained fury, staring him down.

“I was wondering.”  She said, eyes not moving from him. “If I could borrow some matches.”
“Ours got wet.” Dad added, immediately behind her, less as support than restraint.

I remember how ghastly quiet the woods got for a moment there, watching the scene unfold from behind Cody, the only sounds the campfire and crickets.

“Uh, yeah.  Matches.”  The Wife muttered, and it was enough to get Husband to back down.

“You have lovely children.”  Dad continued.  “Very smart, very polite.”
“You must be so blessed.” My mother adds, only slightly spitting the word.

My parents take the matches and talk a bit longer but I couldn’t hear.  Husband gave up, flopping down in his chair, but not before giving Jar-Jar a kick.

The next morning, as my family was packing up to head down to Teton instead, The Eldest boy approached us, concerned.

“Sir?”  he asked dad.  “Have you seen jar-jar?”

We hadn’t actually, his gravely groveling notably absent that morning at breakfast.  My sister and I went on a search with the boys through the camp, but to no avail.  We did find Wife, complaining to the campground host that there were too many wild animals around.  In the National Park.  Saddened and trying to give the boys some hope that perhaps jar-Jar had not been eaten by the coyotes, we left.

On the way out the main gate, we ended up behind a Buick with Florida plates, driven by a couple well into their octogenarian period, at about seven miles per hour.  As they stopped at the checkout gate, clearly asking for directions, a dog climbed up to sit in the back window.  A fat, lop-sided, wall-eyed little Pug, looking entirely too pleased with himself.

And that’s the story of how Jar-jar escaped the Hell family to Florida.

i know this is probably the most predictable post i’ve ever made but here’s why joey’s very relatable and why you guys should stop dragging me for loving him so much

1. very sleepy

goodnight preds

goodnight joey

2. loves dogs

that’s doug. joey bought a giant teddy bear from costco for him and its name is bubbles

and here’s his previous dog lily

3. very affectionate?

(x) boop

(x) now that is what i call a great hug

4. ???

(note the smile too wow)

(both from x)

5. incapable of not smiling

and if you ask me that’s exactly what angels looks like?

6. loves his lineys

laying out the facts

i don’t know about you but personally the jofa line is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me

7. hates kesler

icons only…


8. always speaks too soon

9. overcame bad hairstyle decisions, as in went from this: (x)

to this:

which imho is… inspirational.

this is maybe just 20% of all the reasons i love him so follow for more idk

my oc : Amara the bear 

( my English is not ok )

- age 16

- she work hard in her family restaurant

- get angry so fast but she have a big kind hart 

- not really good at fighting 

- get annoyed when someone leave a mess when they eat * cough * * cough * (Sonic) “ they have the best chili dog “ she look at sonic as her ideal but she dont want to say it to him because she know he’s going to annoy her for ever about it

- love sweet so mush 

- love reading books about  Adventure , bad at drawing

- cream love to hang out with her 

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companions react to a sole who's.... really not good at taking care of themselves but takes good care of their companion and is kinda self destructive and covers it up with jokes.

Cait: “Hey.” She catches their arm one day and turns them around to look at her. “I know you don’t give a fuck, right, but I do. If you go off and fuck yourself up, who’ve I got to keep me in line, hm? Take things a little more seriously. I… I know I’m not a good example of taking care of yourself, but think of it this way - whatever I’d do, don’t.”

Codsworth: “Mx. Sole, I don’t know why you’d joke about such things.” He almost takes it as a capital offense, especially since its his job to look after them. “Missing meals is not amusing! You’ll lose weight, and in the Commonwealth you must understand that…” It’d be cute, if his genuine worry didn’t make Sole feel so damn guilty.

Curie: “Perhaps you could use a nurse, yes?” She’s tentative. She’s a doctor - she might not be able to diagnose the sickness, but she can see the symptoms. But she doesn’t want to make any rash judgments. Instead, she smiles at Sole’s jokes and gently suggests that perhaps they have something to eat, and relax a little? If Sole takes care of her, it’s only fair that she takes care of them.

Danse: “There’s something I was taught, in the military,” the paladin says sternly. “It’s all well and good to try and help your comrades. But you come first. You can’t be a war medic with a broken leg.” He plants his hands firmly on the table and looks them dead in the eye. “If you have a problem, we will deal with that problem. But I won’t see you sacrificing yourself for my sake.”

Deacon: It almost makes him uncomfortable. It’s too close to who he is. To what he is. Right down to his distrust of intimacy and two-handed finger guns. It’s a coin flip, to be honest. Heads, it’s too much for him to bear, and he leaves, with a wooden excuse neither of them believe. Tails, and Sole becomes the best friend he’s ever had, because they’re the one person who understands him.

Dogmeat: He might be a smart dog, but even he can’t fully understand what Sole’s dealing with - or rather, what they’re not dealing with. But he can always sense unhappiness, and he does his best to comfort Sole when they’re in a bad place, or just need a little friendship.

Hancock: Sole reminds him too much of how he was as a kid. All sass and ass and no thought for what people would do when he was gone. He’s never one to patronize or try to “teach” Sole anything, but he takes them under his wing. Passes on a few tips and tricks for when you fuck up a relationship or forget to bathe for a few weeks. He comes to think of them as part of his family.

Nick Valentine: He’s not the best at all that “human” stuff, either, though he at least has an excuse. He takes on the role of a father figure, trying to keep them on a schedule, or think of themselves as much as they think of their friends. “You think you’re helping me,” he says one day, frustrated. “But every day I see you destroy yourself - in whatever way - it hurts me just as bad.”

MacCready: At first, he doesn’t notice, mistaking their destruction for deprecation. But, over time, he gets worried. “H-Hey, uh. I don’t- I don’t know if you really want to hear this from me, but… When I see you, uh, not giving a shi- crap, about yourself, it looks bad on me, you know? Because I like you, but if you don’t like you… it feels like you’re putting me down for being your friend.”

Piper: Considering how much she looks up to Sole, it pains her to see their lackluster attempt at taking care of themselves. “Don’t you care?” she shouts, half-angry, half-sad. “You’re- You’re you! God, without you- where would I be? Where would everyone be?” She reaches and clasps Sole by the shoulders. “You matter. Now, start… acting like it, damn it.”

Preston: It’s hard to have high hopes about saving the Commonwealth with someone who gets anxiety whenever expectations are levied on them. “Sole, I…” He sighs, presses his lips together, and starts again. “As a soldier, I don’t think you’re ready to have others rely on you. But as your friend, it doesn’t matter where you are - in your head - or not. You can rely on me.”

Strong: There’s not much one can do or say to Strong to upset him. Recklessness in battle translates to fun, in Super Mutant. He doesn’t understand eating habits or relationship trouble. He’s just happy to stick by Sole’s side, blissful in his ignorance.

X6-88: “Sole.” He catches their hand, just as they’re about to do something stupid. “Being a bodyguard is made rather difficult when your charge  insists on finding danger where there is none.” He releases their hand. “You’re not saving yourself by giving into your fear, by becoming the person you think you are. You’re better than that. If you weren’t, I wouldn’t be here.”

GOT7 On Valentine’s Day

A.N. Happy Valentine’s Day to my lovely followers! Hope you were able to eat some yummy candy!!


  • Think this “holiday” is the dumbest thing ever
  • Like just spoil your partner every day of the year???
  • But he low key loves this holiday at the same time.
  • He’ll plan a nice dinner thats over looking at the city 
  • It’s sorta cliche but he like cliche, only once in a while not all the time though


  • Today really all depended on what you wanted to do
  • If you wanted to do something big and fancy, he’ll plan something big and fancy
  • You wanted to do something at home, he’ll plan something like a big Netflix marathon
  • Would still get you a nice flowers
  • Not just those flowers that are sold in the grocery store, he’ll get that big expensive bouquet of your favorite flowers


  • He loves Valentine’s Day because he can 30x’s as extra as he usually is
  • He already spoils you but he gets really competitive when he sees others post stuff about their partners.
  • “Jackson I don’t need another giant teddy bear! You already gave me one.”
  • Would make sure he post about this on social media not to make people jealous or envious but to show he’s the best boyfriend ever


  • You wouldnt know what he was planning for this day
  • like he never brought up plans for Valentine’s Day cause he even talked about it
  • It was literally until 4 in the afternoon that he told you to get ready for a date
  • You were literally like wtf
  • But it was a cute cafe date, too many people at other restaurants so a cafe is a quiet and nice
  • He’s a plain romantic type so it was nothing big or extravagant like Jackson


  • This cutie would plan such a cute date for the two of you
  • Would take you and Coco to a local park and have a nice picnic
  • Youngjae would give you a cute sentimental gift like flowers, and a mixtape that he made for you
  • Later after dropping of the love of his life, coco, he would got to the stores and just walk around.
  • Probably ends up buying you things behind your back or for Coco.
  • Make sure that you had a nice day


  • Wouldn’t even know where to begin for this day
  • Has millions of ideas on what to do but can’t choose the best one
  • So he decided to cook a nice meal for you at his dorm, he payed the members to leave for a couple of hours. 
  • As he was cooking dinner he almost burned the dorm down but didn’t
  • He actually did this only so he can do that SaltBae thing 


  • He honestly wouldn’t know what to do because the two of you do everything together already???
  • Like he asked the other members on what he should do and all they did was annoy him
  • But you mentioned that you wanted to got to the movies so he took you
  • If the other members didn’t have plans they would stalk you
  • Expect a cute ice cream date after the movie and a walk around the city.

“Mice and bunnies are more often heroes in kids’ books… I think that’s because mice and bunnies are small and defenseless and need looking out for. In other words, they’re a lot like children. Rats, I think, are more like teenagers. They’re bold and unafraid. They like to explore. They’re eager to try new things. They’re curious. They’re physically tough. Sometimes they make mistakes and get themselves into trouble, but they’re rarely malicious. They have big, strong hearts.”
-Misunderstood: Why The Humble Rat May Be Your Best Pet Ever, Rachel Toor

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5.0.5 and reader go to the park. It's friendship not romantic.


5.0.5 x Best Friend! Reader

A/N: Sometimes I feel like this blog is flooded with Black Hat (Maybe because it is!) and so I really enjoy doing little things with 5.0.5 because he is just so pure. X)&
Anyways! Hope you like it!


Sunshine! Something you had been sorely lacking living in Black Hat’s world of darkness. 5.0.5 felt the same way apparently, as he frolicked in front of you with a happy gleam in his eyes.

Somehow the two of you managed to sneak away earlier that morning, before Black Hat came down for his coffee. Dr. Flug watched the two of you exit, startling you when his voice carried from the corner.

“And where are you two sneaking off to?” His voice was more confident than normal, as he was comfortable around 5.0.5 and you.

“Sneaking? Who said we were sneaking anywhere?” You replied, attempting to look as innocent as possible.

“Y/n,” Flug sighed, raising an eyebrow at you, “You and I both know that nothing could get you up this early besides waffles… and I don’t see any waffles.”

The scientist sipped his coffee and waited smugly for your response. You sighed and hung your head in defeat.

“Alright, Science Boy, you caught us.” You said, “5.0.5 and I were going to go to the park.”

“Didn’t Black Hat have some errands for you to run today?” Flug asked.

“He did.” You smiled, holding up the keys to the company vehicle, “But first 5.0.5 and I are having some fun! What the boss man doesn’t know won’t hurt me.”

“If Black Hat finds out about this…”

“He won’t find out!” You insisted, “You’re more than welcome to join us, you know.”

“Any other day, y/n, I would, but not this time.” And with that the doctor walked off down the hall, mumbling something about an anti-gravity device that needed reconfiguring. You shrugged his warning off, and proceeded to head out with 5.0.5.

You took a deep breath. This is what your life had been missing, quality time out of that Hat-Shaped-Hell-Hole with your best friend.

“Hey! 5.0.5! Catch!” You smiled, tossing a frisbee towards him. The bear laughed and ran after it, adorable as always. Sure, the two of you received some stares from the early morning dog-walkers, but you were having fun, and that’s what was important.

Eventually, you two tired yourselves out and 5.0.5 stopped to take a nap under one of the park’s many trees. 5.0.5 was probably the most comfortable thing ever, so you laid up against him, soaking in the warmth of the day. You were glad you’d done this, and that you’re friend was here to share the day with you.

——–Skip Back to the Mansion———

Later that day, Flug returned to the kitchen for lunch when Black Hat came storming in.

“Where are they?” He asked impatiently.

Dr. Flug peered around the refrigerator door. “Where are who, sir?”

“I haven’t seen y/n all day!! And that atrocity hasn’t bothered me in hours!” Black Hat fumed.

“Heyyyy!” Came Demencia’s voice from down the hall.

“Not you, imbecile! I was talking about 5.0.5, so help me if they’re not back soon…” the threats continued. Flug didn’t know wether to cover for you or say I told you so, but any moment now Black Hat was going to blow a gasket.

“That’s it! When I find those two they’ll be worse than de-”

“Find who, sir?” You asked, popping up behind Black Hat suddenly. He turned and looked at you with wide eyes. Behind you 5.0.5 was dusting off some pictures down the hall. Silence covered the kitchen for a moment, until you broke it again.

“Sorry about the wait, boss. Traffic was pretty bad!” You chirped, handing him several boxes, which were immediately re-burdened to Flug. Then you ran after Demencia, your favorite TV show’s theme playing in the adjacent room. 5.0.5 soon followed you.

“I didn’t expect them to leave until noon…” Black Hat growled, walking away, “No matter, now maybe you can work with such efficiency, Flug.”


When I’m at college I volunteer every week at the local animal shelter. It helps since I can’t snuggle with Bear every day. Well this week was a bit different. I am fostering this adorable girl while she is being treated for heart worm. Her name is BonBons and is a coon hound x, she is the quietest hound I’ve ever meet. She snuggles with me, watches out the window, and tries to steal licks of my food. She’s a sweet girl who has been through a lot, I’ll do my best to keep her healthy and happy for as long as she is with me. Please adopt don’t shop, there are thousands of dogs like bonbon who need loving homes.


or, Futakuchi’s expectations for when he came down with a cold were just slightly misinformed.

“Oh,” Ennoshita says three minutes after Futakuchi’s stumbled into the kitchen, sniffling into a tissue, wearing his baggiest pyjama top, and bearing what he’s sure must be the worst under-eye circles he’s seen in his life. “Are you sick?”

“Uh-huh,” Futakuchi says. He takes care to make his voice sound a little more hoarse than it actually is (read: not very, yet, but colds only ever get worse before they get better), and adds in a sniff for good measure.

“With what?” Ennoshita says, after Futakuchi’s looked at him for a solid twenty seconds holding his best puppy-dog pout. Aone would be proud of him.

“A cold.” Futakuchi makes the word heavy; as heavy as his head is going to feel later. Ennoshita might as well know what he’s getting in for.

Ennoshita nods, slow and calm, and tips back the rest of his tea. As Futakuchi watches, he gets up, and takes his mug over to the sink. And washes it. Futakuchi bounces on his toes as he dries it and stretches up to put it in the cupboard with the sticky door. He’ll turn around in a few seconds, surely; turn around with a sympathetic smile and kind eyes and chicken soup miraculously procured from the freezer and say—

“Well, take care. I’ve got essays due this week, so I’ll head back to mine and Kazuhito’s this evening. Actually, call him if you need anything from me, I’ll be busy, and he’s used to sick people. I think this place is well stocked for food… we might have some painkillers in the bathroom cupboard. Anyway, text me once you’re not contagious anymore. Love you.”

And barely has he finished speaking than he has his coat on, shoes on, bag slung over his shoulders, and raises a hand to Futakuchi as he steps out the door.

In the silence that follows, Futakuchi’s nose starts running again. For once, words fail him (even to an audience of self and self alone), and he swallows against a scratchy throat. And his heart slips out of his chest and shatters on the floor. Or it would, only, his heart is probably made of something stronger than glass, so it just bounces out of control then sort of rolls to a stop, a bit dented.

He did Ennoshita’s laundry and made him chicken soup that one time he had the flu last year and he even used non-instant noodles in it. Doesn’t that count for anything anymore?

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Heyaaa! Can I have GOM husband headcannons? NSFW and SFW please :)

Hello~ Ah, the babes. Of course you can, it’s what we’re here for. To quench your thirst for scenarios with the boys ;)

~Admin Ru returns



  • Oh boy, don’t even get me started on this red-head. Probably the best husband in the entire world. He’s just too perfect, and be lucky that you have him.
  • As usual, he loves to spoil you tremendously. You’d come back from work everyday to see a little gift in your room, or sometimes after a short break at the office, you return to your desk to see a lovely little gift. It always makes your heart flutter.
  • Akashi is a busy man and he usually travels a lot for work, so expect to get many phone calls from him. He’s a softie and heart and always misses you when you’re not with him.
  • Good morning texts from him are the true reason to your existence. This guy has his way with words. He’ll send you sweet messages throughout the day, and when he has the time, he prefers to call you, because he just wants to hear your voice.
  • Very hardworking, and does the best he can for the both of you, but mostly for you. Expect him to buy you three mansions of your own, and four others in which the two of you live in. That’s right. You switch houses every year.
  • Akashi loves being around your family. Mostly because he absolutely loves it when they tell him embarrassing stories from your childhood. The reaction on your face is priceless.
  • Akashi avoids bringing you back to the house he’s lived in ever since he was a kid. Mainly because his father was there, and his father could be cruel sometimes.
  • He always cooks. I swear, he could work as a chef in a five-star restaurant.


  • Extremely dominant in bed.
  • Loves to tease you. His best kink is probably orgasm denial.
  • He uses many many pet names which always turns you on.
  • Sometimes he’s rough, but most of the time it’s just sensual because he just really wants to feel you.
  • Expect him to mark you all over your neck. He’s not around most of the time to protect you, so those marks show that you belong to people.
  • He loves how his name rolls of your tongue. It’s probably one of the best sounds ever.
  • He loves it when you call him captain. He has that kink for when you address him using big names like emperor, master, etc.
  • After sex, it’s just him stroking your hair and peppering kisses all over your face until you drift off.



  • He absolutely adores you.
  • He’s just really happy to be married to you. He couldn’t imagine anything better.
  • He never fails to compliment you everyday, kiss you everyday, spend time with you everyday.
  • Even with his busy schedule, after marriage, Kise learnt how to be more responsible and manage his time. So he always manages to see you everyday, even if it’s for a second.
  • He always takes you in his modelling trips. He spends a day of shooting and a whole week enjoying the place with you. Since you’re his now, why not bring you along?
  • He hates it when the cameraman compliments you.
  • The two of you occasionally go on picnics together, and then camp the night out.
  • He absolutely loves cuddling with you. This guy would give you bear hugs and kisses and murmur sweet things in your ear, he’s just the best husband ever.
  • Always boasts about how you’re his wife to everyone. 
  • Your house shall be filled with 20 cats, 50 dogs, 10 rabbits, 30 hamsters, and let’s see, um….oh, don’t forget all the other species of cute animals. 


  • Absolutely kinky in bed. He loves bondage.
  • Loves to tease you as well. He takes his time to appreciate every part of your body.
  • Loves it when you get dominant.
  • Loves it when you ride him.
  • Loves foreplay.
  • Goes all yandere sometimes, and seriously, it’s the hottest thing ever.
  • He has loads of sex toys, I can imagine.
  • He’d moan your name a lot, and he loves calling you his wife while he’s at it.
  • He really enjoys you running your fingers along his body. He just finds your nail scratching his skin really pleasurable.
  • He loves trying different things, and he surprises you every single time.  



  • Even though he’s really tsundere, this guy loves you a lot. Never forget that.
  • He loves spending time with you. Whether it’s at home, at a cafe, anywhere. He just loves having you as company.
  • He doesn’t really show it but you know it very well.
  • When he kisses you, he really kisses you. He pours all his love into his kisses, and then just goes back into his shell while you tease him.
  • He loves it when you cook for him. When you offer him seconds, massage his back, get his stuff ready for work, put on his coat for him, and most importantly when you give him a goodbye kiss.
  • Midorima works hard to support the two of you, and he also secretly planned and saved money for his future children. But you don’t know about it.
  • He’s still a true believer in Oha Asa, but not as much as he used to because he realised that all he needed was you.
  • I can imagine you stealing his stethoscope, and him having to chase after you.
  • He’d make you listen to his heartbeat, and tell you how it was beating that fast only because of you.


  • Very sensual guy.
  • If he’s in the mood, he’s in the mood.
  • He loves it when you’re dominant too.
  • He always admires how beautiful you are. Every curve, every indent. He’ll make sure to kiss and appreciate all of it.
  • He’d probably be the one to moan the most, grunt and come easily.
  • He couldn’t imagine himself doing this with anyone but you. He’d just grown so attached to you, he’s just starting to open up and try new things.
  • You love it when Midorima plays with your core. He finds it interesting how someone like him made you feel this way, so he takes full advantage of it.
  • He can be rough if he wanted to, but he prefers to do it the ‘proper’ way, as he calls it. 
  • I’m pretty sure he went through his textbooks about reproduction before doing any of this with you.
  • Midorima’s always scared that he’d screw up, because he has no experience. But in all honesty, you felt the same way, and Midorima knew that whatever he may do, whatever flaws he may show, you’d love that.



  • My baby, this guy as a husband just melts my heart.
  • Aomine sometimes just goes into deep thought and he realises that he’s now married to you, and he’s going to start a whole new life with you. A part of that scared him, but he was mostly happy that you’d be by his side.
  • His obsession towards his magazines will not stop. Though, you know very well that this pervert only has eyes for you.
  • This guy always gets jealous easily. So whenever anyone tries to hit on you, he’d wrap an arm around your waist and shove your wedding ring into their face.
  • Most of the time, you’re just pampering him. He’s always lazing around, or if not, playing basketball. But he always spends time with you, even if it’s nap time, he still takes it very seriously.
  • He really, really cares for you. It was hard for Aomine to take this huge step, but he did, and only because he trusted you.
  • He loves kissing you on the neck. Like he’d just pop out of nowhere and give you little pecks making you laugh.
  • As a police officer, this guy doesn’t have a lot of free time on his hands too, but it’s not as bad as Akashi’s. It’s moderate.
  • He always does his best to protect you because he just has that instinct in him.
  • He loves walking up behind you and resting his chin on your head.
  • He loves rotating your wedding ring around your finger.


  • The ultimate sex god.
  • Just gets right to it.
  • Is always the dominant one.
  • Loves marking you, and loves it when you mark him.
  • You guys just make out half the time. 
  • Always gets turned on when you wear his clothes, especially his police uniform. 
  • He loves going by cop, and you as the robber. 
  • Sex with this guy is really quick, but really exhausting.
  • You’d have bruises all over you once you’re done.
  • Expect yourself to be crawling the next day, because your legs are going to need a break.
  • Has the best stamina.
  • He gets really turned on when you call him panther. And in return, he’ll call you pantheress. 
  • After-sex talks with him are the best. He’d just start to compliment you by ranting and you find it adorable.
  • He’s a boob guy, and even if your boobs aren’t that big, he wouldn’t mind. There’s so many other parts of you to enjoy anyway ;)



  • So much love from this guy, really.
  • He loves treating you like a little princess.
  • Always cuddles you.
  • Loads of cute kisses and hugs.
  • He loves it when the two of you are in bed and you start to play with his hair.
  • He always cooks sweet treats when he’s free and you help him.
  • Tries really hard to make you happy.
  • Comforts you in the best ways whenever you’re down.
  • The best listener.
  • Tries to feed you his snacks half of the time.
  • Likes to see you dressing up in the same room as him. He just loves that fact that the two of you are living together and you get to see each other every day. 
  • You’re responsible for his food. If the fridge is empty, he’d start to whine and you’d have to rush and get something for him to munch on.
  • Always the big spoon.
  • Loves lazy days at home with you. 
  • The two of you usually walk around your neighbourhood everyday, and tell each other what you guys need to.
  • He loves giving you piggyback rides.


  • Really passionate.
  • He loves every inch of your skin.
  • Licks your body like it’s ice cream.
  • His moans are really really loud, Jesus.
  • He loves it when you grip his hair.
  • Probably has the food kink. Like he smears whipped cream all over you and licks it off.
  • Always compliments you on how good you are.
  • He wouldn’t mind you being the dominant one.
  • He’s always afraid of hurting you, but you always assure him that it’s fine. He loves that about you.
  • Loves to hold you close after an immense night of pleasure.



  • The sweetest little cupcake that will do his best to take care of you.
  • He always holds your hand.
  • Loves pampering you.
  • He loves watching you play with Nigou.
  • Walks in the park are always frequent. 
  • Kisses on the cheek and nose, mostly.
  • He loves hugging you.
  • Whenever he appears out of nowhere, you get the shock of your life but then he calms you down effectively by hugging you and whispering soothing things into you ear.
  • Is always happy around you.
  • Even though he doesn’t have much, he’d give his all for you.
  • Works really hard to make sure that the two of you have a great life together.
  • He always follows you out, and never argues.
  • The two of you always play basketball together, and you’d always laugh when Kuroko told you his embarrassing moments back in Teiko.
  • The two of you are just so cute together. You’re already my OTP.
  • The two of you would probably wear matching outfits one day. 


  • I must admit, Kuroko is actually pretty good in bed.
  • He likes to take his time to worship you.
  • Tries very hard not to give in so quickly.
  • You love how he tries so hard for you.
  • You’re always kissing him and encouraging him to go on and Kuroko lives for that.
  • He’s not very rough, but he’s very loving.
  • He makes sure that you have a good time.
  • He loves feeling your soft skin under his calloused hands.
  • Loves to hear you moan his name and when you run your nails down his back. 
  • He finds it interesting when you’re in control.
  • He’s not afraid to speak his mind.


And done! Thank you so much for requesting <3 I enjoyed writing this ^-^ I hope you like it!

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Top 5 fav tv show

1. Person of Interest. I feel like the main reason I’m not “in fandom” for this show is because it stood so well on its own for me that I don’t…need to get into the fandom. I just want to enjoy the thing on its own, for what it is. It was so well done. And I love Sameen Shaw A Lot. (Also Bear. Best dog.)

2. Avatar: the Last Airbender. Still stands out as one of the best shows I’ve ever watched. It’s just so well done, and has a whole bunch of really great characters, and character development, and deals with…a lot of fairly heavy stuff, really well.

3. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I still kind of can’t believe this show was so good.

4. Brooklyn 99. People throw around the word “pure” and I kind of hate it, but honestly this show is…really pure. It’s one of those fairly rare comedies that’s not mean spirited at all, bucks a lot of stereotypes with characters who are hilarious but don’t feel like caricatures. And it’s hilarious. I don’t watch a lot of comedies, but this one is gold.

5. Death Note. It may be absurd as hell and full of Problems, but it’s very near and dear to my heart, and good god I love Light Yagami in all his terrible glory. He’s so awful, I love him. 

Lucifer might end up making this list, but I still…really need to catch up, Jesus, Elise.

Teddy Bear

Alexander Hamilton x John Laurens
Words: 344
@otpisms “look- honey, i know you mean well, but i don’t need a 5 ft tall stuffed bear”

i’ve got a lot of requests and i promise i’ll get them done as soon as possible, but i needed to get my creative juices flowing again. the holidays have been a bit rough for me. my father has basically disowned me and i was left feeling terrible on christmas.

but, that’s probably just me. how are all of you? i do hope you’re well! i hope that you all have a safe new years and that you enjoy the rest of your holidays.

i’m sorry for disappearing for a while but i really did need some time to be better. because even now, i’m still a little bit confused and sad.

fun fact: i actually do have a 5 ft bear. it’s the most incredible thing i’ve ever purchased. his name is Anthony (oops).

and with that, i will leave you with this lams fic! requests are open and masterlist will be below xx


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“Laurens, I’ve got a surprise for you!” Alexander exclaimed, pushing the door open with his foot and lugging the gigantic bear into the house.

“Alex, if it’s another sex toy I swear to- what is that?” John asked as he emerged from the office, looking the bear up and down.

“It’s a bear! It reminded me of you,” Alex stated, placing it on the couch. John let out a long sigh, putting his head in his hands then looking up at his boyfriend.

“Look- honey, I know you mean well, but I don’t need a five foot tall stuffed bear,” John stated, staring at the bear that was now taking up the majority of their couch.

“But it’s going to be so helpful when I go away! Look, it’s even the same size as me! You can put it in my spot and when you’re feeling lonely, you can give it a massive hug! Maybe even make out with it… probably not make out with it but you see where I’m going with this right?” Alex stated, sitting down next to the bear and smiling.

“Wait… didn’t you say it reminded you of me? Why would I want to cuddle myself? We need an Alexander bear,” John stated, grabbing his coat from their bedroom and heading towards the door.

“Wait… are you pulling my leg? We’re getting another one?” Alexander asked excitedly, standing quickly from the couch and going to John. He hugged him tightly. “You’re the best boyfriend ever!”

“Alex, we’re not getting another one. We’re taking that one back and getting something that’s more like you. You leave more often than me,” John stated. Alexander pouted.

“But you always visit family in South Carolina, and you have no idea how lonely I get when you’re gone. We have to keep it. Pleaaaaaaase?” He whined, giving John his signature puppy dog eyes.

John looked between Alexander and the bear, biting his lip. “Ugh, fine. But it’s not coming in the bedroom. We’ll find a spot for it in the living room. Deal?”


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Oh my god, what breed is your dog??? He's the cutest, most adorable bear wolf baby I have ever seen and I wand one for my own! Those paws made me melt❤️❤️❤️❤️

oh boy i mean it’s not 100% certain bc he’s adopted and was a stray but we think he’s a chow/shepherd mix of some sort!! he’s theeeeee best even tho he’s shedding  ev e r y w h er e  right now lmao, not his fault tho it’s getting to be hot in LA!!

The 5 Craziest Things That Happened When I worked at BAB

Build a Bear was and will forever be the best job I’ve ever had. However, it was also the most memorable… I’ve had a lot of different types of jobs (for example, I worked at a liquor store) but Build-A-Bear takes the cake for weirdest experiences:

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Name: Lexi

Birth Month: December

Height: 5′6

Ethnicity: half-black, half-white

Orientation: GAYYYYYYYYY

Favourite Vegetable: baby carrots

Favourite Book: fuck idk do you know how long it’s been since i’ve read a book??? for fUn???? YEARS. but one series that comes to mind is Sweep. I devoured those in high school.

Favourite Season: Fall

Favourite Scent: coffee, snuggle fabric softner… which feels creepy to say??

Favourite Animals: ooooh dogs, horses, dolphins, polar bears

Favourite Beverage: raspberry framboise. it’s a lambic (beer). weakest fucking abv on the planet but it tastes like sparkling juice and i will chug a bottle in ten minutes and be set for the night. literally the best thing i’ve ever tasted.

Average Hours of Sleep: 7 i think

Favourite Fictional Character: Cas… but also Sun from Sense8

Number of Blankets You Sleep With: one

Dream Trip: Ireland. My grandpa is super Irish and it’s always been a dream of his to visit and explore the areas his family can be traced back to and he kind of passed that curiosity on to me.

Blog Created: a year ago??

Number of Followers: 1,259

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If DAI Companions Had Mabari

Blackwall: Loves the dog. He takes it everywhere with him and he claims it’s for protection but in reality he just really his dog. When he leaves for his companion quest he tries to leave but the dog keeps on following him and howling because the Mabari can tell that he’s upset. The only way he can get the dog to stay is if he tells it to ‘stay’ and promise he’ll be back even though Blackwall expects execution. When he returns to the Inquisition the Mabari has the most goofy grin on its face. Blackwall names the dog ‘Barkspawn’.

Cassandra: At first Cassandra has no idea how to take care of her Mabari. They were in the Hinterlands and the Mabari just walked up and imprinted itself on her and left Cassandra bewildered. Slowly, Cassandra gains a love over her dog and takes it on missions and trains with her Mabari. Her Mabari is brown and much, much larger than most Mabari which terrifies the living hell out of everyone.

Iron Bull: Almost every Ferelden that comes across Iron Bull is amazed that a Mabari imprinted on a Qunari. Iron Bull doesn’t really care how Mabari customs work in Ferelden, he just likes a furry killing machine on hand. He inducts the dog as a member of the chargers and jokes with Krem that the Mabari is his replacement. Maryden the Bard sings a song about the ‘Mabari and the Qunari’.

Cole: Cole is really overjoyed about his Mabari… But he doesn’t feel like he can take care of it properly. Still, whenever Cole goes to help people he takes the Mabari with him because people love petting Mabari and it makes them happy. He names it ‘Rabbit’ and everyones like, “Cole that’s not how animals work.” Cole slowly becomes more human with his Mabari and grows with his dog.

Sera: She originally got her Mabari because she needed one for a prank, but the dog ending up imprinting on her instead. Sera and her Marbari, which she calls ‘Bee’ partners in crime. She inducts the dog as an honorary member of the Red Jennies and Bee comes along with her on all of her operations. Her Mabari causes trouble all over Skyhold and the only one it will listen to is Sera.

Varric: Oddly, Varric has the largest Mabari anyone has ever seen. People joke that his Mabari is actually part bear because it’s just a strong as one. And it’s even larger than Varric. He keeps it as his personal bodyguard for whenever the Dwarves Merchant Guild needs to send him a message or come knocking at his door. If Hawke gets left in the Fade Varric takes care of their Mabari and his dog and theirs become best friends.

Dorian: He’s shocked to get his Mabari at first. When he comes back to Skyhold with the dog everyone who hated him because he was from Tevinter immediately takes back any insult they’ve ever said or thought. Because if the Fereldan Mabari accepts someone from Tevinter than they do to. He doesn’t take it out on missions because he’s secretly scared of the dog getting hurt and gives his dog a ton of treats.

Solas: Solas has the strangest relationship with his Mabari. When the Mabari first imprints on Solas he just thinks ‘no’. Because no he can’t take of it, he has to be alone, he has to save his people and he can’t do any of that while taking care of Mabari. He endlessly complains about the dog to anyone he can find. But if anyone offers to take care of the dog instead he becomes really defensive and ends up keeping the Mabari. If the Inquisitor romances Solas than he leaves the Mabari to them after he leaves.

Vivienne: Vivienne can’t stand the damned thing. No matter how hard the dog tries to cuddle up to Vivienne or try to befriend her, the result is always the same. Vivienne can’t even begin to understand why people like the dogs and she doesn’t want a dirty mutt. It’s only until Duke Bastien is dead and Vivienne is alone in her room when she lets to the dog in her room and opens up to the dog.

Appreciation post for Joey Fatone:

- was always the butt of jokes and always owned the teasing with humor, self awareness and ownership, and this was especially the case with “the fat one”. I mean he changed the most within the band. First the hottie/muscle guy when they were touring/getting their bearings in Germany and around Europe to being the hairier, beefier grown ass man toward the end of nsync’s reign. He embraced his nickname without ever making it a fat shaming thing and, even now, he owns a hot dog/italian ice joint with his famous namesake. He also had fun stints on the Food Network all centered around his love for grub.

- “dance face” Joey was another point of mocking. He was one of the best dancers in the group and he hustled his ass off on stage, but most of all he enjoyed himself. He was a huge ham in concerts, and he wasn’t trying to look cool, perfect like the others. He wore his heart on his sleeve, and he took that open, expressive and sometimes hilarious face all the way to Broadway’s Rent and Little Shop of Horrors and the reality show Dancing with the Stars.

- Joey is smart damn it! People remember the funny nicknames, but they forget he called himself “the wise one.” He not only turns jokes and potential negatives into positives, but he makes them profitable. Outside of the examples above, his huge personality and networking paid off early on when he befriended Chris during his job at Universal Studios and was Chris’s first nod/endorsement for what would be NSYNC. (Fun fact: Chris was almost a member of BSB but didn’t make the cut. Pitched a new/rival group instead)

- Joey was instant family. The big brother. And never did he take that role more seriously than with Lance. The men could not be more different, but outgoing city slicker Joey befriended reserved southern geek Lance after a feeling out period. He helped to bring Lance more into the fold, creating their own inside jokes and ship fodder as being the domestic old married couple. They bussed together and they did a movie together, and all the while, Joey kept Lance’s sexuality a secret and was one of the first to publically open his arms with love and respect when Lance came out. To this day, Lance is one of his best friends and the godfather to his two daughters.

- Joey is the foil and perfect bridge to BSB all these years later. He loves the fans, he respects BSB’s talent and their history, and he can give as good as he gets in terms of banter and their old skool rivalry. Because his ego seems to be based around harmony, good feels and adoration, it’s just complete fun and nostalgia when they work together or make appearances together.

So yes. Joey isn’t the member I thought was the *most* talented or interesting or funny or inspiring or even the hottest, even though he touched on all those things, but he’s the one I liked the most and have come to respect the most as well. He is confident, honest, easygoing and well-adjusted in interviews, and he puts everything into perspective. We know there must have been a of lot baggage in the group due to the circumstances around their breakup and the book Lance wrote and Justin’s own words. We know that Joey and his talent and intelligence were often taken for granted. But his beaming grin, his humor, his self deprication and self preservation is authentic. He’s comfortable in his skin, and he made a career out of making everyone else comfortable too, and I just heart him a lot. ❤

Legend of Korra Book 1 “Air”Sentence Starters 

“You don’t need to babysit me.”

“Unhand me, strange woman!”

“She rode a dragon into battle and burned down the entire country. Then she jumped into a volcano. It was so romantic.”

“Wow, what a really swell, scary factory you have here under your giant mansion!” 

“The key is to be like the leaf, flow… With the movement of the gates.”

“Of course I’ll help, old friend.”

“You’re the only ones who are gonna need a hospital. And for your sake, I hope there’s one near by.”

“I’m impressed. No one has ever gotten the better of me like that.”

“This is not what I signed on for!”

“There they go, here we are, all alone in the gym… Just you and me… TWO, alone people. Together. Alone.”

“Pull it together, *insert name here*, didn’t I just say ‘remain calm’?”

“When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change.”

“Hey, what are you doing in my gym?”

“Stay away from my dad’s ex-girlfriend!”

“Your best friend is a polar bear dog. Somehow, that makes perfect sense.”

“Be the leaf!”

“You’re pretty, can I have some of your hair?”

“Owww! Gah! Haven’t you hurt me enough, woman?!”

“So, I understand you’re dirt poor.”

“You wanna go toe-to-toe with me, pretty boy?”

“Dance! Dance like the wind!”

“Hold the phone! Stop the presses!”

“Why do you have three ponytails? And how come you smell like a lady? You’re weird.”

“The morning is evil…”

“Don’t you bring my mother into this!”

“When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change.”

*insert name here* and I are perfect for each other. S/he’s strong. I’m strong. S/he’s fun. I’m fun. S/he’s beautiful. I’m gorgeous!”