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another messy doot doot

in the end lance let keith sleep on him awkwardly because he wants him to rest and he loves him~ <3

(my anatomy sucks i know i’m working on it)

SUPER embarrassing post alert. Take a look at this beauty lol.. 

This is the first picture I ever posted on tumblr. December of 2014. YIKES. It probably took me a couple of hours to draw.

Now here’s my drawing from today. June 2017, it took me about 20-30 mins? I never thought I would see this day. It’s taken so many hours, tutorials, tears, and a some victories. I still have SO MUCH I would like to improve on but I’m hoping to inspire someone today. You’ll get there, just be patient and keep at it. 

The Totem of the Wild.

This is something that I personally draw a lot from, and will be referring back to in future articles. The Totem of the Wild holds strong and diverse symbolism, and can be looked at from many perspectives under different circumstances.

One basis is the Totem’s representation of key Ideals to strive towards in our lives. Spirits of these animals (and others) that we can invoke in the process of bettering ourselves mentally.

Raven - Knowledge and Wisdom
Knowledge - To learn important lessons from the Gods, Nature, our Ancestors and our own Past. Knowledge of the Old Mysteries, the Runes, to be self-sufficient and sustaining, caring for and protecting your family. Learning new skills and keeping an active mind through study. To be able to pass this knowledge on to further generations.

Wisdom - Having the Wisdom to interpret these lessons when presented to you, and to take something from every event in your life. Having a wise judge of character towards those around you. Wisdom transcends all times, an old shaman can be considered as wise as a modern woodsman, there’s a time and a place, and wisdom to be found in all aspects of your life.

Stag - Honor and Pride
Honor - Act with Honor at all times. Give respect where respect is given, and live in a way that others will respect you. Honor must be earned. Honor all things in life, nature, the Gods and those deserving.

Pride - Have Pride in yourself and your achievements, and always strive to achieve acts of pride. Self-pride and vanity are not the same, it is healthy to be proud of your deeds and actions. Have pride in your heritage and your ancestors, and in turn make them and your future generations Proud of you.

Wolf - Courage and Loyalty
Courage - Courage is the ability to face fear, adversity and the unknown and to persist for a higher cause. The act of destroying the lower self and becoming the higher self in one moment, standing strong against all odds. Be courageous in all acts, and fear nothing, stand up tall and proud, and power ever onward.

Loyalty - Being loyal to those you would consider family, by blood or oath. Keeping to your word and oath, and living by it. The loyal man is a man of action, not of words and excuses. Loyalty means mutual trust within your family and working together for a greater cause. The wolf hunts as a pack.

Bear - Strength and Solitude
Strength - BE STRONG! Strong physically, mentally and spiritually. Be brutal and strong and physical, protect your family like the mother bear. Be strong of mind and will, stand firm for who and what you are, and give way for no one. Be strong spiritually, in your beliefs and your practices. Make your life a living ritual. Project your strength to others, be both the immovable object and the unstoppable force. The bear is a beast! Not a rug to be walked over.

Solitude - Solitude is a regression, a hibernation. This is a time for inward sight and self-discovery, a time of spiritual and mental rest and rejuvenation. Understand that solitude is integral in growing. Closed and secluded contemplation will lead to a wider, wiser, knowledge of all around you.

(( Here’s the World’s Worst Mamá™ (not really tho because she at least /tries/)
She’s Spain’s older sister and kind of like the Prussia of Iberia because she’s not a country anymore but she’s just /there/.
She has Spain’s hair color and skin tone but her eyes are a golden color.
Her name is Carla, btw. ))



a new game grumps animated, wow!! i’m pretty happy with this one, i feel like boarding on we bare bears has really improved my shots n stuff haha


THE WORLD WAS VOID OF COLOR,James only being able to see certain shades of Gray, and black, the world seemed to be void of emotion when there was no color. Color was supposed to make everything better. Make the pain of his Mother dying all better. Make him stop hurting. But he wasn’t sure he would find color anytime soon, wasn’t sure he was going to find his soulmate anytime soon.

He held his notebooks filled with his messy handwriting close to his chest, and lightly smiled as he felt the light tingiling of a few new words or pictures, the ones his soulmate liked to decorate his skin with. The words ranging from his grocery list, to him trying to contact James, not that James ever answered.

He shrugged his fuzzy sleeve further down his arm, smiling wider at the familiar neat handwriting that was often left on his skin.

“Alexander’s still a douche. To do: plan his murder,” was written quickly across his forearm, and he let out a light chuckle, trying not to draw enough attention to himself. He reached his locker, turning the combination on the lock and swinging open the door. He shoved his notebooks into the  locker, not bothering to organize them, like always. He grabbed his blue (well at least from what Aaron had told him) inked pen, and shoved it into his pocket, hoping that maybe he would work up the courage to respond back to his soulmate, the one that told James his name was Thomas.

He closed the locker, and leaned against it awkwardly, running his tongue over his chapped lips.

“Hello James, how have your classes been so far?” His, well uh, friend? Aaron Burr asked, opening up his locker and gently placing his books in their designated labeled places.

“Oh they’ve been fine, except we had a debate in Mr.Wren’s class,” he said quietly, tugging at the top of his turtle neck, feeling like the fuzzy fabric was suffocating him, as if it was too tight around his neck.

“Sounds interesting,” Aaron paused for a moment, his hand resting on the spine of his History book before he turned his head towards James, “Did you win?” He asked.

“Oh surprisingly yes,” he chuckled, “I’m actually quite proud of myself you see-” he was about to go more into detail, about to start bouncing like a child as he talked. About to.

Aaron held his finger up toward James, swinging his gray locker shut.

“I’m late for a tutoring session, talk less ya?” He said nodding quickly walking off, his sleeves pulled over his hands.

James sighed, watching Aaron’s figure retreat down the hall. They used to be closer. Well until the death of Theodosia Bartow, his girlfriend, and soulmate. He lost the sweet girl to a drunk driver. James remembered Aaron sobbing on his shoulder, asking why it had to be her, telling him it wasn’t fair, and then he remember watching the normal light that was in Aaron’s eyes slowly fade away. He told James that all of the colors, all the greens and blues that made the world bearable, made their fucked up worked bearable, were gone.

And James knew that Aaron would never see those colors again, he would never see the rich purple he always talked about, because once you lost your soulmate. That was it. That was your last shot. And you were doomed to eternal loneliness. Because the world was cruel. So, so cruel.


He didn’t know how Aaron had convinced him to come to this stupid football game. Aaron didn’t even like football games, so why did he even want to go in the first place. Aaron sat next to him on the cold bleachers, watching the game against the Serpents, their rival highschool. They were loosing, badly, but everybody around him didn’t seem to mind, some of them cuddled up to other people, cheering loudly, waving their ridiculous flags. Others didn’t look like they wanted to be there, letting out a few claps here and there, but they still sat next to somebody, a light smile on their face as they watched their friends.

James wanted that. He used to have those kinds of friendships, well he used to have that kind of friendship, with Aaron, but they rarely hung out anymore. So he was also a bit happy just to be here with Aaron, to see him smiling for once, their school colors painted on his face, a dopey smile spread across his face.

He shook James’ arm enthusiastically, pointing at the game, to excited to say anything. James just nodded, finally happy to see Aaron happy.

The game was over, and the serpents won. The crowds were cheering, running out to the field to congratulate them. James somehow lost Aaron in the crowd, and he stood on his top toes trying to find him, not succeeding in as he was short, extremely short. But when he finally did find him he saw him seated with a tall boy, taller then Aaron himself with dark hair, and pink flushed cheeks.

They glanced up when they saw James approach, and he cleared his throat, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Oh I’m sorry am I interrupting something?” He asked, his voice squeaking lightly towards the end, causing his cheeks to flush.

“Oh no no of course not!” The boy said quickly, waving his hands to emphasize his point, he let out another laugh, his eyes crinkling. He seemed to have smile lines, ones that most people their age didn’t seem to have. He smiled at Aaron who was staring at him. “I was just having a quick conversation, but uh-”

“Hey Lee! Come on!” A voice called, and James looked back to see a tall guy his age standing there, his hair a mass of messy curls, a football helmet held in his hand, rested against his side. He was wearing the football uniform the serpents wore, and he had a bead of sweat running down his forehead, his breath ragged.

“Oh uh sorry Jefferson! Let me just say my goodbyes and I’ll be back,” he told him, and the guy, Jefferson took a last glance at Madison before running back towards his cheering team. And only then did James notice, that everything seemed brighter, that everything was in color.

AN: Should I continue this?? I know my writings not great, but I’m trying to improve so bear with me, also I’m such trash for soulmate AU’s and sorry for typos cause yikes it’s not edited

pixelspaceboy  asked:

companions react to SS needing to sleep with a teddy bear

Cait - She messes around with them for it. Very little, but enough to make Sole embarassed, since some people can actually hear her brag and care just enough to give an odd look in Sole’s direction. She makes it up to them though, giving them every teddy bear she finds, along with a warm side hug. If romanced, those teddy bears serve as an amazing pillows for herself and Sole and she is more than happy to cuddly with Sole between all of them.

Codsworth - He knows about it, since he did serve Sole several breakfasts to bed. They did sleep like this everytime their spouse was away for the night and Codsworth found it sweet, that they needed to hold something in their arms. Although, teddy bear was replaced by Shaun, later.

Curie - Sole seemed very embarassed about Curie seeing them with a teddy bear tucked under their arm, but Curie wouldn’t see what is the problem, so she dismissed it. Although, she did ask them about it later, she wanted to know whether the bear improved Sole’s sleep, or their psychical state. If romanced, she will let go of her questions and simply enjoy the smile on Sole’s sleeping face, right before falling asleep as well, hoping to wake up to the same sight.

Danse - He is silent about it, everyone copes with anxiety, or stress differently. He even finds them a new one, when their current gets torn by accident, in a fight against some raiders. He himself keep the ruined one hidden within his things. So what it’s torn and seem strange, at least he’s always reminded by Sole when they’re out with someone else. If he’s romanced, he sleeps with their ripped up teddy himself, when they’re gone and like said earlier, no matter the teddy is torn, it smells like them and that’s enough to comfort him.

Deacon - He brings a big big box full of teddy bears and a smaller box of bear sized clothing he may and may have not made himself and they throw a teddy bear fashion show, with Deacon being the reviewer, Sole being the usher and Shaun, who simply had to join in the fashion designer, picking more than amazing combinations, much to Deacon’s happiness. If romanced, he sometimes sneaks up to Sole, when they’re tinkering around a settlement and talks through the teddy in high pitched voice, making cute and dirty suggestions.

Dogmeat - He is a little jealous it’s not him their nuzzling their face into while they are sleeping, not to mention the bear would be an amazing toy, but he is more than comfotable warming up Sole’s legs as they sleep. Doesn’t mean he didn’t try to snatch the teddy away a few times.

Hancock - Hancock finds it adorable, although everytime he sees them trying to fall asleep with the teddy in their arms, he pretends to be hurt and jealous and kind of is, deep inside. He sometimes playfully steals the teddy. If romanced, he often approaches the bed Sole is already situated in and pulls the teddy bear gently out of their grasp: “Thanks for keeping an eye on them for me, buddy, but I’ll take it from here.” 

MacCready - He doesn’t exactly make fun of them, after all, he reads Grognak comics way more than many kids, but he still smiles when he sees them hanging onto their teddy like their life depended on it, thinking it more than a little cute and silly. If romanced, he wil sometimes tease Sole by saying ‘You hugged the goddamn toy with more passion’, but he always adds a joyful giggle and pulls their body closer to him, so they know he means no harm.

Nick Valentine - He smiles everytime he sees them like this. Despite what they do everyday, how much gore and violence they see and go through, they look as innocent as a fawn like this. He sometimes comes up to their sleeping form to put an affectionate hand on their arm for a while or pull the blanket up their form a little. If romanced, he cannot resist but abandon his work and lie down beside them, gently pulling the bear from their arms and taking it’s place, running a diagnostic, since that is the closest he’s got from sleeping, looking forward to their face being the first thing he’ll see then.

Piper Wright - She was so used to seeing Nat cuddling various thing in her sleep, containg mostly a teddy bear of her own, a pillow and once even an empty Nuka Cola bottle, she didn’t find it strange at all and wouldn’t even notice if Sole didn’t seem so embarassed about it. She  reassures them that it doesn’t change a thing of how she feels about them. If romanced, she taes the bear and kisses its nose, then presses it against Sole’s own nose. It might be quirky, but Sole finds it adorable. 

Preston Garvey - He eyes them odd at first, not knowing whether they’re serious or just joking around, but when he finds out, they indeed are serious, he mentally shruggs and goes with it. It’s cute, in a way, seeing the hero of the Commonwealth sleep with the little plush animal. If romanced, he loves to sit on the edge of the bed and watches them as they sleep, with a goofy smile on his face. He pets the teddy’s head softly, before undressing and slipping into the bed behind them, holding them like they held their plushie.

Strong - He doesn’t really notice it, since it is a rather tiny object and he thinks about everything Sole carries, which isn’t a weapon, ammuntion or armour to be junk.

X6-88 - He finds it rather strange, but after travelling with Sole, he had learned that they have all sorts of quirks and accepts it, as silly as he finds it. If romanced, he throws (later only pushes the teddy) to the side so he can give them something real to hold onto.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Moon in Capricorn, void of course 8:12 pm MDT

It’s still all about that Full Moon. The slightest things set us off today, and we need to be careful and avoid responding out of frustrated rage and despair. Maybe we should all emulate one particular aspect of Capricorn and play Hermit? Take the high road and be mature.

Vesta/Leo conjunct North Node/Leo, opposite South Node/Aquarius, 6:00 am MDT

This is a great time to begin some self-improvement project - bearing in mind that Vesta symbolizes “self-renewal and regeneration.” It would be a very mature thing to do in the face of this brutal weekend. The next Vesta/North Node conjunction occurs almost three years from now, in late spring 2020, so something longer-term would be suitable. Check the house position of 26:11 Leo to find where your New You should manifest.

Sun/Cancer opposite Pluto Rx/Capricorn, 10:35 pm MDT

“The Mountain Astrologer” calls this “pressure to fall in line” and of course that is what we must NOT do. Water (Cancer) eventually wears down mountains (Capricorn). Think erosion, and seek kindred.

Moon enters Aquarius, 11:35 pm MDT

Whew. We’ll all be somewhat detached for the next few days, if not downright alienated &/or radicalized.

Looking ahead to Monday: not out of the woods yet.

hi my name is Bri and I have a lot of emotional baggage to work through I think???
as someone who may be too in touch with her emotions they’re sure confusing me right now