bear hyung you are the cutest

Day6: dating Sungjin would include

▪ having the human definition of sunshine as your boyfriend (all of them are sunshines ok). Congrats.

 ▪ this man’s smile turns your whole world around

 ▪ his hugs feel like absolute heaven 

▪ like he just takes you into his arms and holds you really close to his chest and strokes your hair with one hand with the other holding your lower back 

 ▪ no one from the group dares to tease him about you 

▪ (ok except maybe Jae bc he’s older but shhh he does it when Sungjin isn’t listening) 

▪ always asking for your thoughts and opinions as he shows you new music that they’re working on 

▪ he goes into fan boy mode whenever he sees you fangirling over them and their new comebacks every month 

 ▪ like you’d literally call him the day before a new music video drops, and he’s so happy and giddy just to hear your excitement 

 ▪ you becoming really close friends with all of the members and being like one big family 

 ▪ the boys basically becoming your guys’ kids

 ▪ you being amused whenever he scolds the maknae line bc he looks so dang cute yet scary at the same time and it’s really confusing

 ▪ “y/n stop laughing, they got dirt all over the ground! Wonpil I swear, if you wear your shoes inside again I’m shaving your head in your sleep" 

 ▪ cue sassy Dowoon “good luck finding him in his own bed, hyung. This punk is always trying to sleep with me”

 ▪ him coming up with the cutest/ugliest pet names for you

 ▪ “honey bum bums” “angel” “sweet cheeks” “bae” (bless jae for teaching him) 

▪ when he sees you laying on the couch and paying too much attention to the TV, he’ll get jealous and tell you to scoot over

 ▪ only to have him lay you on top of his body and nuzzle his face into your neck ▪ you obv don’t mind, you’re glad bc he’s not this needy most times 

 ▪ goes into mama bear mode and frets over you if you ever get sick 

 ▪ you love hearing him sing to you before bed, and ofc he obliges 

 ▪ loves buying you perfumes and scented candles and such, he says it’s bc you always smell so good so whenever he smells something he likes, he’s already bought it

 ▪ sharing sweets as you watch movies and dramas on your couch 

 ▪ then he’d pretend you have something on your lips then casually go in and kiss it away

 ▪ holding your hand whenever he’s nervous or sad and you doing the same

 ▪ there’s no such thing as simple pecks on the lips 

and  ▪ when he’s kissing you, he’s 500% focused on you and your lips and he’s giving it his all 

▪ super passionate about everything, esp you 

▪ like jae, he’d support you through everything and everything you stand for

 ▪ honestly, can we share him? I’ll take him off your hands on the weekends 😋

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monsta x’s safari song in animal onesies is the cutest (watch!)

Kkukkungie that’s on top of butter~ (I am butter~)
Chae-turtle that’s on the bed~ (Hyung, wake me up again after 5 minutes~)
Wonrabbit that’s at the gym~ (Ya don’t you not like my body??)
Minmoongie who’s playing games~ (A site~ Fire in the hole~~)
A hamster who’s at the table~ (Ya! You might die from eating this)
Joohoney who’s in front of a foreigner (Down Down Down)
Bear-Shownu who looks for food~ (Oh man, I’m hungry)
Monbebes to MONSTA X~
Oh hee ya~Ohhh~
Oh hee ya~Ohhh~
(trans credits: moneggii)

For You ~ pt. 8

| all parts up to date |

~ Pretty Boy, Pretty Girl ~

My brother was taking the rest of the weekend off to spend some time with me, he himself was starting to feel slightly burned out from working overtime every single night.
He usually doesn’t even come home but sleeps at the office to save on time, which is why I rarely see him.

“I’m going to start coming home more often, I’ll have to cut off my working hours, but that will have to do.” My reaction to seeing him must have been more impact than I thought. He’d been thoughtful the entire previous night.

We were currently strolling down the Han River, our favorite place to be when we were still kids.

“Will that be Ok?” What I really meant was ‘will we be fine?’ but I’m not going to ask that.

He looks down at me, reassuringly. “Of course, the loan is paid off soon and there is nothing else we need to worry about.” He puts his hand on my shoulder. “And don’t even think about working more than you are. You are already working more than you told me.”

I look at him defiantly. “I don’t know what you are talking about, as you were able to see, I was not working yesterday when you came in.”

He gives me the 'don’t play me’ look. “You weren’t working? Ok, let’s pretend I believe you. But what were you doing with three guys, alone?”

Oh, oh, I should just keep my mouth shut.

I shrug and avoid eye contact. “Nothing much, one of them is in my class and the others are his,” What should I say? Friends, Hyungs? I settle for the latter. “They’re his Hyungs.”

“Mhm.” Eyebrow raised, wary, we go and take a seat in front of the River on the steps.

Being here again after a long time makes me feel melancholy, things have changed, but the waves will stay the same.
Flowing freely and unstoppable, just like time itself.

I lean my head on to his shoulder, feeling drained. “I was working yesterday but Ahjumma gave the day off when she realized how overworked I was. I missed the bus and my friends were waiting with me.” I was already calling them friends even though yesterday was the first time meeting them. “Then you showed up.”

“That’s very nice of Ahjumma.” I could feel him smiling down at me, but my eyes were far away, trying not to go there, but my brother knew me too well. “It made you miss Eomma, right?”

At the mentions of my mother the wall cracks. “Eoh.” Tears well up. Trying to hold back a sob, my body tenses up.

My brother sighs next to me. “Nado (me, too).” I close my eyes not letting the tears fall.
Together, leaning on each other, as we’ve done for years, we sit there our thoughts far away, reminiscing.

Eventually, my brother lifts his head and faces me. “Are you hungry (baegopa)?”

I rub my stomach. “A little bit, I’m actually thirsty.”

He stands up and brushes his pants. “I’ll get you something from over there, you just wait here. I’ll be right back.”

I nod my head and he leaves.

Looking at the water and the people on the field, I wish I had taken my camera with me, my phone will do for now.
Getting it from by bag, I see that I had received a message.

I probably hadn’t noticed because I had put it on silent as I wanted to enjoy my time with my brother.
Clicking on it I see that I didn’t receive a message but an image. Due to the sun reflecting off of the screen I could not see exactly what it showed.

Walking to a more shadowed area, I take a look again and burst into fits of giggles.

'V-Hyung wanted me to send this to you’

Attached to that message was a selca of Taehyung, but it wasn’t just any selca, it showed him pulling a funny face, nose like a pig and cross eyed.

'kekeke looks cute’

I respond with a content smile on my face.

'are you sure he’s cute?’

'eoh, the cutest’

Teasing him was the best.

'you sure? cuter than the 'bear’?’

My cheeks start feeling sore from all the grinning.

'hm…. I don’t remember how the 'bear’ looks like.’

For the next few minutes, I don’t get a reply from him, which made me think that he was back to working again.
Just as I am about to walk back to the river my phone vibrates again.

An image again.

This one a little bit different, showing not Taehyung but Jungkook, he had his hands balled into fists on top of his head like round ears with his lips puckered, eyes round.

Fluttering butterflies appear inside my stomach again.

'ooooh, not bad, not bad.’

I text back and begin walking back to the big steps.

'how it is? who’s the cutest?’

Way to put me on the spot. Not knowing how to avoid this, I just give in.

'of course, Oppa.’

Instead of a text message, he calls me, my heartbeat races as my eyes widen.

“________-ah, everything alright?” Instinctual, I face the screen down so my brother couldn’t see.

“Huh? Yeah, why?” I was feeling heated from getting caught, my cheeks getting warm.
He gives me my juice and I gladly sip on it, cooling myself down.

“You were staring at your phone like a giant spider was crawling out of it.”

I shake my head. “It’s nothing.” My phone was still in my hands, vibrating, so I shove it into my pocket.

“Then why do you look so flustered?”

Oh, snap. Looking away and even turning away from him, I slowly walk off. “It’s the sun.” I throw over my shoulder as he catches up with me.

“You sure it isn’t your boyfriend?” I look at him in bewilderment, his smile sly.

“What are you saying? I don’t have a boyfriend (namjachingu obsseo)!” I cross my arms dramatically and mutter to myself. “I don’t have the time for one.”

“Good to know, now let’s go, the sun is making me all woozy.”

~ ~ ~

The same night, my brother decides to take me out for dinner and he chose an expensive restaurant where people had to dress up. I had looked at him disapprovingly and refused to go.

But he had looked me in the eyes and told me that mom had wanted him to do this every year for my birthday, which made me realize that my birthday was coming up.
I’ve been so down lately, that I totally omitted that.

Taking a deep breath, I look at my reflection in the full sized mirror.
I had chosen a simple yet cute long arm dress, it stopped just short of my knees, and since we were by car, I didn’t have to worry about freezing my legs off.

My hair was straightened out so it doesn’t look like the mess that it usually does, I slap on some make up and reach for my earrings when my phone starts ringing.

Jungkook’s 'bear’ selca appears on the screen, a nervous feeling settling in my stomach. I take the call and notice too late that’s it’s not just a regular call but a video call.

‘’What is this (ige mwoya)?“ I utter astounded at seeing my own reflection in the corner of the screen.

”________“ My name gets called faintly, the video wasn’t very clear so I couldn’t see exactly who it was.

‘’Taehyung-ssi?” Still befuddled, I can finally detect a head shape when it gets pushed out of the way and Taehyung appears.

‘’Annyeong, ________!’’ He says excitedly with a grin, waving with his hand.

Smiling at his cheerfulness, I lean my phone against my laptop screen and wave back. ‘’Annyeonghase-yo.“ He was holding the camera an arm length away but the light wasn’t very bright. ‘’I can’t see you too well.”

As soon as I’ve said it, a light is switched on. ‘’Better like this?’’ This time it’s not Taehyung’s voice that is distant but Jungkook’s.

‘’Eoh, thank you (gomawo).“ Thanks to the lighting, I could now see that they were inside a room. ‘’Are you guys resting?’’

Jungkook’s head appears next to Taehyung’s, his freshly washed hair, darker and messy, was covered partially by a beanie. He takes the device and V disappears from the screen.
‘’Yeah, we just got home from practice, V-Hyung wanted to call you.” He sits down and just like me puts it against something.

Even though I was touched that Taehyung seemed to like me as well, the way Jungkook said it made me a little affronted. ‘’You don’t want to?’’

‘’Not really.“ He was teasing me, so I glare at him.

Crossing my arms over my chest, I sneer my lips at him. ‘’Good, I change my mind then. Taehyung is the cutest.” In the background I can hear V yelling in triumph, I’m surprised he even heard me.

Instead of reacting to my words, he seems to be looking at himself through the screen. “I can see why, I look ugly right now.’’

‘’No (aniya),’’ My voice gets higher and louder from bewilderment. ‘'Where? I can’t see it.’’

Jungkook directs his gaze back to me on the screen and smiles. ‘’You should see me without make up.’’

‘’I have, at school. You look just fine.’’ I don’t like how he was down-talking himself like that. No sane person would call him ‘ugly’ and I tell him exactly that.

‘’Your face,’’ he chuckles. ‘’you looks so baffled.”

‘’I am.’’ Exclaiming loudly, I look at him in amazement. “I don’t know how anyone could call you ugly.’’
Finding humor in this, he keeps laughing silently.
‘’Is it that funny?’’ I ask him sarcastically.

‘’Eoh.’’ He responds and continues to say something when my brother yells for me.

” ________-ah! Are you ready to go?’’ I turn in my stool and push away from the desk so I was closer to the door and reassure him that I’ll be down in a few minutes.

‘’Hurry up, we’ve got a reservation.’’

‘’I said I’ll be done in a few minutes, don’t rush me.’’ I counter irritated. Earrings, earrings, where are my earrings?

I turn back and see them on my table, as I reach for them I find Jungkook looking at me idly, head tilted cutely. ‘’Are you going out?’’

Putting on one of the earrings, I struggle to push through and am busy fumbling with it for a while. ‘’Yeah, my brother takes me to dinner every birthday.’’

He jumps up from his relaxed position and looks at me with large, wide eyes, surprised. ‘’It’s your birthday today?’’

‘’Ani, he is taking me earlier than usual, I think he’s busy next week.“ Finally having worked my way through the piercing I go to put on the other earring.

Loosening up, relieved, he places his elbow on the table and leans his head on his fist. ‘’When is your birthday?”

I wasn’t sure what day it was, so I check on my calendar. ‘’Oh, it’s on the day where we’ll be going to the amusement park.’’ Giving up on that ear, I drop my sore arms.

‘’Amusement park?’’ He confirms looking deep in thought, his face grim. ‘’I have a schedule on that day.’’

‘’Ah, really (gurae)?’’ I pout, feeling bumped at this information. ‘’That’s too bad, I’m sure it would have been fun.’’

Jungkook with a cute pout in place presses the heel of his hand against one eye. ‘’Yeah, I think so, too. But I’ve been packed with schedules lately. There is nothing I can do about it.’’

I frown sadly, feeling for him. ‘’You must be so tired. Every time I see you now, I feel like you’re getting more and more worn out.’’ In that exact moment he yawns widely, verifying my words. “See? Are you at least eating well?’’

Stretching his arms above his head, it seems like he can’t stop yawning. ’'Don’t worry, Jin-Hyung is feeding me well.’’

The grimace can’t seem to leave my face, I press my lips still concerned.

Seeing this, Jungkook leans closer to the camera and smiles at me, my breath catches. ‘’________-ah, I’m good and healthy, just really tired. You really don’t have to worry about me,” he raises his eyebrows and drops them in a wink. ‘’a few hours of sleep, and I’ll be back on my feet.’’

Still pouting, I give in at his words. ‘’Alright (arasseo), I’ll let you rest then, I have to go anyway.’’

‘’Alright,“ Head tilted endearingly, he lifts his index finger. ‘’Don’t forget your other earring.’’

I reach for my ear and snort at the thought of leaving the house with only on earring. ‘’That would have made me look weird.”

‘’Ani,’’ At his voice turning lower, almost whispering, by heart quickens. ‘’yeppeo (you look pretty).’’

Unable to hear clearly due to my heartbeat drumming loudly in my ears, and also fearing that I’ve become delusional, I ask him what he said.

A grin is placed on his lips and he crinkles up his whole face and I know he’s doing this on purpose now, trying to make my blush. ‘’Jeongmal yeppeo (you are really pretty).’’

Even before he finishes, I can’t help it and a restraint squeal escapes my mouth while I lean my body back and hide my heated face with my hands. ‘’Ah, ya, Oppa.’’

I peak through my fingers to see a full on smile on his face, his previous fatigued expression vanished completely. “Joah (did you like that)?’’

Although I was embarrassed, I admit to it anyway. ‘’Eoh, joah (yeah, I like it).’’ I breathe out heavily and use my hands to fan my face. ‘’Ah, I feel like I’m going crazy (michikettda).‘’

‘’Gwiyowo.” Jungkook was still using the same method and it was still working.

‘’Hajima (don’t).“ I exclaim, entirely too affected by him.

He relaxes his expression and shows a simple joyful laugh instead. ‘’Arasseo, arasseo. I’ll stop. You should go, your brother is probably waiting for you.’’

Nodding, I can’t look away from him, contented from laughing with him like this. ‘’Oppa, jalja (good night).’’

He nods and takes the phone in his hands and moves around when he gets settled again, this time against his pillow. ‘’You too, enjoy your dinner. I’ll call you-‘’

Grunting all of a sudden, Jungkook gets cut off. ‘’ ________, don’t forget about me.’’

I snicker at Taehyung’s antics against Jungkook. ‘’I won’t. Taehyung-ssi, you too, sleep well.’’

The camera is back under control and it shows the two of them cozy next to each other. ’'I’ll call when I can.’’ Jungkook finishes his sentence from before he was interrupted.

Taehyung looks at Jungkook proudly and ruffles his hair. ‘’Ooh, so manly (namjadapdah).’’

Jungkook on the other hand looks irritated. ‘’Ignore him.’’
Moving up from his bed, he runs away before Taehyung can catch up and it seems like he’s entered another room through a door and was currently leaning against it.
‘’Go, before you get in trouble.’’

I smile a little bit reluctant to hang up. ‘’Ok, I’ll be going then. Do well.’’

‘’Hm.’’ I wave my hands at him as he ends the video. It’s amazing how one simple call can make me think of his beautiful face all night long.

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so… comes out it’s actually a comeback we are getting in May… and I’m not ready, never will be… it feels like yesterday, when I would slam my fist on the table every time they won at a music show with RUN… when I would wake up to watch Inkigayo just for them bc it’s so frigging early for me… wake up for live ASC because I love them so much… buy their everything to support them… my bank account sure is not ready.
Bighit has no chill whatsoever orz

Anywaaaay, airport pics today and oh my god does Taehyung look wow, like just WOW, his hair and his look were A++++ and Kookie always being super cute, he kept looking back, worried about the fans getting pushed… >.< so precious… Kobe concert tomorrow, things (schedule) are kicking up again for them… hope they are getting enough sleep.

Btw if you guys want to ask me anything, please go ahead, I won’t bite, personal or even writing stuff, I’m bored, message meeeeee ^^


Seventeen reaction: Hyung

“Seventeen reaction of the hyung line where their s/o sleep with a plush toy”

Seungcheol: He would see your sleeping form cuddling a elephant plushie while you soundly slept. He’d walk over to you and lay next to you trying to wake you. “Babe would you much rather be cuddling me?”

Jeonghan: He’d come in to see you with your arms wrapped around a fluffy bear plushie. He’d think this is the cutest most innocent you could get “how can one person be so adorable”

Joshua: You were cuddling the bear he bought you as an anniversary gift. He’d smile widely at himself and crawl on to the bed with you “well at least it went to good use”

Junhui: He’d be confused at first. He’d stare you for a bit, “hey babe..? Is there any particular reason that you are sleeping with a plush?”

Hoshi: After a long day, you’d cuddle up to a big stuffed bear twice your size. He would walk in and automatically giggle you. “Really? I thought you didn’t need that now that you have me”

Wonwoo: You’d be sleeping with a little blue bunny, Wonwoo tried to replace the bunny with himself when you pushed him away. “I’m jealous of a stuffed rabbit..”

Woozi: He would find this more funny then anything, seeing you cuddling a stuffed animal would make this smile and large gummy smile. He’d sit at the edge of the bed “your like a giant 5 year old.. But I love you”