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To the anon that asked what “would happen if hyung seok saw jae yeol’s eyes?“(mod moose kept asking me to draw tentacles for eyes;;;) and yes it was ok to ask for this!!!! 😤❤️. It might take a bit bc we’re lazy bums though 😅 definitely not annoying! You are a smol bean that moose and bear want to protect! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ -mod bear 🐻

Things you can't stop Block B members from talking about...

•P.O: his voice & his hyungs

•Jaehyo: how much better looking he is & his lips/philtrum

•B-Bomb: his butt, dimple & how to take the proper selfie

•U-Kwon: his smile, puppies, One Piece & his girlfriend Sunhye

•Park Kyung: how much he loves BBC, which member they should prank next & how he’s also a “visual”

•Taeil: how he’s not cute, his singing & fish

•Zico: his producing, his underground rapping & his lips *cough* the time he kissed Ukwon *cough*


What Seungri ACTUALLY meant:

  • “That’s because you hyungs were being children in previous countdowns.”
  • “That’s because you wouldn’t listen to me when I talk.”
  • “That’s because you didn’t respect your MC just because he’s the maknae.”
  • “That’s because you lack discipline when I was trying to set order.”
  • “That’s because you didn’t let me do my part properly.”

But ‘Whatever’ had to cut for all of that Haha

Seventeen at the Library

Wonwoo: “Welcome everyone to the magical world of reading”

Seungkwan: “Oh Yay” *claps sarcastically*

S.Coups: “We’re at the library so no more fooling around, I don’t want to get kicked out like what happened at the restaurant okay? You can borrow two books each”

Mingyu: “I’ll race ya”

DK: “Oh it’s on like Donkey Kong”

Woozi: “and yet you don’t like it when we call you that…”

Mingyu: “Ready, Set-“ *runs ahead of everybody*

DK: “you chEATER!!”*chases after mingyu*

Hoshi: “Not fair you started first” *joins race*

S.Coups: “this is not a race… ugh what did I just say?! Were you guys even listening to me?!!”

Joshua: “I’ll go get them” what an angel

Dino: “Me want join race”

Jeonghan: “No you’ll be a good boy because that’s how I raised you”

Wonwoo: *closes eyes with open arms and embraces the beauty of literature*

Wonwoo: “This is a holy space where books are respected and loved by all”

Vernon: *uses book as an eye mask on his face as he sleep drools*

Seungkwan: *makes a stage out of books and starts singing*

Dino: *building a house using the books*

Jun & The8: *playing jenga with books*

Mingyu, Dk, Hoshi:*now throwing books at each other, playing tag with Joshua who couldn’t control them and ended up joining them*

Woozi: *uses a stack of books as a stool to get other books on higher shelves*

Wonwoo: “Words cannot be used to explain the agony I’m going through right now”

Jeonghan: *holds Chan’s hand as they go to the children section*

Jeonghan: “okay sweetie let’s pick out some books to read”

Dino: “I want this one”

Jeonghan: “Goldilocks and the three bears?”

Dino: “The papa bear is Coups hyung, Mama bear is you, baby bear is me”

Jeonghan: “Awwww my baby… then who is goldilocks”

Dino: *looks at Joshua* homewrecker doyougetit?

Jeonghan: *note to self to stop flirting with Joshua in front of Chan*

S.Coups: “Okay kids so did you pick out the books you want yet?”

DK: “I’ve got one book…”

S.Coups: “Okay great give it to me so I can check it out for you”

DK: *hugs book tightly and shakes head furiously before running away*

Coups: “Come back here Dokyeom!”

Wonwoo: “nOooOoOOoo!!” *falls on the floor and cries*

Jun: “What?”

Wonwoo: “they banned me from borrowing books from the library because I have an outstanding book that haven’t been returned”

Jun: “Where did the book go? Is it at the dorm if not we can just go get it and return it so you can borrow more”

Wonwoo: “it’s gone! a certain someone that I won’t mention their name decided to use the book to throw at pigeons…”

Mingyu: *backs away  s   l   o   w   l   y*

flashback to 3 days ago at the dorm:

Mingyu: “AHHHH save me wonwoo, there is a pigeon at my window and it’s going to eat me!”

Wonwoo: “Why would a pigeon want to eat you?”

Mingyu: “because i ate his cousin yesterday so he must be here for revenge!”

Wonwoo: “You ate a pigeon?!”

Mingyu: “No i ate fried chicken!!”

Pigeon: *flaps wing*

Mingyu: “AHHHH its going to fly into my room” *grabs something to throw at the bird*


Mingyu: “oops” 

Wonwoo: “I hate you” *stabs mingyu in his mind*

Seungkwan: *looks at the books at the counter that the members picked*

Seungkwan: “Who borrowed ‘How to grow taller’?”

Woozi: “Shut up if you still want to live”

no pigeons were harmed by mingyu during the writing of this scenario 🐦 ❤️

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