bear hug attack

(Mino, Zico, Jay Park) Reaction to dating a tiny girl with a strong and powerful voice


Mino would be so confused as he heard his tiny girlfriend sing for the first time. Her strong and powerful voice would kick him out of concept, which would cause him so stare wide eyed and with an open mouth at her but after a few seconds his shocked face would turn into a smiley one. From then on his girlfriend would have to sing on a daily basis for him because he can’t get enough of this paradox situation.

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The second he heard his girlfriends voice he would turn in Producer-mode. At first he just stared at her with an open mouth until he realized what pontential she has. He would listen carefully and follow every movement of her till the end. The moment she stops singing he would jump up and bear hug her while attacking her with his aegyo voice trying to get her to approve to be part of one of his songs. From then on he has to listen to her voice on a daily basis because he can’t get enough of it.

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Jay Park

At first Jay would stare at his girlfriend with a raised eyebrow as she started singing but after a few seconds he would get so turned on by the fact that his girlfriend has such strong and powerful voice hiden in her tiny body. He would eye her closely while she showed him a new side of her and wouldn’t move even one inch till she was done with her performance. She would stare at him with a worried expression because he didn’t said or moved since she started singing but after a few seconds Jay jumped up and pulled her towards him and whispered something inappropiate into her ear.

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