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But I somehow slowly love you
And wanna keep you the same
Well, I somehow slowly know you
And wanna keep you away

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(Mino, Zico, Jay Park) Reaction to dating a tiny girl with a strong and powerful voice


Mino would be so confused as he heard his tiny girlfriend sing for the first time. Her strong and powerful voice would kick him out of concept, which would cause him so stare wide eyed and with an open mouth at her but after a few seconds his shocked face would turn into a smiley one. From then on his girlfriend would have to sing on a daily basis for him because he can’t get enough of this paradox situation.

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The second he heard his girlfriends voice he would turn in Producer-mode. At first he just stared at her with an open mouth until he realized what pontential she has. He would listen carefully and follow every movement of her till the end. The moment she stops singing he would jump up and bear hug her while attacking her with his aegyo voice trying to get her to approve to be part of one of his songs. From then on he has to listen to her voice on a daily basis because he can’t get enough of it.

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Jay Park

At first Jay would stare at his girlfriend with a raised eyebrow as she started singing but after a few seconds he would get so turned on by the fact that his girlfriend has such strong and powerful voice hiden in her tiny body. He would eye her closely while she showed him a new side of her and wouldn’t move even one inch till she was done with her performance. She would stare at him with a worried expression because he didn’t said or moved since she started singing but after a few seconds Jay jumped up and pulled her towards him and whispered something inappropiate into her ear.

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Perfect Partner Anon again: so much sinning, but where is the fluff? THE ROMANCE? Can I get a HC on the cheesiest way each Jojo shows their affection? (also, not off anon just yet but here's a hint: we're in the same discord chat ;3 )

*Comes out from coffin, dust and bats and what not fly from the insIDE*



Jonathan will not have one, but a hundred of cheesy ways to show his s/o how much he loves them. A few if his favorite ones are buying them bouquets of flowers (no matter if he gives it to them in hand or leaves it as a surprise somewhere they can find it) and looking at them straight in the eye and kissing their hand, whispering a soft “i love you” as he does so. He might end up blushing afterwards!

If Joseph is ever cheesy with his s/o, it probably came out as accident. He is more of a butt-slap, dirty-talking kind of guy. But sometimes, when the chance comes, he will remind them that he “really wouldn’t know what i would do without you. I think i may do something stupid and lose a hand or something. I mean, another hand.” It’s not much, but hopefully s/o will acknowledge and appreciate what he tried to say. Though sometimes, there will be random bear hug attacks! He won’t let go!

Affection isn’t exactly Jotaro’s stuff, much less in a cheesy way. Sometimes he will gift them small necklaces and bracelets, just the normal stuff. But there are times where s/o may be just a little distracted and put themselves in danger, and those moments are the ones in which Jotaro is there to helo and support them. “Yare yare, you are going to get yourself killed. Be more careful next time, i don’t want anything bad happening to you…. why are you giving me that look?”

Everything this sweet boy does is just cheesy, even if he doesn’t intend it to be! Josuke will always try and show his s/o how special they are for him! and he is so shy about it that it makes s/o’s heart melt. One of his favorite ways of showoing them is love is buying them ridiculously giant sized plushies to them. When they don’t have space on their room anymore, he will just buy them regular ones, with tiny hearts that read “i love you!”

Cheesy isn’t a big enough word for describing Giorno’s behaviour with his precious s/o. Kissing their hand, bowing to them, whispering them sweet nothings, complimenting them all the time, taking them to fancy dinners, and pretty much make every dream they have come true is this boy’s way of making them feel loved. And he always reminds them of how special they are for him!

Jolyne would sometimes have random spurts of ‘OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU SO MUCH??’ sometimes, and it is at those times where she will surrender to them completely and just be wrapped around their finger. Those times come especially at night, when the both of them are chilling and all sleepy and she gives them a half smile and tells them with a groggy voice “Mmmh….y’know i love you a lot, don’t you? I…..loveeee…..yyyooouuu….”

Something that Johnny would do to show them how much he loves them is taking them to camp with him on his favorite spot. He will offer to take them there in his horse, and will be pretty much silent to the way there. Once they have all set up and they are just chillin’, he will get close to them and tell them to look at the stars, “Y’know…stars remind me of you..” “shiny and tiny?” “What? No- I was going to say because they are beautiful but thanks for ruining the moment.”


Sorry for the Johnny one i’m just-



I was tempted to do some sexy stuffs, but I just couldn’t pass the chance

“Manly” screams, neck kisses and bear hugs are my favourite things

plus like, its springboard this pairing doesnt only have height difference they have size and shape difference its so funny and cute

bear hugs ;v;