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Hondo Onaka is getting old, but when he hears about this new pirate with the red beard making a name for himself in the Outer Rim, he simply Has to investigate. When he finds his most favorite Jedi and best friend, he’s Over the Moon. (No really, someone gifted Pirate Obi Wan a moon. He has that effect).

Where the hell is the Lucasfilm Story Group?! I need them to understand how much we all require Accidental Pirate Obi-Wan, Ruler of Tatooine and Owner of a Moon For Some Reason, running into Hondo Ohnaka again. 

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I love your krypto headcanons! But what if krypto was gigantic? Like polar bear sized? I imagine hilarity would ensue

i love my boy krypto so much.

oh wow, that’d be a pickle (and honestly, then they really couldn’t all the cute stuff like walking him in the park because can you imagine the people gawking at him) but yes hilarity

-kara invites lena to game night and right before she opens the door- lena insisted she drive them over, kara sends alex text after text to please clean up for me, please- and the door shakes

-krypto may be learning how to control his strength but he’s excited and oh, kara’s definitely going to have to reinforce her door

-lena freezes and kara’s just okay, so i maybe forgot to mention, i have a. .dog
and lena’s thinking yikes-she’s not used to animals- but okay. it’s kara and her dog, it’s probably the tiniest thing and cute. lena can totally handle it

-kara opens the door and that’s a bear, kara



-lena almost walks right out. kara being supergirl? it’s fine. she gets to see kara’s arms a lot more, it’s great. but this massive bear barely being held back by kara? nope

-you think lena gets one step away without a hello from krypto? no. he wriggles right out of kara’s grip-you try holding on to a dog that big winn, superstrength doesn’t matter- and lena disappears under a mass of white

-she can’t breathe. she can’t breathe and her last sight will be kara’s wonderful smile as she shoves krypto off before being tackled herself

-cue winn being dragged around by this giant, happy dog who just wants pats

-omfg, you know those big dogs who don’t know they’re big? times that by ten and you got krypto

-maggie has entirely too much fun

okay, i love huge krypto while i’m having major korrasami and naga flashbacks

“you enjoy telling our kids to this day that you caught my eye and swept me off my feet in one go wearing a stupid, hideous bear costume” au