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Lexi's first trip to the emergency room. What happens? Are there tears, anger, laughter? Were her parents there, or with aunts and uncles? Is Lexi okay with just a sprain and everyone was overreacting, or is it serious? Did Lexi punch a bully? (You're not invincible like Supergirl)

Lena may be overly concerned with her ability to mother from an emotional stand point, Kara is terrified of letting Lexi getting physically hurt or injured!  So one day when Lena is out of town Lexi gets a stomach ache, starts throwing up, etc. so Kara FREAKS! And all the gang is unavailable and she doesn’t know what to do so she takes Lexi to the hospital, calling Lena on the way, and it’s a good thing she did because it turns out it’s appendicitis.

Lena rushes home but Lexi is already in surgery by the time she gets there so she’s forced to pace the waiting room nervously with Kara. It’s total ‘mom’ moment as they worry over Lexi’s condition and occasionally Kara uses her super powers to check in. 

It’s such a relief when Lexi is finally out and awake because honestly Lena doesn’t think she’s ever been this worried about anything or every seen a more pitiful sight that her baby hooked up to all those lines and monitors.

Lexi is a good sport though, insisting on showing off her wounds to her Aunt Alex (who gushes about what a bad ass she is). Her Aunt Maggie presents her with a junior detective badge, her Uncle James manages to sneak in Daisy for a few minutes, Uncle Winn brings her some new Supergirl pajamas, and her Papa J’onn brings her a gigantic teddy bear that’s bigger than she is. (also can you imagine J’onn carrying a huge teddy bear around the hospital? everybody stares at him but he doesn’t give a shit because his granddaughter is in the hospital and she deserves a giant teddy bear, damnit!)

When she goes home there’s lots of snuggle time and Kara and Lena go hoarse reading her books and maybe they’re a little over protective during the recovery period, but can you blame them?


Ok ok so for like the dadvid Au,, what if Max loves gummy bears but only the green ones. So like David goes to the store and always buys the huge bulk ass bag of gummy bears,, and he goes home and separates the green gummy bears out and puts them in baggys for Max. David will occasionally snack on the rest of the gummies,, BUUUT he likes the green ones too so he hides bags for himself but when Max runs out he steals from Davids stash.


J U S T A C C E P T T H I S ! ! !