bear detectives

Severely Underrated Disney Movies (IMO)

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And later I dreamt that maid again …


satonics submitted:

first i wanna say thank you for doing my request! second, i’m sorry but i have another iguanamouth comic that i’d like you to voice if you could! (i was debating about whether to request this one or that other one…) http://iguanamouth(.)tumblr(.)com/post/112257970037/bear-detective-premiers-this-fall

can’t wait for Bear Detective

Original comic by iguanamouth

Bear #2 and Girl voiced by totalspiffage

Bear #1 and Grandma voiced by me

So, appearently some time ago I started an Jodie/James piece. In English (which is not my native language btw). I like it and would love to try and get back into writing, but I have no effing clue why Jodie had such a bad fight with her adoptive parents that she needs to be picked up by tired, grumpy James ‘I just finished a long shift investigating a string of nasty child murders‘ Black late at night.