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Today’s Ed GiggleSqueal explosion was BEGGING to be ripped and edited. So I did and it was.  It’s just pure sunshine Ginger Perfection <3   (It also possibly may or may not be my OBFG chat/text notification….)

If anyone wants it, I’m happy to send it to you!  

i feel like all my favorite fandoms are dying, dead, or turned to shit
Bowser’s MLM

Since this post got a hundred notes and y’all love my gay bowser theory I wanna show y’all that I got proof of him being into men other than him being on obvious bear (tall buff chubby man wearing spiked bands and collar). I have a tag on this blog called “gay bowser receipts” of canon content showing him either being into men or doing something with men.

Here’s what I got so far, only three pieces other than the gay bear coding.

From an official Mario manga, source found from @suppermariobroth. Picture shows Mario at some kinda gameshow, a heart shows up with a curtain covering whoever likes him/he’s paired with. He expects Daisy or Peach, but it’s Bowser, smiling happily.

From Mario RPG. Picture shows Bowser kissing Mario on the cheek. To be fair, this was an accident, but realize that Bowser has canonly kissed a man.

From Wreck it Ralph. Gif shows Bowser checking out a buff man’s thighs as he mentions them, nods and lifts his cup in agreement, acknowledging he’s got some nice thighs.

Anyways if y’all see proof Bowser’s mlm/bi/gay @ me.


🐻Velveteen Bear Part 1🐻
It’s chilly seasons in the northern hemisphere. What better way to rug up in warm clothes? Clothes, with BEARS on them!

Enjoy Part 1, available in warm browns, and choco-mint!


So we’re doing something we’ve never done before! After we launched my tour and it sold out so quickly I really wanted to do something to show my appreciation for all of you. I wanted to do something out of the ordinary.
Starting now until the end of the weekend you’ll have the choice to get a buy-one-get-one-free of either “Battle Bear” or “I Can’t Adult”, our two best sellers.
Just pick any shirts or hoodies you want, like normal, and then add either the “Battle Bear” or “I Can’t Adult” crew neck shirt (it has to be a crew neck) to your cart.
Then enter the discount code during checkout, into the box that says “discount code” and click “Apply”. And boom! Free!
If you choose Battle Bear use the discount code: BOGOBATTLE
For I Can’t Adult use the Discount Code: BOGOADULT
Give it to a friend or keep it for yourself.
I know it’s not much but as someone who relies on this as his sole income I hope it reflects how sincere and truly appreciative I am of your support through the years. I hope you enjoy the new stuff! As always we spent a long time planning this and I hope it reflects the heart we put into ORS :) I’ll post a bunch about this tomorrow. Nothing new here😂 -Olan
at 💨


Hey cuties! I thought it would be nice to have some cute bear overalls just like the cute cat overalls i made not too long ago. I’d love to see your mayor in my QR codes so post some cute pics for me to see =^-^= and remember if you want this in a different color or skin tone just send me an ask or message.

=^-^= Thanks cuties for your time!