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B e a r   +   C l o c k s   a e s t h e t i c s

for No Ordinary Star

by the gorgeous and sweet @tea-books-lover (ig: tea.books.lover)

“Hey! Did anyone lose a beast?”

A huge shape burst through the snow, showering the soldiers with shards of ice and snowflakes.

-from No Vain Loss by M.C. Frank, available on December 5th on amazon and everywhere books are sold!

baby-pond-snail  asked:

Hi! If i may ask, wcif the bear clock, the carrot in a planter in the time skip picture? Also is the monster poster in a pack? :3 thank you so much and I love you and your Goons :'^)

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One of the best games of all time! I added a lot of details that some might have to really look for… Next I’ll be doing a piece for Banjo-Tooie!!

Sleeping Beauty [ II ]

Genre : Angst

Length: 3.9k

Pairing: Chanyeol x Baekhyun

Summary: All Chanyeol wants to do is go to sleep and forget.

He runs towards Baekhyun’s room, practically barreling anything and anyone in his way. He stops at the door, leaning forwards on his knee to take a deep breath. He enters. They’re alone. Just the two of them. Just him and his Sleeping Beauty.

“Wake up,” he tells him, gripping each side of his small shoulders with his large hands.

“Wake up.” He shakes him a little. Then a little harder.

“Baek, wake up. Wake up. Please wake up, Baek. Please. Baekhyun wake up.” He takes a deep breath, leans forwards and presses his lips against his urgently.

"Don’t do this to me. Don’t you fucking dare, Baek. I can’t do this without you. I beg you. Wake up, Baek. PLEASE,” he yells, his breath quick and hard against his skin. He wonders if he can feel it.

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After months of scrambling to get these monstrosities written… they’re finally done!

So here are previews of my two pieces for the @aphelionzine

I’ve written one klance piece (tut tut looks like rain) and one general piece (just like that bear grylls guy), both clocking in at around 10k words.

The zine is massive with about 70 authors and over 90 fics in there. It’ll be split into separate books by ship, so you can order whichever ones you want! We’ve got all the big ships, plus some rarepairs and general goodness, and they’re all so so good ya’ll.

Be sure to go check it out!! Orders open on August 21st!