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Hey, did you notice that the photo of the old campers had a mark across Jaspers chest? I thought that was interesting. (Maybe relating to his death)

Omfg i got some interesting theory. Well, in this episode (S2E5) Jasper got a really nasty wound from that bear attack. What if that wound got infected? Also, after that wound got worse, the Camp staff took Jasper to “Spooky Island” ‘cause they had better medical utensils on that place. Eventually he died there. That’s why Jasper’s ghost is in that place. Also, a side note to all this, Jasper wound coincides with the scratch on the group picture (i like to connect theories)…

Im calling it right now, Jasper found something out that he shouldnt have and was murdered by mr campbell 

Okay, so I don’t know if this is my sleep-deprived mind running wild, but these two asks have got my mind working and now I gotta type out what I’m theorizing!

Warning: Long theory and Spoilers under the cut.

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Ciel - Character Information

Appearance -

  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Elezen, Wildwood
  • Height: 6′1″
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Hair Color: White
  • Skin Color: Ivory
  • Fur/Scales: None
  • Scars: A few mostly small ones.  Her right shoulder bears some fading claw marks, left side along her collarbone is marked by where she was shot with an arrow.

The Facts -

  • Name Day: 31st Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon
  • Occupation: Bard, songstress, opera singer.
  • Sexual identification: Demisexual
  • Romantic identification: Heteroromantic
  • Alignment: Lawful good
  • Criminal History: None
  • Relationship Status: Widowed
  • Sweet on: Oh no, don’t, she’s still grieving.

Favorites –

  • Favorite food: Eel pie
  • Favorite drink: Wine, faerie apple juice
  • Favorite artist: Ciel loves her fellow musicians, it’s impossible to pick a favorite.
  • Favorite scent: Spring blossoms, the salt air of the sea, the smokey warmth of the hearth.
  • Favorite person: As with other artists, she wouldn’t feel right picking just one person as a favorite.

Randoms –

Ten facts about your muse:

  • Ciel is an only child, the daughter of a retired Wood Wailer and a Conjurer.
  • Ciel, herself, was once a Conjurer in her youth, as well as a Hearer.  Her Conjury abilities were sealed by the Elementals after she witnessed the death of the Berunda, but she she retains her Hearer ability.
  • She got her start singing in a childrens’ choir in Gridania.
  • Her family has some Duskwight mixed into their bloodline, crossing every few generations as part of tradition. As a result, there are Wildwoods and Duskwights who bear the family name.
  • Years ago, her first fiance by arrangement, a Duskwight, gave her a coeurl kitten as a gift.  Mille Feuille is still with her whenever she travels by land, and serves as a loyal mount and protector.
  • She’s been stuffed inside a dead yak.  To this day, the perfume she was wearing at the time serves as a reminder of that day and makes her queasy, as will anything scented like white plum blossoms.
  • She can strike a note with her voice which can cause wine glasses to crack, and even shatter.
  • She was present at the Battle of Carteneau and was pushed forward five years in time.  She is also gifted with the Echo, but she is not The One.  She is, however, one of many and will answer the call of The One, or Hydaelyn, or the Scions if called upon for aid.  ((*Note: The player does not, never has, and never will, use the Echo on anyone without their permission*))
  • She avoids the Rising Stones because she lost a bet to Thancred and owes him a dirty limerick.
  • She keeps an old habit of singing with the sunrise and sunset, especially when she is away from populated locations.

Five Things -

5 Things they like:

  • Sun-dappled tree canopies.
  • Singing amidst mountains and canyons and listening for it to echo back.
  • Music of all kinds.
  • Soft, warm bed covers while listening to the hush of snowfall outside.
  • The purr of her cat, Minuet, in her ear.

5 Things they dislike:

  • Seeing others suffer.
  • Yaks and anything to do with yaks.
  • The smell of machines.
  • Those who would abuse the weak.
  • Feeling helpless to fix something/help someone.

5 Good habits:

  • Gentle, in temperment as well as action.  Force is saved for the battlefield.
  • Confidence, in herself as well as others. If she feels sure that someone can handle something, she will do her best to guide them so they can see it for themselves.
  • Patience.  Ciel is slow to anger and will try to take time to understand someone or a situation before responding. 
  • Compassion.  If she can do anything to help someone, she will do so before her own needs or wants.
  • Piety.  Although Oschon is her personal patron, she holds all of the Twelve with the same love and regard, and she honors them every time she goes to the Sanctum or passes one of their marks.

5 Bad Habits:

  • Sometimes putting others first indefinitely can become personally detrimental.
  • This goes for patience, as well. She will trust a person at their word when they say they’ll do something, and then wait forever for nothing to happen.
  • Risk-taking.  She has, and will, put herself in harm’s way if it means getting something dire taken care of.  She usually manages to come away in one piece.
  • Don’t put an entire pan of cinnamon rolls in front of her.  It will test her self-discipline.
  • Although recent, she has crafted a rather convincing liar’s smile because everything’s fine.

5 Personalities they gravitate toward:

  • Kind
  • Strong
  • Self-sacrificing
  • Unsure
  • Diligent

5 Personality types they avoid:

  • Rude
  • Lazy
  • Abusive
  • Arrogant
  • Ignorant

5 Fears:

  • Losing Jonathan
  • Losing faith.
  • Losing the ability to help others.
  • Losing her freedom.
  • Leaving the world with things unfinished.

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My interest in the natural world has followed an odd sequence.

At first I was drawn to birds. Then it was the insects the birds were eating, then the plants depended on by the insects.

Now it’s the earth beneath the plants.

Phase II of the Franklin Trail behind Carpinteria is now open, and today Linda and I took Rory on a hike to check it out. There was lots of cool stuff to see; a higher vantage point to view the valley, trees with colorful poison oak beneath them, a big sycamore with bear claw marks leading up its trunk.

But the most interesting thing for me was the geology along the trail. The large image above shows (I think) the transition between the Sespe Formation (on the left), with reddish sandstone and conglomerate, and the Coldwater Formation’s lighter-colored sandstone on the right.

The boundary dates to about 40 million years ago. The younger rock is on the left, the older on the right. The layers were laid down in the vicinity of present-day San Diego; since then a big chunk of land has rotated clockwise, bringing the rocks to their present location in south Santa Barbara County. In the last 2.5 million years they’ve been tilted, such that what originally were horizontal layers are now angled up at a 60-degree angle.

The Coldwater sandstone was laid down at the bottom of a shallow coastal sea. Toward the end of that process, as the world’s climate transitioned from being very much warmer than today to being as cool or cooler than today, sea levels fell dramatically, and the rocks in that photo went from being underwater to being part of a low-lying coastal plain. Periodic river flooding produced the rounded pebbles embedded in the reddish Sespe conglomerate.

It’s cool to be able to read that history in the rocks. I’m just a baby at geology, but I’m looking forward to learning more.


Bear Claw Chris Lapp: “Are you sure you can skin griz pilgrim?.”
Jeremiah Johnson: “I can skin’ em as fast as you can catch’ em.”
Bear Claw: “Skin that one and I’ll bring you another!”
[Jeremiah Johnson. 1972.]

Grizzly bear claw works on aspen. Near Turner Valley. Alberta. Canada. May. 2015.