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metatheatrical language in shakespeare beyond references to players, stages, groundlings, or theater itself

  • the roof of the globe, called the heavens, is thought to have been decorated with astrological symbols, hence the name; the self-consciously artificial language of caesar and hamlet when they describe the sky as “painted” or as a “canopy” or “roof” would then be a direct reference to the “heavens” above them. in the theatrical cosmos, hell was represented by the area beneath the stage. these names give a special significance to whether characters or music emerge from above or below.
  • theater was closely associated with bear-baiting, both for location – consigned to the same part of london, and often taking place in either the same or nearly identical buildings – and subject – critics of the theater or of bear-baiting might both tell you that it’s a gory, immoral, and cruel bloodsport. characters in dangerous situations frequently compare themselves to the bear encircled by hounds; what’s implied is the presence of an audience deriving some enjoyment from the spectacle. in this sense, macbeth’s “bear-like, I must fight the course” is just as metatheatrical as his reference to the “poor player / who struts and frets his hour upon the stage.” stake, course, baited, and bayed, not to mention the obvious bear, are all bear-baiting vocabulary that you might see in shakespeare.  
  • elizabethan and jacobean theaters often advertised themselves with flags that visually indicated their names. the globe’s flag bore an image of hercules carrying the earth (along with the famous motto “totus mundus agit histrionem” which you could generously translate as “all the world’s a stage”). hercules was also known by the name alcides. the references typically don’t go much beyond winking acknowledgement, but rosencrantz’s remark about “hercules and his load too” appears in a dialogue about a rival playing company and explicitly refers to the globe theatre, and antony’s reversal of fortunes is signified by music from beneath the stage – that’s hell, remember – and hercules’s departure; in other words, the entire globe turning against him. 

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How Come Dylan Thomas Does Not Work Out At My Gym?

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

Delirious (Bones x Reader)

Bones/Reader (For Atari’s Birthday Challenge) 

“Dammit! I’m a doctor, not nature-loving bear-bait!!”

Leonard McCoy was really disgruntled about this away mission, which had turned into a camping trip, due to the long journey to the native’s secluded village. The alien guide was leading the way, talking with Uhura and Jim, while you and the doctor trudged on behind. You giggled to yourself as he continued ranting about disease and danger and predators. It was funny how such a fearless man, who’d run into a firefight to save injured crew, could freak out over a few days in the wild.

“I don’t think there are any bears on this planet, Doctor,” you informed him, strolling along happily. You were having the time if your life on this gorgeous place and couldn’t believe he was so sour about it, but then Dr. McCoy was sour about everything, which was a shame, because he was incredibly handsome. He frowned at you.

“Well, surely they have some sort of carnivorous animal life? It’s too much to hope that we’re completely safe out here.”

It’s almost as if he was looking for reasons to gripe, you thought, shaking your head.

“Not around here, doc, sorry to disappoint you. It’s mostly birds, rodents, and insects in this area. If we’d have landed on the other side of the continent, well, that would be a different story. Luckily, the Captain listens to his science officers when it comes to dangerous flora and fauna.”

He snorted. “You haven’t been here long, have you?”

“Four months. Why?”

“Jim isn’t exactly known for his cautious streak. I could tell you plenty of stories–like the time he he got captured by a sentient vine that was holding him upside down, dangling in the air. Sulu had to hit the thing with laughing gas to get it to let go of the captain.”

You laughed out loud and the captain turned and looked back at you.

“What’s up, Lieutenant? Bones telling bad jokes again?”

“No, he’s telling me juicy stories about you, actually,” you replied. “Don’t worry. It’s nothing too incriminating.”

Kirk shot McCoy a betrayed look.

“And here I thought you were my friend, Bones.”

“Well, Jimmy, I was just reminding the Lieutenant here of some of your more… away missions to pass the time.”

The captain sighed. “You have to bring up my wild and irresponsible past?”

“Yep!” The doctor replied cheerfully. “It’s not completely in the past, either.”

You thought their banter was hilarious, but hid your grin, lest Jim think you were ganging up on him.

More trudging and crazy stories later, a large black bird swooped overhead, letting out a loud “CAWW!!” You stared at it in wonder. It was like a crow, but three times larger.

“Bad omen,” Leonard muttered. “Something’s going to go terribly wrong soon, I can feel it.”

“Why Doctor, I thought you were a man of science who didn’t hold to superstition!!” You reminded him. “It’s just a bird!”

“I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious,” he said, eying the low-flying bird with great suspicion.

“Is that even a word?” You asked in disbelief.

“It is now. Big black birds mean either something bad has already happened or will happen. The thing’s the size of a vulture almost.”

You shook your head as the doctor strolled on, muttering things about the treacherous nature of unknown planets. You looked apprehensively at the gathering clouds in the sky and hoped he wouldn’t turn out to be right.

About a mile later, the guide led Jim off the trail under a thick stand of trees with leaves the size of your head.

“She says we should take shelter from the rain. There’s a cave back in here we can take cover in.”

With another look of trepidation, the doctor followed you through the trees.

Your eyes were wide as you took in the foreign plant life that you’d never seen before. Giant ferns and ivy grew everywhere and there were huge clusters of flowers that looked like hydrangeas were dotted about the forest. You had your tricorder out in a second, analyzing as much as you could as you followed along. Leonard saw how your eyes were shining with excitement as you explored, clearly in your element, and he softened a bit, knowing what a scientific paradise this place probably was to you.

“Keep up, Bones, lieutenant!!” Jim called back and you realized you’d lagged quite a ways behind in your engrossing study of the plants.

“Sorry,” you called and tucked your tricorder away reluctantly, striding forward quickly to catch up to the other three. In a few minutes, everyone was huddled inside the shallow cave, watching sheets of rain pour off the overhang as the storm swept through.

“Wow, what a downpour,” The captain observed.

“Yes, it is,” you said. “Rather refreshing. I haven’t seen real rain in a long time.”

“This your first away mission?” He asked.

“Yes, sir,” you replied. You shifted your leg slightly to better balance your weight against the waist high boulder you leaned on and felt a sudden stabbing pain in your thigh. Whirling around, you saw a long speckled body gliding away into the darkness.

“Lieutenant, what’s wrong? You’re white as a sheet,” Kirk asked urgently.

“I think a snake bit me,” you said faintly.

“What? Where?!” The doctor was instantly alert and moving to your side.

“Here,” you said, pointing to the back of your leg just above the knee. “It was on that rock. It crawled away really quickly. I didn’t recognize the species.”

Already, your leg was throbbing and cold fear shot through you as you thought of the poison working through you.

“Try to describe it to me,” Uhura put in worriedly. “I can ask Teelith if she knows what it is and if it’s poisonous.”

“It is poisonous,” the doctor confirmed. “I’m going to give you a hypo to try to counter it until we know what’s going on. Keep still.”

Numbly, you nodded as the hypo was delivered.

“From what I could see, the snake was tan with black and gray spots. He was pretty cranky about getting his nap disturbed, I guess.”

“I should say so,” Jim said. “I’ll keep a sharp eye out in case he comes back. Bones, how’s it look?”

“Not great, Jim. We need to get an antivenin soon.”

Uhura was explaining the snake to the guide, and you saw her eyes grow wide with alarm.

“She says it’s the Speckled Cave Snake and they’re very dangerous. They have a treatment, but we must get her to the capitol before the day is over.”

Your frightened eyes met Leonard’s.

“It’s going to kill me, isn’t it?” You whispered. Your leg was very tingly and starting to go numb.

He swallowed hard and looked you square in the eyes.

“Not if I can help it, Y/N. We’ll get you there in good time. Won’t we Jim?”

“We sure will. Everybody Break out your rain gear and get ready to move out,” the captain ordered. “We’re going to get her to help, weather or no weather.”

Without further ado, he took off his pack and began rummaging through it for the standard poncho. You shrugged your own pack off, but the doctor quickly took it in hand to get out your gear, seeing you struggling to twist around.

“Stay still,” he gently ordered. “I’ll get it.”

“I don’t know if I can walk fast enough.” You admitted as you stuck your head through the hole and began to fasten the front and back together at your side.

“That’s okay, Y/N, Jim and I can give you a lift–if you’re okay with that,” he amended.

With you? Very okay, you thought. Dr. McCoy was the subject of many of your friends dreams and up until this mission, you’d always rolled your eyes at their pining. Now that you’d met him and worked with him, well, you definitely understood the appeal. His pessimism and grumpiness was clearly not an indication of him genuinely being unpleasant, but mostly an ongoing mild protest against space. According to rumors, he’d joined Starfleet just to get away from a nasty ex-wife who’d cleaned him out and made his existence a living hell.

You didn’t understand how someone could possibly do that to Leonard, but obviously you didn’t know the whole story.

Ponchos in place, you found yourself being lifted into Leonard’s arms as the five of you prepared to continued the trek to the native city.

“Hmmm,” you murmured. “Nice biceps.”

“You flatter me, Lieutenant” Leonard replied, looking down at you with a gentle smile. “You comfortable?”

“As much as I can be,” you told him. “Where’s my backpack?”

“Uhura’s got it.” He told you. Thus reassured, you nodded at Jim, who was waiting for the Okay to move.

Out into the rain you went, pulling your hood over your face as much as possible to keep from getting to much rain on your face.

Luckily, the rain did not last the whole four hour trip, but you weren’t sure you would. You felt worse and worse as the hours dragged by, the numbness joined by a fever that made the rest of your body ache. Leonard was occasionally spelled by Jim when his arms grew tired, but not for very long periods.

“Hurts, Len,” you mumbled. “So hot.”

“I see,” he said, looking very concerned. “Try to hang in there, sweetheart, we’re almost there. Teelith says it’s just a few kilometers, now.”

“Good,” you whispered and closed your eyes. Right now you just wanted to sleep and wake up better.

You were drifting in and out of consciousness when a voice said “there it is! Look, Y/N, there’s the city.”

You pried your eyes open a slit, but you couldn’t make anything out–it was all blurry. It appeared Jim was carrying you, since the sleeve was yellow, rather than blue.

“I’ll take your word for it. Can’t see much right now.” You whispered.

“Bones, she says she can’t see.” Jim told the CMO. We’ve got to get her in there as soon as possible or we’re gonna lose her!“

You were transferred back to the doctor’s hold for the last leg of the journey and you smiled deliriously.

“Y'know, doc, If I don’t die, I was gonna ask you out.”

“Oh?” The doctor asked pleasantly, one eyebrow going up, though you couldn’t see it in your state.

“Yep. You’re totally cute, and really smart, and completely sexy,” you rambled on. “Even your grumpiness is adorable and did I mention the dimples?”

“Now, now, Y/N, you’re gonna make me blush. You’re the cute one, you know.”

“You think I’m cute?” You said, head lolling around to try to see him.

“Sure do, darlin’.”

Even in your fevered misery, a happy feeling went through you. Unfortunately, you passed out again before you could say anything else.

When you woke up, you were in a very soft kind of bed and feeling much better, if very tired. The room was a soothing blue color, but strangely circular.

“Hey, sleeping beauty,” came a voice beside you. There sat Leonard, a relieved grin exposing his dimples–the dimples you rambled on about to his face. “Welcome back.”

Trying not to blush, you nodded.

“Am I going to make it?” You asked.

“Sure are.” He told you, giving your hand a squeeze. “We made it in the nick of time. You’re going to be here a couple more days, though, because your body is worn out. Speckled Cave Snakes are no joke.”

“Thanks for hauling my sorry ass around,” you sighed. “Please tell me I didn’t hit on you when I was out of it.”

The smug grin that spread over his face confirmed your fears and you covered your eyes with your hand.

“Alright, I won’t tell you. But if you ever get a hankering to ask me out when you’re not out of your head, well, I won’t say no. You’re a great scientist and a charming person.”

Your blush grew deeper as he continued in a teasing tone: “Didn’t I tell you the crow was a bad sign?”

Epilogue: Four Years Later

You wriggled in your husband’s arms, trying to get untangled from his long limbs curled around you. Leonard McCoy would deny it until the day he died, but he was a big cuddle bug and getting free was tricky.

“Len, honey, can you let me out? Need to get up.”

A grunt was the response, followed by “I’m not letting you go. It’s too early to get up.”

One eye was partially open and he squinted at you blearily. You couldn’t help but chuckle at his cute scruff, wild bedhead, and growly protests as you continued your attempts to rise from the bed.

“I’m afraid I do have to get up, darling,” you told him, with a kiss on his jaw. “Baby on the bladder makes things very urgent, you know.”

He smiled sleepily and finally moved his leg and arm so you could heave your eight months pregnant belly out of bed.

“You’re beautiful, darlin,” he called after you.

“If you say so,” you returned, making a beeline for the bathroom, cringing at the sight of yourself in the mirror.

That very eventful away mission had been the catalyst for a budding relationship between you and Leonard that resulted in marriage 18 months ago. Now, there was a little McCoy due in a few weeks and two very excited parents to be. The Enterprise was in refit for a year, so the pregnancy wouldn’t happen in space, a great relief to your worrywart husband.

When you emerged from the bathroom, Leonard was sitting up, rubbing sleep out of his eyes and looking too cute to resist, so you walked over and sat down beside him, leaning into his warm chest.

“How’s our little peanut doing this morning?” He asked, giving you a sweet, lingering kiss.

“Feeling feisty,” you said, guiding his hand to the spot you could feel little kicks. “Pretty soon we’ll have another little blue shirt scientist in the family.”

“Probably, but he or she isn’t going anywhere near any caves on strange planets if I can help it,” Len said firmly. “No more snakes." 

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Neighbours - Part Ten: Tommy Shelby

The Introductions

Part One | Part Nine | Part Ten | Part Eleven |

- Warning for racist comments -

My mother returns from America full of stories and gifts, her face bright and excited while father and I sit opposite her nodding along.

“So Georgiana, is there anything new with you?” she says, finally turning to me, her perfect eyebrows raised. I know what she’s really asking, ‘have you found yourself a man’ and my blood boils.

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Random Musings of the Day: BatB AUs

Aka, the Victorian!AU and the Modern-Day Royals!AU that nobody asked for!

Let’s start with the Victorians:

  • Partially inspired by Robert and Cora Crawley’s backstory on Downton Abbey and this post/book recommendation by @je-suis-em-jee: “A Scot in the Dark” by Sarah MacLean. 
  • Also a result of my frustration over other such AUs that insist on making Belle a maid under Beast’s employ (she’s not Cinderella folks; if you want to do the respectable-but-still-under-your-employment-route take a queue from Jane Eyre and make her a governess to Chip or something), and don’t consider the historical background and social consequences for said actions (to be fair there would still be scandal if a gentleman married his governess, but less so than if he ran off with the maid. Also maids weren’t considered to be educated ladies whereas governesses were, and that bought them some respectability). 
  • Anyway, rant over; let us move on!
  • Setting: London, England c. mid-1880s.
  • Isabelle “Belle” Prentiss is the daughter of famed society painter Maurice Prentiss. She has recently come into an impressive fortune on her mother’s side, as her uncle had no children of his own to leave it to. Great news, right? Wrong! Because said uncle left a condition in his will that she must marry to secure her inheritance, and if not the money will pass to some distant relative. In spite of the recent Women’s Property Acts of 1870 and 1882 that allow women to maintain their own property, Belle has to be legally married to obtain the money in accordance to the will. No exceptions. 
  • Normally Belle would say the Victorian equivalent of “fuck you!” and move on (she’s not going to marry for the sake of money, thank you very much), but the problem is….she needs the money. Business has been bad for her father and now he’s taken ill, which means bills have been piling up. To make matters worse that cursed libertine Captain Lionel Grayson (Gaston) has been making unwanted advances towards her, and has placed her in a position that will leave her in disgrace unless she marries him. It’s bad enough that she even has to consider marriage to save her father, but to Grayson!? Uggh. He’ll never treat her with the love and respect she craves, and will likely try to take control of her inheritance, of this she is certain. What’s a girl to do?
  • Enter His Grace Adam Beaumont (Beast), 9th Duke of Sheffield and master of the dilapidated Balmore Castle. He’s been subjected to a series of high society scandals in his youth, and suffered from an accident a few years back that left him visibly scarred on the left-side of his face. The society to which he rightly belongs might pander to his face because of his name, but behind his back gossip, and baseless rumours about a violent, monster like nature start to spread. Mothers hide their daughters rather than put them in his path as potential wives. Better a live Countess than a savaged Duchess (paraphrased from @romancingthebookworm). These rumours, combined with his quick temper and reclusive nature has earned him the nickname “The Beast of Balmore.” And the sad thing is, Adam has started to believe it. 
  • He’s also land-rich but cash-broke and needs to marry a wealthy heiress to secure the estate for the next generation, else he lose his family’s legacy forever. So he makes the trip to London to mingle amongst the hypocrites of the aristocracy, a society he once so loved, to find said bride.
  • Fate brings our Beauty and Beast together and they….get on as well as two dogs in a bear-baiting ring. 
  • All joking and terrible first-meetings aside, Adam makes a deal with Belle: marry him, help him secure the financial future of Balmore and she can maintain her inheritance, provide for her father, save her reputation and never want for anything ever again. 
  • How can she say no to that?
  • ….Actually, she almost did, but desperate times call for desperate measures, and hey, at least he’s allowing her to keep some of her autonomy. That’s certainly more than what Grayson was offering. Besides, there are no better offers coming her way.  
  • So a secret wedding is hastily arranged and there’s a great deal of muttering about this (there are some particularly salacious rumours that go along the lines of: “My word, what’s going to happen when a Beast takes a bride, wink-wink, nudge-nudge?”), and Belle leaves London as the Duchess of Sheffield to live with her new husband that she barely knows (and is slightly intimidated by) in this crumbling, far-off castle in the Peak District away from any traces of civilization. 
  • But when she actually gets to Balmore, Belle is pleasantly surprised to discover a house that, while in need of repairs, is full of unexpected beauty: decorous rooms, fine galleries, gardens hidden behind stone walls, a library filled with more books than she could ever read in a lifetime.
    • An incident occurs three weeks after her arrival in which she and Adam get into a huge row and she storms out of the house, hitching up her her chosen horse Philippe and heading off into the storm. She rides, faster and faster into the hills, wanting to get away from that gilded cage she’s forced to call home, to get away from that man, that Beast, when she’s suddenly set upon by wolves. She manages to hold them off until Adam arrives, who had followed her out, being more familiar with the surrounding woods than she, and helps her, but also gets injured in the process. She helps him back to Balmore and tends to him, whereupon she finds his scars and learns more about his accident and the cruelty he endured at the hands of his father. It’s not the beginnings of love, or even friendship, but it’s an understanding, and Belle begins to see him in a new light. 
    • Afterwards, while reading to him as he recovers, Belle brings up Romeo and Juliet, and dismayed at the thought of a wife whose tastes are so limited Adam brings her to the library for the first time. The look of joy on her face fills him with such warmth, a strange sort of pleasure through her own pleasure, and he gifts it to her on the spot. That is when the true turning point of their relationship occurs. 
  • She makes friends amongst the household staff: kindly and motherly Mrs. Potts, the housekeeper who always has a fresh pot of tea on hand, and her sweet son Chip; Cogsworth the Butler, who despite his stuffiness keeps the place orderly and is an asset to Belle when she inquires after management affairs; first footman Louis Meir (nicknamed Lumiere) who keeps everyone’s spirits up and knows how to put on a good show; the French maid Pauline Babineaux (nicknamed Plumette, though only by Louis), who becomes Belle’s lady’s maid and closest confidante, helping her adjust to the demands of her new position.
  • Things between her and Adam are still a bit awkward, but gradually the barriers begin to break down as they start to spend more time together, bonding over books and Shakespeare, and taking walks in the gardens or going for rides. Slowly, slowly the monster she initially saw is replaced by a man with gentle blue eyes and an inquisitive mind; one whose emotional pain is as evident as the scars on his face, but not so deep to mar the beauty of his soul. 
    • Other bonding activities include: private dinners, dances, a fancy ball where Belle dresses up in an 1880s bustle version of her yellow ball gown (actually that was one of the reasons I set it in this period. You can’t deny Belle’s dress would be a GORGEOUS as a bustle gown, especially with the design and pleating on the back), and a moment where Adam comforts her during a thunderstorm because Belle. hates. thunderstorms.
    • As for possible sexy-times…..I’ll leave that to @je-suis-em-jee and @dereksprettyboy (I can’t write smut to save my life; they’re so much better with that kind of thing). 
  • Within the year they are truly in love, and things have never been better for the estate or for each other. 
  • They have a second wedding the following spring, followed by a proper honeymoon traversing France and Italy. 

And now the Modern Royals:

  • I don’t have this one nearly as well-thought out, other than it has a sort-of ‘Princess Diaries’ vibe to it. If anyone wants to add on please do. 
  • The Beast is His Serene Highness Jean Mathieu Yvain François Adam de Montmorency (once again, with the exception of the last bit, is curtesy of @je-suis-em-jee), Sovereign Prince of Bergerais. Bergerais is a fictional European Principality situated between France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany (you get the idea), and one of the few that managed to survive the chaos of two World Wars and the general upheavals of the twentieth century. 
  • That being said, the Princely Family doesn’t have the greatest reputation at the moment; it’s one rife with scandal and intrigue caused by Adam’s father (and later through him), but now that he’s ascended to the throne it’s time for him to clean up his act. 
  • Isabelle “Belle” Dubois comes into the Prince’s life one way or another (college? a high society event? she gets hired as tutor/governess to his younger brother Chip? or as a new addition to his PR team? IDK) and as typical of all BatB stories they don’t hit it off immediately
  • But shit happens and they become friends, then they slowly begin to fall in love; then Adam proposes and Belle has to adjust to life as a future Princess Consort in the twenty-first century with the aid of Plumette, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, Lumiere, maybe even Madame Garderobe, and maybe special guest appearances from other Disney Princesses. 
Blood Stain

Ivar x Reader
Suggesting of animal slaughter / Smut / Blood
so yeah i saw someone asking about blood and ivar … i know its been done but here is my take XD I will probably do another one of these if interested so if you want to be tagged just let me know :) 
@ivars-heathen-army @ivartheboneme @heathensisterwives

Set on the outskirts of your home, in one of the hunting hunts near the forest.

You found it easy to lose yourself out here and had never had an issue with being sent out for hunting this time of year. You could spend hours sitting alone waiting for deer to walk out into view, sometimes you would watch them pull on the fresh spring shoots finding yourself smiling at the way their ears would twitch and their heads spin around to check for safety before settling into their meals. If they only knew that just down wide often sat their end in the form of you and your bow.

the last few weeks had been good and you had managed to attain several carcasses alone, before dragging them back to the hut for draining and skinning. Slicing through the thin flesh of their neck and allowing the blood to drain. The blood would poor at first before slowing to a drip onto the tilted stone slab that funnelled down into a large tub at the far end to be used for dyes and bear bait traps.

You had become accustomed to the smell over the years, the thick sickly sweet burst of fresh blood changing into a rusted metallic tang as it aged and darkened. It was always heavy in the air and on your flesh, it would dry and set into your hair from when you had run your hands through it to clear it from your face.

It had been around a week since you had returned to camp, it had been nice to revel in your own company, the silence of the wilderness. The only sounds coming from your hands as they churned cloth and hide into the basin, the congealed blood immersing leather and cloth with a slap. The repetitive swish and slap of the thickened blood, mixed with the soft leather hide felt oddly relaxing to you. But today something else creeped into its melody, you turned towards the door grabbing your skinning knife into your blood-soaked hands, raising slightly off up of your knees. The smell of the blood could often draw predators by the hut, big ones, but this sound that alerted you it was not loud enough to be a bear. It mimicked the sounds of the carcasses as you dragged them from the forest, intertwined with thuds and the clinking of metal.

Silence fell for a moment and you found yourself leaning towards the door way, as skittish and nervous as those hanging behind you had acted. The door abruptly swung open, startling you and causing you to drop back against the basin. The cold blood crashing over you as it flipped and fell sprawling the pelts across the floor. You clamber and slip unable to stand as you try to make it back onto your feet, your knife still firmly placed in your hand.

A low yet warm laugh fills the room as the mysterious noise is made clear. “Hello Y/N” Ivar manages to slip out before his gently chuckle returned. You let out a sigh of relief to see a familiar face at the door. You calmed yourself before standing, “you nearly scared me half to death Ivar, is there something I can help you with?” you ask softly enquiring to his visit, but Ivar does not answer. His eyes have fallen from yours his lips parted as his eyes follow the lines of your body that your thin blood soaked dress clung to. Stuck to your breasts and hips, the fabric clasped around your leg and between your thighs and Ivar could not tear his eyes from you. Your breathing hiked at the silence, your fingers fiddling with the knife handle in your hand, “What were you planning on doing with that?” Ivar asks as the movement broke his attention, his eyes paused on your blade, “oh, nothing, it was just in case, um…” your words leave a stuttered mess as you release the blade to the floor, “I have made such a mess” your voice was so flustered as you dropped to your knees, grabbing  the sodden pelts on the floor. The corner of Ivars lip curled, as he crawled his way over to you, “let me help you” he offered but you reject his offer abruptly “No Ivar, you will get the blood all over you too , I will be fine” but as your eyes dart up Ivar has already made his way to your side through the pooled blood his thumb running over his soaked palm. “Where have you been Y/N? I have not seen you for a while.” his voice was low  and heavy as he looked over the blood. You gesture towards the dripping deer carcasses, “its breeding season” Ivar tilting his head in agreement, a smile creeping onto your lips before you have a chance to hide your enjoyment of being the recipient of a small sign of compassion barley given by Ivar.

His tongue rolls along his teeth, as if to taste his words before speaking them “Do you not get lonely?” he asked as he pulled himself closer to you “being up here.” You had never been this close to Ivar before, his pupils filled the majority of his crystal blue eyes as he moistened his lips with his tongue that you found your eyes fixated upon. A heat began to build in the pit of your stomach and you swallowed hard. In an attempt to distance yourself from him you slide back slightly “ um, not really, I mean its nice up here”  Ivar nods letting out an unconvinced “uhuh” as he closes the gap again. You try to reinstate the distance but the blood causes you hands to slip from under you, your elbows only just catching you from hitting against the floor. Ivars eyes look you up and down hungrily as he continues to stalk his way up your body, “so… is my company not welcomed?” his face only a breath away from yours, you can feel the heat of your core in contrast to the cold blood, the heat from his body looming over yours. His ravenous eyes pull you in as you raise your hand to his face, his cheek leaning into your touch before his tongue pushes into your palm as he sucks the blood from it, blood smearing along his face. Your thighs squeeze together tightly to try and dull the sensation, but it only intensifies causing your hips to rise into ivars. Your tongue wets your own lips before you move into his, the kiss was soft as his tongue searched for entrance into your mouth. Your lips part and your mouth is filled with that taste iron and salt, a weak moan leaving your body. Ivars kiss deepens at your moans and you allow your legs to wrap him, letting his erect member grind into your core. Your hands sliding under his shirt grabbing at his flesh, able to feel his heart beat through his chest.

Ivar lets out a growl as he breaks from the kiss, reaching for the knife you had dropped earlier. He slides the blade cold between your flesh and your dress, slicing through the fabric to reveal your bare skin to him. You grab at his shirt puling at his collar causing him to release a chuckle while pulling the shirt over his head. He admires your naked body beneath him his hands returning to you, smearing the blood across your heated skin as you hands slide up his chest and curl over his shoulders pulling him down to you.  His lips return to your flesh,, his kisses trailing down your chest engulfing your nipple into his mouth for a moment before trailing lower down onto your abdomen.
Ivars unwraps his bound hands throwing his braces to the side. His hands running from the back of your thigh grasping at your hips before pushing your legs further apart. His thumb tests between your folds, a smile forms against your skin as he is met by your wetness, “you want me” it was not a question, his fingers slide into the wet heat, a moan is all you could give in reply as his fingers slowly pulsed back and forth, creating a beckoning motion inside you as if pulling the pleasure out of you. His mouth falls lower on your body until his wide, hot tongue contacts your bud. His tongue swirling as he sucks lightly creating a pressure in the pit of your stomach. His fingers pause deep inside of you, rocking up and down as his tongue continues to work on your clit. Your breathing quickens as your back arches away from the floor, your hands grasping as his hair as your whimpered moans escape your lips. He restarts the back and for motion of his fingers exploring inside of you until he finds your spot. Sparks surge through your body causing your hips to jolt, his teeth grazing your clit from the sudden movement, your core clenching around his fingers. You try to call out his name but anything you try to say is incoherent. His actions quicken his fingers pushing against you, pulling your body into release as it runs like a flood over you. Ivar pulls his  fingers from you as your body writhes to only replace them with  his tongue as it delves into your entrance lapping up the taste from your weak and satisfied body.

Coming round from your euphoria you see Ivar lying next you on his back a smug smile adorning blood soaked face. “I hope you enjoyed my company Y/N” his hand reaching out to pull you into his chest. You purr into his neck, draping your arms over his chest, “yes Ivar….could you visit me more often?”  Ivars head falls to the side planting a kiss on your forehead “ I think I just might Y/N, I think I just migh.”

So, I went to the Globe Theater today, and learned about Bankside, and I think it really fits as the place Veilgarden used to be. Back in Elizabethan times, it was actually just outside of London, so lots of fun stuff not allowed in London proper happened there, like drinking, bear baiting, prostitution, and plays, which is why the Globe Theater was there. It was the fun place, where people went to relax. Poor and rich people went there, and wealthy people would take the opportunity to show off their wealth at shows. So it would make sense if Veilgarden, the place known for hedonism with honey dens, prostitution, playwriting, poetry, etc. was based on Bankside. It was part of London by the time it fell, and Failbetter has said geography got all screwy and messed up after the Fall, so it’s place in relation to the map is largely meaningless. I can’t really place it’s connection to the name, though. Veil, reference to Elizabethan? Veil, like costumes used in plays? It still fits really well overall!