bear appetit

So I downloaded that “are you guys fucking right in front of my salad?” porno to see what the context of that situation could possibly be and OH BOY what a thrilling story

The bear (Jaxton Wheeler) hires a twunk (Jake Porter) to cook dinner to surprise his wife but apparently didn’t read the ad because twunk is a NAKED chef and only cooks NAKED. So he starts stripping off to prepare the surprise dinner to bear’s surprise, who asks him to put his clothes back on but as he’s pulling his pants back up bear reaches down and starts groping his ass!

“You know what? You can keep the clothes off.” 

Twunk strips back down again and puts on an apron as bear continues to stare at his bare ass. Twunk must have a bad understanding of what the word “chef” means because the dinner he starts to prepare consists of a container of prepackaged salad leaves and a chopped up cucumber (featuring lots of lingering camera shots of said cucumber). As he’s starting to cut up a bell pepper, bear comes up behind him and starts spooning him. 

“Working hard, huh?” 
“Kind of. Hungry?” 
“You could say I’m working up an appetite.”

Bear starts kissing the back of twunk’s neck and grabbing at his ass.

“I see you brought some extra groceries!”

They start making out and regular old boring vanilla gay porn ensues until suddenly…


2/3 of the way into the video, bear’s WIFE comes home while they’re fucking doggy style over the kitchen counter but doesn’t seem to notice what’s happening.

“Hey babe! What’s going on in here?”
“Oh well I got you a surprise today, I hired a chef to come by and make you this wonderful salad!”

Wife is very excited about her salad and doesn’t seem to notice the moaning or facial expressions twunk is making while bear is plowing him from behind. Wife takes a bite of salad before noticing twunk is only wearing an apron, bear tries to make excuses.

“…you don’t have a shirt on.”
“It’s really hot in here hon.”
“Wait a minute do you have pants on? Are you guys fucking? Are you serious? Right in front of my salad? You guys are fucking gross!”

Wife gets up and storms out of the house.

“Ma’am… the… salad…”
“She’s not gonna be finishing it.”
“She’s not coming back?”
“No, so you might as well just bend down for me, let me finish that ass.”

They get right back fucking, twunk cums, bear cums.

“Why don’t you clean up instead of making dessert.”

Fade to black, no mention of the salad or the wife or the ruined marriage.

wip bc i havent painted in the last two days n im highkey pissed at myself

And the glass is never full, as if time
continually have its parch mouth sipping
or has bore a hole in the bottom
and the content is leaking,
slipping. How difficult it is to be a woman
and bear a voracious appetite
for fine things, lace undergarments, sweet
wine, the love of a man, yes, the love of a man.

Changed up the style of how the backgrounds will look and I definitely like it better. It’s simpler too I think which works better and in my favor lol. 

This is  what my film’s gonna look like in the end and I am SO excited to get to coloring and inking honestly but still so much animating left to do. 

That reminds me though if anyone has experience with the video feature in photoshop and has just..overall experience flat coloring and would like to lend a helping hand, throw some examples my way and I’ll be really happy for the help! You’ll be put into the credits and I’ll even do a simple colored art piece for you of anything you want! Just email me at or message me on here if you’re interested!