bear and maths

the myth that all autistic people are math and science geniuses is harmful bc it excludes autistic people who arent and prevents them from getting the help that they need and tells them that they “arent really autistic”

stop expecting all autistic people to be able to be physics and calculus masters at the age of 9

autistic people can be good at reading or writing or history or art or anything or nothing at all

stop making rules for our abilities and denying our autism because we dont meet your expectations


stats will actually be the death of me

my favourite maths teacher who I’ve had for six years always says you’re either a stats person or a mechanics person and I am most definitely a mechanics person

look how cute these new page table I bought are ft. all the pages of revision I have to do


30 day studyblr challenge, day 4: a photo of your most recent work

some maths from a past paper I did in class today and then continued at home📐✏️

happy studying everyone! 💗


I’ve had a crap ton of crap happen IRL (also the political landscape right now is a hummer) and I’ve been trying to compensate by being extra kind to everyone around me?  (And chopping all my hair off.)  And I feel like “the universe” (or whatever) has just been creating opportunities for me to be nice?  Like - McDonalds is giving out beanie boos right now with their happy meals so we’re going more than we should because the girls are both obsessed with beanie boos and I am getting myself one whenever we go.  We went together on Wednesday night and (Sadness!) all three of us got Frostiness who we already had 3 of.  But, we pull into our driveway and these two moms are on a walk with their 3 fussy toddlers who are getting feisty just as we get out of the car.  Three extra polar bear toys, three toddlers, perfect math!  And last night we were at the park and we played with this awesome family and had an absolute blast.  Just now I logged into facebook and there was this post in a local moms group calling me out for being nice and I’m just a bit melty.  Like - things might be a bit crappy but I can still work to make my little part of the world better and that’s not nothing.

My Friends First Thoughts About WWE Wrestlers

Dean Ambrose: 

  • Is that Ed Sheerean after a shower? 

Seth Rollins: 

  • Looks like Jesus on steroids. 
  • Pocket sized bear. 
  • The annoying kid in math class. 

Roman Reigns: 

  •  he just a big teddy bear on steroids? 
  • DADDY.

Shane O’Mac:



  • When you the only emo in the family. 
  • Someone must have took her Hot Topic Hot Cash because she’s salty.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn: 

  • Why do they look like they should be in an indy band?

AJ Styles: 

  • Billy Ray Cyrus but buff. 
  • Embodiement of the Daves Matthew Band. 
  • When Billy Cyrus goes Emo. 

Sami Zayn: 

  • Zayn Malik?? 
  • Nascar meets drunk meets meets Irish meets kid

Kevin Owens: 

  • Poor dad that got pulled in to this for a joke but stayed because he’s poor and needs to support his kids.


  • Enthusiastic Kentucky dad

John Laurinitius: 

  • Smoke much? 
  • Ken doll that aged and smoked too much

Enzo Amore: 

  • What is this??
  •  w h a t?? 
  • DJ from Jersey. 
  • Looks like what LSD does to you. 

Big Cass: 

  • those white dudes at our school that get corn rows and pretend that they go to the gym.
  • Is his dick named Big Cass or??

The Vaudvillians: 

  • Hipsters
  • spend their mornings at organic farms
  • Totally Gay

Gallows and Anderson: 


John Cena




Renee Young: 

  • Dean doesn’t deserve her

Becky Lynch: 

  • I love her. 
  • Look her hair! 
  • She a beaut



Baron Corbin: 

  • SATAN! 
  • Retired army general mixed with hormonal teen. 
  • Lives in the woods. 

Zack Ryder: 

  • Daddy. 
  • Flashy Pants



Dana Brooke: 

  • She thick I love her

Sasha Banks: 


Wyatt Family: 

  • I don’t want it. It needs to stop.
  • What the fuck is this hillbilly shit?

Bray Wyatt: 

  • Danny Warsnop really let himself go

The New Day: 

  • Make that booty pop! 
  • Are they high?


  • *unintelligible noises*


  • Actually a bear

Titus O’Neil: 

  • Look at that booty pop

Chris Jericho: 

  • Up and coming country star. 

Minus The Bear - Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse

OKAY BUT Captain!America Castiel and Winter Soldier!Sam is awesome and needs to be a Thing™. Hear me out. 

We’re talking Castiel, out of place in a time and culture not his own, learning to live and survive and adapt to changes. We’re talking rebel!Cas with an iron sense of good who will fight for what he believes in, opposing the highest authorities if the situation calls for it. Castiel with no place to call home, who saw the dawn of mankind but still appreciates the little things. We’re talking “Sam is my friend” and “come near Sam Winchester and I will kill you” and “you are not taking Sam Winchester, I won’t let you” Cas.

And then there’s Sam, manipulated and used by insidious evil and blamed and criticized and targeted by the “good” guys. Sam who, despite the fact that he was not in control of being fed demon blood as an infant, still considers it a personal failing. Sam who tries to do good and doesn’t want others to suffer like he did, whose autonomy has been trampled on over and over again.

Just. Cap!Cas and Winter Soldier!Sam. That is all.

hey guys! this is my first ever how-to post please bear with me

HOW TO STUDY MATH in three steps: 

1. Understand the Concept

Memorizing the formula is nothing if you don’t understand the concept, especially in applied maths. Ask your teacher/professor all the whys, and hows. How did it come to be, How you can apply it in real life, etc. You’re lucky if your teacher/professor always explains the concepts in complex AND in layman’s term. If not, ask them to explain it in a much simpler way so you can grasp the concept. Please, please, if you’re shy or just plain afraid of the professor, think about the tuition you or the taxes of people pay for, maybe it will make you make the best of it. If it still won’t work, just ask a friend. :))) Math is wonderful if you truly understand the concept. Otherwise, you’ll just be annoyed while solving problems.

2. Practice, Practice, Practice

Want to memorize a formula? Practice. Answer mock exercises, exercises in your textbook(if any), old exams from friends, or exercise sheets you can get from the internet. At some point, you might forget the formula if you only memorize it. If you keep practicing, you won’t have to memorize the formula at all because your brain will just get used to it and believe me, when you face that exam paper, your brain will just automatically spit out formulas. Remember your favorite song four years ago? You might think you have already forgotten the lyrics(because duhh??! it was four years ago!) but nah. Try listening to it one more time and the lyrics will just come to you because you kept repeating it then(you did, oh the good old days). 

3. Preach

This works for me best on analytic proofs. When you just have to prove, you need to go back from the start and tell the almighty story of how the heck did that thing come to be. You need to practice your skills on making a good algorithm. When I’m in the house and in a math state(i.e. solving problems, exercises, assignments), I say the steps I’m gonna do out loud like I’m teaching(First, blah blah. Second blah blah. …..) so when I’m in public places or in a classroom, my brain just fires instructions, silently talking to myself. Please don’t mumble, they might think you’re nuts or you might disturb your seatmates.

We can’t avoid math forever, can we? Better make the best of it by understanding. I swear it just gets better when you start to understand the concept. We can do this! Attagirl/boy!. :)))


prompt:its some kind of celebration, like Christmas, a birthday or anniversary and stiles gives malia a necklace his mother had bc she always told him to give it to a girl he loved


“Don’t be such a sour-reindeer.” Stiles said, laughing his ass off along with the rest of the pack as Derek ripped a bright, red ball from his nose. Stiles still didn’t know how the pack had managed to convince Derek to put it on, but he was glad they were able to, none the less.
“I’m gonna kill you, Stilinski.” Derek murmured, gaining himself a glare from Malia.
“Hey, don’t threaten Stiles.” Malia said, to which Derek rolled his eyes. After she had found out she was a Hale, her and Derek had become closer, although she still couldn’t grasp that he would never really follow through on his threats to Stiles, or any other pack member.
Stiles, wearing a triumphant smirk, put his hand around Malia’s shoulder and pulled her closer.
“Is it time to give the presents?” Kira asked excitedly, chewing on a cookie that Melissa had baked, sitting up from her position on Scott’s couch.
“Sure.” Scott said, leaning forward to look for some presents. “Oh, here’s one for Stiles.”
“Ooh, that’s from me!” Kira said, taking the gift from Scott’s hand and handing it to Stiles.
Stiles hastidly opened it, revealing a CD of All Time Low’s new album.
“I thought these were sold out?” Stiles asked, oogling over his gift.
“I bought you and me one before they were all sold out.” Kira said, happy that she had found someone with simliar interests to her. He had been one of the easiest to buy a gift for.
“Okay, I want to give my gift now.” Lydia said, getting up from her seat and looking through the pile of presents for the one she bought for Malia. It wasn’t very hard for her to find the gifts she bought, as they were the best wrapped.
“Here you go, Malia!” Lydia said, a smile on her face as she handed the intricately wrapped gift to the were coyote.
Malia, ripping the wrapping paper off unceremoniously, much to Lydia’s dismay, found a fancy looking gadget. She had no idea and raised her eyebrows at Lydia, hoping for an explanation.
“It’s a brand new calculator. It will help you out with your maths.” Lydia said, Malia jumping up and burying Lydia in a bear hug.
“See, math is useless, we can just use these thingies now!” Malia said, turning to Stiles.
“I guess I was wrong.” Stiles chuckled, pulling Malia back down to him.
After giving out the rest of the presents, the pack decided it to go outside and have a supernatural snowball fight.
Scott raised his hand to throw a snowball at Derek, but thought better of it after recieving a glare from the former alpha.
“Hey!” Stiles said, as Malia and Kira bought threw snowballs at him, both of them hitting every time with their enhanced skills. “You know, you could attack each other!”
“What? No were a team.” Malia said, lobbing another snowball, hitting him in the chest.
“Hey, Scott a little help?” Stiles shouted at his best friend, who then proceded to chase after Kira with a snowball in hand.
Stiles running up to Malia, quickly reaching to grab her arm before she could throw another one.
“Hey, can we talk in private for a minute?” Stiles asked, dragging her into a hidden corner.
“What is it? I didn’t hurt you did I?” Malia asked, worried.
“What? No, it’s not that. I just wanted to give you your present.” Stiles said, a nervous smile on his face.
“Oh, I thought you forgot.” Malia said, having been sad that Stiles hadn’t given her a present like the others.
“I’d never forgot you.” Stiles said, taking the box containing her present out of his pocket.
He gave the box to Malia, looking at her expacatnely as she opened it, her face revealing no emotions.
“A necklace?” Malia asked, looking at Stiles with a look of affection in her eyes.
“Yeah, it used to be my moms.” Stiles said, licking his lips nervously. “Do you like it?”
Instead of answering, Malia pulled him into a kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck, careful not to drop the present.
“I love it.” Malia whispered into his lips.
“I love you.” Stiles whispered back, uttering the words for the first time.
“I love you too, Stiles.” Malia said, giggling.
“Can I put it on you?” Stiles asked, taking the necklace from her hand as she nodded. She turned around as he pushed her hair to one side, placing the necklace on her neck and locking the clasp.
Malia held the necklace in her hand, which looked like a plain, silver heart from the front. She turned it around in her hand, only now noticing the engraving written across the back.
“Ms Stilinski?” Malia asked, feeling slightly unworthy of the necklace, knowing how much Stiles loved his mother.
“My mom always told me to give it to someone I loved, someone I could see myself marrying.” Stiles said, wiping a tear away from Malia’s eye.
“This is the best gift.” Malia said, a couple more tears falling from her eyes, tears also pooling into Stiles’ eyes now too.
“Come on, were gonna miss the rest of the fight.” Stiles said, holding out his hand for Malia.
“Okay, but this time were a team.” Malia said, taking his hand and running with him back into the snowball fight.


Hope you guys enjoy it! Sorry I haven’t posted a fic in a while but I’m gonna try to write some more! Tell me what you think of it and don’t forget to send in prompts!