Sun bear has black fur with a golden-brown horseshoe crest on their chest, they have a stocky build with somewhat bowed legs and very long claws. They also have exceptionally long tongues, which allow them to swash it around in bee hives for honey.


Honored to illustrate my little brother’s short story, The Bear and The Light. Here’s a lovely little excerpt:

“The Owl mocked him for his foolish pursuit, but The Bear ignored The Owl because she had never looked up at the Light and so could not understand.

“It will be a long and difficult journey” warned The Coyote. “What if you cannot find the Light?”

“Then at least I tried” replied The Bear.

And so The Bear walked on in search of the Light. It was a long and difficult journey, but The Bear sang to himself and to the sky and his journey went easier. He walked and sang, and walked and sang.”

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