Pick up VOL. 2 of the Beanzattack zine this weekend @ SOLO PARA PUNX FEST. (Pictured Blazing Eye)

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Buy a fest pass for $27 ($2 paypal fees)

FRIDAY 30 (Night) 6pm - Midnight
Desmadre En Krisis 12am
Poliskitzo 11:30pm
Kruel 11pm
Mania 10:30
Bombsplinter 10
Grima 9:30
Pessimist 9pm
Mal Paso 8:30pm
Ugly Heads 8pm
Bed Bugs 7:30pm
Were//Wolves 7pm

$10 at the door - East 7th (Downtown LA)

SATURDAY 31 (Day) Noon - 5pm
Zoloa 4:30pm
Radiation (FL) 4pm
Pesadilla Dystopika 3:30pm
Age of Fear 3pm
Luddite (Fresno) 2:30pm
Obama Youth 2pm

$6 at the door - Crash Pad (Boyle Heights)

SATURDAY 31 (Night) 6pm - Midnight
Anasazi 12am
Rayos X 11:30 pm
Survival 11pm
Catholic Spit 10:30pm
Ruleta Rusa 10pm
Sadicos 9:30pm
Damages 9pm
Blazing Eye 8:30pm
Warsound 8pm
El Estorbo 7:30pm

$12 at the door - East 7th (Downtown LA)

SUNDAY 1 (Day) Noon - 6pm
Stoic Violence 5pm
Radiation (FL) 4:30pm
Abortion Reels 4pm
Catastrophe 3:30pm
Doomed Species 3pm

$6 at the door - 6th St House (Long Beach)