beany pls

we really need new skam content because everything in season 3 is being overanalyzed and we’re really getting on some Levels right now it’s time to stop before someone starts explaining how the thickness of jonas’ eyebrows symbolizes the love even and isak feel for each other 


I JUST said I was off the market, and this guy tries to cop a feel. He didn’t even try to buy me dinner first. Typical man. #SmartMonkey #SecondBase#CheekyLittleBastard#RoxyIsGonnaBeJealous#NoMoreMonkeyBusiness🙈🙉🙊

14.11.2017 kl. 14.26

CLIP: Hvorfor har vi ikke tenkt på det før??

Liv says it’s day 60 and they’re lost. All Ida’s video told them was that Thea and the mom didn’t have a good relationship. Guttorm says Ida is holding something back. Liv says yes, but she’s 12 and scared, they can’t force her to talk to them. Guttorm thinks they must’ve missed something, asks to see the last messages Liv sent to Thea. Liv shows them to him, says they’re nothing useful.

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