He had no idea that someone was wearing his hoodies for a good long while. Just that when Jack and him ended up not being put together for whatever, that he would come back and find a number of his clothing washed, mostly his hoodies and beanies and some lame excuse that Jack had washed whatever clothing he found laying on the ground of their shared quarters.

At first he was just glad he had fresh comfort clothing to come back too, but he noticed a pattern. There was a hoodie for exactly every seven days apart. One week one hoodie, two weeks two hoodies and so on and so forth. Then he began to remember if he had tossed hoodies on the ground or not, one time he even took a quick pic of a completely tidied up side of his room, left two weeks and come back to two washed hoodies folded and laid on his bed. Then of course Ana asked him if he knew Jack was wearing his hoodies when he was away.

He… ‘confronted’ Jack about it when he came back super early from a mission that everyone was sure would take a month but really only took a week. He silently crept to their room and threw open the door to find Jack huddled up the hoodie that he had specially left out for him.

“Hheeeeeyyyy, Jackie!” He yelled as Jack tried to quickly throw off his hoodie. He tackled the asshole to the bed and held him there, laughing as Jack yelled and tried to get the hoodie off of him. He pinned Jack’s flailing arms to his side and smiled as Jack blushed and refused to look at him.

“So you’ve been wearing my hoodies,” He laughed.

“I was cold and it was on the floor,” Jack snapped.

“It was on my bed, because I put it there just for you,” He retorted. Jack turned beet red, caught with his hand in the metaphorical cookie jar before pulling the hoodie up to his cheeks.

“I don’t mind, Jackie-boo,” He chuckled, knocking foreheads with the blushing blonde, “It’s kinda cute.”

“I just… miss you and they smell like you,” Jack muttered, only slightly muffled by the hoodie.

“I’ll make sure to leave one out for you whenever we’re apart,” He laughed, hugging the boy scout close.

Years and years later, after the fall, Gabriel went hunting through Jack’s drawers for anything even remotely dirty looking so he could wash the man’s terribly neglected clothing. While he was pulling out a rather ratty and waded up t-shirt, he saw something black. He pulled it out to and…

“You kept one of my beanies?” He asked.

Jack was already wearing his hoodie because he had already commandeered the man’s jacket to wash and he had pouted without it until he had handed over the hoodie to replace it. When he saw said beanie, Jack looked embarrassed and refused to look his way. He just chuckled before walking over to him and gently tugging it over his silvered hair.

“It’s still cute, Jackie,” He smiled. Jack huffed and buried himself in his hoodie and goddammit he did not think that he could love the man more but here he was, falling for him all over again as the man tried to make himself smaller in his hoodie and his old beanie.