anonymous asked:

How do you breathe while you're wearing Bean?

Good question! Very poorly, haha. While Bean has a moving jaw (he’s built up from a short-nosed canine resin base from phazonalloy), it’s not particularly responsive (by my errors in construction, not a base defect, for reference), and I regularly bind while wearing him to try and sell the illusion of a male character despite my 4′10″ height, which also reduces my ability to breathe easily.

Fortunately, his jaw opens enough that I can walk around with the mouth open sometimes, and I know my own limits well enough to be able to seek privacy if I need to breathe without “ruining the magic,” although I have come close to passing out before during situations in which I was compelled to both stay AND not “ruin the magic” (i.e. in public with children).

I don’t make heads like Bean’s on commission; at this time I only take commissions for static jaw all-foam heads. His issue with ventilation is a large part of why, since I don’t want to endanger my commissioners! It’s also a contributing factor to my desire to make a new personal suit sometime in 2015, as I’d like to be able to fursuit for longer periods of time than Bean lets me.

Here’s one of the WIP photos I took of him in which his mouth is open!