indycat11  asked:

What are all the Egos favourite animals? I'd like to know for Jack's Egos too if possible, I'm just curious as to what you think.

Bim–penguins; they’re adorable and cuddly looking

Host–cats; Host is basically a cat on the inside

Doc–dogs; he loves how happy and loyal they are

Wilford–unicorns; (*covers his ears* We let him believe they’re real)

Google–snakes; they fascinate him, especially how they swallow things whole (but Oliver likes otters best)

Ed–horses; he’d like to have his own some day

Silver–chameleons; they’re like the superheros of the animal world

Dark–snow leopards; he likes their agility, their capabilities as predators, and their color scheme

Chase–elephants; he thinks they’re the coolest, cutest animal of them all

Dr. Schneep–dolphins; they’re highly intelligent, like he thinks himself to be

Anti–lizards; he can’t believe that they can actually grow back their tails, that’s pretty metal