Pokemon-World Giant-Human Studies

In the Anime: (heights are only approx. and really aren’t 100% consistent)

  • Lt. Surge is king of the giants, but not by as much as I was expecting?
  • Surge and Bruno have matching studded wrist-cuffs and I feel that that is very important

For my own (still unnamed comic) purposes:

  • The guidelines from the screenshots are stretched vertically a bit to accommodate how I draw proportions
  • Older!Ash(19) is MUCH Taller than he was at 10, but is “normal” tall-not a Giant
  • I tried mixing Bruno’s Anime and Game designs to suggest that some time has passed
  • gonna try to work mostly in BW instead of full color, for the sake of time. So this is a tone-test too

anonymous asked:

Do you write fanfic??

Sometimes. These days, I mostly pester ink-splotch with enthusiastic headcanons and dialogue fragments. It’s easier. Every so often, she (very reasonably) points out that I have a solid 30 pages of Les Mis story with something like a plot, or that my Beanstalk Coffee Shop AU is somehow even MORE depressing than the serial killer version? and I should maybe store it *outside* my head? and she suggests that I collect this stuff and finish it.

I (very reasonably) respond by telling her what sort of dragon-rider each of her characters would be, stuffing my fingers in my ears, and humming loudly.

So far it’s working for me.


It’s been a while Tumblr! I’ve been working as a trainee animation assistant for the past few months, and also finally making pages for my comic! More on that in a separate post :3

Here’s a bunch of character designs I did last summer for my portfolio, which can be seen here:

This version of Jack the Giant Slayer is set during a war and subsequent famine around the 17th cenury, somewhere in Eurasia.

Jack’s dad has left home to fight and never returned, Jack & his mum are struggling to survive during the famine… So when Jack comes across the crop-like giants, let’s just say both the famine and his absent father issues are resolved. Would love to make a Paper Mario-esque RPG game out of this idea someday!

Cheers to John Ruskin, the British artist, art critic, and author born on this day in 1819! Ruskin championed the depiction of nature in art and favored contemporaries such as J. M. W. Turner over the old masters. “It is written on the arched sky; it looks out from every star,” he wrote. “It is the poetry of Nature; it is that which uplifts the spirit within us.”

Beanstalk”, date unknown, by John Ruskin

I am proud of all my sons,” said Jack’s mother. “You all love each other, for which I have always been thankful. But you, my son, you want to touch the lives of people you’ve never met. How could I ask you to stay, here in this place where you know all our names? Where we keep our home safe behind fences of heartwood? Don’t you dare feel guilty for following your heart.”

“But if you need me here,” said Jack.

“We don’t need you,” said his mother. “And even if we did, you’re a person, not a plot of land. It’s not our place to own you, or think we do.

—  Beanstalk by @ink-splotch buy it here for free!