Healthy sprouts in six days.
March 14th 2017

Bringing healthy food to the table, especially for the growing children, has never been this easy. We soak the seeds the first day for 24 hours. Then every morning and evening we fill the jars with water to do a shake and rinse. So, simply fill the jars, shake and pour the water out. once you’ve shaken the water out of the jars simply lay the jars on their side next to the sink. Keep them close and convenient. In six days you’ll have jars full of clean and organic sprouts for salads and sides. The nutritional value is exponentially higher when the beans open and the taproot grows. This is a great solution for anybody who feels they are too busy to grow their own healthy foods. With simple old-school methods no one has excuses and there is no light required. Moreover, the sweet and crunchy experience usually wins over the children.

From our experience, if you have an active lifestyle and need easily digestible foods that translate into quick and clean energy, this is definitely a route for you guys to explore.

I hope this message finds you guys excited about getting ready for the spring time.



Power Couple

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YES. something Vietnamese featured in something popular and it’s not bloody Phở . It’s nigh miraculous. I attribute Bánh xèo to family gatherings where all my aunts are at each other’s throats, loudly yelling over the top of each other that their methodology is wrong. .. it’s a terrifying image to say the least. Bánh xèo is labour intensive (and it doesn’t taste that heavveeennnly shh) with many components, a bean filling, beansprouts, pork belly, prawns, and an assortment of herbs such as mint and perilla tied off with  nước chấm .The coconut milk and herbs lend a fragrance to the dish that prompts you to effortlessly eat five. As this was a roll, I opted for sriracha as it’s more viscous and one bite will not send you on the immediate hunt for the tissue box. Speaking of, the pancake is to be practically paper thin, think of it like a crepe, the first, oh, fifty or so are fated to be fit for the garbage before you get the hang of it.  This recipe itself is interesting. I feel like I can’t give an unbiased opinion as well, they’re things I grew up with and there’s too many associated memories with the ingredients, the That chicken is pure magic that just oozes with flavour from a single bite, I recommend marinating overnight!And the thighs, oh the highs, they seem to melt..   counteracted perfectly with the fragrant herbs, you forget that you’re eating something deepfried as it’s just so crisp and fresh, almost cleansing your insides with each bite. In fact, this almost feels like a cheat Bánh xèo , skipping past the other individual aspects of it, in order to create something fairly similar that can be bonus, eaten from your hands!

Sumire Karaage Roll Recipe

Marinated chicken (500g chicken thighs, 1 tblsp fresh grated ginger, 1 clove grated garlic, 2 tblsp soy sauce, 1 tblsp sake, 2 tsp sugar, ½ small apple and onion, several shakes of cayenne and black pepper, 3 finely sliced birds eye chilli, marinate for at least an hour, best overnight for godly flavour.)

oil to deepfry,potato starch, coconut milk (not cream!), 100g rice flour, 100g plain four, 1 tsp tumeric, 250ml water, pinch of salt, sesame oil

mint, vietnamese perilla, lettuce

3 tblsp sriracha, 1 tblsp fish sauce, 1 tblsp nước chấm (this is more sour than spicy)

Slice chicken thighs into 2 cm pieces. Puree apple and onion together in a mini food processor or spice grinder, mix with rest of marinade ingredients;1 tblsp fresh grated ginger, 1 clove grated garlic, 2 tblsp soy sauce, 1 tblsp sake, 2 tsp sugar, several shakes of cayenne and black pepper, 3 finely sliced birds eye chilli, marinate for at least an hour

Mix 200g rice and plain flour, 1 tsp tumeric, pinch of salt, 250ml water, 200ml coconut milk until smooth. The batter should be very thin, almost watery. Set aside. 

Dredge chicken pieces in potato starch, the charm is in their differing appearances. 

Heat up oil to 180C. Fry until the chicken is brown, remove and raise the heat on the oil. Fry once more until golden 45s-1minute. 

Mix 3 tblsp sirracha, 1 tblsp fish sauce and 1 tblsp nước chấm . Adjust seasoning. 

Heat pan with sesame oil on high. Ladle batter into the pan, swirling so that it coats thinly. (I failed, I am a shame to my ancestors. Thank god, my aunt didn’t pop in for a surprise visit LOL.) Cook for a few minutes then flip and cook for 1 minute.

To serve, lay the Bánh xèo onto a plate and layer lettuce, perilla and mint. Coat the fried chicken in the sauce and top. to wrap, first with the bottom then the sides. Ta dahhh!


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Edit to add the process and ingredients list for the marinade.

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