beans 01


the year is 198X.  the internet doesn’t exist, weed, cigarettes and alcohol aren’t that moderated and boomboxes are still a thing. four high school misfits. an alien menace. teen angst. everything is against you, but keep trying your luck, kiddo.


Dream!Dirk wasn’t even sleeping.

He was just lying there in his silent cell staring into the darkness.

He doesn’t even look like he’s trying.

He doesn’t even look like he’s worried.

He looks utterly resigned.


lol, back in my day, to find fan-dub copies of anime, you had to hunt on newsgroup for people who were looking to trade anime. They would list their title followed by a number. 1 meant it was a first generation copy off the source, 2 and so on. I think I may still have a few VHS tapes lying around somewhere.

In the early days of cons, the dealer room was kinda like the internet - you go from table to table looking at all the merchandise you wish you could afford. Internet in real life I guess.

To rent VHS commercially, I think there was like only 15-20 titles or so like Riding Bean, Madox-01, Sol Bianca, Devil Hunter Yokho, Robot Carnival or something like that.

And yeah, the scene is changed a lot over the years and yeah, Yaoi Paddles weren’t that long ago.