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*pokes head out* I've been following your art for quite a while now and I love how there's always this element of softness/sweetness/brightness/light to it. It's in the characters' expressions and the way they look and move and it's just there in general in all your artwork. I just take one look at your art and go "Ah, there's so much love in these artworks!" Something about your artwork makes me happy when I'm having a bad day no matter how many times I look at it. *rolls shyly back into cave*

*pulls you out of cave and gives you an aggressively tender hug* i love you. you’re too kind to me. i’m crying 

gumdrops & lollipops (m)

pairing → Hoseok x Reader (ft. oompa loompa! yoongi & jimin)

☆ genre  →  smut, crack, willy wonka!au
↳  drabble; 2k

→   a visit to jung hoseok’s chocolate factory does not turn out the way you expected it to

a/n → yo, i was finally drunk enough to write this 
i won’t @ her bc she might block me, but jordan is 101% responsible for this. by this i mean the concept, the cute banner, everything. blame her :’‘)

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Letterkenny. (I seriously have no idea how the fuck they did this)
  • Dary: Attention
  • Wayne: An amateur MMA asshole asks you to engage in aggressive altercation.
  • D: Bullshit.
  • W: Bopped you so bad in the beans you were beyond ass-backwards. No blood, albeit bloody brutal.
  • D: Clunk.
  • W: Clunked your carriage, clipped your canopy, caught your conscious with a carefully concocted combative cuffing.
  • D: Dink.
  • W: Decked you defiantly.
  • D: Easy.
  • W: Ended your efficiently.
  • D: Fuckin-
  • W: Fucked your face up from front to Finland in a fairly unfair fashion unfortunately for females.
  • D: Goof.
  • W: So you got up, gathered your goods, guts and gonads, got after the goofy goon, gave glory a good go.
  • (Rock music)
  • D: Have at 'er.
  • W: Hucked a haymaker.
  • D: Instantly.
  • W: Irked the idiot.
  • D: Jack ass.
  • W: Out-juked the jerk, out-jabbed the joker, out-jammed the juice head.
  • D: K.
  • W: King-Kong threw a karate kick that kinda caught you in the kisser.
  • D: Loser.
  • W: But that legend lady luck was lingering and left only a lovely little lump on your lip.
  • D: Mint.
  • W: But maybe mention you may use MMA, Mr. Muay Thai.
  • D: Nincompoop.
  • W: Knees are unnecessary.
  • D: Over it.
  • W: Okay onwards.
  • D: Please.
  • W: You out-punched the prick, out-played the peasant, pushed proper pugnacity on the pinhead, left him praying for peace while Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.
  • D: Quickly.
  • W: He got queasy, wanted to quit, folks were quoted as quietly quipping. He looked like a quirky, quackish queen on Quaaludes.
  • D: Right.
  • W: Roughed up the rook. Wrecked his reality. Ruined his rep.
  • D: Superb.
  • W: You socked the sucker. Slammed the Sally. Secured the scuffle by successfully out-scrappin the skirt.
  • D: Tremendous.
  • W: You took over the tiff. Out tangled the toddler. Tough titties on that trade, you twit. No truce.
  • D: Unreal.
  • W: Utterly.
  • D: Violent.
  • W: Very.
  • D: Wonderful.
  • W: Ah, Whatever.
  • D: Exceptional.
  • W: Exactly.
  • D: Yup.
  • W: Yup.
  • (Awkward silence)
  • D: Zebra?
  • W: Zip it.
SugarDaddy!Cal Pt. 17

A/N: Helloooo. So, it’s sad to say that I was so excited for this chapter that I wrote half of it before even finishing 16 lmaoo, but I want to lightly blow your beautiful minds with this part. I’ve already written the next chapter so I can have a head start on you guys. As always, get this to 100 notes and send me feedback and I hope you enjoy💕

**WARNING**: Smuutt

One/ Two/ Three/ Four/Five/Six/Seven/Eight/
Sixteen/ Seventeen/ Eighteen/ Nineteen/Twenty{END}

It was awkwardly quiet as the three of you sat in your living room. Connor and Felix were sat beside each other stiffly, looking out of the corner of their eye to sneakily see if the other was looking. You on the other hand were sitting in your bean bag chair beyond annoyed that this was the first time they’ve seen each other in over a month and had nothing to say. Not even a simple hello.

“Well, yall waisting all of my time, but we’re not going anywhere until you talk so…” you shrugged your shoulders, pulled out your phone from your bra, and curled into the large chair while tugging a fluffy blanket over your frame.

“So….how have you been?” Felix scratched the back of his neck and Connor scoffed at the obvious question.

“How do you think? My boyfriend of almost a four years left me and hasn’t spoken a word to me for over a month.”

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Since the beans can't fly yet do windblade and starscream ever take them flying in their cockpits?


The adrenaline junky beans ride with Starscream and the mellow beans go with Windblade. Starscream will do a few little spins and loops while Windblade will rise and fall smoothly.

Starscream will sometimes take them all up really high and look out over Iacon and beyond. The beans can’t get over how beautiful everything looks from up there, papa lives to impress and he doesn’t disappoint.

Bts Scenario: Sons (Hyung Line)

Maknae Line

Rap Monster

This child is really smart. Like you couldn’t give him baby toys for long because he got bored with them really easy. Since you and Namjoon are bilingual your son is too. He picked up both languages very quickly and can speak them both very well. He’s good at reading both languages too, just not quite perfect yet since he is still quite young. He loves his dad so much that he tries to do everything like him. He even tries to rap (he fails, but who cares because he is frickin adorable while he does it and he tries so hard). You don’t tell Namjoon, but when he’s away you let your son listen to his songs. Namjoon usually doesn’t like him listening to his songs because of the swearing and your son is still young. But you’d always been one that didn’t care that much about swearing and you knew how much your son loved and missed his dad, so you would play Namjoon’s songs for him. He was happy and calmer after listening to them and he hadn’t repeated them yet so you thought you were fine. Although one time the three of you were in the car for a bit of a road trip. Namjoon was driving, you in the passenger seat, and your son in his car-seat in the back. You had your phone hooked up so you could listen to your playlist through the car speakers. When “Do You” came on Namjoon reached over to hit the skip button, but stopped when there was a little voice that could be heard over the music. It was your son and he was saying every lyric in tune with the music. Your eyes were wide and you gulped, you almost wanted to laugh at such a cute little voice swearing, but you knew better. You peaked to your side at Namjoon who was giving you the death glare of your life. You gave him a small smile, trying to feign innocence, but it was not working. 


Your son is a quiet but very gifted child. From a young age he has played the piano amazingly. He was self taught; he just played notes until he understood what would make which sound. That also means he can’t read sheet music though. But his dad didn’t even know that he could play at all until you recorded a video of him playing and sent it to Yoongi while he was away on tour. When Yoongi came back, the two would play together all the time. Yoongi taught your son how to read the music and taught him a few new songs. He’s usually really reserved but you can tell how proud he is of his son learning piano by himself and even making a few little songs all by himself. Most would think that because Yoongi usually appears so distant that he would also be a distant father, but that’s not true at all. He dedicates almost all his free time to spending time with his son, even though he doesn’t have very much free time. When you find him asleep, your son is usually curled up right next to him. You just hope that since your son got Yoongi’s quiet part of his personality that he doesn’t also get his savage part because you‘d prefer to not have to start apologizing to people for your son’s behavior. 


There’s no competing with the beauty of your household. Prince Jin of course holds the secret to beauty and apparently he passed it on to his son. You didn’t mind though. Who doesn’t want their son to be as good looking as Seokjin himself. The baby is only two and you already know he’s going to grow up and be able to model no problem. Although with how things are going so far you think he’ll want to have his own restaurant instead. Jin loves to cook with your son. He lets him sit on the counter and add ingredients to the bowl when he hands them to him. He likes eating just as much as his dad too, although your son has to make sure that everyone eats. He loves to share his food/snacks with everyone. One morning you woke up to giggling that was coming from down the hall. You got out of bed and went to investigate. When you entered the kitchen everything was covered in white and the smell of pancakes was in the air. Your son and Jin were covered in flour after what you assume was a food fight they had while they were cooking. You were smiling and you walked closer. When your son noticed you he gabbed one of the mini pancakes that he and his dad had made and tried to feed it to you. You took a bit, but while you were chewing you were suddenly hit in the face by a handful of flour. You gave the smiling Jin a death glare and grabbed a handful of batter from the bowl instead of flour. You threw that at Jin who gave you a shocked expression, and thus was the start of your hour long food war. All three of you were laughing really hard especially at how you all looked after. You both gave your son a bath and then took turns watching him while the other showered after the war had finished. 


He is a pure ball of sunshine, like his dad. He has a reaction to everything and you say that because it’s not just any reaction of course. This child is extra so every reaction he has takes up thirty times the amount of energy than it should. He makes sounds, has exaggerated facial expressions and even dances. He is actually really good at dancing and will watch BTS music videos so he can try and learn them by himself and show his dad later. When they aren’t busy Hoseok will take your son with him to practice. When he goes the boys teach him some dance moves and then let him take Hobi’s spot as they do it all together. You’ve seen the videos they take when they do it and it makes the little bean beyond happy. You can tell his reaction makes the guy’s really happy, as well, and probably helps them relieve some of the stress of their day. One year BTS was on tour and Hobi was really missing you and your son and vise versa. So you two flew out of country so you could make it to their next concert. You didn’t tell any of the boys, you just called a staff member who you were friends with. Since the show was sold out, you couldn’t get tickets, so she let you two in backstage. You waited while they did their first few songs and then came back in for their quick break. Hobi hadn’t noticed you two, but as soon as your son saw his dad he squirmed like crazy to the point you had to put him on the ground or you would’ve dropped him. The second his feet hit the ground he was off. When You don’t remember ever seeing Hobi as happy as the moment he noticed your son running towards him. He ran to him and lifted him off the ground and into his arms, where he hugged him tightly and kissed his forehead. They were smiling, giggling; just overall extremely happy. They had to go back out, but as a special treat for the audience they took your son out with them. While they were doing their Q and A’s and audience interactions they did a special performance with your son. You could tell he was really nervous about being in front of all those people, but you could also tell that it really helped calm him down when Hobi stayed behind him this time and did the dance with him. Your son loved it so much that when he misses his dad you show him the video of the performance and he feels a lot better after.


jungkook — video diary!au (

cr: moon bean on youtube

Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 15

For all its vulnerability regarding the crown, King Moo’s death was gut-wrenching. I started the episode crying along with his loyal siblings and friend. Watching Ji-mong saying goodbye to his childhood friend was heartbreaking and I wish we would have seen more of their bromance. Cue to the best flashback the show has given us so far.

Well, guys, the shit hit the fan and now everyone is in danger. No-one is safe under Wang Yo’s reign. His first command as King? Executing Wang Eun’s entire family in order to eliminate one of the most powerful clans inside the Palace and put the blame on them for Moo’s death. I don’t expect Yo to last very much in the throne, after all what does he know about government? His entire life has been about accumulating power in order to win the crown, not learning how to wear the crown. Big difference between the two. I am expecting Yo to go all Hamlet on us and start seeing ghost and threats where there’s none. Who will kill him? Wang So? Wook? Methinks there’s a chance Queen Yo will be the one.

Oh, and who was Moo’s real murderer? Wang Wook. Not only that, he is telling Yo how to exactly use Soo in order to bend So to their will and it’s also the one behind the plot against Wang Eun’s grandfather. Has this been his plan for the past two years? The entire thing is so detailed, cold and calculated, it gives me chills to think anyone ever could have put their trust and heart on this man. Worst part of it all, he doesn’t feel the least guilty about it. He thinks he is doing the right thing for him to be finally happy and his family to be protected. This are the worst and best kind of antagonist, the ones who justify their actions with righteousness; because they truly believe that what they are doing is the right thing.

Now, Wook is looking to create friction inside So’s allies: General Park and Astronomer Choi. Good luck with that, buddy. See ya at the funeral.

Through the episode the only time I was in a  “Yay Hae Soo!” mood was when she confronted Wang Yo. She has no respect for him and let him knows it, good. I was happy to see some of her old spunk back and into a more pro-active role today.

The rest of the episode I was fuming at her for not trusting So after all he has done for her and the people he loves. Hasn’t he proved himself to be worthy of trust already? She really should have known better than behaving like this and not giving him a chance to help out Eun and his wife. She was making decisions purely based on what wasn’t actually happening and by doing that, what she was trying to avoid, now I feel it’s going to happen. Also, let me point out that Soo’s final vision was of Eun dying because of an arrow which it’s Yo’s weapon of choice.

But now I am betting everything I have Wang So will be forced to kill Wang Eun in episode 16. Maybe out of mercy since leaving him to Wang Yo would be worst? Maybe Eun will kill himself after his Soon-duk’s death? All I know is this is going to happen and it’s going to be ugly and horrifying. You better make up for this shit, show. You better do something so grand and satisfying it will impossible to hate you.

In stark contrast to Wook’s shady ways and outright lies, Wang So was trusting and honest with Soo. He told her directly about Yo’s order and how he plans to disobey them. Why didn’t she spill the beans right there is beyond me, especially after having a first encounter with a pathological liar. Doesn’t she know how different Wook and So are by now? Doesn’t she have faith in her feelings? In So’s word? Come on! Why are we doing this dance again?

The only one who had her shit together through the episode was Lady Soon-duk. She even metaphorically bitch slapped back some sense into Soo by telling her to trust the man she loves. Grand General Park truly raised her to be awesome, didn’t he?

Wang Eun and Soon-duk’s scenes today were incredibly cute and endearing, and like him I was wishing we could have seen them living like this way earlier. To me their happiness is like a bad omen for what’s coming next. Because if Eun and Soon-duk die in the next episode, Grand General Park is going full force, down and dirty, against Wang Yo. A part of me wishes they can be saved, but another part of me wants to see the Grand General breaking down the Palace’s doors and shred Wang Yo and Wook to pieces for everything they have done.

And why are we putting all the blame on the men about Eun when it was Yeonhwa who sold him out? She goes and tell Yo and Wook so they sent their soldiers to look for Eun and after she tells So who will be too late to help Eun escape but just in time for the worst to happen. Is her plan to use Eun’s death to create a rift between So and Soo?

I swear this woman is the worst. Fine, I give her credit for playing a role in the politics of the show when in those times women were supposed to be marry off and have babies. But she has done nothing but bring misery to everyone around her. Her brother, her mother, her other half-siblings and herself. Joke is on her because now Yo wants nothing to do with her and So has already rejected her. She is worse off now, after everything, than when the show started.

I love that all it took for Wang Jung to recognize his sister in law was one her martial art moves. HA! And it was nice to finally see him choosing sides, too bad he still doesn’t seem to trust Wang So. Look, I get it. They love the same girl, and it doesn’t seem like his under his mother’s influence anymore, but Jung needs to put his feelings aside and start working with So if he wants to at least have a chance of surviving the war that’s coming.

Also, show, why are you refusing to give Wang Baek-ah more screen time? Granted, you gave me my wish and now he is actively working with So but I wanted to see it not being told what he is been up to off screen. Baek-ah is a great source of help for all his brothers (the decent ones) and has not respect nor lost love for Wang Yo. I am guessing that when he realizes that Wook is the one pulling the machiavellian strings, he won’t have kind words for him either.

And what’s up with Woo-hee? Why is she still around and why is she coming back into the palace now? Was the sinister Minister following her? What did Yo propose to her? Marriage? PLEASE NO. I know the rhythm of the show is a slow burn but she couldn’t possibly betray Baek-ah at the eleventh hour, right? Don’t you dare break his heart!

Oh. About Wang Won?