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Hobi appreciation post 💕

I’m just going to list the reasons why he’s a wonderful human being.

HIS SMILE. Every time he smiles a fluffy baby bunny angel is born.

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HIS DANCING. he’s so talented and never fails to amaze us.

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HES AN ADORABLE DORK. and we love him for it.

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HE”S SO KIND. he’s so close and supportive to all of his fellow members.

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There’s so many other reasons why Hobi is amazing these are just a few. 

if you want to add any more feel free to💕

Smiling BTS to brighten your day

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*pokes head out* I've been following your art for quite a while now and I love how there's always this element of softness/sweetness/brightness/light to it. It's in the characters' expressions and the way they look and move and it's just there in general in all your artwork. I just take one look at your art and go "Ah, there's so much love in these artworks!" Something about your artwork makes me happy when I'm having a bad day no matter how many times I look at it. *rolls shyly back into cave*

*pulls you out of cave and gives you an aggressively tender hug* i love you. you’re too kind to me. i’m crying 

Letterkenny. (I seriously have no idea how the fuck they did this)
  • Dary: Attention
  • Wayne: An amateur MMA asshole asks you to engage in aggressive altercation.
  • D: Bullshit.
  • W: Bopped you so bad in the beans you were beyond ass-backwards. No blood, albeit bloody brutal.
  • D: Clunk.
  • W: Clunked your carriage, clipped your canopy, caught your conscious with a carefully concocted combative cuffing.
  • D: Dink.
  • W: Decked you defiantly.
  • D: Easy.
  • W: Ended your efficiently.
  • D: Fuckin-
  • W: Fucked your face up from front to Finland in a fairly unfair fashion unfortunately for females.
  • D: Goof.
  • W: So you got up, gathered your goods, guts and gonads, got after the goofy goon, gave glory a good go.
  • (Rock music)
  • D: Have at 'er.
  • W: Hucked a haymaker.
  • D: Instantly.
  • W: Irked the idiot.
  • D: Jack ass.
  • W: Out-juked the jerk, out-jabbed the joker, out-jammed the juice head.
  • D: K.
  • W: King-Kong threw a karate kick that kinda caught you in the kisser.
  • D: Loser.
  • W: But that legend lady luck was lingering and left only a lovely little lump on your lip.
  • D: Mint.
  • W: But maybe mention you may use MMA, Mr. Muay Thai.
  • D: Nincompoop.
  • W: Knees are unnecessary.
  • D: Over it.
  • W: Okay onwards.
  • D: Please.
  • W: You out-punched the prick, out-played the peasant, pushed proper pugnacity on the pinhead, left him praying for peace while Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.
  • D: Quickly.
  • W: He got queasy, wanted to quit, folks were quoted as quietly quipping. He looked like a quirky, quackish queen on Quaaludes.
  • D: Right.
  • W: Roughed up the rook. Wrecked his reality. Ruined his rep.
  • D: Superb.
  • W: You socked the sucker. Slammed the Sally. Secured the scuffle by successfully out-scrappin the skirt.
  • D: Tremendous.
  • W: You took over the tiff. Out tangled the toddler. Tough titties on that trade, you twit. No truce.
  • D: Unreal.
  • W: Utterly.
  • D: Violent.
  • W: Very.
  • D: Wonderful.
  • W: Ah, Whatever.
  • D: Exceptional.
  • W: Exactly.
  • D: Yup.
  • W: Yup.
  • (Awkward silence)
  • D: Zebra?
  • W: Zip it.
⇁ gumdrops & lollipops (m)

pairing Hoseok x Reader (ft. oompa loompa! yoongi & jimin)

genre smut, crack, willy wonka!au
↳  drabble; 2k

a visit to jung hoseok’s chocolate factory does not turn out the way you expected it to

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Jimin, probably
  • Jimin: hyung!!! look at this tiny lizard I found :)
  • Namjoon: ...
  • Jimin: hyung!! look!! he's sitting in my hand!
  • Namjoon: ...
  • Jimin: hyung, did you know I used to be obsessed with lizards as a child?
  • Namjoon: that's cool, Jiminie
  • Jimin: thanks, hyung :)