Final items from the Infinite Headwear shop. 

This shop was started with two goals in mind, one short term, the other long. The short-term goal is to raise money for my top surgery fund, and the long term, which I deem the most important, is to use a portion of the proceeds to create care packages for Trans youth. These packages will vary as every individual will need different things. My goal is to help one kid per month, but if I’m fortunate enough to be able to help more, than of course I will do so. I will also be opening up a page on the site with information on how to donate items until I begin the Care Package Program, which will allow kids who need help now to receive it. 

The manufacturer I use is the Californian based company, Printful. Printful charges $14 to make the hats above, thus, that must be covered within the price. The rest, goes towards whatever cause is current, as of now, that’s my top surgery funding. All hats/designs will change as the seasons do, so get these particular items while you can.

I’m currently teaming up with Ways2Raise, as well as other independently owned shops to aid a member in the community, so be on the lookout for that by following myself, @scumbugg, or @waystoraise . Also, if you’d like me to add more Respect My Pronouns beanies, feel free to message me.