“What the hell?!” Jughead jolted upright from his position on the blow up mattress, dangerously close to the ground. Archie followed quickly, falling out of his bed in a tangle of sheets and limbs.

“It’s my phone! It’s just my phone!” He shouted more to himself than to Jughead, they had both been woken up abruptly by the obnoxious ringtone coming from Archie’s speakers. “We connected my phone to my Bluetooth speakers last night, I must have forgotten to turn it off!”

Jughead put his hands to his ears as Archie fumbled with his phone, he was still half asleep and in his daze he couldn’t figure out how to turn it off.
“It’s just Betty, we were supposed to meet up this morning to pick up Veronica’s birthday present from the jewelers, I totally forgot! Will you turn this damn thing off!” He chucked his phone at Jughead, who caught it with surprising ease.

Rubbing his eyes, Jughead looked down at the phone, instantly stopping dead in his tracks. There on Archie’s iPhone screen was the most beautiful picture of Betty he had ever seen. She was in a simple tank top, her long blonde hair down and straight looking like it was made of pure silk, and the lightest red lipstick, the most amazing thing about the photo was that it seemed to capture her eyes shifting from green to blue, a sign that she was content and relaxed. He couldn’t stop staring.

“Dude what the hell? Is it broken? Why won’t it turn off, just answer it!” Archie moaned, throwing himself back onto his bed and burying his face in his pillow. Jughead cleared his throat as he tore his eyes away from the screen and pressed accept.


“Good morning! Geez, it took you quite some time to answer the phone. Wait? Is this Jughead? I recognize that voice anywhere.” She giggled into the speaker and he instantly felt his shoulders relax and any tension leave his body.

“You caught me, it’s just your friendly homeless teen, Archie said he’ll be there soon, he overslept. After you and Archie finish up, wanna grab a burger with the gang? My treat.” Jughead could practically feel her nodding excitedly , she wrapped up the conversation with a quick
“See you later Juggie.”

Closing the call Jughead stared at the picture Archie had assigned to her contact. He couldn’t get over this picture.
“When did you take this?” He asked the red headed boy.

“What?” Archie asked looking up from his pillow.

“This picture. When did you take this picture of Betty?” Jughead asked handing Archie his phone.

Archie stared at the screen for a second and smiled with a shrug

“I don’t know, last year maybe, I’ve really gotta update it, don’t let Betty know I have that one of her, she’d kill me. You should see the one Veronica has of Betty” Archie whistled lowly “smoking” he grinned at the beanie wearing boy and nudged him, Archie was the only one Jughead had told about his fairly deep crush on the beautiful blonde next door, at first it had been awkward but slowly Archie realized he just wanted his two best friends to be happy.

“Veronica has one too?” Jughead asked incredulously, how did he not know about this?

“Sure thing.” Archie threw on his letterman jacket and waved at Jughead promising to be home for Burgers at Pops. Walking over to the window he looked down and saw Archie running over to Betty and scooping her up in a hug as she shoved him away and flipped her ponytail.

What he’d give to be able to just hug her whenever he felt like it, he wanted to have pictures of her on his phone. He wanted to be the one she called up at eight in the morning. He knew Archie and Betty were just friends, both of them having clarified this to the group multiple times, but it didn’t ease the ache he felt when he saw her name pop up on Archie’s phone. Damnit, now he had no choice but to see Veronica’s picture of Betty .

The day passed slowly as Jughead worked on his novel and raided Fred Andrews snack cabinet, before he knew it Archie was calling for him from down the stairs.

“Come on Bro, burgers await. Betty’s already there with Veronica!”

Jughead nearly tripped down the stairs,
burgers and Betty?
Total package.

Walking through the clear glass doors of Pops, he instantly spotted the honey blonde ponytail, it was almost like a halo calling him over. He slid into the booth right beside Betty as Archie plopped down beside Veronica.

“Hey.” She smiled softly at Jughead, he smiled back before asking

“Can I borrow your phone?”

Betty seemed taken aback for a minute but quickly recovered with a giggle

“I’m doing great, thanks for asking” she pulled out her phone and placed it in his open palm.

“Thanks” he smiled goofily turning to Veronica.

“Can I borrow your phone?” He asked, the same smile gracing his face

“Hey!” Betty started as Veronica hesitantly handed him her phone

“You are so weird” Veronica rolled her eyes with a smirk.

He quickly used Betty’s phone to dial Veronica, staring at the screen as a glowing image of Betty popped up.

“Oh god, that picture.” He heard her mumble from his right.

The picture was absolute sin, Betty’s tan skin glowing and her blonde hair left loose and wavy.
He had never seen “bed eyes” before but he knew now he would never be able to look into Betty’s bright green ones the same again, they were so sensual and seductive staring into the camera as she pouted, don’t even get him started on that Shirt. He wanted this picture and he wanted it now.

“Veronica took that at a sleepover, I was just being silly. I’ve asked her to change it over and over again.” Betty rolled her eyes, snatching her phone away.

Jughead had to stop himself from physically moaning as the picture disappeared from the screen.

“What’s up with your infatuation with phone pictures?” Betty asked questioningly.

Jughead looked up at her and shrugged
“I don’t have one of you, I’ve never even seen a picture of you, other than your school pictures.”

Betty smiled scrolling through her phone before handing it to him

“That’s you.” She giggled pointing to Jugheads name and the picture beside it. It was one she had taken a few months ago when they went to visit the national history museum, Jughead was beanieless and staring right into the camera, his hair messy and his eyes relaxed, if you looked close enough you could see the hint of a smile popping through
“It’s my favorite picture.” She whispered, close to his ear.

Jughead turned away from the phone and swallowed hard
“I still don’t have one of you.” He mumbled out, reaching to take her hand underneath the table.

Betty smiled softly, her eyes sparkling
“Well that just won’t do.”

And so two weeks later after Jughead had finally gained enough courage to ask the love of his life out on an actual date, Betty’s picture appeared on the screen of his phone on a Saturday morning at 8 o clock. It was a picture of the two of them actually, faces smooshed together in a goofy looking kiss. And when Betty got angry at him for never answering his phone his answer was always the same

“Sorry, I just get distracted.”

Cheer Up, Buttercup - Stuart Twombly

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Stuart Twombly/Reader

Word Count: 2,871

Warnings: Fluffy Goodness

Notes: @ninja-stiles was having a bad day, so I told her I would write her some fluffy goodness to cheer her up. I hope this cheers you up, babe. Remember, you mean the world to us. Don’t ever forget that. PS. This is NOT proofread because it’s 5:30 and I need sleep. WHOOPS.

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The Dinner Date - Social Workers AU - Part 4

Hey guys, so here we are the final part in the social workers series. I am so sad to let go of these two and I hope I did them justice in their final send off.

Thank you so much for everyone who has commented on this series it definitely has a special place in my heart.

Previous Parts:

Meeting Time, Can I Have A Volunteer, Complicate Matters

The Dinner Date

Betty looked over her appearance carefully in the mirror. She looked again at the time on her phone for the tenth time that night already. It was almost 6.00pm. She had a little bounce in her step as she had walked to her car, after agreeing to the impromptu date with Jughead. That was until she remembered what she had found in his bag that morning and a heat rushed over her all over again. It’s not like she didn’t want to, God, she wanted to, but she had to admit to herself that ever since that Christmas party where she had been attracted to him physically she had gotten to know the real Jughead or at least she liked to think that she had. He cared more than he wanted people to know and she had come to admire him in an entirely different way. She didn’t want just a couple of quick hook ups in the office she wanted something else. Something more.

Her doorbell rang and she jumped a little at the noise her nerves already on edge. She gave herself one final look over before she opened her door to find a beanieless Jughead Jones standing at her door. A single flower in his hand that caught her by surprise.

“This is for you.” He held the lily out to her, and she took it in her hand her fingers brushing against his slightly.

“Thank you. You didn’t have to. This whole thing is just the result of a bet anyway so-” He held up a hand to interrupt her.

“Bet dinner or no bet dinner, Jughead Jones does nothing half assed.”

“You do a multitude of things half assed at work.”

“Yes, -” He nodded thoughtfully. “But not the important things and a date with a beautiful woman is very important.”

She rolled her eyes at him well used to his compliments by now. “Okay.” She put her bag over her shoulder and locked her door behind her, turning back around to see his arm held out to her. She took it graciously taking in his appearance of a dress shirt and slacks. Very different to his usual jeans and button down. Those damn suspenders were still there, pulled over his shoulders instead of hanging loosely by his sides. Oh the day dreams she had had about those suspenders. She wanted to run her fingers over them, pull them back and just hear them snap against his skin, bare skin would be best. She shook her head again breaking free from another one of her vivid imaginings.

“So you said Japanese.” He said as he held open the car door for her to climb into the passenger seat.

“I did.” She was not surprised that the inside of his car looked very much like his desk at work, a couple of empty takeaway bags and coffee cups. She imagined that he very much like her spent most lunches in his car.

“Right well there is a sushi restaurant booked.” He smiled over at her as he pulled away from the curb.

“On such short notice, I’m impressed.”

“Well if you are impressed by that Betts you are in store for all kinds of treats tonight. Besides I knew I would win and I know how much you like your raw fish.”

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Movie Night

Thanks again to @izzy—bella004 who is my one and only fan at the moment. She requested it and I hope I do it justice! And I kinda got carried away with this so it’s kinda long, Sorry!

Request: One where Veronica and Archie are home watching movies and Bughead crashes and the boys decide to watch a horror movie which Betty and Veronica do not approve of and they flip a coin to see who gets to pick the movie and the boys win and Betty gives up and Veronica is not having it and they go across to Betty’s house and have a girl movie but the boys feel bad and go across and apologize to their ladies and they end up compromising

Warnings: Fluff, mentions of smut, no beta so mistakes probably

Pairings: Jughead x Betty, Archie x Veronica

963 Words

Friday nights have always been a movie night for Jughead and Archie. Since they were five their parents got them together for a movie night at Archie’s. They would curl up with blankets and Archie’s dad would order pizza. The tradition stood through their school days up to the murder of Jason Blossom and now the introduction of their first serious girlfriends. Even though they spent most of their waking hours with their girlfriends and some sleeping hours too, they still made time for movie night. An exception was made that the girlfriends could tag along.

Tonight, the lights were turned low and the half empty pizza boxes laid in front of them. Jug and Betty ate two pineapple pizzas, Jughead eating one and a half by himself.  Betty ate only a few slices and then suck on the gourmet lollipop the boys had bought for her and Veronica knowing how much they liked them. Veronica and Archie could never decide on a topping so to spare needless arguing they ordered a half pepperoni, half cheese pizza.

The two couples were cuddled up on Archie’s couch. Veronica sat atop Archie’s lap, her usual spot which granted her a prime viewing spot and easy access to Archie’s neck when she felt restless and wanted to tease him. On the other side of the couch sat Jughead his arm casually rested around Betty. Betty was curled into Jughead body, she loved being as close to him as she could. Her head rested in the crook of his neck and her hand laid on his S- shirt clad chest.

Archie aimlessly browsed through Netflix, trying to find something to watch. It was interesting looking back through the years of movie nights. Their very first movie nights were watched on a small box TV and a VCR player, Mary Andrews’ old VHS copy of “The Little Rascals” danced across the screen. Then came the days of DVDs which Jughead thought was the best invention. Now the boys used Netflix to watch their favorite movies and random film that prove cringe-worthy. Girls were also never allowed to join in the fun, once Betty had insisted she should be a part but the boys refused. Betty spent the night in her room watching the glow of the TV cascade from Archie’s living room.

Archie’s eyes scanned down the list of movie genres, he skipped through comedies, and dramas. Nothing seemed to click into their ideas of a good movie night.

Just then Archie’s eyes lit up glancing at Jughead. Jughead jumped in excitement, pumping his fist into his body. “We got to man!”

“Ow! Juggle! My head.” Betty exclaimed sitting up away from the danger of Jughead’s movement.

Veronica groaned rolling her eyes. “You okay B?” She asked with concern. Betty immediately nodding not really hurt but just made uncomfortable. “What are you two so excited about?” Veronica continued looking from Archie to Jughead.

At the same time, Archie and Jughead shouted. “Scream!”

Betty immediately sat up straight looking at Jughead with a humorless expression. “Absolutely not! I am not watching that horrifying movie! Especially not after what this town has been through.”

“Oh, come on Betts, I’m make sure you’re not scared.” He teased grabbing her waist causing her to jump, she was always so ticklish.

Betty swatted his hands away and stood up facing the couch with her arms crossed over her chest. “Come on V. If these two stupid heads want to watch that movie let em! We can have movie night at my house.” Betty finished with a huff.

Veronica looked at Archie who already had his eyes on her and shrugged. “Sorry babe, Chicks before dicks.” She said jumping off his lap and following Betty out of the living room.

“Ha! Stupid heads, good one Betts!” Jughead called after them just before the door shut. He shrugged instructing Archie to play the movie.

Betty and Veronica sat on Betty bed curled up under Betty’s blanket. Veronica laid closed to Betty as they always did, her being the big spoon. They put the girls’ favorite movie, “The Breakfast Club”.

A few minutes into both movies, the boys became restless. Archie continued to glance Jughead’s way as he had been since the beginning of the movie.

“What is it Archie?” Jughead mutters shifting his weight on the couch.

“Don’t you think we could have compromised? I mean we did invite the girls to join?”

Jughead sighed standing up. “Alright let’s go.” Archie’s smiled grew winning his small victory. He quickly turned off the TV and followed Jughead out the door and across the yard to Betty’s house. Once there they knocked, Mrs. Cooper immediately letting them in.

The girls were so into their movie and Molly Ringwald’s famous words, they didn’t bother to move when they heard footsteps up the stairs.

“Alright Veronica, let’s get one thing straight. I’m the big spoon!” Jughead announced as he moved towards the bed. The girls landed in fits of laughter as the boys climbed onto the bed.

Jughead took his place behind Betty pulling her back against his chest, placing a kiss on the side of her head. Betty let out a small giggle as she settled into his arms.

Archie pulled Veronica against him so her leg wrapped around his waist. She couldn’t really see the TV anymore but she didn’t care, she loved being in Archie’s strong arms. He reached to kiss her softly a smile emerging onto her lips.

Betty looked back slightly at Jughead, “I’m not used to your beanie being on when her in my bed.” She admitted with a blush.

Jughead smirked, “Shh, don’t ruin my aesthetic.” He teased as his head dipped down to kind her neck reminding her of those wonder beanieless times.

Author’s note: I extremely hoped you liked it! @izzy—bella004 I know you like Varchie a lot I kinda went a little more Bughead on this, sorry! Also, I hope you liked some of my hits to the show/actors, i.e. scream and the breakfast club. If you have any fic ideas or character x reader that you want done, Please, please, please inbox me or submit an ask!

anonymous asked:

Could you write something based on that new bughead pic of them fixing up the car?? Your stories are so good they are holding me over until October haha

Thankyou! I sure can try!

Jughead shuffled his feet on the Andrews front porch, he could remember a time where he felt comfortable waltzing into the large family home without even knocking, but that was then and this was now, things had changed, people had changed.

Archie answered the door, his hands covered in paint as he rubbed them desperately on his jeans, the red heads eyes widened, it had been four weeks since he had seen Jughead standing beside him at the hospital, he had disappeared after that. Archie just figured it was too much for him, Fred Andrews almost death had been too much for a lot of people, himself included.

“Jughead? Everything okay?” He motioned for the beanieless boy to come in. Jughead followed Archie and sat on the living room couch.

“have you taken up art in the past month?” Jughead asked, his voice teasing but tense.

Archie looked down at his wrecked clothes and paint stained skin, he chuckled lightly.

“This? Nah, dad needs help around the house. Ya know, it makes him feel better to see things done. I let him think he’s the one doing it then when he goes down for his nap I finish it up, pretend he just forgot that he did it.” Archie shrugged his shoulders, scrubbing at the paint in his fingernails.

Jughead felt the familiar stab of guilt, he should be the one helping Fred, after everything that man had done for him, not to mention Archie was his best friend, no matter what he got into he knew Archie would always be his true best friend. Shedding his leather Jacket on the couch, Jughead tied his flannel around his waist

“Well we better get to it, he can’t sleep forever.” Jughead stared evenly at Archie, a wide but cautious smile sneaking onto the quarterbacks face.

“Well alright then.”

Two hours later the entire kitchen was painted minus a few casualties (who needed a blender anyway?) and Archie and Jughead had talked, more like spilled their guts like little girls on the schoolyard. Jughead felt better and he could see the way Archie’s shoulders seemed to be a bit higher. Soon Jughead was back on the porch and Archie was promising to pay him in burgers, the familiar voice of Alice Cooper drew his eyes to the house next door.

“That’s it Polly, just a few more steps left. bed rest? I mean really? I don’t see why they couldn’t just induce you right there. This wait is getting tedious. Never the less there will be no moving from you from this point on” Alice Cooper rambled, leading a very pregnant Polly into the house.

“She’s not home.”

Jughead brought his eyes back to Archie, quirking an eyebrow

“Betty’s never really home anymore, only to sleep and cook. She’s the only reason me and my dad are still alive, she makes us dinner everyday. She also stays super late at Vixen practice, hasn’t missed a game, except for the ones against Southside High because… well you know.” Archie rubbed a hand to the back of his neck, Jughead visibly winced.

It had been four weeks since he’d spoken to her, he wasn’t going to let her get dragged into his business with the Serpents and Southside high kept him ridiculously busy. He didn’t want her to be a part of his dangerous and hectic life. But he missed her.. damn did he miss her.

“Other than that she’s pretty much always fixing up pickup truck in front of Pops where your dad left it broken down. I’m pretty sure the stupid truck runs like a gem now but she can’t seem to stay out of it, always elbow deep in the engine for hours on end.” Archie sighed “everything thing that happened.. her parents, Polly, her long lost brother? And ya know.. my dad.” He whispered the last part “I think she’s coping in.. Well In her own way. That truck is her anchor.”

Archie had grown surprisingly deep, I guess nearly losing your father would do that to you, Jughead would know.

“I better go.” Jughead started backing away, Archie grabbed him by the arm

“You’re my best friend dude but… be careful okay? I don’t know how much more she can take.” Archie’s voice held a warning but the underlying sadness was also evident. They had all been through so much, too much for teenagers their age. With a heavy nod Jughead made his way to Pops.

She was the first thing he saw, well actually the first thing he saw was the huge green pickup truck parked smack dab in the center of the parking lot, Pop Tate was leaning against the door frame watching Betty, his eyes met Jughead and he smiled.

“Hello son, long time no see.” The older man slapped a hand to Jugheads back when he joined him by the door.

“Yeah, couldn’t stay away from your burgers for long.” He smiled back, his eyes drifting back to the pair of blue jeans sticking out from the hood of the truck.

“I was gonna tow it.” Pops said from beside him “takes up half the damn parking lot but when Betty found out it was your dads she begged me to let her fix it up, your old man left the keys in it and everything. Been like this for three weeks. I just don’t have the heart to make her move it.”
With a final squeeze to Jugheads shoulder Pops went inside promising to be back in a moment, he came back through the front door carrying a milkshake in a to go cup.

“I’m trying to stay “hip” I figured If take out is what the kids want I might as well get a foot in the door.“ Pops nudged Jughead towards Betty and headed back inside leaving the two alone as Jughead held the chocolate shake in his hands.

He stared for a moment more, now wasn’t the time to admire her body but god did he miss holding her and there was no denying how good her curves looked in those jeans. Shaking his head to clear his thoughts Jughead moved over to Betty, she was mumbling under her breath as she twisted a wrench over some metal object, completely oblivious to his presence.

“Did you get her running yet?”

Betty nearly slammed her head into the popped hood, her eyes going wide when she saw the dark haired boy speaking to her, her eyes quickly shifted to the leather jacket snug on his shoulders as she dove back into the car.

“She runs just fine, I’ve been working on the engine, all she really needed were a few new spark plugs. But then I noticed it had a little fluid flooding so I wanted to fix that up before it escalated. And then when I turned the Key in the ignition the check engine light came on and that obviously had something to do with the pressure so I…”

Jughead cut Betty off as he placed a hand over hers inside the hood.

“I’m so sorry Betts.” He whispered.

She turned to him with watery eyes.

“I needed you. Where were you? Where have you been?” She questioned, her voice shaky.

He gently pulled her away from the car leaving his milkshake resting on the side

“I got lost for a bit, I’m still lost but it’s getting clearer. I was looking for a home, for some place where I really belonged, but I missed it. It was right in front of me. You’re my home Betts and .. and I want to come home if you’ll have me.” He knew he was begging but in actuality he would have gotten on his knees if she asked.

But this was Betty Cooper and she didn’t need him to beg, didn’t need him to explain, gripping his hand she pulled him back to the truck

“See right here? Once we get this working the mileage will be so much better and ya know, I’ve kind of been wanting to visit Toledo.” She continued fiddling with the truck but the soft smile on her face let him know what maybe.. maybe they would be okay.

“Yeah Betts, Toledo sounds great to me.”

anonymous asked:

Hey! I was just wondering if I could get a fix about Betty and jughead having broken up for a few months due to him joining the serpents. They both still want each other but they can't get past their different paths. Alice gets a job offer somewhere far away from riverdale so Betty decides to leave with her because it's too painful. Jughead finds out from the ganglike a day before she goes and tries to stop her and you can decide whether they get back together! It's a lot but Iloveyourstories!!❤


“Are you sure about this Betty?” Alice asked, dropping beside her daughter on her lacy pink bed.

Betty looked away, her eyes staring blankly out the window,
“I’m sure mom, it’ll be good for you. This is a great job offer, Ohio is far but.. maybe I need this, maybe I need to start over too.” She glanced back up at her mother, placing a hand on her shoulder, trying to ease her worried eyes

“I’ll miss my friends definitely but I’ll come visit! I mean dads still going to be here running the Register, what about you? How are you and dad supposed to stay married if you live apart.”

Something incredibly similar to sadness flashed in Alice Coopers eyes

“I love your father and he loves me but, I think we both need to find ourselves, this has been a very long year for all of us.” She added somberly.

“I know.” Betty whispered

“What about you? Won’t there be someone missing you?” As a mother it killed Alice to see the pain reflected everyday in her daughters eyes, she wanted to make it better but she didn’t know how.

“No mom, no ones gonna miss me” the hidden meaning wasn’t lost and Betty picked up her schoolbag, biting back tears as she headed for the door. With one last watery eyed glance at her mother Betty sighed

“I don’t have anyone to find me” she whispered, heading out the door and making her way to school.

Hal Cooper walked into Betty’s bedroom, smiling sadly at his frowning wife

“I’m guessing our plan didn’t work? She really thinks your moving and taking her with you? She really agreed to move?”

Alice nodded
“It’s worse than we thought. If this doesn’t give that jones boy a swift kick in the ass, I don’t know what will.” Alice shook her head, rising to stand before her husband as he placed his arms around her waist

“You know I’ll always find you right?” He whispered, dropping a kiss to her lips as she sighed contentedly.

“I’ll come visit you every other weekend, Daddy will make Smithers take me, and then I’ll spend the summers with you, it’ll be totally sisterhood of the traveling pants.” Veronica gripped Betty’s arm as they exited Riverdale High.

Archie grumbled and cursed under his breath like he had been doing the whole day since Betty told him the news
“You can’t just leave! You love Riverdale. You’ve been my neighbor since before I could walk, you can’t move!”

Betty smiled gently
“I love you guys and I’m gonna miss you more than anything, but.. Riverdale stopped being my home the day he ran away from it.” Betty waved at her friends before walking away with heavy feet.

Veronica said her goodbyes to Archie, dropping a kiss to his cheek and hopping into her towncar.

Archie made it to Jugheads trailer in minutes, his hand coming down heavy as he pounded on the metal door. Jughead came forward his eyes red rimmed and his hair a mess, he looked much skinnier, any other time Archie would have been too concerned to speak but not this time. Pushing past the leather jacket wearing boy, he stormed into the trailer.

“Archie? What are you..”

The football player cut him off
“You wanna isolate yourself from our friend group and never answer any of our text messages? Fine. You wanna join some biker gang that you were so adamantly against just last year? Go ahead. But there’s one thing you can’t do, and that’s break my best friends heart and cause her to move away, that I am not okay with.” Archie rambled,pacing back And forth in the makeshift kitchen.

“Moving? What? Betty’s moving? When? Where? What?” Jughead dropped the book he had been holding, pushing off the wall and eyeing Archie frantically.

“Oh now you care? That’s just great. She already agreed to leave, they’re going to Ohio Jughead, were never gonna see her again. She thinks there’s nothing left for her in Riverdale, not after you joined the Serpents and abandoned her. I mean come on! It’s Betty Cooper, How could you..”

Jughead breezed past Archie, slamming the trailer door on the way out, leaving Archie alone as he smiled smugly. Thank god.

He stood on the Coopers front porch, panting and out of breath as he rang the doorbell about a hundred times, Alice Cooper answered after a few seconds

“Mrs. Cooper” he puffed “I need too.. your daughter.. I have to” he tried to catch his breathe as Alice pointed up the stairs


Jughead got his second wind almost instantly, sprinting up the stairs before standing outside her open doorway.

There were empty boxes on Betty’s bed and her clothes were folded beside them, Betty came out of her closet holding a box filled with clothes, her eyes widening when she caught side of the beanieless boy.

“Jughead? What’re you…”

“Don’t go.” He begged, his movements quick as he grabbed the box from her hands, her eyes startled and confused

“Don’t leave Riverdale, you can’t go. Please”

Betty looked away, her arms coming to cross over her body
“There’s nothing for me here Jughead, It’s for the best.” She whispered.

“No. no it’s not. You are Riverdale Betty Cooper, ever since I was little when someone mentioned Riverdale i instantly think of you. You’re the very foundation of this town. You can’t go, you can’t leave me.”

Betty’s eyes snapped to his
“Leave you? Leave you? But isn’t that exactly what you did to me Jughead? Leave me. You found a new family, found someone else and pushed me away, like I was nothing. You have some nerve coming to my house and asking me to..”

Jughead cut her off, dropping his lips to hers like she was his life line. Gripping her hips so tight he thought she might bruise, she melted against him her hands flailing at first before burying in his hair. When they pulled apart they were both out of breath

“I’m so sorry Betty. I should never have pushed you away like that, I should have held on. I just.. I was scared. I didn’t want you to be a part of all this” he shrugged his shoulders, indicating the jacket on his back.

Betty dropped her forehead to his
“You don’t get it do you. Jughead jones, I love you. I love every part of you. I want to be there for you, that all I’ve ever wanted. I don’t care about whatever jacket you put on. You’re still Jughead Jones. And as I may have mentioned, I love him very much.” She smirked as he breathed a deep sigh, his fingers coming up to caress his face

“You’ll stay here? You’ll stay with me? I promise you Betty, if you stay I’ll never let you go again. I won’t lose you again.”

Betty looked down for a second before looking back up

“I’ll stay.” She smiled.

Jughead swung her around, laughing as she squealed he wrapped his arms around her shoulder when he pulled away, Betty clapped her hands

“What do you say we hit up Pops to celebrate, you’re looking very skinny Romeo.”

Jughead nodded eagerly opening the door to her bedroom.

Both Hal and Alice fell through, nearly landing on the ground

“Mom! Dad!”

Both of the blondes parents looked up with guilty smiles.

“Alls well that ends well”