beanie nick

Beanie - Stuart Twombly

Pairing: Stuart Twombly x Reader

Characters: Stuart Twombly, Lyle Spaulding, Nick Campbell, Billy McMahon, Yo-Yo Santos, Neha Patel

Warnings: N/A

Request: N/A

Word Count: 954

Author: Hannah

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anonymous asked:

1/6 so I keep coming back to Louis, young and insecure and alone - all his friends have moved away to start their new lives at uni, but Louis failed his A-levels, even though he tried, he tried so hard, and he's giving it another go, but now he's all alone and older than everyone else and he hates it, hates it, and maybe he's got a little crush on Nick, who works at the run-down-how-are-they-not-out-of-business-yet? record shop in town and DJs some weekends at the place Louis and his friends

2/6 go to every weekend, and Nick’s got so many friends and seems so happy every time Louis spots him around town, so why would he ever even talk to Louis, who failed school and has no friends left? But despite that, Louis starts hanging out at the record shop more and more, even though he’s got no money to actually buy something, and Nick thinks he’s so so pretty, this scruffy boy who comes by every Thursday and spends hours going through the boxes of old stuff no one cares about but never buys

3/6 anything, and maybe his friends, who hang out at the shop sometimes, have started teasing him because they’ve noticed that whenever the cute boy with the grey beanie comes in, Nick actually cannot stop walking around smiling like an idiot. So after a couple of weeks, Nick comes over to where Louis is thumbing through the obscure jazz section for the third time today and casually asks him if maybe he wants to go out sometime with Nick and his mates (Nick’s friends tease him A LOT over how

4/6 nervous he was to ask him.) Louis says yes and spends days agonising over what to wear and how he should act, because Nick’s so pretty and his friends seem so nice and Louis is so, so lonely and hasn’t been out with friends for months, and he’s so nervous that he thinks he might throw up, because they’re probably all gonna discover how much of a loser he actually is and laugh at Nick for inviting an idiot out with them. He pick his very best outfit, jeans that make his bum look nice and his

5/6 best shirt and spends too much time styling his hair, but in the end he has to admit he looks kind of nice. And when he gets to the pub where they’re supposed to meet, one of Nick’s friends looks him over and laughs, says “aren’t you a bit dressed up for going down the pub?” and Louis feels so so so stupid, he’s misunderstood everything, and he can feel tears pricking behind his eyes, which makes him feel even more stupid, and he should’ve just stayed at home, but then Nick leans in, places

6/6 a hand on his shoulder and whispers “I think you look lovely” before kissing his cheek so briefly Louis is not sure it actually happened, and then Nick blushes a lot and Louis blushes even more and they fumble around a lot and it all ends in hugs and STUPID BOYS IN LOVE.

ANON, ANON, this is the nicest and loveliest story, and it’s SO SWEET and I want to read MORE. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT AND WHAT’S THEIR FIRST KISS LIKE AND WHO MAKES THE FIRST CUP OF TEA AND WHEN DO THEY HOLD HANDS. Write moreeeee, I love it. <3