beanie mack


here’s my “big mack” plush!

mack is a beanie plush, made from snow white, silver, and ash minky with appliqued stripes and a machine sewn face. he’s about 8″ long by 7″ tall. 

the burger is camel, beige, sunshine, caramel, lime, and scarlet minky. i REALLY wish there was a true “tan” minky out there - camel is a little too light. so the burger is “underdone” i guess! there are two sides to the top layers: one shape so mack can lay in the burger and the other shape so he can lay on top. the top bun has a beanbag in it for weight. the seeds are appliqued on. the burger is about 10″ wide by 10″ tall.

i’ve been wanting to make all my neko atsume plushies to scale with each other, but i had to make him smaller otherwise the burger would have been huge!

i had a lot of fun with this one! i’ve never made a beanie before, and definitely not a burger!

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i am giving away his prototype for the cost of shipping and paypal fees. enter here: