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BTS as Wes Anderson Films

A/N: Mostly based on aesthetics and general vibe of the movie. Film critics everywhere are rolling their eyes at me (sorry high school Film Studies teacher!). 

Seokjin as “The Grand Budapest Hotel”

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Yoongi as “The Royal Tenenbaums”

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Hoseok as “The Darjeeling Limited” (wrote a paper about this in college, lol)

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Namjoon as “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou” (based mostly off beanie game, I won’t lie)

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Jimin as “Hotel Chevalier” (I was originally going to do Bottle Rocket but I just couldn’t see the connection </3)

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Taehyung as “Moonrise Kingdom”

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Jungkook as “Rushmore” (a kid who is involved in every extracurricular and falls for a teacher? Hmmmm…)

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Alexander Hamilton

-Major in law 

-is on team no sleep

-gets in a lot of fights

-bi-curious bean

-confused on who he loves more John,Thomas, or Eliza

-Always gets advice from Peggy but never listens to her.

-Hangs out with Burr to go chick hunting

-Hairstyle:ponytail, short hair (aka the current hairstyle of lin)

-Wears glasses occasionally

-Hoodies,Baggy pants,converse is his go-to outfit

-Is a part of the school newspaper

-Classic music is his thing.


-new kid

John Laurens

-Has a pet turtle 

-room mates with Alexander,Lafayette, and Hercules

-Has a small crush on Peggy

-Totally crushing on Alex 

-Football player, jersey number 12

-Shirts with collars and shorts are his thing.


-listens to reggae


-The exchange student

-Part of the french club 

-Spits hot bars every night at the underground club in their campus 


-Football player,jersey number 05

-Has the flag of france hanged on their dorm

-Dresses elegantly 

-Starbucks is his bestfriend

-drinks heavily 

-picky eater

Hercules Mulligan

-The gentle jock


-the one who runs around the field when their school wins a game 

-Wears beanies or bandanas

-is a fan of the incredible hulk

-weightlifting is his thing

-always says the word “BRAH”

-Heavy drinkers with Lafayette and John Laurens

-In the stalker squad with Peggy and Angelica (occasionally Eliza joins in)

Aaron Burr

-the student who is the welcoming committee 

-Frenemies with Alexander

-calls Alexander “lex” or “zooANDER”

-All around advice giver 

-does everything for his family



-reliable with the LADIES

Angelica Schuyler


-That feminist 

-Rich bish 1

-Close friends with Lafayette (Best Fashion Friends!)

-The mom friend

-In the stalker squad

-Listens to girl artists or bands with female fronted vocals

-Crop tops are her thing 

-Roast queen

-Has a pink lamborghini 

-Known as the queen B of the campus

- Sorority Leader

Eliza Schuyler


-Wears that longsleeve shirt underneath that vest sweater  and wears those shoes with those leggings. (cue Angelica cringing) 

-that hot nerd 

-Rich bish 2

-cinnamon roll

-met Alexander in the football field

-a raging homosexual when drunk

-has a blue lamborghini 

-Listens to mainstream rappers(like drake and the weeknd) and K-pop (No one even knows)

-More on western music.

-Doesn’t swear but passive aggressive af

-Burns ex’s letters.

Peggy Schuyler


-Has terrible fashion sense 

-no one knows her except for Burr and Laurens 

-Rich Bish 3

-Meme lover 

-Course related to Music

-goes by the name DJ PegLeg

-A literal sunshine 

-Gives good advice to Alexander


The Signs as Shit Jordan Says during "FULL ON D U C C"

Aries: I guess that’s the die button

Taurus: *singing the iCarly theme song*

Gemini: Why am I alone?

Cancer: *unintelligible screaming*

Leo: *screaming and spraying fire extinguisher everywhere while Ryan is just trying to talk to him normally*

Virgo: Why are you using my corpse as a weapon?  

Libra: I make interesting sounds

Scorpio: *Backed up into a wall screaming while shooting at nothing because Ryan and Alfred already killed each other*

Sagittarius: We had a meeting

Capricorn: No remorse

Aquarius: Di-Di-Dick Dickelodeon  

Pisces: *singing to the tune of It’s Gonna Get Weird* I feel all fuzzing inside like a duCKLING

Signs as Ryan / Signs as Alfred / FULL ON D U C C  

The Signs as Shit Alfred Says during "FULL ON D U C C"

Aries: The power of Christ does not compel me

Taurus: Why am I put on the other side? Racism.

Gemini: You paid me 3 cents and a subway sandwich to suck your dick

Cancer: I don’t want a gun stuck to my dick dick dick dick dick dick dick *proceeds to say dick many, many times afterwards, then starts singing dick to the tune of Dog Song from Undertale*

Leo: *to the turn of Old McDonald* And on this farm he had a person

Virgo: I hope you stick your dick in a cup of cyanide

Libra: How did the tree give me the succ?

Scorpio: ‘Everyone wants to kill Ryan’ with your host, the bitch himself, R Y A N

Sagittarius: Who pissed in here?

Capricorn: I was gonna do the matrix and I did the mate

Aquarius: Listen *sings to a chilled out beat* I didn’t want to get a gun on my dick no sir, no sir, no sir, no sir. I didn’t want to get a gun on my dick no sir, no sir, no sir, no sir. Not a pistol, or an AK, or a bazooka to it. I don’t want any of that shit, none of it. I don’t want a gun to my dick I don’t want that shit. I don’t want a gun to my dick, I don’t want a gun, no, no, no, no, no sir, no, no, no

Pisces: Quack of the game

Signs as Jordan / Signs as Ryan / FULL ON D U C C 

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I just discovered your blog and I can't believe I didn't have it in my life before! Thanks so much for running it. I adore Mr. Sexbang so much and if I had to pick my favorite thing about him (insanely hard thing to do) it would be how he's usually cuddled up with a blanket whenever they actually show him recording. If it's even possible - what's your favorite thing about this giant happy beanstalk??

I live for Danny wearing his Giants beanie


Here it is at last, the thing that took up most of my free time these past few weeks and the reason I haven’t been posting much art. My mind control beanie!!

I’m so happy to have finally finished it, and I’m pretty proud with how it turned out. Just in time for fall!

Jughead Jones x Reader: This Isn’t Goodbye


Hi, I love your writing! Can you please do one where the reader have been friends with the group for ages and actually set up Jughead and Betty up together… and then after they’re dating the reader realizes that she’s actually in love with Jughead but it’s too late? Something super fluffy and sad! The ending is up to you whether they get together or not.

A/N: Okay sorry for being gone quite a while. I thought I was going to get to relax and write a bunch and I was sadly mistaken. My mental health took a toll and some of my family decided to move back to my house so it’s not a calm as I would like it to be. Anyways I hope I did the requestors justice and that you guys like this. I know I’m behind on requests sorry babes.

Words: 1623

Summary: Reader sets Jughead and Betty thinking it will help her get over Jug.


Warnings: I don’t think so.

You and Jughead had been two peas in a pod since as long as you could remember. The two of you against the world. Soon you two would meet a ginger and a blonde and the square would be complete. Then the square met Kevin and soon Veronica and the square became a circle and finally met its end. The last pieces completed the puzzle.

It was your sophomore year in High School and all of you were inseparable.

You never realized that the one thing you thought would bring you happiness would utterly destroy you.

You wanted him to be happy and he was, so what was the problem?

She wasn’t you, and you were too late.

You were very different from Betty and Veronica. They rose to occasion becoming River Vixens and the guys drooled at a glimpse of them.

You had seen the stares Jughead starting giving the blonde, he was your best friend you had to do something.

You preferred jeans to cheer skirts any day.

You preferred Quentin Tarantino over Gossip.

You preferred Jughead over loneliness.  


You set Betty and Jughead up and they hit it off.

Why were you being so weird about them?

The more Jughead was with Betty the less he was with you and that didn’t bother you until now.

At first it was all okay, it was the same except for the countless kisses Jughead and Betty would give each other. He tried his best to be there for both of you when Betty got a kiss he’d peck your cheek, you’d roam the halls together his two girls at his side.

The times he was with you one of the most famous topics was now Betty and how he had such an amazing time with her. He realized he was being one of those guys so to compensate you actually got to wear the beanie which was a game-changer not even Bets got to wear it.

He seemed happy, but if it wasn’t for that night then you would probably wouldn’t have acknowledged your feelings.

The anniversary of when you both met came about, you would always separate from the group and celebrate it. The first stop was Pops, second the Drive-In, and lastly a walk near Sweetwater River ending in your special place.

Until you waited at Pops for an hour and a half and he didn’t show. You proceeded to go to the drive-in maybe he just caught up with something. The movie finished. The tears tried to escape your eyes and he wouldn’t even answer his phone.

Ever since Betty things became so different between the two of you. Sure Jughead tried his best to hang with you, but you were tired of the compensations you just wanted him to be there. You never thought that you and Jughead would be the type of friendship that would drift apart.

You started towards your spot at Sweetwater River hoping that maybe he was there. That spot you two cherished so much that nobody knew anything about.

Greatly he was there, but he had a visitor. The tears finally escaped your eyes. No one knew, you both swore you’d never tell anyone about it. You ran away, hoping they didn’t hear or see you.

You heart broke, how could he? He chose his girlfriend over his best friend, he exposed something that at least you held so dear to your heart.

You had gotten some news and maybe they were for the best as you missed the next few days of school. Wishing that your feelings would go away, except after that day what broke you the most was that Jughead didn’t even bother to reach out about missing your special day.

You ignored any messages that came from your circle. Then it hit you it finally hit you. You would be leaving your circle soon and thus there would be a missing piece. All of you were so cheesy about your circle about never leaving, never disconnecting. It wasn’t until Jughead not showing up and completely forgetting about you that made you see that some connections don’t last forever.


“Have any of you guys seen (Y/N)?” Ronnie announced at the cafeteria.

“No, she doesn’t answer my texts” Kevin added.

“Do you think she’s sick? We should go see her” Archie continued as the couple arrived at the table.

“What are you guys talking about?” Betty asked

“(Y/N)” The other three declared in sync.

“Has anyone seen or heard from her?” the raven haired spoke with worry in her eyes.

“Shit” was all Jughead said as he arose from the table and told them he’d report back later.


There was a knock at your door, you ignored it as your father answered the door.

“Oh Juggie” your father pulled him into a hug “I sure am gonna miss you.”

“What’s with the boxes sir?” Jughead questioned your father.

“Didn’t (Y/N/N) tell you? My company is transferring me to California” your father answered Jughead in shock “Well I think you best go talk to her then.”

“Dad I think I’m going to need more tape” you spoke thinking it was your father that entered your room.

“What the hell (Y/N/N)? You’re moving and you didn’t bother to tell any of us!” Jughead was fuming.

“Didn’t think it mattered” you spoke coldly looking him in the eyes.

“Look I’m sorry about missing our special day, I completely forgot” your heart sank.

“Of course you did” you grew angry.

“I really am sorry, I was with Betty, and she needed me” Jughead added.

“I NEEDED YOU!” a single tear escaped your left eye “I knew I was moving, I was hoping that at least we’d have one last celebration as best friends, and you were nowhere, until I found you.”

Jughead froze, he knew exactly what you were talking about.

“You took her to our special spot, you forgot about me, that’s was it Jug, I’m moving; starting new” you closed up one of your boxes.

“We can all still talk” Jughead countered.

“Wow you’re not even sorry for taking her there?” he avoided your gaze.

“It’s just a spot” he challenged.

“Just a spot” you repeated.

“Why are you acting like this (Y/N/N)? You set me and Betty up what the problem?” the beanie loving boy oblivious about your feelings.

“The problem is- The- there is no problem Juggie not anymore” you continued packing up some of your things.

“Obviously there is or you wouldn’t be ignoring all of us” Jughead’s voice was soft.

“I- I am happy for you Jug, I’m happy you got the girl. I just wish you’d remember me” you didn’t tell him you liked him there was no point in doing so you were moving and he was happy.

Jughead went up to you and gave you a tight hug, a hug you wished would fix everything, a hug you wish would’ve lasted longer.

“I like you Jug” you spoke softly “I thought setting you up with a girl you liked would help me get over my best friend, but it just made things worse for me” you pulled away.

“You showed her our special spot, I couldn’t do it anymore” you avoided eye contact “moving away was now my perfect escape from the crap that is Riverdale.”

“It’s not all crap” he reached for your hand.

“You’re writing about the death of a kid killed in cold blood by his father Jug” he chuckled at your comment.

“I’m sorry about forgetting our day, and for showing Betty our spot” you let go of his hand.

“Why’d you break that promise? Why’d you show her?” you wanted an answer.

“She found out her parents were getting a divorce. I had nowhere else to take her for us to just be alone” he answered truthfully.

“What?! Jug that’s a cost for celebration! Hal Cooper is the worst I wouldn’t have minded her joining us if I would’ve known” you exulted you never were a fan of her father.

“(Y/N) that’s her father, the man who raised her” Jughead nodded disapprovingly.

“Dude’s shady ass fuck Jug, that’s your father-in-law divorce or not so I guess you have to pretend to like him, anyway a ‘hey can’t make it’ text would’ve gone a long way instead of well this, but then again you said you forgot” you sat in your bed.

“I really am sorry, there aren’t enough words to say I am sorry” he lamented.

“That’s a shock coming from Riverdale’s finest writer” you chuckled.

“I really like her (Y/N)” he assured his feelings.

“I know Jug, you’re my best friend I know you” you sighed “do me a favor though?” you asked.

“What?” he breathed.

“Don’t tell her, I don’t want to make things weird, plus I bet I’m gonna meet somebody in California” you both chuckled at your last comment.

“I promise only if you actually try and keep in touch” he concluded.

“I wouldn’t break our circle even if I tried Jug, all of you mean too much to me. Plus my dad I agreed I can come back on breaks and stay with my grandparents.” You two hugged one more time before you broke the news to your circle.


Your last day was full of tears and laughs as you gave your circle a last hug.

“I’m coming back for breaks you guys let me breath” you giggled.

“I think she said tighter” Archie shouted and they all hugged you tighter and you knew this move was going to be hard, but it was for the best at the moment and you’d keep in contact with the best people in your life.

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