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someone mentioned in the SO video the red beanie and how tyler wouldnt sing into the mic before taking it off so the red representing blurryface - i agree especially bc then only after taking off the hat does tyler start dancing and seem more relaxed - and josh only then starts playing the drums so maybe it shows how tyler is recognizing it but also how josh is affected by tyler's personal blurryface

Good theory! I like your imput about how Tyler’s behavior can start influencing Josh, his best friend…  

Just as when someone starts to become depressed or suicidal, their behavior starts to impact those around them. Or, the opposite, how positive people positively impact the world!


Look, I might have an afternoon nap and then try to drag my buddy o’ chum out to the shed for some “band” practise.. I may have to give up my brilliant (a sentimental gift from a friend who recently moved to #sussex) super tacky bear beanie as a bribe as it is miserable (my cuppa tea) outside.

I’ll also have to google the ability to upload voice memo files onto the tumblr app so ya’ll can hear my dodgy twilight out of body attempts at getting some shit off my liver, musically.