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Could you tell me a bit about Scarun? Anyone he likes, how he joined the clan, anything works tbh!

Scarun was hired on by Ulli, and accepted the job as one of the clan’s medics before he found out about the fact that Lux Contri harbors Emperors. Ulli was a little underhanded on that one bc she knew that most Imperials in their right minds wouldn’t want to be around a clan that kept Emperors.

After he found out he kind of stayed on board because the thought of leaving a clan that needed him filled him with more guilt than he could really bear. Of course, the clan has been very welcoming and friendly to him, and it’s slowly become less of “I have to stay here because I’m a really bad person if I leave” and more of a “you know these people really aren’t bad, and they seem to have this whole Emperor situation under control, and maybe staying here won’t be so bad”.

He has very little talent as a magical healer and instead focuses on herbal remedies and good ol’ fashioned bandages, stitches, and poultices. Much like Psalm, his main motto for his line of work is “service with a smile”; he knows that physical healing methods aren’t as desired and magical means, so he does his very best to make his patients’ experience as pleasant as possible.

His long distance pen pal/bf is Apache and he’s really quite smitten with him, even though he’s not properly met him yet. He looks forward to a time when he can visit him in person and shower him with affection.