Oversleeping and nearly missing my bus and half the station being demolished, getting lost trying to find Alex and Kara and almost walking to Brooklyn instead, some super weird food exhibit at the NYPL, Alex wanting to climb the ceiling, deciding to go to the Harry Potter exhibit that just happened to be in the city the same day as us, laughing like idiots at the Sorting Hat that wouldn’t stop saying “Gryffindor!”, all the typos on the props, Winky Crockett, fangirling over Gilderoy Lockhart, scoring a double goal in Quidditch with a Quaffle in both hands, long journeys to find Chipotle, Kara not keeping her burrito in foil, Alex digging out all of the spicy things with her bare hands, me reading Snapple facts from a bottle of juice that was not Snapple, planting Bertie Bott’s Beans throughout Bryant Park, mistaking Gertrude Stein for the Buddha, putting on obnoxious eyeshadow in Sephora knowing we couldn’t afford to buy anything, and all the while feeling the burritos sit in our stomachs.