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I would love to see something about maybe Reaper with a S/O who loves toys?? Like colorful dolls and animals and whatnot. I feel like that combination will be interesting! Thank you so much!

All the Colors 

You’re pretty handy with a needle, and you weren’t afraid to make that known with each new doll you made. Reaper, despite being far removed from the man once known as Gabriel Reyes, appreciated it and would say nothing whenever you’d return from a mission with two or three new colorful dolls or plush toys that you’ve crafted mid-transit (even if they were hilariously large and hindered your ability to open doors).

The good majority of Talon could say nothing either. Either because they feared your relationship with Reaper, who had made it clear to everyone on more than one occasion that your interests are not an acceptable point of ridicule, or they feared retribution from you, the group’s chief information broker–it’s common knowledge by now that on your word alone, you can essentially determine who lives or dies (like that one guy who tore one of your stuffed dolphins in half, and then mysteriously got sent off to Antarctica to retrieve a highly radioactive material guarded by a group of hostile Omnics without the proper precautions–the end result was not pretty).

Today, it is no different. He and Sombra see you coming down the hall, an armful of colorful, round somethings, the size of volleyballs. You looked like you had some trouble with them. 

“Oi, wha’chu got there?” Sombra gasps, “Are those new?” 

Your eyes light up when you notice them coming, and you sprint to meet them. “Good timing, you two!” 

Both Reaper and Sombra look at each other. Usually, ‘good timing’ in Talon terms mean that something has happened and everything’s going to go to hell, or someone’s about to be in a very uncomfortable position. This time, it is the latter. 

“Could you hold these for me? I’ll be right back. Gotta grab meet with someone.” Without even waiting for an answer, you shove your inventory into Reaper’s arms with a, “Thanks, I love you!”, and tear down the hall, the echoes of your heels fading fast. 

Both Sombra and Reaper look at the items you’ve forced upon them. 

“Oh no,” the hacker hisses excitedly. “They’re cute.”

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Wonderful news! The sensory bean bag stim toys I have been working on are now available on my etsy store!

I am autistic and I have sensory processing disorder and severe anxiety so I make stim toys to help myself and others. I’m so excited to share this new addition with you!

These handmade beanbag stim toys fit nicely in the palm of your hand and have a good weight to them. They are fun for holding and fidgeting! They are not filled completely to the top with the plastic beans so that the beans can move around in the fabric bag. It makes a nice sound and is nice to squish and move around in your hands.

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Do you have any suggestions on how to incorporate sensory room components in your room. Thank you and have a happy holidays!

Hi there! Things I can think of off the top of my head:

  • My partner is a big visual stimmer, so he has a small collection of visually appealing posters on his bedroom wall that he enjoys just looking at
  • Having blankets and cushions in textures you like to touch is also an option
  • Low, warm coloured lighting that doesn’t cause visual overload
  • Sound-proofing perhaps?
  • Curtains or blinds that are good at blocking out light
  • Good temperature control, like AC or fans, good insulation if you can manage/afford it
  • Perhaps have a space where you keep your stim toys?
  • Beanbags! Hanging chairs! Hammocks!
  • Some people like fairy lights
  • Having an enclosed space you can retreat into, like a tent or blanket fort
  • Soft toys in good textures?

Does anyone else have other ways that they make their rooms sensory friendly?

Liesel, Mod.

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Does chocolate whipped cream exist? It seems like a possible antidote for unrequited love.

I’m going to open up a cafe for broken-hearted people and I’ll fill it wall to wall with books, slow indie music like The Civil Wars, an ice-cream machine, soft toys, beanbags, warm leather chairs and all manner of sweet products and cats. I’ll call it Heartbreak Blues and have a buddy system where anyone who wants to get their hair stroked and a cuddle can partner up