Hey! So what your looking at is Akara also known as Bean Cake. It is a popular dish in Nigeria usually eaten during breakfast. The main ingredient is black-eyed-peas and it is fried in oil, I guess Americans would call this Black-Eyed-Peas Fritters. It pretty easy to make but the preparing of the black-eyed-peas can sometimes be a headache. The black-eyed-peas first need to be pealed so that the outer coat is no longer remaining this can be done in many ways, my mom usually soaks the beans and then rubs them between her hand to remove the outer coat.

The Akara you see in the picture is a batch that my mom made, I’m sure she’s been making this since she was a child so she doesn’t use a recipe. But I found one online that looks pretty legit so click HERE to check it out! Enjoy! :)