Neville Longbottom is the cutest cinnamon roll ever and it just makes sense he ends up being a herbology teacher married to a Hufflepuff and isn’t that the perfect happy endinG and I jUsT HAve a LoT OF FeeliNGS ABOUT NEVILLE BECAUSE HOGWARTS HAS BEEN SO STRESSFUL FOR HIM BUT HE WENT ON AND SHOWN THEM ALL brb crying

Can we make it canon that Kara will both be invited to & attend the WestAllen Wedding AS WELL AS Iris’ Bachelorette Party (Along with Caitlin, Jessie, & Felicity [[and Sara?]]) because Barry has no major concern for Iris’ well being if she’s with Kara [and the Squad]. Did we just figure out a motivation for the next big crossover? I. THINK. WE. DID. 

Also, can someone please write a fic for this because I’m too excited for the Universe to collide and make this happen. 

take my human designs and don’t question why its rainbow because I have no intention of fixing it tonight.  I’ll redraw them eventually so take my quick sketches. I’m probably going to change Reapers and Anti-Voids design.
I’m still deciding names for these designs so that’s what the purple/indigo writing is..

Ink belongs to/ @comyet
Geno, Error and Fresh (and I guess the anti void too lmao) belong to/ @loverofpiggies
Reaper belongs to/ @renrink
Paperjam belongs to/ @7goodangel
Gradient belongs to/ @askcomboclub
Goth belongs to/ @nekophy
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