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Some Danny and Dani fluff! Like, them watching Space documentaries or stargazing ✨

LOOK AT MY BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN! They are watching a documentary on the most recent Nasa findings. They are mega invested and don’t hear Jazz telling them to turn it down. Dani tho would totally wear pigtails to bed. This is after the Fentons adopt Dani incase you were wondering. @shadowofaghost5


boy, that sure-fire desire is true; raw hands heart-beating to the smoky view

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The banshee is a haunting, ghost like female spirit found in some Celtic Mythologies. The name originates in Irish Gaelic bean si, meaning “woman of the sidhe” or “woman of the fairy mounds”. Similar creatures are found in Welsh, Norse, and American folklore and legends.

The banshee is viewed usually as an omen of death, or a messenger from the Otherworld. According to legend, the banshee is a fairy-like woman, who screams and wails in the night when someone near is about to die. Tales vary, such as claiming that one who hears the banshee’s cry for three nights will surely die. In Scottish tales, the banshee may be seen washing the blood stained clothing or armor of those who are near their death. Some families are believed to have banshees bound to them, whose cries foretell the death of certain members.

She may appear as a dreadful, and frightening looking old hag, or a stunning young woman, whichever suits her. However, in some Irish tales, she is said to either resemble or be the Morrigan; a representative of battle, with deity-like reverence. Most often, the banshee is described as being dressed in white or grey, with long hair that they brush with a silver comb, though, accounts of other appearances exist. 

Some tales liken her to a funeral keener; young women who would sing laments at funerals. Others, compare her to a specific murdered woman, or a grieving mother who died in childbirth. The cry of the banshee has been described in many ways, from a low, and pleasant singing, to a thin, and terrible screeching the likes of which could shatter glass.

Similar creatures to the banshee are the Welsh “Hag of the Mist”, the Scottish bean nighe, and the Norse Fylgja. Sightings of the banshee, or similar beings, have also been reported in several places in America, around the late 18th century, particularly in North Carolina, and South Dakota. 


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  The fanart is not complete… without some cool ass edgy *death*lord :v 

The Plan // Archie Andrews

Hi… me again sorry I have another angsty idea. Can you do an imagine where the reader is Veronica’s adopted sibling and she has a giant crush on Archie and Veronica knows it and the reader and Archie have been hanging out a lot just them and she thinks he likes her too but then the reader catches them kissing and she feels really betrayed and hurt and she won’t talk to either of them but then Archie like confesses his love for the reader in front of everyone during a football game or something.

Hey! Sorry this one was a little late but I’ve had it saved in my notes to do. But, here’s another Archie imagine. I’ll being having Cheryl and Veronica soon! 💕


‘Come on! Spill the beans lil sis!’ Veronica poked and prodded her few months younger sister, trying to provoke her to tell her who she had feelings for.

Y/N slapped her repeatedly playfully to keep her away from her. Y/N laughed, watching Veronica’s reaction to Y/N hitting her. 'I don’t like anyone and if I did I would certainly NOT tell you.’

'Oh, c'mon! Just admit it; you like Archibald Andrews.’

Y/N’s mouth dropped open, smacking her again. 'Say it louder please, I want him to know and completely embarrass myself.’ Y/N commented sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

'Oh, c'mon. I think it’s adorable.’

'Shut up.’

'No, because I’m right.’



'What are you two fighting about?’ Both girls turned their heads to see Archie, watching them in amusement.

'She’s pestering me, just like an older sister would.’ Y/N laughed, pushing Veronica away from her. She squinted at her, telling her to keep her mouth shut.

'I’ll save you from her since we’ve got to go study in the library, remember?’

'Oh yeah - I completely forgot!’ Y/N nodded, standing next to Archie. 'Catch you later sis!’ She smiled, waving and walking away with Archie.

The special thing about Veronica and Y/N about them being sisters is that they were by bond, not by blood.

Y/N was adopted into the Lodge family when she was younger after her parents sadly passed away in a fire, they made sure she escaped whilst a 9 year old Y/N watched her house burn down in flames. Hermoine and Hiram were family friends with her parents, taking no risks and adopting her straight away.

Veronica and Y/N grew a bond stronger than anything imagined. Veronica cared and watched out for her at all costs throughout their relationship, especially moving to a new town.

But, Y/N and Veronica managed to make friends with the same people, making it easier for Veronica to look out for Y/N.

'Archie - when did we plan to go study in the library?’ Y/N asked, walking beside the auburn haired boy.

Archie smirked mischievously, looking down at the Y/H/C haired coloured girl. 'We aren’t, I just wanted to get you away from Ronnie.’

'Wow, my hero.’ Y/N laughed that adorable laugh, Archie always loved it. It was like music to his ears.

'Hey - I did you a favour.’ He pointed out, pushing open the library door.

'Okay, I’ll let you off just this once.’

Y/N always attempted to be coy with Archie, trying her best to keep her emotions and feelings under wraps, with the fear of being hurt. She was already anxious enough with Ronnie knowing, she’d probably never leave the house if the likes of Cheryl found out, that would be a recipe for disaster.

'Right, well, since you’ve put us in this predicament, we’re actually going to study.’

'Oh, c'mon. What about the snacks? We always do that on our free period?’ Y/N rolled her eyes at the complaining teenager, opening her back and throwing a packet of skittles at him. He fumbled before catching it, glaring at Y/N playfully.

'You’re lucky I caught it.’

'You can eat the orange ones, it’ll help your hair stay the way it is.’

Archie snorted, shaking his head at the girl he sat next to, popping a skittle in his mouth as they began to study.


It was almost the end of the day and Veronica had a plan. Now, usually her plans worked, but, sometimes when she got to sure of herself, the plan would fall through. She finally found the auburn hair she’d been looking for, tapping him on the shoulder.

Archie spun around, seeing the raven haired girl smiling at him.

'Archie, can we talk? In private?’ Archie smiled and nodded, following her into the vacant classroom. He shut the door behind him, confused as to why he was in here.

'Ronnie, what’s going on?’ Archie asked, frowning in confusion.

'What do you mean?’ Her tone of voice changed, almost seducing. She took a few steps forward closer towards him, making him take a few more back.

'You’ve…you’ve never acted like this before, what are you doing?’

'Don’t you see it, Archikins? We were made for each other.’ Veronica was now so close to his face, he could feel her breath fanning his face. 'Just accept it.’

Meanwhile, Y/N was walking past, since Ronnie wanted to speak to her about something to do with home. She was confused. Ronnie was supposed to be here by now, where was she?

Y/N only simply turned her head before she saw her sister locking lips with the guy she’d liked since she first moved here. Y/N felt her face drop and emotions starting to show, looking around in the crowded hallway, she hopped no one was looking.

She didn’t even realise until Archie’s eyes widened at her that he’d been caught and he’d seen Y/N’s broken facial expression.

Y/N made a sprint for the girls bathroom, hiding away from her sister that betrayed her and the boy she loved and thought loved her in return. She put her hand over her mouth, trying to keep quiet in the stall she’d locked herself in, letting the tears fall freely.

Meanwhile, Archie had pushed Veronica away, glaring at his friend. 'Why did you do that, Ronnie?’

'What do you mean?’ Ronnie felt bad for hurting her sister, but she needed to know for her sake.

'I like Y/N, a lot actually and you’ve now ruined any chance that I have with her. I’ve never cared for someone as much as her and I was planning to finally confess my feelings for her, now I’ve completely ruined.’ Archie was furious, his face almost turning red like his hair.

'That’s what I wanted to hear.’ Ronnie smirked, standing back. Archie turned his head back to her, frowning in confusion. 'I knew you had feelings for her, I just wanted to see if you were good enough for her.’

'By what? Making out with me?’

'By seeing your reaction to me doing it. You’re mad, it worked. Now, for the next step in my plan; winning her back in the best way possible.’

'Winning her back? I wouldn’t have to do it if you didn’t kiss me!’ Archie exclaimed.

'Trust me, Arch. You have to make Y/N feel special and a big gesture is the way to go and I know exactly how to do it.’


'Y/N, come out of the stall, please?’ Betty pleaded, knocking on the door.

Y/N sniffled, wiping her nose with the cheap toilet paper in her hand. 'No. I can’t face the world.’

'Y/N, no one else saw it.’ Kevin reassured.

'Kevin, you’re not suppose to be in here and I don’t care, they would’ve heard about it. Why would she do that? She knew I liked him!’

'We all did,’ Kev said, Betty glaring at him. They found out about Ronnie’s plan before it happen, knowing it would cause Y/N to be hurt. 'But, I’m sure there’s something we don’t know.’

'She kissed Archie…I’m not going to the game tonight.’

'Yes you are.’ Betty cut her off. 'You are a strong, independent woman and you don’t need a man in your life. You’ve got this. Don’t let them ruin your fun and social outings.’

Y/N unlocked the door, slowly pulling it open. Betty and Kevin gave their friend a sympathetic look, her make up completely smudged, her face red and her eyes puffy. Y/N walked over to the sink, turning on the tap to try and fix her face as much as possible.

'Fine,’ she finally spoke up, 'I’ll go to the game.’


Y/N regretted this whole idea of going now, she absolutely hated being here and watching a game standing next to Jughead, who couldn’t care less about this sport and looking at the guy who made out with her sister.

'Why don’t you just go talk to him about it?’ Jughead suggested. She turned, frowning and glaring at him. He put his hands up in surrender, knowing he’d only made her more annoyed as the whistle blew, the game beginning again.

'Where the hell is Kevin? - I thought he’d be here, since Betty and she who shall not be named are cheerleaders.’ Y/N asked, looking around for them. Jughead knew they had a plan, whether it actually worked was a different story.

Archie was planning to announce his feelings at half time to Y/N, hoping she’ll give him a chance and forgive Ronnie for trying to be a protective sister.

Archie began the play again, the whole school starting to cheer his name in sync, Y/N beginning to feel like a sitting duck. She looked at the students and the cheerleaders who shouted his name, loud and proud.

Y/N felt out of place, she began to feel maybe Archie could do better, being a football star and a musician, he could do better and she was slowly starting to see it.

'Jug…I’m gonna go, okay?’ Y/ N gave him a half smile, standing up from her seat in the stands.

'Are you sure?’ Jughead attempted to not look panicked, trying to keep Y/N from leaving before half time.

'Yeah…I - I can’t do this, I’m sorry.’ She apologised, walking away from her worried friend.

Jughead messaged Betty, letting her know that Y/N was leaving now and Archie needed to do something quickly before he lost his chance.

Archie had been keeping an eye on her the entire game, stopped running completely to watch the love of his life leaving him.

'No…she can’t.’ He mumbled to himself, sprinting off the field, causing everyone to frown and call out in confusion. The coach screamed at him, asking him what the hell he was doing, but Archie didn’t answer nor care.

Y/N didn’t even realise she was the centre of attention for everyone, watching Archie run up the bleacher steps to stop Y/N from exiting.

Y/N looked up, shocked to see Archie standing in front of her, helmet off and sweat glistening on his forehead.

'Archie - what the hell…’

'No, listen to me.’ Archie cut Y/N off, wanting to tell her everything. 'I know Veronica kissed me, but I found out why; because she wanted to know how I’d react to a kiss from someone else, seeing if I was faithful. I then yelled at her and told her she screwed up every chance that I had with you because I love you and I can’t live without-’

'Wait - hold up; what did you just say?’ Y/N asked, feeling her eyes glisten with tears. Archie stopped mid rambling, looking into Y/N’s Y/E/C eyes. He showed a small smile, looking down at his feet.

'I - I love you.’

Everyone around them awed, watching the two young lovers. It was almost an episode from “The Days of Our Lives”.

'R-really?’ Y/N stuttered, stepping down more step, making her and Archie closer together. 'But, what about Ronnie-’

'She did this so I could admit my feelings to you.’ Archie explained. 'I love you and I want you.’ He repeated. Y/N smiled, but it soon fell.

'How can I trust you?’

Archie but his lip, cupping Y/N’s cheek before he leaned in, kissing her after so long of waiting.

Y/N felt like the breath had been taken out of her. The crowd cheered behind them, neither knowing if it was for the game that played behind them or them finally kissing, but, neither of them cared.

Archie pulled away, smiling at Y/N. Thunder echoed off in the sky, signalling it was going to rain. Y/N looked up to the sky laughing.

'Okay, you’ve proved it. But please, no more kissing my sister…or anyone else. How about if we have something on our minds we tell each other?’

Archie chuckled, nodding. 'That sounds good.’

Y/N felt the first drop on her cheek, smiling. 'Oh and Archie, I love you.’ She looked back at Archie, grabbing his face and pulling him in for another kiss, the rain beginning to pelt down on them.

But there was no care in the world when Y/N and Archie kissed each other. Jughead shook his head, chuckling at his friends.

Betty and Ronnie watched from their position on the field, giving each other a high five to finally have two people who loved each other together.

The Queen’s Gynecologist is a Banshee

The word queen is descended from the Old English cwēn, whose original meaning was “woman” or “wife”, and subsequently came to be specialized to mean “king’s wife” (and subsequently also a woman reigning in her own right).  Another word for “queen” in Old English was cyninge, the feminine form of cyning “king”.  Had that word survived, it would’ve become homophonous with “king”.  Cwēn, in turn, was descended from the Proto-Indo-European *gʷḗn, oblique stem *gʷnh2-, meaning “woman”.

In Greek, this stem became gunḗ, which was borrowed into English as the prefix gyne-, used in the term gynecologist, among other terms.

Another descendant was Proto-Celtic *benā, with regular *gʷ → *b sound change.  This became Old Irish ben, and Modern Irish bean, both meaning “woman” or “wife”.  A compound formed with this root was bean si, pronounced /bʲanˠʃiː/ referring to a specific type of female spirit, from bean “woman” and  “fairy” (older spelling sidhe), originally “fairy mound”.   descends from Old Irish sid from Proto-Celtic *sedos “mound”, ultimately from the Proto-Indo-European *sed- “seat”, the same source as the English “seat”, “sit”, “set”, etc.

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A Closer Look at Banshee's: The Martins Meta and Bonus Meredith

So I have had quite a few people asking more and more about Banshee mythology and how certain things might fit into the world of Teen Wolf.  So I thought that I would just write a mega meta post re: banshee lore specifically.  So here we go, let’s all delve into Celtic Myth together, because let me tell you I have gone down a rabbit hole and I’m not willing to go by myself! So everyone let’s jump together on 3! 1, 2, 3….

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